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This was a fire interview I did on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. It’s a Facebook Ads masterclass and definitely worth a listen. I hope you love it!


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My Interview With John Lee Dumas from EOFire – A Facebook Ads Masterclass

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JLD: Who’s ready to rock today, Fire Nation? JLD here with an audio masterclass that you are going to miss only at your own peril because we’re going to be talking about a Facebook ads masterclass with Manuel Suarez. Through the obsession to learn the intricacies of social media marketing, Manuel has built his own business, helped others scale theirs, and has a hugely successful course on Facebook marketing. Today, we are going to talk about the Facebook opportunity. Why 93% of advertisers just fail? What your strategies should be in 2018? Why boosting is the devil? A billion dollar software and so much more. So, Manuel, say what’s up to Fire Nation and share something interesting about yourself that most people don’t know.

Manuel: Wow, Fire Nation, it’s definitely a big, big honor to be here. Something interesting that they don’t know about me? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of content for the last couple of years helping entrepreneurs be successful in this modern world. They would feel that I was probably born an entrepreneur. I mean, I’ve been looking at other gurus that talk about whether you’re an entrepreneur or not is something that’s in your DNA. I, for the first 33 years of my life couldn’t care less about owning a business. It’s something that very strangely just woke up in me, JLD. So, I would tell anybody that’s listening that is still on the dreamer stage that you’ve been told that in order to be an entrepreneur you have to be in a family of entrepreneurs, you have to have it in your DNA. Man, I’m telling you, I’ve been on a rocket ride for the last 5 years. Something interesting particularly would be I remember my dad, he was an entrepreneur my whole life. Every single time I sat down on the table with him, all he would talk about was business. Twenty years ago, he got obsessed with the subject of health, energy, weight loss, and metabolism. The time kept passing by and I started realizing, “Wait for a second, I better do something about this because it looks like my dad, with this whole health craze that he’s into, he’s probably going to outlive me. So, I just basically decided to jump on top of it because 33 years of not being interested in making money, I was having a tough time with my own survival. I have 3 kids, my wife, and I realized that this was not going to happen. So, at the age of 32 more or less, I woke up and started doing something about it, JLD. So, whatever that I have accomplished in the last few years is something from scratch – having no certificate, not having graduated from college, being a dropout. I’ve walked down the graduation stage in my 4th year of high school and I’ve got a standing ovation from my friends. My mom was so proud of me. She felt that “Wait for a second, my son, he’s awesome. Look at him. What an amazing student.” And, the reality was they couldn’t believe I was graduating because I would never go to school. I would skip every other day. It was supposed to be an impossibility, JLD. So, I’m kind of an inspiration to those guys that were born on a culture in which if you don’t have a certificate on your wall, you’re a failure. I was supposed to be a failure and I’ve ended up being more successful than probably most of my friends, if not, all of my friends around me.

JLD: What I find really interesting about this is you started your entrepreneurial journey at 32 years old and I love that because so many people here from different people, I won’t name specific names but like, if you’re not selling baseball cards when you were 7 years old, or if you’re not on lemonade stands when you’re 12 or if you’re not doing any of these things, you don’t have entrepreneurial DNA and you’re never going to make it. Well, I don’t have an entrepreneurial venture until I was 32 years old – that was the day I launched Entrepreneurs on Fire. That is the first entrepreneur thing I did. Before that, it was army, it was corporate finance, it was law school. So, Fire Nation if you’re listening and you haven’t done anything entrepreneurial in your life up to this date, believe me, there’s plenty of hope for you out there. Now, Manuel, give us a 15-second teaser. And I’m going to hold you to 15 seconds brother or I will cut you off of what this audio masterclass is going to be. Because Fire Nation, I’ve got my new pad out. I’m excited to dive in to the content. This is going to be a Facebook ads masterclass. So, what are you going to go over, Manuel?

Manuel: Basically, it summarizes in one single word, JLD. We’re going to talk about Traffic because in the last 5 years I have been able, believe it or not, to over $150 million in product sales. So, I’m a specialist in traffic. Facebook is the best place for that right now and we’re going to go over that in deep detail.

