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A Social Media Marketing Q & A

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Hey guys! I’m super excited to be here again. It’s been a very intense month in October. That’s why I haven’t been around to do a podcast. It’s been about a month since my last one.

I am super connected still on social. I’m doing a lot of videos and content, continuing education and my mission overall.

But, on the podcast which is one of my favorite platforms, I’ve been a little bit disconnected or let’s say a lot disconnected but it’s coming back strong.


Old town in Europe at sunset with retro vintage Instagram style filter effect


I’ve spent a few weeks in Europe. I went to Paris, London, traveled to Dallas, and I went to Denver.

I’ve been travelling all over the place nonstop. But I’m back now in town just in time for Halloween as I’m recording this right now. It’s the 28th of October.

I did a great Q&A the other day on my Facebook live on my Facebook Page. If you’re not following me there, you absolutely should.

You can go to facebook.com/theninjamarketer. That’s going to land you directly on my Facebook Page. You’ll see a lot of the content there and a few one to engage a little bit closer up with me. 




Woman holding iPhone X with social networking Messenger on the screen. iPhone 10 was created and developed by the Apple inc.


I’m in an obsession now – CUSTOMER SERVICE OBSESSION. If you send me messages, I’m probably going to answer them right now.

You can send me messages on my Facebook Page. You can also go to my Messenger Channel, m.me/theninjamarketer and send me messages there.

Let me just say one that is actually easier to communicate with that I’m paying a little bit more attention.

If you go to my Messenger Channel that I use for customer service across my programs, if you have any questions on any of your areas, if you have any feedback about the podcast, anything that you would like to share with me, or if you have any questions that you want me to cover more of.


I have a wealth of knowledge.

As you may or may not know, I run an agency with over 50 over staff but is 54 as of today and we are seeing a lot of things on social every day. We have a lot of data.

My purpose is to use that data and give it to you in a presentable way that you can use it to get better results.

So, if you have questions, I want you to note this down right now – m.me/manuelsuareztraining. If you go there, you can send me a message.

I see those messages myself. I can respond to you directly by voice sometimes, video, or text. But, you get to ask your questions there and I get to see them myself. 


I’m in a customer service craze right now!

The Customer Service Target Market Support Assistance Concept

I’m making sure that I answer every single thing there, helping you guys out and getting some feedback from you as to:

✔︎ What’s needed?

✔︎ What’s wanted?

✔︎ What do you want to learn more about?

So, I’m going to be doing a lot of that from now on and I want to make sure that I go to the next level and I make it my number one mission:


TO HELP YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE of social opportunities today

and overall business opportunities based on what I’m observing right now.


Note that down and send me a message

I would love to hear from you guys and also get some feedback as to what you want to hear more about:

  • Are you obsessed with Messenger Marketing and you want to get more data about that? 
  • Do you want to understand how to do Facebook Ads more? 
  • What is a content strategy? 
  • Should articles be done? 
  • Do you need to pay attention to blogs and do a podcast?  
  • What do you want to know about? 



Successful of two businessman in black elegant suit sitting celebrating with arms up and working with laptop computer on the city.Business and success concept


If you’re here listening to this podcast, if you are right now driving on your car, doing some exercise, or working on the house, and somehow you’re listening to this content, what are you looking to learn?

You’re looking for an answer to something, right?


You’re looking for an information

So, I WANT TO KNOW from you what information it is that you are looking for so you can feed me more data than I can actually create and give it back to you in a way that you can implement it and see some results.

Again, I have a lot of that data to share with you guys.

Write that down, note it down, follow me across my social platforms. I’m pretty much everywhere at this point. 


search bar manuel suarez


You can just find me by searching for Manuel Suarez. Literally you’ll find me in every single platform out there unless it’s SnapChat, you’re not going to find me there. That’s for sure. Never got into it. 


tiktok logo gold and black


You will even find me on TikTok now, believe me, or not. That’s because… I don’t know. My daughter got me into it.

She’s 10 years old and she’s super into it. She’s trying to make me a TikTok superstar now.

Supposedly, I’m epically failing at this point. Somebody commented the other day and said ‘You tried’. That was the only response that I got to the entire video. I guess I am trying.

But anyways, TikTok is a conversation for another day. There are 500 million users at this point. It’s not something that we want to completely ignore. But, the audience that is using it is still a younger one but it is the future. 


Go ahead and ask me questions

I’m going to let you listen to this Q&A. There was a lot of value. I have a lot of people who live with me and they ask me for some really good questions.

