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Scaling your marketing strategies allow you to keep or grow the percentage of your campaign results as you invest more dollars, learn when to offer products, when to add new products, and how to expand your brand, and much more.

This is podcast number 2 of 2 when it comes to my 7 steps marketing strategy for any business. In video 1 we covered finding your superpower, why you must communicate obsessively, and how providing value upfront is a key to laying the foundation for your marketing success.

Here we’re talking about audiences, building lists, improving your own marketing knowledge, and finally making offers to qualified leads.


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Scaling Your Marketing Strategies

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Hey guys, this is Jules. I’m Manuel’s Creative Director here at AGM Marketing. In this podcast, Manuel talks about a very powerful marketing strategy that we’ve used to grow several brands successfully.

Now, this recording is actually part two of the entire strategy. So just to catch you up to speed, what Manuel covers prior to this are the first three steps of the strategy, which are: First, find your superpower. In other words, find out what your ability is to help others.

Then, obsessively communicate. And the third step, which is to provide lots of value. So listen in, and I hope you enjoy this podcast.


I consider myself 5% into the knowledge of the marketing world

Where does that put you to give you an idea?

You have to understand that you don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s like the biggest understatement I’ve ever done.

You don’t really understand the true potential until you start seeing it. How many times along the way, I have seen something and I’ve told myself, “Wow, if I would’ve known that just six months ago, what would I have done with it?

How many times do we miss out on opportunities because we don’t look? Because we don’t study enough? Because we don’t keep on learning and we just abandon that process?


So, you want to provide that value and that…

You want to do it aggressively.


And at this point, guys, you don’t sell anything yet. You simply provide that value. So you got your superpower, right?

So, you know how you’re going to help people. Once you have your superpower, you talk about it all the time and you build that trust and that confidence, and you get rid of that skepticism nonstop, and then you provide that value.

You give them resources and you give them freebies, and mini-courses, and checklists, and do-it-yourself tutorials, and you give them more videos, and more training, more education.

At this point, you don’t even sell them anything yet. You don’t sell them anything yet.

And then you move on to the next step of the formula and that is going to be…


Building Audiences of People

This is where we start getting a little bit into the technicalities of marketing. And I want to tell you a little something in case you’re not aware of this world.

It is absolutely possible to trace the footprint of every single individual on all of these platforms. Somebody that watches your video on Facebook, you know exactly not only that they watched it. You know how long they watched it for, if they watched other videos, if they watched 50% of that video, or they only watched three seconds of that video.

All that data is there. So you’ve got to know how, as you’re doing this, you’re building audiences.

Instagram, for example. You also have that data, in case you didn’t know that. I’m sure everybody here already knows that by now. In case you didn’t know that, Instagram is owned by Facebook.


They all are an ecosystem

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp. This world is one world. Somebody watches a video on Instagram from your obsessive value that you’re giving out to the world, this data is there and you can access that data very, very easily. And you can use that to your advantage. And you’re building audiences and followings.

And people that are coming into your Facebook lives like right now, and they’re coming in and getting some value, and then you’re making them start believing in what your message is and what it’s all about. So that’s something that you’re doing consistently.


You’re building these audiences:

  • Followers on Facebook
  • Instagram followers
  • People that are watching your videos
  • Engaged with your Facebook page
  • People that are messaging you on your page
  • People that are commenting on your posts


You’re building an audience of people. And if you do this enough and consistently enough, you will eventually have enough audiences that you’re going to have the ability to sell things to people.

And what I like to say, I had an interview with Daymond John, a couple of weeks ago. And I talked about when you’re doing this,


You’re earning a right to sell things to people

If you don’t do this process – superpower, communicate about it obsessively, provide value, build audiences, you do not have a right in social media to sell them something. They do not believe in you. They are skeptical. You’re going to waste your advertising dollars.

So you’ve got to figure this out. Do you see how this is all like? It’s like a battle plan. This is like a strategy. You’ve got to put it up from the top down.


My dad always told me that the war is not won with a battle. It’s not won by an individual battle.
It’s won with a strategy.


You don’t get a strategy in place? You’re going to lose.

It doesn’t matter how much manpower you’ve got. No strategy, no-win. As simple as that.

