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WhatsApp Marketing – A 2020 Massive Opportunity

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Hey, podcast! I hope that you guys are having a great December so far.

Well, I have a special one for you today. The people from Digital Marketer, if you guys don’t know who they are, they are probably the top education company on digital marketing in the planet.


Ryan Deiss


They’ve been around for a long time – Ryan Deiss and a bunch of his staff are rock stars in the digital marketing world.

They interviewed me last week on the subject that is going to be a very important subject for us marketers coming in 2020 and beyond. That’s WhatsApp Marketing.

We have been probably the first few people, company, or brand to dive into it because they did open up the API recently. Meaning that you’re allowed to create WhatsApp messages, you are allowed to BRING PEOPLE from social media into WhatsApp and USE IT as a WhatsApp business for your brand to GENERATE LEADS, NURTURE PEOPLE, and to GET THEM INTO PROMOTIONS.

WOW! What a hot market!

I can tell you, that some of the biggest and most powerful results that we’ve had for lead generation over the last six months has been through WhatsApp Marketing. There’s a lot of opportunity in it!

I’m going to play this interview for you guys. If you want to watch the whole interview, because there are some slides in it, you’re going to find the link in the description of this podcast and you can watch the interview which is about 15 minutes long, give or take, maybe 20.

In it, I detail the WhatsApp Marketing strategy that we’ve had and what I think is going to happen in 2020 and how to leverage the platform to generate more attention for your business.

I do have a social media strategy for it and a series of steps for you to get set up. It’s very simple and is available for all of us now.

There’s an application on iPhone and Android called WhatsApp business. You can buy your 1-800 number or any local number. That could be your WhatsApp business.

All that you’ve got to do is verify.

It’s super, super simple!

You can have a separate WhatsApp account which is going to be your WhatsApp business. There are some limitations. For example:

  • You can only have it on one cell phone. I’m sure they’re going to fix that at some point.
  • You can have it on desktop devices.

So, you can have it on phone and on desktops. In that way, you can have a sales team handling it. But right now, the opportunity is so large that even with the limitations, it’s worth every single penny that you put towards it at this point.

It’s going to be just like any other opportunities out there just like Messenger was two and a half years ago.



It’s going to be one of those fresh things that almost nobody is doing. Therefore, the ability to capture subscribers and attention is quite large.

I can tell you that my prediction at this point in December 2019 is that at some point in 2020, we’re going to have the ability to connect WhatsApp in platforms like ManyChat. If it’s not happening in 2020, it’s going to happen somewhere in 2021.

Imagine talking about the multi-channel world – SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messaging (which is also coming down the pipeline), email, and the ability to communicate to your audience on any place.

Now, I can tell you one thing.

When it comes to WhatsApp, no one can beat the attention that they hold in regards to chat marketing, in regards to engaging through chat on it.

I think that it’s a massive opportunity for all of us. I also think that you’re going to enjoy the interview.

She gets to ask me a few great questions. I’ll dive into it and I’ll show you guys the road map for it.

As for the moment, that’s the way it is with the limitations but you can get this going right away. Only a few steps to get it set up and off you go – you can start doing some lead generation for WhatsApp Marketing and sending messages directly to customers, voice messages, calling them – it’s a powerhouse, guys.

Check it out and learn a little bit about it, you dip your toes on it just like I did.

Even before they opened up the API, I was already figuring out a way to generate leads to come send us a message directly on WhatsApp.

It’s been great so far. No warmer lead has been generated on what we do on WhatsApp.

There’s a big opportunity – 2.2 billion WhatsApp subscribers that are active on the platform compared to 1.6 on Facebook Messenger. It’s way bigger, it’s way stronger, it’s even bigger on international Latin American places in Europe and other places that are not in the US.

But trust me, the US is catching fire and WhatsApp is going to be one of the biggest trends in 2020.

I hope you like this training.


Again, if you want to watch the whole video so you can see the slides on what I’m talking about, click on the link on the YouTube Channel and yes, please, go ahead and subscribe.

I’m looking for more subscribers on my YouTube Channel. I’m putting up some great content there and I hope you enjoy it. All right, here we go.





People have forgotten that WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for $16 billion. That’s a lot of money.

What they did was they made Messenger what Messenger is by using all these technologies that WhatsApp has. So, it’s like a sleeping giant.

Bethany: Hey!

Manuel: Hello!

