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As much as you may want to just put your product online and have people start buying, you have to put in the work first.

Unless your product is the most unique thing ever created, something that’s never been done before… there’s no way around it; you have to nurture your customers if you want successful results.

Nurturing creates loyal customers, keeps your product at the front of their mind, and can help strengthen your brand.

Using the right strategy to engage with that audience will improve the customer lifetime value and increase customer retention.

This clip from my coaching program goes into all the details.


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Keep Your Audience Coming Back For More

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Welcome to the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast. I’m Jimmy, the Associate Creative Director for Manuel here at AGM.

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This episode is about keeping your audience coming back for more.

As much as you may want to just put your product online and have people start buying, you have to put the work in first, unless your product is the most unique thing ever created something that’s never been done before.

There’s no way around it. You have to nurture your customers if you want successful results.

Nurturing creates loyal customers, keeps your product at the front of their mind, and can help strengthen your brand.

Using the right strategy to engage with that audience will improve the customer lifetime value and increase customer retention. This clip from Manuel’s coaching program goes into all the details. Check it out.


The Power of Having Your Own Unique Product

Jorge: The point is if you can figure out something that’s trending right now, jump all over that and build your content around that.

Manuel: Full disclosure. I’m going to show you guys something. I am not trying to get into politics. Okay?

We talked about products that do work and products that don’t work on social media. This product works like a charm on social media.

Now, how many of you guys are selling products like this? This, listen to it.

Fox and friends in the morning, they’re very honorable people. From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first.

This guy right here, all right, he sells. You wouldn’t even believe me if I told you how much he sells of this on social media. He’s a client of ours. He doesn’t only sell this. He sells a lot of different things like poop emojis and novelty toys.

This is unique!


If you guys have a product like this, that nobody else really has, especially on a market, like the one that we’re at in the middle of one of the most controversial elections in history, well, okay. You’re okay.

If you don’t have that product, you have to go down that route.

Jorge: Yeah, that guy is inherently polarizing. It brings a lot of attention.

Manuel: Absolutely! It creates a lot of drama, it goes viral. I mean, we’re breaking records. Just yesterday, we talked about this today. I posted it on my Instagram story because Jorge, every morning we do a briefing to our 69 staff members right now as to what’s going on at AGM marketing.

And Jorge was talking about today, this account right here, got this one right here, ISIS has spread like cancer, another mess I inherited.

This thing, it’s incredible guys. And he’s, he’s a longtime student of mine that eventually became a client of AGM and he was a big Amazon seller selling a lot in Amazon.

And then we transitioned him over into the e-commerce world and he’s selling hundreds of thousands of dollars now of products like that.


Unique products,

they do really well.


So some of you guys might qualify into that unique…. And now, please don’t come back and tell me like, “Oh, my beauty cream is unique.” That’s not going to work. Well, that’s just romantic.

“Oh, my makeup is one of a kind makeup. It’s like makeup that you can kiss somebody and it doesn’t wipe out your lips.”

It doesn’t matter. That is the same as another million different makeup brands. So you’ve got to understand, is your product truly unique like this?

“When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.”

Again, I’m not trying to be… Sorry. I accidentally pressed it the second time. I’m not trying to be a politician here or anything like that. It’s not about that. I’m just telling you, proving a point here.


You got to really judge/evaluate your product.
  • Do you have a unique one?
  • Do you have a Tesla?
  • Do you have a Ronin device for your camera?
  • Do you have a figure of Trump… a polarizing figure like that, that you can promote?

If you don’t have something like that, you got to travel the nurture route. If you take away from NaturalSlim, Frank Suarez, and what Jorge has done with my dad over the last, what is it now, Jorge? How many years? 13 years working together, all right, on building this incredible content and changing the world because it’s incredible.

What they’ve done is quite unique. If you take them away from the equation, we don’t have NaturalSlim. We don’t have store… There’s no marketing that is going to save me, all right?

I would still have to… Because Frank Suarez and Jorge, they are a marketing strategy. If you take them away, I have to have another brilliant marketing strategy. And it was going to take a lot of work because that’s a brilliant marketing strategy.

If you have a strategy like that, you keep on going until you actually get it to boom.

In their case… And one day I’m going to bring Jorge to talk about the story. But in their case, they started doing content 13 years ago and they used to do a lot of TV commercials. And at some point, we transitioned over to the internet.

And the whole thing started taking off probably six or seven years after they started doing the content.

2014 or so, it really started to take off with the power of social media and other things, but it takes work, and it’s a process, and it takes a lot of energy.

And you got to know that in my dad’s case, in NaturalSlim’s case, there are another million supplement brands. Now, because of what they did content-wise, nobody thinks about other brands. NaturalSlim is the dominating brand.