JLD: Fire Nation, I gave you a little teaser in the intro about some of those things that we are going to be chatting about so you’re not going to want to miss this. Let’s just start off right now, Manuel, with the Facebook opportunity because the wow is there. So, break it down for us.

Manuel: Well, JLD, the thing is people are still not aware of it. I do seminars all over the world, I go to the Caribbean, to Latin America, to the United States and when I do seminars I am still in shock about the fact that people don’t understand how to use this platform. Facebook is the greatest single media organization on the planet. Whether you hate it or not, JLD, that’s not in question here. We’re not trying to find out if Facebook is going to win the game in the social media niche market. That game has already been won. They already dominated the game. Now, there are other people competing for second place. And guess who’s second place? We’ve got Instagram. Who owns Instagram? Facebook does. So, they have been able to capture this incredible amount of attention and it has become this worldwide phenomenon. If you think about the opportunity, JLD, it’s quite dramatic. Back in the 1900s, 1990, there wasn’t a single media organization that encompasses an entire planet as Facebook does. If you go to Mexico, 75% of the people are using it. If you go to the United States, 80% of the people are using it. Not only are using it, but they’re also actively using it. Not only 18-year-olds, 25-year-olds, and 40-year-olds, but also 65-year-olds, the middle class, the upper class – everybody’s using it. It’s kind of something that has impregnated the society all over the place. And, when somebody’s wondering “How can I get more customers?”, I don’t understand still today how they don’t think about first and foremost how do I learn to leverage all that ridiculous traffic on Facebook?

JLD: What’s scary Fire Nation is this, listen, there are companies out there like GE, Ford, you fill in the blank, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, that are spending billions and billions and billions of dollars on TV commercials that nobody is watching and when they figure that out, which will take them a while, but they will eventually figure it out, guess where all the money are going? Guess what happens with supply and demand. Facebook advertising is going to get really expensive because of how it works. And guess what? People like you and me may not take the advantage that we can right now on this great opportunity. But Manuel, I just want to know straight from your mouth, 93% of Facebook advertisers are failing? Tell us why.

Manuel: It’s been going on for years already, John Lee. If you go to different conventions, if you go to different entrepreneurs and talk to them and you survey them, most of these guys have actually done Facebook advertising or at least they say they have done Facebook advertising. They usually say they have done it because Facebook put some buttons to make it simpler for them to be able to run some advertising. And since they didn’t really have a strategy behind, they actually just wasted their money. So, people that claim that Facebook advertising failed is not because Facebook failed. It’s because they failed. Everybody talks about this, JLD, right? You heard Gary V. talk about how the power of a tool lies in the person using that tool. We all know that, right? I grabbed a Facebook platform and I’ve built multi-million dollar businesses over and over just literally, rinse and repeat. No matter what the business is, if they have a good product, we’ll just do it over again. Why can other people not do the same thing? It’s because they don’t know how to use the platform. They don’t understand how particularly on the Facebook advertising platform, you have to work on understanding who your audience is and positioning your message over and over in front of them, and getting the message across consistently. JLD, for ages in the advertising world, there has been a rule in advertising called the rule of 7. Have you heard about that rule before?

JLD: No.

Manuel: Okay. This rule which is interesting because it’s coming from before the digital era states that in order for somebody to give you their money, in order for them to trust you, they have to see you at least seven times which is interesting because when you think about other brands that have done this consistently, we got the coca-cola effect, we got the pampers effect. Even though it’s a diaper, everybody calls it pampers.

JLD: It’s like the kleenex thing too.

Manuel: Exactly, the kleenex effect also, right? These brands have put themselves in front of us consistently over and over again. Now, we as advertisers now have the first time opportunity in this first generation to also continuously put a message in front of somebody over and over which we couldn’t afford to do before. We couldn’t afford the coca-cola budget for advertising or the kleenex budget. That’s something that we were not able to pocket out before. Now, we can because we have this opportunity to put our message in front over and over. So, why do they fail JLD? The main thing, the main reason is that they gave up too early and they didn’t continue to put a message in front of these people over and over. And, they didn’t learn the platform. Because sometimes, on the advertising platform on Facebook, you have to get about 10 campaigns running before you get one successful campaign. But, once you get that one successful campaign, you can run with it and run with it over and over and scale your business nonstop. But it’s a science just like anything else, just like grabbing a basketball and shooting a hoop. You have to know how to put in that hole and you have to have a form. You have to know what the strategy is behind Facebook advertising. Otherwise, JLD, you are going to fail. And, that’s why most people fail. There’s 7% of us actually making a killing with it while the other ones are wasting their money.  