Bethany: How are you doing?

Manuel: Good. How are you doing?

Bethany: Good. It’s good to chat with you again. Thank you so much for jumping on.

Manuel: Absolutely. It’s a pleasure.

Bethany: Yes, of course.



Manuel: I’ve got a mystery. What is Algo V Production Bot?

Bethany: Algo V is just one of the old school top marketers and Ryan Deiss has just had a man-crush on him for a very long time. So, Algo V is just our company’s Zoom account. That’s not me. I don’t really smoke a pipe so much.

Manuel: I like the idea, it’s very cool.

Bethany: Yes, of course. In that way, anybody can jump on and take on the marketing persona.

Manuel: Totally. I was wondering about that since the last time I saw it. I was like, “I wonder what that is. Is that like a subdivision or something?”

Bethany: Yes. If you’re on a call of this, eventually get used to it. But, I forget that we always have to explain what that is.

Manuel: Okay, great. What do you have in mind for today? Because I made some notes about it. If you want me to go over that with you, I put some slides together that I had my staff put together what we’ve done.

Bethany: I’d love that, whatever you have to share. We talked in our message that there are so many questions about this. There are way so many questions about this. There are way more questions than answers especially in the US, there’s a huge demographic that’s being underserved and there are people that are trying to make connections across international lines.

It’s all about Messenger bots and there’s just not a lot about WHATSAPP. Everyone’s throwing their hands up and saying, “We’re waiting for ManyChat to figure it out.


So, I’d love to hear whatever you guys have been doing.

Manuel: I’ll show you. I’ve had attention on it for a long time especially me coming from a Latin background, being on a Latin American market, it’s a very big deal.

One thing that I’ve been observing throughout years, as I look out, for example, my dad’s YouTube Channel.

We get about 100,000 subscribers every single 30 days and we have a lot of growth.

I can go and find out what are the platforms that get the most engagement and shares.

WhatsApp is the platform where the content gets shared the most on all the platforms for Latin Americans. That data is there. It’s in the backend of YouTube.



What’s happening on WhatsApp, what’s happening on Facebook, on Messenger – nothing trumps when it comes to the interaction on the platform. The share ability is something that we’ve seen quite powerful. People develop big communities in it like they develop strong bonds and groups. You can put it like Facebook groups on steroids – that’s what WhatsApp group is.

I’m a member of 4 or 5 WhatsApp groups and there’s a lot of motion and activity. That’s like the next level type of communication and engagement.

Everybody has been waiting for something to happen. I think that WhatsApp is a sleeping giant in the 2020-2021 world. As soon as some of these major platforms take a mainstream like ManyChat, they will go like next level.

But right now, there’s an opportunity for a lot of businesses.

Bethany: Yes, for sure. Neto and I was at a party a couple of weeks ago and we just have a really large extended group of Latin friends. I was at a party and I was probably one of the five people that were native English speakers and I know that we always communicate what has happened, they communicate all in their friends and family what has happened.

The sleeping giant is here in the United States. I think there’s this perception that it’s all international but it’s already here. So, I’m really excited about that.

Manuel: Yes, people are using it. One of the things we’re doing right now is that we’re going to focus heavily on this. I can tell you that particularly in my agency, I have a marketing agency. We have over 50 staff members.

Throughout the last 3 years since we’ve created the agency, we really haven’t developed a sales team. It’s all been about the content.

I put a lot of content out there, I do a lot of seminars, I do webinars. That’s been my route. I haven’t had a sales team.



Now that we’re putting in place a sales team, WhatsApp is actually that opportunity for us to get leads – the easiest one that we can put online for the salespeople.

We are focused on WhatsApp right now not even on Messenger because all the changes and everybody jumping on the Messenger wave, I don’t think it’s that opportunity.

Even though it’s hard for me to say that, Bethany, because I have been such a Messenger guy for years now. I’ve been riding the wave, I’ve been at the top of the evolution. I’m one of the top Messenger experts in the world.

The other day, I was given an award at the Conversations Event for an award that they call the Most Engaging Bot.



There’s one other bot that we built which is for one of my big clients, Dr. Eric Berg. The level of engagement is off the chart, incredible.

We’ve been riding the wave. We’re not getting the same ability to generate subscribers at a low cost like we used to get a year ago. That’s because everybody has been jumping all over it right now.