So in marketing, you’ve got to have that strategy in place or your account, your business will not make it in this social media environment. Okay? Building audiences of people. Number five…


Build Your Central Files

What does that mean? It means that at this point that you have done a good enough job, that you have attention, that you put a video out there and you have people watching you.

In this case, I got a lot of people on Facebook watching me. I got maybe somebody on Instagram, some people on Instagram watching me. I have done a good enough job of creating an attention. People are getting some value from this.

Hopefully, they’re getting value. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here. I’m wasting your time on this beautiful Thursday afternoon. Because you’re getting some value, you guys are here.


Now, I can build a central file

What does that mean?



I need names. I need phone numbers. I need emails. I need subscribers on Messenger. And I need to absolutely build my central files.

I don’t know if you’ve heard this old marketing adage, “Money’s in the list.”

Well, that is actually 100% a true statement. If you don’t have a list, you will not make it in the business world.

I always talk about this to my Amazon sellers, friends, and students, and clients. If you’re an Amazon seller and you have an Amazon brand, I want you to realize that you are waking up every single day in danger because that business is owned by Amazon, not by you.

And if Amazon one day wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, you’re in trouble, man. As simple as that!

You’ve got to make sure that you have your own list. Something happens and Amazon shuts you down for whatever reason. Trust me, I’ve had those times before. Then, you continue having a business. You control your own destiny.


Building a list is not something that should be optional.

It’s mandatory in the business world.


Your sales, your income will be directly proportional to the size of your list.


If you don’t do all these steps one through four before you actually build your central files, the people that are going to be on your list are going to be low-quality people. And you don’t want that.



These people are not going to open up your emails. They’re not going to engage. They’re not going to actually be interested in anything you have to offer.

So if you just gave them a lead magnet and a freebie and a resource or something, and you did not go through the process of showing them that you’re for real, that you really want to help them, then you’re gonna have a list that doesn’t care about your message and your business.

And that’s a dead list and that doesn’t work!

So you’ve got to make sure that you’re building this process. So over here, you make people an invitation to join your list, your mini-courses, your resources, your contest, your quizzes, your challenges, your invitation to come to Messenger, to text messaging, to email.

Whatever it is that you have going on, you’ve got to build your central files.

But at this pace right here, since we’re doing this process, these two things are connected. Building audiences of people on Facebook on Instagram, you retarget them. You retarget them to build them on your central files, to bring them into your central files.

That’s why the next step is such an important step. So let me see what’s going on here with my people.


A quick recap over here



Marketing strategy for any brand. You’ve got to find your ability to help other’s – superpower. If you don’t have this in place and you go for direct selling, you’re going to be met with skepticism and you’re going to lose every single advertising dollar that you put out there. It’s not going to be easy to scale unless you have a magical product.



You’ve got to obsessively communicate about it.



You’ve got to provide value number three and just give that value out there to the world, put your head down and give it away.

  • Don’t pretend that people should feel lucky to find your products. Give them value and earn your right to sell.



Get people that are interested in your content. Build an audience of:

  • Video watchers
  • Page engaged people
  • Instagram followers
  • Facebook page followers

Get these people to engage with you. And by doing that, you have an audience of people that you can digitally retarget.



Because at this point, you’re going to build your central files and you’re going to bring them into your central files.

Now, if you build your central files and if you actually just bring them into your list and you don’t do anything about them, you don’t do anything with them, you don’t email them, you don’t message them, you don’t continuously communicate with them.

What are you doing all that for?

All this goes to waste. All this hard work is for naught. If you guys did not do a good job of continuously building a communication line with these people.

So you’ve got to make sure that you build your central files. But not only that, you continuously communicate with central files.


Three favorite places to continuously communicate

Email, Messenger, text message.

My favorite platform for me to be able to build these central files, I’ll tell you guys, if you guys want to get access to this platform and use it for free for a whole month, this is what I use every single day. This is how I’ve been able to generate millions over the last five years.

I’ve done about 4 million identities using this manuelsuarez.com/manychat, M-A-N-Y-C-H-A-T.

That’s my central files. That is my customers relations management software.

In it, I build phone numbers, I build subscribers on Messenger, I build emails and I communicate in all three platforms within the same place. Number six, we’ve got the process so far.