JLD: So, let’s talk about strategy because you did mention the strategy of running 10 campaigns, figuring out which one of those ten is actually going to work and then running that. What is the present day Facebook strategy that you teach, that you want to make sure Fire Nation knows?

Manuel: Well, let me tell you one thing that I’m doing right now. I have an agency in which I help clients be successful, all right? Right now, we have a bunch of great and awesome people. One example would be Dr. Eric Berg. He’s actually making a killing using the social media channels. There’s no traditional advertising but what he does is the strategy that I want everybody to pay attention to and copy. This is what’s working today in a 2018 environment and it’s going to continue to work for the next several years. That strategy is providing value first, not selling. As a company, as an agency, if somebody comes to me and tells me, “I want to invest in your company and I want you to run the ads that you do magically and make me a lot of money.” I don’t even take them in because the viewpoint of a successful brand today has to be, no matter what the business is, provide value first. Meaning you grab your content, what is the content? Well, you can have entertainment, you can have inspiration, you can have an education, whatever it is. You grab your content and you create some of it in any way, shape or form and you put it out there without selling anything. Now, you will think like, “Wait for a second, am I like Mother Theresa here? Am I just giving away information for free forever? I’ve worked so much for this information.” But, in reality, JLD, what you’re doing here is you’re positioning yourself as somebody or brand that really truly cares about helping and providing value to other people through their brand, through their knowledge. That’s basically what it is. So, now you can build some incredible things because today, JLD, we have these things on the digital platforms – on Facebook, on Instagram – you have a digital footprint that you know exactly when somebody’s consuming a video, when they’re seeing 25% of the video or 50% of it or if they’re actually only seeing 2 seconds and bouncing out, if they went to a website and they bounced right off, or they actually are one of your top 25% website visitors. I’m just giving you an example. All that data is accessible to you for you to create 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th messages along the way. But, you’ve got to understand how to use that power because that’s a strategy that works. People that are failing also, the ones that are on the 93% of failures, those guys are going in for the sale on the first contact. And when they’re doing that they come back to me and they say to me, “Manuel, I tried what you said. I did Facebook ads and I wasted $10,000 and I didn’t get anything back.” Well, because you didn’t build a strategy of providing value first and that’s the way you go about it.

JLD: Now, one thing I will say is I’m guilty of this for sure. I’ll post something and it’s going to get some love and people will like me. Facebook will be like, “Hey, JLD, this is performing better than 95% of your post. You should really boost this.” I know that you’re a big believer and the fact that boosting is the devil. Well, it’s so easy. Why is it the devil?

Manuel: Yeah. I actually made a whole video on that one. I talked about it on my course. This is something that Facebook put in place so they can actually make some more money. Not only that, they really do care about us. It’s something that people tell me like, “Facebook is the devil actually and Facebook wants to get our money and they’re going to take over the world. They’re trying to get them all involved in this whole conspiracy theory of swords.” But, in reality, my viewpoint is as a Facebook partner, that I am, because I am a certified professional by Facebook, is that they want to see you successful and, JLD, it makes sense, right? Because if you become successful, if I become successful, guess what? They get more money. And when they get more money, they grow. So, since they want to grow, they want to see us become successful. They are not your enemies, they are actually your partners. But, when they actually started rolling out they’re advertising a product, what they did was they made it really simple for anybody to be able to build a business on Facebook and get more attention. Now, when I say boosting is the devil, JLD, I don’t mean it in a horrible way because if I only have 2 choices, no advertising or pressing the boost button, I would definitely do the boost button, right? It’s better than nothing. It’s very simple, it’s logical, it’s common sense. Facebook tells you, “Okay, you’ve got 10,000 fans. If you post something, I’m going to let you reach 1000 of them.” Because why? “Because we need to make money and we built this free platform but I need you to give me some dollars if you want me to put this message in front of more people.” And you can say, “Okay, cool. This post is performing better than 95% of them so let me go ahead and put some money behind it.” And now, instead of reaching 1000, you reach 5000. So, it’s common sense. It makes sense. It’s not something that you shouldn’t be doing. But, if you have a serious goal and ambition, and if you want to get your business to someplace, let’s say that you have an established corporation, you’re already doing $1 million a year or you’re doing even $500 million and you really are serious about growing your business to the next level, then, please, stop pressing that boost button because that boost button is about .05% without an exaggeration. I am known for exaggerations but not this one, JLD, okay?