That opportunity, the numbers that they talked about on ManyChat, my company is responsible for. Meaning, one of every 100 subscribers that have come into ManyChat over the last year and a half, we have created them.

We’ve been riding that wave aggressively. Now, I’m more inclined towards “Okay, good. How do we jump into this new Messenger?”.

People have forgotten that WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for $16 billion, a lot of money. What they did was they made Messenger what Messenger is by using all these technologies that WhatsApp has.

It’s like a sleeping giant. They’ve been taking from it, they launched Messenger but this is what they have off their sleeves right now, this is a platform that has so much attention that now they are going to make it go like, “Okay, let’s monetize it.”

What we did was last year, we were looking for a way to generate more subscribers, more leads for our NaturalSlim clinics.

We have a business called NaturalSlim which is now in 9 countries. For being Latin, we knew that WhatsApp had a lot of attention. We also looked at the data on YouTube, we also knew that a lot of people were consuming content on WhatsApp – sharing and resharing all the videos there for WhatsApp.


how do we leverage that?


I’m going to show you on these slides here that now, you can do campaigns just directly generating WhatsApp messages.

But before we did that, we did a workaround to generate people to open up conversations with us on WhatsApp.

One thing that was exciting is that… I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I can give you the slides, Bethany.

You can see here that the Android link, this is the one that we’ve had for about a year and a half now. We’ve had the ability to create a WhatsApp business account for Android. The iPhone is brand new, we didn’t have that.

For the iPhone, you now have the ability to create a WhatsApp business account. You don’t have to use your own cell phone number.

You can buy a 1-800 number, it could be a toll-free number, it can be a code of your city.

As long as you can verify that it is your number, that could be your WhatsApp business number and you can do it for WhatsApp business iPhone or WhatsApp business Android. That’s a new development which is exciting for sure.

It is to be connected to a Facebook Page. It’s not complicated to get that done. They made it simpler – Business Page > Settings > WhatsApp > and then, you’re going to connect the number.

You can connect it also through the Facebook Business Manager. You can see here that this is on the Page – WhatsApp, you can go to the Settings. And then, it is going to ask you to verify your phone number and it could be on any of these countries that have WhatsApp, of course, there’s a lot of them.

As you probably know, we’ve been using this for a long time. This is great. If you picture a sales team, you can have a WhatsApp phone number and you can have a sales team that is seeing on their desktop what’s happening on their WhatsApp conversations. Then, you can just use social to bring people in and have the sales team claim the lead and just handle them. Just put a little note on that.

That’s something that’s a possibility right now with WhatsApp right here. We’ve used that successfully.

So, obviously, doing customer service sales rep chat with leads, that’s been hot – getting on the phone.

You can drop me anytime. I mean, you’ve got to know me, Bethany. I’m a little fast.

Bethany: No, I love it. Keep it going.





Manuel: So, what we’ve done is: As long as the team is ready to handle volume, we are sending people to their WhatsApp business and then these guys are being assigned the leads. And then, they’re getting them on a call or texting with them because a lot of people these days don’t want to answer phone calls. Then, they send them videos with more information like a tutorial video of what they do or schedule a particular consultation or give Google Map directions for them to show up to the local offices.

Bethany: I love that you guys have done it, too, by being so content focused on the front-end and then, building up the sales team after that. That is so important as something that it gets left off on sales team all the time is to constantly keep re-engaging with that content that you’ve created and letting the content make the sale for you. So, I LOVE THE WAY that you all do that.

Manuel: Totally. I’ve always been a content-driven marketer, that’s for sure. Way before, that’s how I built my dad. He’s a social media superstar with millions of followers, Dr. Berg himself, all these guys that I’ve worked with throughout the years has all been driven around getting the content seen and then generating leads.

Actually, we have a policy in my business. I can tell you that I never pushed for leads that don’t know who I am. Never.

This is me. There’s a lot of marketers out there. You have a great product and great service. Maybe you’re in the middle of taxism and you know that people don’t care. They want to have good service. But, in my case, I have come to realize throughout the years that if somebody’s going to buy a $300 program from me, it’s never going to happen from cold, first contact.

If somebody’s going to buy a $2000 course from me, it’s sure that it’s not going to happen unless they have seen me 7, 8, or 10 times before. That’s something that I’ve realized along the way.