I thought that I would give this to you guys so you get more value because they ask me questions about all kinds of things like:

            ✔︎ Facebook strategies

            ✔︎ Content strategies

            ✔︎ LinkedIn (Is it still valuable or should you pay attention to it?)

            ✔︎ Messenger (How should you do this? How to go about different rules)

There’s a lot of questions that were asked which I answered and I believe that’s going to be very valuable to you wherever you are at and whatever business it is that you are trying to grow.

But again, please do me a favor. While you’re listening to this, try to send me a message and give me more data as to what you’re looking to learn by being on this podcast, by listening to me.

It’s been about a month since I’ve been here. I don’t know if this is the first podcast that you’ve listened to. Probably not. Probably you are subscribed.

If you are not, make sure you SUBSCRIBE because that way you can be notified when I have a new one.





microphone condenser with black background and mic holder


Again, this is one of my favorite platforms to produce content and I will continue pumping it out here figuring out ways to give you guys data that you can use to become more successful in this world of social media marketing which is still something to be focusing on and forced to reckon with at this point.

It’s only going to continue growing especially for those people that know how to use it. We’re going to continue taking advantage of it.

All right, great. So, you get the idea. I’m going to go ahead and play this Facebook live right now and you can listen to the questions, listen to my answers. I hope that you enjoy it. 


Let me know if you have any questions!

I would absolutely love to hear from you and find out if this podcast is providing value to you and find out more about what you’re looking to learn and accomplish, and what areas you need some help with.

m.me/manuelsuareztraining will take you to my Messenger Channel that I use a lot for chatting with people. The m.me/theninjamarketer, I do a lot of mini-courses and training.

So, there’s a lot of things going on there. So, sometimes communications do get lost just because of the amount of things going on in that channel.

So, m.me/manuelsuareztraining is a channel to engage and send me messages that I will personally read myself. I mean, it’s pretty fast.

You send me a message there, I get notified on my phone. I open it up and usually I respond really fast if I’m not getting too many messages.

If I am, whether it’s after hours, lookout, I will respond to you shortly as soon as I get a hold of the message.

Here we go. I hope you enjoy this podcast and I’m going to try to keep on my routine of pumping out a podcast every single week for you. All right. Talk to you soon.





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Hey Micheal! I’ve got a question from Mike. Mike says,

Question 1: “What do you think? Is LinkedIn the new platform together with Facebook and Instagram?”

I’m not 100% sure about the wording but I think that you said Mike that if I think that LinkedIn is a new big platform together with Facebook and Instagram. It depends.

The answer to your question is basically depending on what your business is.

If you have a business that services other businesses, then Instagram is an absolute place to be.

You must be on LinkedIn, too. Why? Because LinkedIn is a place where business owners are utilizing the platform every day and engaging like myself.


linkedin in cellphone and headset with a cup of coffee

You are not going to find there many mommies that are married moms. Or, you’re not going to find there generally employees that don’t have big aspirations.

It still has hundreds of millions of users but it depends on your audience. But, if you have a business that can service other businesses, then, LinkedIn is a big deal.

Now, there are a lot of employees looking for opportunities there. But generally, it’s actually considered a B2b platform. But engagement on Instagram is actually quite powerful.

So, you want to make sure that… I’m sorry, did I say Instagram? Engagement on LinkedIn is very powerful and the organic reach on it is actually quite hot right now.

So, you definitely want to be a part of LinkedIn if you have a chance.

I’m putting content on LinkedIn every day and I’m going heavy at it. 



Question 2: “How good is Instagram versus Facebook for marketing?”


holding a cellphone using instagram in a computer desktop


– Naine says. 

Naine, the great news is you don’t really have to choose whether you do Facebook or Instagram. It’s not a do this one or that one.

(You guys need to lower your voice because you guys are talking really loud. Just a little bit.)

It’s not about one or the other. The good thing about it is we have something called


the Facebook Business Manager

On the Facebook Business Manager, you can advertise to both of them at the same time. Because Facebook which is the owner of Instagram wants you to succeed.

If you advertise on both of them at the same time, they will actually spend the most money on the platform that is performing the best. That’s why you need to work on both of them at the same time.

Because if you do that


Facebook is going to make sure that they spend your money correctly


money coins spinning spiral


That’s key. Facebook and Instagram, you do them in tandem.


Now, you can actually come up with strategies that are unique for Instagram. For example, Instagram stories.