JLD: So, if you have exaggerations, a billion-dollar software. I mean, a lot of people would say, “Hey, that’s going to be an exaggeration.” But, you’re saying “Hey, that’s the Business Manager.” Can you expound on that for us?

Manuel: Right. I mean, this software that we have had access for a few years, the Facebook Business Manager, these programs back in the day used to be accessible only to big companies, big media organizations, big advertising madman type of organizations that could pay for it. You had software back in the early 90’s that would help you find the correct targeting, help you segment and create messages and do mock-ups of your creatives, work on your targeting, work on all that stuff that you can do on the actual Business Manager. We have been able to do it not as a ninja, not as awesome as we can today with the platforms that we have today. But, it’s something that before used to cost thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to be able to maintain. The Facebook Business Manager, if you are listening to this podcast, because I know that you guys, all of you are listeners here, Fire Nation, I’m one of them because I’ve been connected to JLD and Entrepreneur on Fire for a long, long time. It goes back to me buying the freedom journal from you. When I started my entrepreneur adventure, JLD, you were one of the first ones that I was listening to back in the day. I don’t know how long was that, 3 years ago when you launched it or 4 years ago?

JLD: Yeah. It was back in 2016, January. So, we’re talking about 2 and a half years ago for the freedom journal and that was a year later. So, you’ve been with me for a while, brother.

Manuel: Oh, yeah. That was a rocket ride, man. Because at that point, I was doing decently and then I got the journal. And I was like, “You know what? I’m going to do this.”  And I did that and it’s been a rocket ride ever since. So, definitely, you contributed my expansion on the last 2 and a half years or so for sure.

JLD: Well, you are too kind, Manuel. I really appreciate it. Here you are full circle now on Entrepreneurs on Fire rocking the mic, dropping some value bombs. You’re actually just in Puerto Rico last week. We need to connect. But, maybe when you’re on the island we will. I mean, we have so many more things, Fire Nation, that we’re going to be talking about when it comes to Facebook ads and all these stuff that Manuel has been talking about is so valuable, so important. In fact, before we jump to sponsors real quick, Manuel, why don’t we take a second, because you do have something special that we are going to talk and a lot more detail about at the end of the episode. But, give a little teaser for Fire Nation about what you have going on with Facebook Masters.

Manuel: Oh, yeah. Well, I created a series. I have several hundreds of students that have gone through my training. I’ve been doing it for a while. Basically, my passion grew out of being behind the screen and doing my own product sales and I started helping other people because that became kind of my thing that it feels the more natural thing. I’m a teacher and I like to help people become more successful. That satisfied me more than anything else so I built an agency, very successful. And now, I backed away from the agency and the agency runs without me. And I’m dedicated now to build training for people to actually take advantage of these platforms because they don’t understand them yet, they don’t have a clue how to really get the most out of the Facebook advertising monster that it is. So, I developed a series of mini-courses that are going to help anybody get from being a beginner or a complete unawareness on the use of these platforms to understanding the basics of it and actually being able to run ads for your business that are successful. Now, the one thing that is important about this is that even if you’ve been around for a few years running ads on Facebook, I want you to understand that today there’s a strategy that’s working that was not working a few years ago. So, I want to show you how that works because I have been able to basically replicate it from my own dad. My dad is a YouTube star right now. We get about 20 million views a month, every single month between Facebook, YouTube, Instagram – the Facebook platforms. Dr. Eric Berg, he’s another superstar. He has 2 million subscribers on YouTube and we got 400,000 people on Facebook and we have generated over 25 million views every single month and this is with this strategy, this system that I am going to show these guys on the mini-courses. Looking forward to having a Fire Nation go in there and get those mini-courses done. Down the line, I have an advanced program which is called the Facebook Masters which is not open right now but is going to be open at some point. It’s going to help these guys really crank up their game and take it to the next level and just really implement what I’ve done successfully so they can actually explode their businesses no matter what it is. Whether it’s e-commerce, whether it’s a brick and mortar shop, whether it is like a service business, it’s all about traffic. I’m going to help people get as much traffic as possible into their businesses.