People like Dr. Berg, he sells $170 kits. The way that we sell them is through retargeting. WhatsApp would not be any different. If you want to get on the phone with somebody, ideally, if you don’t want to waste that time of the salesperson and the prospect, you want to put them in front of them after they have seen some content. So, we are definitely very focused on that.

If they don’t have a long term content play, we try to get them to realize that it’s something that they have to get done.

Bethany: Absolutely.





Manuel: Facebook to WhatsApp business, we talked about that. So, how do we get the leads? Facebook Business Manager, messages objective, that’s what the objective is right now. Choose WhatsApp destination Ad Set.

This is not how I started but this is what’s available right now, and then Send Message – call to action button. Now, you can send them directly to messages.

Now, obviously, there’s going to be limitations. You don’t have a full bot set up, you don’t have a welcome message that you can set up through Facebook. But, that’s going to happen any day now at some point.

I know from the CEO of ManyChat and other organizations, they’re actively working on getting these integrations and see API’s already open.

That’s coming down the pipeline. But right now, you can just bring people in and generate a subscriber.

I think I took a screenshot of how it looks. So, you can see on the consumer side, it’s actually something that is not anything fancy that we can do on Messenger. But, this gives you an idea.

This is a screenshot from one of the actual leads. I’m just going to share my screen again and how the conversation starts inside WhatsApp. Let me just open this up again.

It’s very simple. The message goes like that. It gives you the phone number and then you can add the contact right there. So, this is in Spanish because this is in Panama right here. And then, we have a little message that says, “Thanks for communicating with NaturalSlim. How can we help you?”

And then, you can the person putting a smiley face. You can do voice messages, you can attach files, you can send videos, you can call the person, you can do a video call – all that stuff is in there right then and there.

So, I foresee that probably no more than 3-6 months, we’re going to have the ability of making these people subscribers – they’re going to be part of a list.

The way that I’m seeing right now is a lot of 1 to 1, but just like Messenger, It’s going to take itself towards one to many like that.

I don’t know if you remember, Bethany, but this is the way it was – it was 1 to 1 on Messenger, a lot of that. The Facebook Business Pages, the way that it started was they gave you the ability to send messages to the page.

That was like, “Oh my! I can send messages to the page!” But there were no bots. That word was not really utilized. Maybe 2 years ago, it started to become a thing. It’s just going down a similar path which is a cool thing that when we look at these platforms, we have the ability to look into the future because it’s already been done on Messenger.

So, the same thing is going to happen on WhatsApp now.





Bethany: I want to point out, too, for people who don’t use WhatsApp regularly, I think that one of the most powerful things about it is when you send someone a picture or attachment through WhatsApp, it automatically saves it to your camera roll.

When you’re flipping through your photos, later on, you’re like, “Oh, yeah. Here’s that thing that I got from that guy from NaturalSlim.” Messenger doesn’t have that ability and nothing else has that ability right now.

One of the really cool things about it is that it stores it and it plays as you’re regularly using even outside of the WhatsApp platform. I think that it’s just a cool feature.

Manuel: That’s a great branding point – the user has the ability to opt-out of that. But it is standard, it comes to WhatsApp that whenever you send a file, it gets saved into your files.

The good thing is memory is expanding across cell phone devices.


The other day, I realized I don’t think I ever have to delete a picture again in my life.

Bethany: Remember when we used to do that all the time?

Manuel: All the time delete, delete, delete. Right now, my newest phone is 1 terabyte now. I remember when it was 4 gigabytes – the first one that we have, or 2 gigabytes.

Bethany: I had one that was 2 I think, a long time ago.

Manuel: 2 gigabytes! Imagine that. We got an extra 998 gigabytes. So we’re good. That’s really crazy.

This is the process of creating. I’m going to show you a couple of steps in the process of creating. You guys are familiar with the Facebook Business Manager, obviously.

So, we’re going to be create an ad to generate subscribers on WhatsApp or to generate conversations. Because again, it’s all about conversations. It’s not going to be like a traditional email marketing campaign. This is gold for businesses that need leads. That’s such important because you’re really building long-term value relationships, you’re showing people that you’re for real.

I wouldn’t think that this is something that is necessarily for entrepreneurs that are lazy that just want to have an automated system to scale and just sell. No. But, if you want to be real to people, if you want to handle individual people, give them a lot of attention, care, and show them that you really wanted to get the results with your products and services, then, WhatsApp is a goldmine for you to explore for sure.