But, Instagram stories right now is no longer Instagram stories only. You can do the same content on Facebook stories and Facebook stories are hot.

So, you can grab a vertical video, 15 seconds in length and you can actually advertise it on Facebook stories and Instagram stories all from within the same single platform. 


Retro film production accessories still life. Concept of filmmaking. Smoke effect on background


The Facebook Business Manager allows you to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and all of the different placements within all these platforms.

That is the value of using this one platform that is so powerful. I think you get the idea, right?

On Instagram and Facebook, you can have content that is exclusive for Facebook.
But then at the same time, you can have content that is exclusive for Instagram.

Another thing to talk about is on Instagram,

you can publish videos that are up to 60 seconds in length

But, when you advertise, you might not know this. Right now, Instagram is allowing you to

publish videos that are up to 2 minutes in length – 120 seconds in length

if you are advertising on Instagram. You can do all of that through the Facebook Business Manager.

If you have a video that is 4 minutes in length, if you have a video that is actually a Facebook live or whatever, then, you’re not going to advertise that on Instagram.

So, those are decisions that you have to make. But, THE PLATFORMS ARE BOTH VERY EFFECTIVE.

They have a similar algorithm because it was made by the same company. Instagram has some advantages over Facebook and also vice versa. So, IT DEPENDS. 




Also, another thing that I would notice is that inside the Ad Manager, if you have not set this up yet, business.facebook.com, when you create your ad and you select as your placement Instagram and Facebook, you’re going to have an opportunity to edit the actual ad to match better each placement.

You have that opportunity. That wasn’t always the case. But right now,

you can edit the content for Instagram and you can also edit the content for Facebook to make it look even better there

I hope that answers it well.  




Gift Voucher Promo Code Concept


I have a question from Patra, “How can I have a flow be dated? If a coupon expires on a specific date, can I set the flow to stop on a specific date?

Patra, the way it works is that

you add conditions

If you’re talking about ManyChat which is something that a lot of people don’t fully understand yet, you can add conditions based on different activities.

For example, if you don’t want something to continue to happen after a certain date, you can add a condition that if they are actually past that date, then, it stops the flow overall.

Those are things that are handled with something that Facebook Messenger, ManyChat calls conditions – if this, do this. If that, do this. That is something that you’ve got to set up in that end at the condition level inside ManyChat. 


Portrait of attractive businesswoman sitting in modern building


Question 4: Can you update the flow to another flow when coupon expires?


That’s not a complicated thing to do. Thank you Devy. I appreciate that very much.

More questions? Let’s see. Any questions from Jorge? So, DJ Vallari says,


Question 5: “Grant Cardone, what do you do for him that you can do for my business?”

DJ, what we did for Grant was we built his Facebook Messenger Channel. If you check out m.me/grantcardonefan, that is a channel that we built out for Grant Cardone. We don’t work for him anymore. This was a one-off project that we did to help his business.

Reisha, “A great message. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.” It’s absolutely my pleasure.

If you want to find out DJ what we can do for you, you can visit our website agmagency.com.


Question 6: “How do you create all these amazing content on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn?”


The word How and question mark in 3d red letters seeking an answer or explanation to a mystery


That’s a great question, Mike.

I didn’t start like that.

These guys are screaming now. I’m sorry about that. I’m here obviously. I’m the one invading their space.

I have an editing team. I didn’t start like that. I’ve been building my agency for several years now. At the beginning, I used to do that content myself. If you reverse engineer how I got here, you can go back to my beginning videos on Facebook and Instagram, and it was different.

I used to do a lot more on the phone just like that, a lot of direct content from my camera right now as I have gotten to be obviously at another level on the agency.

We got 50 staff now. We got a ton of clients. We got a lot of activity. We got all these things going on and all my content that I’m doing seminars all over the place, I’m speaking at places, workshops, and I’m just super active everywhere, right? 


businessman stressed by too many tasks


Because of that, I’ve built a team. This team was a team that built my course, the Facebook Masters Program, and they got really good at it.

So now, I have a team of about 8 guys and they grab all my content, they make magic with it, they do incredible things with it and they turn it into millions of pieces. It means a lot, right? But, they turn it into a lot.

A lot of content, they get spread to social media and they get widespread distribution. I’m still working on that because I’m still getting started. But I’ve been doing this aggressively for a good year and a half knowing that this is a long game.

But believe it or not, every single time that I slow down on the content, the statistics on my agency go down. That’s just the way it is. If I keep the content up, the statistics keep on going up. 