JLD: Fire Nation, the name of the game is Traffic. So, to check out this free mini-course, head over to eofire.com/facebookmasters. You better believe all they go into this mini-course, you need to as well because we need to be educating ourselves. And when this content is free from people who are Facebook masters like Manuel, we need to take advantage of this. eofire.com/facebookmasters. If you’re not going through it Fire Nation, you better get somebody on your team to go through it because this is critical stuff. So, Manuel, let me break it down. Concentration is hard for most people, it’s hard for me, Fire Nation, and I know that it’s hard for a lot of you listening. Manuel, talk about the ease of content creation in 2018. What do you mean by that?

Manuel: It’s actually the technology is slowly but surely or maybe, in a very fast way, John Lee, is taking away the excuses quite fast. I didn’t quite talk too much about Business Manager but one thing that I want you guys to do, every listener, if you haven’t set it up correctly, you can simply go to business.facebook.com and set it up and start learning about that world because it’s incredible. And, once you’ve learned it, you’re not going back to boosting or anything else like that. This is kind of like a requirement to be successful. You know, I can tell you JLD right now that what’s going to happen, because one of the things that I think is a quality of mine is not to be able to predict the future but to basically recognize as soon as something is starting to happen and just jump on board. One thing that is happening right now, JLD, the ones that are only selling products are going to disappear. And the ones that are building brands down the line, those are the ones that are going to be winning the game. Now, what is the difference between a product seller and a brand builder? A product seller basically just sells products on Amazon or on e-commerce, on their shop and does not really work on branding. Now, I like to do both things, I like to basically focus as much as possible on selling so I can survive and grow the system and grow the machine while at the same time I’m heavily focusing on branding. Now, branding means creating content, JLD. And there are many ways that you can create content and it has become easier and easier along the way. A couple of tips that I can give you, for example, would be that there’s a website called answerthepublic.com which I found in which somebody can actually go in there and search for any niche market whatever your business is – accounting, whether it is face creams, makeup, design, beauty, engineering. No matter what it is, whatever you’re selling, whatever you’re offering, you can actually search for your niche market in there and answerthepublic is going to spit out a bunch of different things that people are actually searching for. So, what is your job? Your job is to answer those queries because people don’t know about it. For example, in my case, when I talk about marketing on Facebook I take it for granted because I know so much of it. But, when I talk to people like maybe the Fire Nation, maybe they don’t understand 10% of what I’m talking about and they need to start learning it and I need to go step-by-step. So, sometimes the content, the information that each one of you guys have in your mind is so valuable to most people out there that you just have to structure it. Answerthepublic is an option. There’s another place, for example, buzzsumo, B-U-Z-Z-S-U-M-O-.com, in which you can search for, they have a free trial. Obviously, I am not affiliated. In that particular place, you can actually find out content that is being shared like crazy so you can get ideas. Content can be summarized in four things: videos, images (which are graphic images or pictures by itself), audio content like me and JLD here, talking to you guys, and then there’s written content. So, I understand. I’ve talked to thousands of entrepreneurs. Most people that I have encountered, JLD, they are really uncomfortable being in front of the camera and talking to it. I understand that. I was uncomfortable, too, at first. It’s something that you develop. But, if you feel that you are absolutely not going to be in front of a camera, then, all that you’ve got to do is do one of the other three forms. Either you become a great photographer and put a lot of pictures and infographics or you start writing a lot of content about the things and grabbing some things that are valuable to people or you get on a podcast and start talking to the world like JLD has been using for over 2000 episodes, right?