How do you set this up? You go to create, you go to messages. You can have your naming convention. We are obsessed with CBO right now – Campaign Budget Optimization. We are getting better in that area. Facebook is getting better in that area because you put them to work for you, to help you, optimize and get more results.

And then, you’re going to see a little option right here. This has been rolled out now worldwide. We all have access to this now. When you go to the Ad Set, there’s going to be an additional option there aside from Messenger which I bet you that maybe 99.9% of people out there are not clicking on it because they don’t know what to do with it.

Would you think that that’s pretty accurate, Bethany?

Bethany: Absolutely. I’ve scoured Facebook groups and every article that I can find. Nobody knows what to do with this. They might have started the campaign but they just kind of go what do I do from here?

Manuel: The other cool factor about all these new things that present themselves is that on the other side, the potential client, the prospect, the lead, they are so curious about what you’re going to do on WhatsApp because they’ve never seen it before.

Bethany: Who is this that’s contacting? Who is this guy? You want to know everything about them all of a suddenly.

Manuel: Exactly. All of a sudden, when you open up Facebook, this is the truth, I still think Messenger is a great platform and is such a big opportunity and everything. But, when you open up Facebook, 5 out of every 15 posts will send me a message on Messenger.

It’s not that fresh anymore. In a world where we are all part of right now, things come in and out in a year or two.

So, “WhatsApp is the next trend.”





You can see over here, when we select WhatsApp business, you see the Facebook Page, this one is NaturalSlim Panama which is the example that we’re talking about. This Page is connected to a WhatsApp business account with a number and I blurred it out right there.

But, you can see that once you connect the Facebook Page with that number, that’s going to be automatically pulled in there. So, you have to just connect that number.

If you don’t have a number, you can purchase one. You can use Google phone numbers, you can go to GoDaddy and purchase a phone number. There are many places where you can buy any of these phone numbers and have it as a WhatsApp dedicated phone number.





You select your audience. You guys don’t need a lesson on that. You select your audience. Find a particular audience that you want to target.





And then, we’re doing traditional ads. It could be a single video, a single image. You can have a carousel. These are the options that you get for a Messenger or WhatsApp campaign.

You can see here that you can create an ad, you can use an existing post, and you can do a mock-up also. You can use a mock-up that you’ve used previously.

I think that we did a really bad Google translate on this one so don’t pay attention to the copy on it. Something like behind all health problems that are going to affect your metabolism, I would definitely not translate it like that.

It’s probably asking “Get a free metabolism evaluation today”. That’s the actual translation.





And then, you have a headline, “I would like to get a free evaluation”. And then, somebody clicks on Send Message, and this is the way the ads look – you’re going to have a little video, a single image, etc. They go to Send Message, and this is what you get.

At the Ad Set level, if you have a CBO, you can see conversations that are happening there just like you would see if you’re using a Messenger objective just for Messenger. It’s really cheap.



Here’s an important note in regards to this: Latin America is generally way cheaper than the US. That’s the reality. In some cases, it depends on the country. Now, if you go to Venezuela, I’m going to pay a cent per subscriber.

I’ve done campaigns in Venezuela because I was helping a celebrity over there to promote. She was promoting an event. She has a monologue that she does.

Bethany: Can you tell us who it is?

Manuel: Her name is Rudy Rodriguez. She is a Latin American famous actress with a lot of followers.



Bethany: I have lots of Valenzuelan friends who would probably know. I don’t appreciate this but my friends will know so I had ask.

Manuel: She is a big shot in Venezuela. Rudy Rodriguez, she’s been an actress for 35 years. She was Miss Venezuela. She’s a powerhouse of a lady. We were doing a campaign to promote her monologue because she’s also a comedian and drama, etc. We were paying ¢.00001 per video views. Imagine that.

This is the back color for this because it was green. But, it’s incredible. These countries right now are so ripe for digital marketing. You can spread a message for peanuts, you can get millions of followers to consume your content in Latin America.

That’s a story for another day. That’s not why I’m here to talk. But, in the United States, you can expect to pay more than that.

I’m going to go heavy on this right now for my agency and for other clients because WhatsApp has become more mainstream in the US and it’s going to continue growing as it gets more and more attention on this platform.


But just so you know it does have over 2 billion users already, actively. It has more users on the platform than Facebook does in general on their platform to give you an idea of how big of a monster it is.

There are more people engaging in WhatsApp in total than there are on Facebook. That’s pretty incredible.