Businessman watchs successful statistics of a company


This time, we’re going to break records on the agency. We’re going to grow to a new level. But, in general, we are actually going to keep on growing hand in hand, we’re going to grow together with the amount of content that we’re actually putting out there.

There are things that you can do. The good thing is you have something called a ‘cellphone’ today. If you don’t have a cellphone, it’s because you live in some place that is remote in this world. I don’t know what’s happening.

If you’re watching this video, you have a cellphone, you have a signal. Generally, you’re connected to the online world. So, you have something that is a content machine right in your hands right now that you can utilize to get your message to invite people. What you do is you aggressively document.

I can tell you that I have a problem with these guys, all of them. Sometimes, they get so busy. That’s Ernesto right there and that’s Jorge right there.

Let me tell you what they should be doing. Jorge, should be grabbing his phone right now and documenting some pieces of me doing this. 

Hand of a caucasian female to mobile phone isolated on white background.

I get mad at him sometimes because I get on fire, I have meetings, I am spitting out gold and nobody documents this.

When that happens, I get upset because we miss out on opportunities to document things that are going to help people. They’re super busy. Everybody is working here really hard, nonstop.

Sometimes, when I get really passionate, I’m so intense that they don’t even think about it and they’re just paying attention to me.

But I’m telling you, if you get into that mindset that you’re always documenting, you’re always recording your live, you’re always looking for those moments like success stories, testimonials, stories about your business, taking pictures, videos and you’re doing that consistently, and put it on a folder, then your editing team as you build it maybe 1% at the beginning, maybe 5 people eventually, they can start using that content over and over again and do magic with it. 


I will tell you something between us and this is a secret



Are you ready?

A lot of the things that you see in social media today, on Instagram, stories, and LinkedIn,

it’s from years ago

Shhh. Don’t say that to anybody.

Now, I’m trying to do omnipresence here. I’m trying to make it seem like I’m everywhere.

I am in France. I am in the United States. I’m in Canada. I’m all over the place even though I am not.

Sometimes, people don’t understand but wait for a second, I thought that you were in London yesterday, but today you are in Austin? How did it happen?

In many cases, that is true. But in reality, I have my editing team creating content aggressively. We have a folder. You can have a Dropbox folder. We use something called Egnyte. All you’ve got to do is plug content in there – in the library. 


egnyte laptop and cellphone


Look. This guy right now is recording content. Finally, I have to say something. I always have to say something. And then, he picks up the camera and then he does it but only after I say something. Once in a while he gets inspired.

But generally, when I have these guys creating content that gets sent to my editing team and then they keep on doing magic with it.


That’s why you guys generally see me everywhere

On Messenger, some of you guys are tired of seeing me. That’s great news for me. That means that we’re doing a great job on distributing.

If you’re getting annoyed by my content, I’m happy to hear that. On Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, I want you to see me everywhere even on Twitter which I don’t like. You’re going to see me everywhere.

Hey! Even on TikTok! This guy is going TikTok famous right here.

Ernesto: 100,000 followers.

Manuel: He’s addicted. He can’t stop. He can’t stop tiktoking.

But, anywhere that you are possibly at, I want to be there and I want to communicate my message. If you give me your text message, I’m going to also send you messages there or wherever I can.

Why? Because the name of the game is ATTENTION.

When you capture attention, you can sell things. If you don’t have attention, you’re poor.

You can ask the fellow homeless person, does he get any attention? Of course not! If he had attention, he wouldn’t be on the streets.


So, the name of the game is attention

If you get attention, you grow your business. If you don’t get attention, you have to close. That’s why 95% of the businesses in the world don’t make it past 5 years – because they don’t get enough attention. That is my obsession. 

three men using megaphone speakers

The number 1 commodity in this world is not diamonds, gold, platinum, corn, rice, or none of that stuff.

it’s “A T T E N T I O N”

When you have enough of it. You can sell all that stuff and anything else in between to the end of the world. So you want to get enough attention.

How do you get that? While we have platforms today like social media that are free to utilize, all you’ve got to do is PRESS A FEW BUTTONS.

Guess what.

Your message gets seen by millions of people if you do your job correctly and consistently.

People sometimes make mistakes, right? They think that they should be doing content for a week and they should go viral but that’s not the reality. The reality is you do content for years, you put your head down and you keep on doing it.