JLD: Fire Nation, answerthepublic, buzzsumo, these are just a couple place to go to get great ideas around your niche, around your topic, around your category and don’t get stuck in the trap of the curse of knowledge. That’s what Manuel was talking about just because he’s a Facebook expert and knows all these things. Lots of times we assume that everybody knows what we know. That’s just not true. You’re an expert in so many things, Fire Nation. Don’t let the curse of knowledge fool you and blind you. You share your knowledge, your content with the world. You will be educating and teaching people in such a valuable way. So, let’s talk about what you consider the most important factor, Manuel, when it comes to all of these and that’s audience discovery. Now, those are two words that are very familiar to you but not to most. So, really talk us through this.

Manuel: When you try to sell a beauty product to a man, it’s not going to go well. When you try to sell a hair loss product, something to grow your hair, to a man that has a head that’s full of hair, it’s not going to go well. The thing that I have observed throughout the last few years is that the best messages do not respond, the best creatives respond to your messages, no matter how bad your videos are or your images if you are talking to the right people, you’re going to win the game. You have to understand that in the United States only, there are 225 million active people using Facebook every single month. That’s a lot of people. Out of those 225 million, 160 of them are using it every single day. There is a lot of people in there so you have to understand that most of those people are not going to be interested in your content, in what you have to offer, in your message. They don’t really get it. They don’t want to hear from you. Not only that. The thing is if you don’t work with Facebook to find your audience, Facebook will penalize you. Facebook is a great system because the algorithm itself is built to reward you if you work hard at putting a message that people like. If people don’t like your message, if you’re talking to the wrong audience, Facebook notices that and they jack up your price of advertising. So, us in Facebook, the cost of advertising is an indicator of the acceptance by your public. So, the thing that you have to work at the most is understanding who your audience is. JLD, this is very cool because an analogy that I can use to explain basically how powerful this is and why it’s so different today in a 2018 marketing landscape is that back in 1940 or 1960s, if a company wanted to really bring in a client and wanted to really get their business, all you have to do as a company, they even had researchers going out there and finding out what that customer likes – what do they like? You want to get all that data because when you have that data, you can actually work with it and conquer that client. And then if they like golfing, “Hey, I want to take you out for a round of golf. Let’s go play 18 holes. On the company. Come on, guys. Let’s go.” And then you will bring the whole batch of clients and you will increase your chances of closing that dramatically because people respond to you better if you communicate to them with the viewpoint of “Hey, I know who you are, I know what you like.” In the Facebook world right now, JLD, you have that data because Facebook has been accumulating it for years and years and years. If you’re married, if you’re single, if you’re divorced, if you have a house, if you live with kids or if you like the Cowboys, if you are in a different country visiting, if you’re on a vacation, if you use credit cards, if you visit different websites, if you’re an online shopper or you’re a window shopper, all the data is there. So, Facebook gives you access as an advertiser to that data and you have to understand how to utilize that. It can all be done through the Business Manager. When you work on that hard enough consistently and you find that audience, it’s a matter now of exploding and scaling that audience. JLD, not only scaling it deeply, meaning putting more money in it but now you can go wide, meaning that you can now tell Facebook something like, “Hey, Facebook. I noticed that we found the winning audience. That is so cool. I want to thank you for that. Now, let’s go ahead and find a lookalike audience of these people.” And, if you know what you’re doing, inside the Business Manager, Facebook will help you find several more million people that are more likely to be the ones that were your winning audience. Does that make sense?

JLD: It makes so much sense Fire Nation. It’s all about that audience discovery on Facebook. They want you to win, they want you to win. Because guess what? When you win, when you make money, you take more of that money and you give it back to Facebook to make more money and guess what? Facebook is happy, you are happy, the people that you’re serving with your products and services are happy, everybody wins. And I would say, Manuel, for sure we’ve heard for decades now literally, that the money is in the list. When people say that, they’re typically talking your email list. But, you know, there’s a new sheriff in town Facebook Messenger Marketing. So, talk about that in reference to the money being in the list.

Manuel: Oh man, JLD. This is the area that I am most passionate in right now. I just mentioned to you a little while ago how my job is to try to jump on top of opportunities. I’ve been on this opportunity for the last year and 4 months or so. In the last year and 4 months, I’ve been able to generate 1.2 million Messenger subscribers, Facebook Messenger subscribers that opened up their messages at 90% open rate.