Number six is no other than -get marketing knowledge. Okay?

And this is where this strategy goes next level. Because once you have these audiences built, the magic of revenue, digital product sales, leads, E-commerce sales, Amazon ranking, Amazon explosion, all those things happen when you’re at this level with step number six, get marketing knowledge.

You have to understand the opportunities. You really have to understand how big of a world it is.


Something About Myself

Let me tell you something that might be shocking to give you guys a perspective in regards to how big this world right here is.

I will tell you, without exaggeration, that I have been diving into this world. I’m in the trenches and I have been obsessed over it, and I’ve built a powerful marketing agency.

I consider myself to be really good at this subject. I consider myself 5% into the knowledge of the marketing world Where does that put you?

To give you an idea. You have to understand that you don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s like the biggest understatement I’ve ever done. You don’t really understand the true potential until you start seeing it.

How many times along the way I have seen something and I’ve told myself, “Wow, if I would’ve known that just six months ago, what would I have done with it? How many times do we miss out on opportunities because we don’t look? Because we don’t study enough? Because we don’t keep on learning and would just abandon that process?”

Getting marketing knowledge will determine if this whole strategy will be something that you can scale, or it will be an epic fail.

That knowledge is going to teach you about Facebook advertising, building audiences, Instagram advertising, retargeting, scaling, spending more money and keeping the same results, creating content for your brand, promotional content, when to generate leads, what’s the correct thing to do?

How can you actually keep this thing moving forward and keep on getting results? How do you add new products? How do you expand your brand? And so on, and so on, and so on.

So getting marketing knowledge is something that you have to continuously dedicate every single day time to it.

In my case, which I consider myself a marketing expert, I got Facebook certifications and I got a lot of work behind to get myself to where I’m at today.


I am, every single day, learning

At least a good 20% of my day is spent looking at new opportunities that I haven’t discovered just yet. And that is getting marketing knowledge.

So you have to build a routine along the way so you can truly understand the Facebook ads manager, the Facebook ecosystem, social media marketing, opportunities for attention. Hey, even understanding TikTok, and LinkedIn, and all these other platforms that have the ability to help you capture attention.


You’ve got to obsess over that!

Because that’s going to teach you how to get your products promoted and sold, and your services sold to people that have gone through this incredible journey – marketing strategy of superpower, obsessive communication, a ton of value, you build them as your audience, you brought them into your central files, you’ve got marketing knowledge.

So now, you can move on to the final step of this formula. And it says… I’m going to write down the whole thing.

Because a lot of you guys are in business, you have a business and you’re all in business for the same exact reasons.


You all need to make



We’re all trying to make money. Yes, we have great products, we want to spread the word, want to help people, but in the end if we’re not making money, why are we in business? Right?

Well, this final step is where the business starts giving you back what you were looking for, to begin with.


7. Make offers and or generate leads of qualified potential buyer clients

I know it’s a little bit longer than the other ones but it’s a very important one for all of us entrepreneurs business owners. You’ve got to start making offers to these audiences that are going through this process.

At this point, if you have a lead generation business generating leads of qualified potential buyers/clients, what makes them qualified? This makes them qualified.


Steps one through five makes these people qualified.

  • If you give them your power.
  • If you communicate about it consistently, and you put yourself in front of them consistently.
  • If you provide value to them.
  • If you build audiences of people
  • If you build your central files


These people are now qualified because you have continuously communicated to them and you have put yourself in front of them and you have given them your superpower through:

  • Podcasting
  • Through Facebook
  • Through Instagram
  • Through content
  • Through Messenger
  • Through texting
  • Through email
  • Through this ecosystem in an omnipresent fashion

You get marketing knowledge and you understand how you can make offers to these people.

And if you look at how we built our businesses – NaturalSlim, Dr. Berg, my brand, the ones that I built successfully, which are quite a few at this point, are all built on this exact formula. We generate sales to people that have gone through this exact formula every single day.


I actually have a policy in my organization!

I do not sell to people. I do not make offers to people that don’t know who we are and have not been exposed to our content and what we do to help people.

I first build audiences and then I make offers and I eliminate skepticism along the way.

There you have it guys.


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