If content is king, consistency is queen - blogging and social media tip - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee


Now, if you look at some of my videos, I get hundreds of views. I don’t get hundreds of thousands or millions. I’ve got some good videos to get seen by a lot of people but that’s because we advertise on them. But generally, I don’t. But still, we have a screaming affluence on our agency.

Every single view that I do, you’re going to see more staff in here, you’re going to see me going into a new building, you’re going to see me expanding. Why?


Because I keep on doing it.

It goes hand in hand. The more content you put out there, the more pieces of content are available for you to distribute, the more you can grow your business, the more you can sell your stuff no matter what that is. Not only that. The more opportunities that get presented to you along the way.

Maybe you’re saying, “But, yeah, Manuel. Sure! That’s easy for you to say but I don’t have any money. I don’t even know where to start making a business.

Well, when I started in 2010, first of all, I went bankrupt. I had no money literally.


I declared bankruptcy. I had to start over.

What I did was for a few years, I got obsessed over learning.

Somewhere around 2014, this dude right here (Ernesto Barrientos), this guy presented to me an opportunity to sell bed sheets.


Stack of clean bedding sheets isolated on white


I didn’t have any money but I had enough KNOWLEDGE because I obsessed over finding a better opportunity that we found an investor and that person wanted my knowledge. Because of that, he gave me an equal share of ownership of the company. 


Why? Because knowledge is more valuable than any amount of dollars out there.

That’s how you win the game. If you have more information than the rest, you WIN. That’s how you win as simple as that.

So, if you would want to create a lot of content for Instagram and Facebook, for these platforms, just start documenting as much as possible.

I wish I had more. Seriously, I WISH I HAD MORE. I’m complaining to my guys so much about this. I take my people sometimes to go with me on trips, to travel, to document, to record all the time.

If you think about it, for example, my dad, NaturalSlim brand, how do we turn it into a $40 million a year company in 9 countries from 1 small island?

CONTENT, getting in front of the camera, getting to talk to the world, documenting everything that he did, doing videos every single day. That’s how we won the game. That’s what we have today here in this office right here. 


man in tuxedo sitting in front of a camera


We have a booming business because we put my dad in front of the camera consistently and actively.

Mike, I hope that answered your question. I think it did, right? It probably did. 


QUESTION 7: “How long does it take for a campaign to get results?”

“… Love your strategies and the free gift card through ManyChat. But, got low conversions. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with my product.”

Suzie, I have missing data. I don’t know when you started but the Facebook social media game in general, you have to get better at it.

With time, it improves if you keep on perfecting your skills


basketball player wearing red jersey and holding a basketball


I want you to look at it in the same way that a basketball player would look at a basketball. If you have never practiced basketball in your life and you get handed over a basketball, you’re probably going to miss that shot even though you’re close by to that hoop. 8 or 9 tens out of ten. That’s the reality.

Now, as you practice and you try to get that ball inside that basket, you get better and better and now you get to a point in which you can make 8 or 10 shots and that’s the reality on the world.



Social media is now different. Marketing on platforms like this…

I was talking to one of my guys a little while ago. We’re trying to figure out a process to educate clients on the process of being a client on our agency.

Marketing is almost like being a baseball player. If you get to get on base three out of ten times, you are a famous player hall of famer. If you get to actually get on base five times out of ten, forget about it. You’re like the greatest player of all time.

Campaigns on social media more often than not are going to fail. You adjust them, you scale them, and now you keep on going and you keep on winning. That’s the reality of how you win the marketing game.

If you didn’t get the results you were expecting on that first campaign, do you know what to do Suzie? You get back at it and you do it again, you improve your content, you improve your copy and you give it another try because it’s either going to be your message was off.

Or, it’s going to be that your audience was horrible.

Remember, there are 240 million human beings using social media in America. There are billions of people on the planet. Most of these guys don’t care about your products or services. They don’t care! They’re never going to buy your stuff.

Otherwise, we will all be together with Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and all these people but we’re not. 





Several customers stand on a red target surrounded by words Target Customers.

In reality, we have to work on finding our audiences because most of them are not going to be interested in what we have to offer.

One of the most important elements on any marketing campaign is to test out enough audiences for you to be able to win the game.

How do you do that? Here’s something very practical.

You select the ‘Campaign Objective’.

You turn on something called ‘Campaign Budget Optimization’. It’s a little toggle switch on.

And then, at the next level, you select up to 70 audiences and you plug in 70 audiences in there, females 25-29, females 30-35, males 39-44, interested in badminton, I don’t know. Whatever you can find – audiences, website visitors, etc. And then, you let Facebook find you a winning audience.