JLD: That’s insane.

Manuel: Throughout the last few years, ever since I became an entrepreneur, JLD, I have heard awesome people, people that I follow, some of my mentors that I have been following for a long time talk about build your list, get your list to grow, lead magnets. Whatever you can to capture leads. But, it didn’t quite sink in to me, JLD, because I kept on pushing for that. But then I will send out an email and they would only open at 20% open rate so it frustrated me quite a bit because it didn’t make sense that I would invest so much money and I will say like, “Okay, cool. Well, I paid about $5 an email lead, or like $2 or $1.” But then, these guys are not engaging on email. Let’s say that you’re a business to business particular entrepreneur. Well, you still have a market on email but for us consumers, consumers are buying less and less computers every single year. Everything is happening on their mobile devices. They’re not even using their emails as much. They don’t even log in on it. 55% of every single minute spent on smartphone devices is being spent on social media. So, it didn’t quite make sense anymore that the money is in the list. But, once I saw this opportunity, JLD, I jumped right on top of it and I mastered Messenger marketing. There’s a bunch of different platforms right now that is working. The ones that are the most popular ones are ManyChat. There’s another one called Chatmatic that you can actually build. Think about Messenger marketing as email marketing on steroids. That’s basically what it is because now, instead of sending out a broadcast, and it’s a one-way flow that people are opening up at 22% open rate on average across all industries, now you can send out broadcast that people open up at 80% over 90% plus in many cases open rates. And not only that, when you talk about click-through rates, for those of you that are familiar with email marketing, you can get a 1% or 2% on email, you’re getting 15%, 20%, 25% on Messenger marketing. So, right now, I’ve been concentrating on building lists in this modern 2018 world. If you are in business and you are not putting attention to this incredible tsunami of Messenger marketing, you are leaving an incredible amount of money on the table. Now, how do you get started? Well, you’ve got to choose your platform. The way it works is that you go to manychat.com or you go to chatmatic which is the other one but I prefer manychat.com. I think it’s so useful for me.

JLD: I’m going to get you connected to my buddy Ethan because Opest is better than them all, Manuel.

Manuel: Oh, really? Okay, cool.

JLD: I’ll get you over there. Opest. Keep going.

Manuel: Okay, good. So, you basically have all these platforms, the one that JLD, you have to introduce me to that man because I don’t know it yet. But, they are super, super, super friendly. It’s basically for any of you guys that are super simple that you don’t know any coding or anything like that, you don’t feel like you’re techy, realize that any of you guys can build a Messenger bot. They call it a bot. You can call it a robot, a bot. You can call it email system, whatever you want. But, you can build with a couple of clicks of a button adding images, adding videos, adding voice texts, adding carousel images, adding messages, copywriting. You can add whatever you want into it and it all goes into a Messenger, into a message that gets sent out to these people. And your job is to capture leads. But, instead of capturing emails along the way, you’re capturing Messenger subscribers and you can build a business, you can literally sell them stuff on Messenger, you can bring them into your lines, you can send them to your website, you can sell them anything that you want and even create appointments if you have a particular service business. It’s something that right now we definitely want to ride this wave, JLD, we want to ride it, for all businesses for the next year or two. Messenger marketing is going to be the biggest platform to capture an audience, in the world, bigger than everything else out there and it’s only getting stronger and better along the way. I’m seeing it in the numbers.

JLD: Fire Nation, Manuel is a Facebook master. This free mini-course that he has for you is all about you becoming a master on Facebook as well. These are all skills that we need to have. And believe me, Fire Nation, if you’re not going to take the time to get the skills, you better get somebody on your team to head over to eofire.com/facebookmasters to make it happen. So, Manuel, as a kind of wrap up, can you give us a little more information about exactly what is going to happen when they go to that URL? And just why you’re so overall fired up to share all this information with Fire Nation?