Let’s say for example that you’re going to run this in the United States. Because people are not doing marketing for WhatsApp, I would estimate that you’re going to pay anywhere from a dollar to $2 to get a conversation started. It depends on how good you are as a marketer.

If you know how to write a good copy, good videos, images. You can lower the cost if you know how to do targeting. As you already know, targeting is an important fact. So, if you know how to do good targeting, you can also lower that cost. But, it’s going to be affordable.

On a CBO campaign, it will be something that you can do to keep your sales team busy or yourself if you want to handle people yourself.

Bethany: Yeah, for sure.

Manuel: So, we are plugging in like for example on the sales signatures for the teams, we want to give people an opportunity to them, message them on WhatsApp.

So, it’s a tool for them to engage with us all the time. We’re going to continue figuring out ways to optimize the overall marketing strategy.


THE 5-15 Global Energy



But, one thing that we’re doing right now, we have a company called 5-15 Global Energy. I will show you a little bit about it here very quickly.

If you check out this guy’s website, these guys, what they do is we sell renewable energy. It’s in Italian. I don’t know how’s your Italian.

Bethany: It’s okay, though.

Manuel: We sell renewable energy in Italy which is very different than in the US. Because in the US, there are only 5 states that you can have renewable energy believe it or not. In Italy, everywhere.

So, what we do is “we use social media to get people into WhatsApp.”


Let me show you. I think that’s going to be interesting for you as a final point.

People reach out. This sheet right here, all we do is WhatsApp. For example, you see here 5-15 social media leads or we have 5-15 all sources. And then, what we have is we have a sales team. What is the name of the person, what is the email, what is the city, what day did they come in, what day were they called, they WhatsApp’ed, they emailed, follow-up 1, follow-up 2. It’s all done through WhatsApp.

What we do is we have a “lead generation system”. We generate the leads.


And then, these guys handle them for WhatsApp.

Now, a lot of these guys are using regular WhatsApp. That’s what they’re doing.

But, long term, we’re going to move this towards making all WhatsApp business so we can keep the branding of a professional brand and business overall.

It’s becoming a big part of a lot of these companies, especially that European companies also, Latin American companies, this is something that we want to go heavy. I can totally see this being applicable to any business out there that they want to either sell products or services or anything of value that they need to get attention from another human being.

Bethany: Yes, absolutely. We’ve been saying all along it’s just so fresh, so new, and the opportunity to interact with a business through WhatsApp is just so surprising that it gives you the extra edge and extra level of engagement.

Plus, the number of users on WhatsApp is unbelievable. I think that it’s something that a lot of American agencies have it really dock into yet.





And I think, probably, part of the level of intimidation factor is engaging with Latin American countries and Latin American demographics, there might be this sense of feeling like, “Okay, maybe I need to hire someone on staff who speaks Spanish.”

If I’m a small agency and I’m just getting started and I want to try to break into WhatsApp, maybe I’ll make sure that I have a Spanish speaker on staff who can handle some of those contacts.

If I haven’t already done that, that’s something that I need to start looking into doing because we’re just leaving so much business on when you leave that out.

Manuel: The thing about that is right now is that’s becoming simpler to get that help. I’m running an entire business for an organization that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They had to open up a new market. They have a company called American Power and Gas in the United States – $350 million a year corporation. They’re opening up a new market in Italy and they depended on me to build a whole marketing plan. How much Italian do I know? Zero.

I don’t know Italian. I was excited about it because I’ve always wanted to learn Italian but I said, “Look, I’m not going to say that I don’t speak the language. I’m going to just figure it out.”





So, because we live in an interconnected world, it’s very simple for me to put my communication lines out there and say, “Hey, I’m looking for some talent.”

Fiverr, Virtual Assistants, onlinejobs.ph and all these places, I find talents out there, I teach them my systems and I build it along the way so I can help them get more overall results when it comes to just being a part of my organization.

It’s very simple to get it done if you just have the intention to find somebody that speaks Spanish to help you out. You can find them like that. Just teach them your systems and off you go.

Bethany: Yes, absolutely. Manuel, this has been amazing. Thank you so much for sharing everything. I think I have to jump on another call but I’m excited to connect soon and I’ll make sure to get you this recording.

Manuel: Okay, sounds good. I’ll talk to you later.

Bethany: I’ll talk to you later. Thanks, Manuel. Bye.



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