When you do that, they find you audience and then they spend the money where they know they’re going to get you the most results. That’s how you find an audience. You’ve got to figure out strategies that are going to help you get more results. And, keep on testing things out.

When we don’t get the results that you want, you get back to the drawing board and you adjust either the copy, the creative, the ad, the image, the video, the call to action, the audience. Change something, perfect something, and get back to it. That’s what you will do.

There’s one movie which is a legendary movie from the great Rocky Balboa in which he’s giving this famous speech to his son. He says, I don’t even know verbatim, but I want to memorize it.

“It’s not about how hard you get hit. It’s about how many times you can get hit and get back up and keep on going.”



happy young businessman and big city


I can tell you that there’s one guy that gets hit really hard every day. Do you know what he does because I force him to? He gets back up to. He gets back up and he keeps on fighting. That guy (Jorge Rodriguez).

How many failing campaigns have you had, Jorge, in your life?

Jorge: 7 out of 10.

Manuel: 7 out of 10. But, hey! Do you know why we win? Because we keep on trying and that’s why we have accounts like Dr. Berg, NaturalSlim, Nancy Cartwright, like these guys that are killing it out there because persist and we keep on going until we win.

We’ve got a question over there. 




niche market diagram man holding a pen


Jorge: Ollie Matthew’s Musics is saying, “Changing the game. I love seeing you in London. How do you find your niche?”

Manuel: How do you find your niche? One word. I know this is a little bit cliche but it’s the reality – PASSION. What do you like? Something that I can recommend to all of you guys is to never do anything that you don’t like.

I’ve been hearing that from some of the top minds. If you listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, he will tell you. There’s no reason why you should be doing something that you don’t like and that is the truth.

This is the thing. If you select a product just because it’s an opportunity, a niche market, just because you see an opportunity even though you hate the product, that is a life destined for a lot of PAIN. Because now, you have to work at it every single day doing something that you hate – you don’t like it, you don’t believe in it. 


i hate my job while dusting using a feather duster


I had a lady that was doing the other day a consultation and she was talking about something that she was trying to sell, that she hates it. She thought it was a horrible product but she had no choice and she had to sell it.

It was like lights to put under the counters to light the kitchen at night when all the lights were turned off. She didn’t like that product. It becomes very difficult to become sexy about your product.

In order to find a niche market, you need to go and analyze for a day or two what products do you like, what areas are you passionate about, what do you enjoy. When you find that, find a product around whether that’s design, clothing, electronics, toys, gardening or kitchen.

Arrow Right icon from Primitive Round Buttons OverColor Set. This round flat button is drawn with eco green and gray colors on a white background.


You focus on that. You find your product there. You expand and you go wide building that product line. DON’T DO SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T LIKE because it becomes difficult to do marketing.

The reason that I’m here with you guys, a lot of you guys that are here live with me, the reason that I have been able to grow this agency from literally just me 3 years ago to now 50 of us is because I’m really passionate about what I do. 


manuel suarez with son using white iphone


I found my niche. I found something that I can be with you guys for hours and hours everyday and never get tired of talking.


I have my supplement brand which we have a business called NATURALSLIM.

My dad and myself are passionate about it, too. We know what helps people. Because of that, it makes it so much easier to sell things to people, to get them interested in our brand, and connect them with us overall. That should answer that.

We got a lot of questions coming in now. Look at that, Lorand. We got Devy here.

Mary – I’ve been talking to Lorand and he’s amazing. Whooo! I’m so going to do business with you. I have a ton of content and a huge body of art. I need to build my team first.

That’s awesome, Devy. I’m so glad to hear that. I agree. 


Question 9: “Can you speak on how VA’s are being used in your business?”


virtual assistants using computer


Absolutely! John, are you still here? Hopefully, you still are. I think that question was asked a long time ago. But, VA’s are an essential part. I don’t even like to call them virtual assistants. They’re staff members to tell you the truth.

I probably have one of my top guys here listening in. His name is Jonald. I have a lot of incredible people. I consider these guys equal in my organization. They make a lot of money. They’ve got great positions in my org board. They are expanding all the time the business. They are sacrificing.

I have some guys that have been with me for years already. I have people that are in-charged of my digital products. I have people that are in-charged of my Messenger Channels. I’ve got people that are helping me with technicalities, Facebook Ad creations, and a lot of these things.