Manuel: Let me tell you something that you have a great point, JLD. When you tell your audience that if they don’t do it themselves, they need somebody else to do it. I hear people telling me they have dreams, they have goals, they want to grow their business, they’re not where they want to be and then I asked them, “Are you doing Facebook advertising? Are you on the platform? Are you on the greatest media organization in existence today?” And they’re like “No, I just don’t have any time for it.” And I’m like “Okay. But, you’ve got to realize that you yourself have decided to leave all this money on the table, it’s your decision” Now, if you feel that Facebook advertising is not your thing, then realize that Business is your thing and Facebook is business. For example, people like my dad, he doesn’t care about Facebook. He never uses it. But, he’s built a multimillion-dollar empire with it and the last 5 years, we went from a small island in Puerto Rico which you might have heard about my dad’s business over there, JLD. It’s called NaturalSlim.

JLD: Oh, yeah.

Manuel: Yup, that’s my dad’s business. So, we went from one single country, a million dollars a year to now doing $40 million internationally with Facebook advertising as the number one source of marketing across. So, my dad, I had to make him a Facebook advertising myself because he didn’t believe in the platform yet. He gave me a chance. We started blowing up across the world and he became a social media superstar and now we have all these incredible systems built in place because we actually put the energy behind Facebook. So, if you as a business owner, is listening to this and you don’t feel that’s your thing, hire somebody to come and do it for you, to come and do the mini-course and get the strategy set up. For you to be able to grow your business it does not have to be you. So, once you go to eofire.com/facebookmasters, in there, you’re going to get access to a series of four mini-courses. They are going to get you through some of the basics. Like one of them is going to be building your business with Facebook ads. Another one is going to be an overview of the Business Manager which we talked about today. Another one is going to be building campaigns on Facebook. So, if you don’t know and all you have been aware of is that boost button that I call the devil and you want to actually learn how to really do for real, if you want to accomplish your dreams, if you want to be one of those guys that are riding this incredible social media wave that, let me guarantee you something – our great-grandchildren are going to be so mad because they were not a part of this particular new era of this new generation. Well, on that particular mini-course, it’s going to show you how to build campaigns from scratch. And also, I’m going to have a mini-course there that is going to give you some of the basics of targeting which I showed you guys, I have told you on this interview that is going to be one of the most important factors on your Facebook advertising endeavor.

JLD: Fire Nation, I am fired up for you to have access to this information for free, eofire.com/facebookmasters. And Manuel, what is just one take away that you want to make sure Fire Nation really gets from this overall summation of this killer audio masterclass?

Manuel: I say, JLD, what I want your audience and Fire Nation to actually get is if they are not in the level that they want to be yet, this is what I want to operate with, ride the wave. I want you guys to ride the wave because this wave is going on and nobody is going to stop it. Some people are going to sit on the sand looking at that wave and seeing the surfers ride it and make a lot of big bang or some people are going to jump all over it and ride it like maniacs like I am. I am fired up just like you see me right now, Fire Nation, that I am like intense. This is me 24/7, all the time because I have big dreams and big goals and I see it every single day and the more energy that I put behind it, the more I accomplish. I realize that we have an incredible opportunity right now because we don’t have to live by a 9-5 schedule anymore. We can build our business working 16 hours a day, 14 hours a day, and we have cell phone devices and electronics and things that our great grandparents and other ancestors never had access to. So, if you have particular aspirations, realize that it’s all on you and you can also accomplish them. But, learning how to use the Facebook advertising platform today is by far the single most important thing that I will put attention on if you want to grow that business.

JLD: Fire Nation, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. You’ve been hanging out with MS and JLD today so keep up the heat and head over to eofire.com. If you type Manuel on the search bar it will show on the page on a pop up with everything that we’ve been talking about today. These are the best shoutouts in the biz, time stamps, links galore. But, if there is one, I say one thing that you do today, Fire Nation, and that is go over to eofire.com/facebookmasters – all one word, all lower case, eofire.com/facebookmasters. Get signed up for this free mini-course. So, it’s four mini-courses, it’s going to allow you to build campaigns, do targeting – all these different things. It is absolutely critical. Make everybody on your team go through it. See whoever loves it the most and then maybe you make them that person’s going to thrive in this scenario because you have all the tools from Manuel. And, I just want to say from one Puerto Rican to another, Manuel, thank you for sharing your truth to Fire Nation. For that brother, we salute you and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Manuel: It’s an honor, JLD. Thank you for having me.