I have a team. You see here 10 people in this office. We have 49 in total and most of them are working remotely in different places including the Philippines. I’ve got people in Austin, Texas. I’ve got people from Greece, Macedonia, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico. 


men and women in formal attire world map at the background

We got people all over the place that are amazing. I believe that a very, very important quality of being a good leader is your ability to handle a team at a distance no matter what. These guys feel that I am very connected with them. We feel that we’re working on the same building even though we’re not.

So, I recommend that if you guys have not gotten help, you can go to a place like freeeup.com/manuelsuarez. You’ll get a discount if you go to that path and get assistance to help you.

Freelancers, get yourself some staff to help you and your organization and to hire them for different things. You can go and hire people to work for you. You can go to onlinejobs.ph.

Hey! You can actually create an ad and run it on Facebook and run it on the Philippines and you’re going to be able to get a lot of people come in. You have to figure out a funnel to bring them in so you can bring qualified people that can help you.

Website designers, graphic designers, Amazon experts, e-commerce, content creators, copywriters – all these guys are available and there’s a lot of power because we now live in an interconnected world.

I actually talk quite a bit about it. Any of you guys that haven’t listened to that podcast, there’s a podcast that I did a couple of months ago. If you guys don’t follow my podcast, The Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast, you can look for Facebook Marketing Ninja on any of the platforms and you’ll find me.

You can search for a podcast called how it went from 3 to 50 staff in a matter of so many years.


Title: How I Went From 3 to 47 Staff and How You Can Do It Too

There’s a podcast about that and I’ve explained the process and I gave the links to be able to get these people, and what is my usual process to get them in.

I gave them a checklist of things. They study what we do. I document what I do everyday and I say, “Hey, look! This is how I build a listing. This is how I do what I do. Go for it. You can try it out. If it doesn’t work, we move out.”

Ernesto can tell you. Ernesto, how many people we have probably gotten in in the last 2 years and how many have we fired?

Ernesto: We have 49 in. We hired between 75-78. So we let go 25.

Manuel: Some people now work, we had other people that quit. It happens, things of life. It’s part of the process. You look for these people, you look for these rockstars, and then you eventually get them in, they help you and you can scale. That’s the way it is.

Let me see how many questions I’ve got.

I’ve got a lot of questions. You guys got active now.

Agustina says, “Love from Macedonia. Working for AGM is life-changing. I love it.”

Okay. Somebody put a link right there. That’s cool. 


QUESTION 10: “How do you find your team? When did you start hiring?”


manychat conversations conference 2019 agm marketing agency t-shirt


“… I have a design studio but the workload is getting high.”

Great question Temo. I would recommend that you look for that podcast and listen to it and that will give you the tools

(Click here: How I Went From 3 to 47 Staff and How You Can Do It Too)

Somebody from my team would probably post the link there. If anybody’s here, you guys should find that link and post it here in the comments so Temo can go straight to that podcast and listen to it because I did explain the process that I use for onboarding people into the agency.

Thank you, Manuel. Very important info.” You’re welcome, Rosa.


Question 11: “What is the best place to market to middle-income families? Facebook or Instagram?”


facebook and instagram logo with a cellphone in the center of the desk

Rachel, there is no wrong answer. There’s middle-income families on both platforms quite a bit. Instagram 2 years ago was not a place. But, today, it is.

Here’s a hot tip – at the Ad Set level using the Facebook Business Manager, Rachel, make sure that you now target based on INCOME ZIP CODES. There’s a new option right there that you can get rid off the top-income families, the bottom-income families and just keep the middle ones – hot, hot tip. That should cost you money. I should sell that tip for $1000.


Question 12: “What is the first thing you would tell me to focus on expansion?”


serious woman sitting in front of a laptop


Debbie says, “I’m killing it on Facebook live selling my art. I have a huge body of work that can be made into prints, canvass, gifts. I sold my artful time for 23 years across the globe. What is the first thing you would tell me to focus on expansion?

Debbie, MORE CONTENT and BE MORE AGGRESSIVE on putting your content out there. Keeping these guys that you’re killing it with active.

Sometimes people forget that 80% of your existing revenue generally on any business has to do with your existing clients. NURTURE them and PROTECT them while you find new ones.

So, keep on doing content, push more content out there and eventually build a really solid marketing team that is going to help you get to the next level or hire a team like these guys, like that guy over there that can help you start with AGM. These guys are pretty good at it.

We do sign a 100-year contract once you decide to work with AGM. You’ve got to agree to work with us for 100 years. 


man contract signing


It’s just one lifetime.  You’re thinking about building some of our generations to come, right? So, it’s just one lifetime. Maybe one and a half, right? Like a 70-year life span.


Question 13: “Do you actually do 70 audience at once or do you test by batches?”

Aster, I think because of time limitations, we don’t do 70. If I had more power, I’ll probably do 70. Why? Because they do something called ‘no overlapping’.

Meaning that if you plug-in 70 audiences on a campaign budget optimization, they’re going to make sure that these audiences are all unique. So, you actually get to get a real audience performing well.

I would if I had the time. But generally, we do about 10-20 audiences at a time on a campaign budget optimization.


Question 14: “Do you probably mentor as well?”


business team at the session on team building. business and education.


No. We do have a coaching program for people that are students of mine. You can find more information at manuelsuareztraining.com about that. 


Question 15: “Is it true that there are different audiences for a free webinar, than an audience that will buy my digital courses in my niche?” 


Target audience (marketing) concept. Businessman think about target audience and customers.


No. It is not true, Dianne. I have sold millions of dollars and here’s the evidence. I have never done a paid webinar. Check it out. Let me show you something.

This is the famous two comma club award.

There’s a program that I have called the Facebook Masters. I have sold millions of dollars through free webinars.  

Facebook masters course logo

On a free webinar, people come in. I give them a lot of value and then I sell them the course.

If they trust me enough after a ton of value, then, they take me up on my offer.

That has been the thing that I’ve done throughout the last couple of years. So, NO.

The free webinar audience could be a great audience. If you have worked aggressively on finding a real audience that is actually interested in what you have to offer.

If you have a trash audience, then, the free webinar is going to be a waste of your time.

But if you have a real audience

then, you can actually have a very successful webinar for sure.

Webinars are hot. It’s a great way to educate people.

I do not sell my webinars. I go in there and I give a lot of value to people.

You guys got super active. I love it.   


Question 16: retargeting versus remarketing


Flat design concept digital marketing retargeting or remarketing. online banner ad network. Vector illustrations.


Yannis – “Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I want to ask you if possible to clarify a bit more the retargeting versus remarketing in Sequential Ads.”

Oh, you got deep.

“I read your article but is still not super clear to me.” Thank you.

Yannis, Sequential Ads is basically a way of describing, putting one video and then, whoever engages with that one video, having them see a second video. And then, whoever engages with the first and the second video, having them see a third video and so on.





That’s also retargeting. It’s also remarketing.

REMARKETING was an older term that is not used as much today like when you send out a promotional piece on mail. Then, if you send out a second one to them knowing that they already got the first one, they used to call that remarketing.

In social media, the word that we use is RETARGETING


3D illustration, of behavioral retargeting principle over white background.


That’s the way that we do it. We just send out videos and then Facebook has digital footprints. Facebook and Instagram, they know exactly if you’re watching the video, the quantity of time that you’re watching that video; they know if you’re clicking on it, if you’re hiding it, saving it – they have all that data.

Because of that, you can build audiences based on their engagement on any videos that you put out there or any actions that they do. If somebody sends me a message, I can retarget them, “Hey, I want to thank you for messaging my page.”

If somebody visits my website, I can retarget them, “Hey, I want to thank you for visiting my website and showing some interest in x, y, z product.”

Those conversations can be built through retargeting. You can build sequential ads on social media, on the Facebook Business Manager, by selecting the right options. There’s a couple of options for that but you can build an audience and retarget people based on them being on that audience.

It’s actually not that complicated. Once you start learning one step at a time, it will be easier every single day. 


man standing inside a circle


Okay, great guys! I think that’s been fire. What do you guys think? I think I’ve been on fire.

Debbie says, “We’re so lucky to have you.”

Thank you. I’m glad that you were here to hear my advice.

Okay, great. Guys, I’m going to check out. I’m going to try to do this more consistently. A good amount of you guys showed up live and I appreciate that very much. If you show up live once a week, you can get to ask me questions.

Hopefully, you ask questions along the way to yourself, put them on a notepad and when I’m here, you have them ready and I can help you and give you feedback and give you advice.

I have a lot of weaknesses but MARKETING IS MY STRENGTH

It’s my superpower!

So, I want to help you with your business. That’s what I do best. I’m really passionate about it. I love hearing back from you guys that you’re getting results. That’s what I want to hear more of.

Talk to you guys next time. 



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