My dad is here in town right now, and I’m trying to get him to escape. And, and he’s doing a little mini-vacation over here with us. He doesn’t really vacation much cause he’s always working, but I take him…

They’re staying in a place and we’re in a beach house and we go to this place. We go to the beach and it’s, it looks like a Virgin beach. It’s beautiful. It looks like it’s private. And I’m like, great. We can have some peace and quiet in here. Fantastic. So my dad is chilling out and he’s relaxing on the beach with the wife, with the grandkids. Everybody’s there hanging out and enjoying the peace of mind.

Didn’t last long. There’s a random couple that passes by and they’re like, “Dr. Suarez, Oh my God, is that really you? I’m using your products. Thank you very much. Thank you.”

So this thing that they’ve done is… It’s different. If you want to travel that road, you got to understand what it really takes. And that’s what I want to talk about because…


The future is bright

if you travel that road.

But there is a process to be able to accomplish success in that road and it doesn’t happen overnight.


So again, if you don’t have a product, if you evaluate your brand and you really know that you don’t have a product like this, you got to build a route similar to what NaturalSlim built, Dr. Berg, myself at AGM Marketing with, my team, that I have built.

If you take away my content, our content in social media, if you take away the webinars and the seminars that I have done, I don’t have an agency, I don’t have some of the clients that I have created over the years. We wouldn’t have all the power that we have.

So that is the roadmap that I traveled myself.


So you got to decide which road do you belong to? This one or that one? And based on that, you execute. Both things will work, but only if you’re honest yourself and you can actually push in that particular direction.


All right, good Jonald. Let’s, let’s go back to the little sidetrack over here from the slides, just a small one, nothing too unusual for me.

Jonald: All right. So again you have to focus on customer retention. That’s where we actually stopped earlier. So…


Why implement a customer nurturing strategy?

So for many of our e-commerce brands, we typically see, or not just with the brands we’ve managed, but all brands or accounts in general, we typically see a 40%-60% of their customer lists being dormant-meaning they aren’t either engaging or purchasing from the account or the brand.

That’s a large customer base that you could easily tap into. However, the biggest issue is that most marketing teams find re-engaging with dormant users or customers pointless, and a waste of time.

The same marketers likely tend or trend towards the short-sighted churn and burn approach without realizing the long-term damage it can cause.

So again, as what Manuel mentioned earlier, evaluate your account and don’t necessarily just jump into a sales ad or sales focus immediately on top of that.

You have to first build or earn your trust, like, and then have them convert afterward.


The benefits of nurturing your customers

Other than improving, of course, their customer lifetime value and increasing customer retention, we’ll show you the five main benefits of having a nurture sequence or the benefits of customer retention.


1. So the first one would be to:

Create happy and loyal customers

that can become your biggest brand ambassadors.

We all know that brand ambassadors can create a positive influence for your brand. Think social media influencers, review sites, internet forums, and mostly just positive comments or feedback on your ads or posts from your social media channels.


2. Keeps your products on top of their mind.

They’ll remember you when they are ready to buy if your content is relevant and engaging to them.


3. Third is, it’s a more effective way to increase profitability.

As retained customers cost less than new customer acquisition.

So the more the customers buy from your account or from your brand, the higher their lifetime value is since you’re no longer paying for acquisition.


4. Helps strengthen your brand.

Who wouldn’t want to keep buying from a strong brand? Look at brands like Dr. Berg, the shoe brand, Nike, NaturalSlim, they have established their presence on social media as the go-to or the gurus on their respective markets or niche.

Thus, customers are likely to trust or convert better with these accounts that have built their brand.


The aspects of a successful nurturing strategy

The first one is to:


I. Create content that is playful

fun, and sometimes show off its products as its centerpiece.

Here is a short example of a nurture sequence we built out for one of our clients.

We normally call this fun fact day or fun fact Friday, where we do send facts or fun facts that are highly relevant to the audiences we currently have or to the overall brand we are aiming to.

And it’s mostly value-packed messages. And at the very end, after they have fully engaged with the content, learn something new, enjoy what they received. We do a slight offer or upsell at the very end of each of those messages.

Jorge: And I’ll just add to that, like the more you can make these messages more gamified and just a little bit more entertaining, the more people will engage in the bot and will continue all the way to the end.

So you’ve got to figure out like, what’s something funny you can add in there, or what’s something that maybe you ask them a question at the beginning, and then you’re like, I’m going to give you the answer at the end, as long as you go through this or something like that.


You just got to kind of figure out how do you

game-ify it.


Manuel: Yeah, this is, this is cool. Jonald, do we have a link for this new bot? I can tell you this bot right here, the Health Hacker is one of the freshest bots that we have launched.

So if you guys want to see a really up-to-date Messenger bot, ManyChat bot, you should check that one out.

It’s for a client that… He has a YouTube channel. He’s a great guy. He’s been doing content for a while and is a chiropractor. And I think it’s an absolutely great bot.

It was built by one of our rock stars at AGM. So if you guys want to check it out, Jonald is going to post the link there and you can subscribe to it and see what that process looks like.

It’s built from the ground up by AGM. That’s a good one.

We do also have all the recent bot that we launched, which is the Purely Optimal.

These are brands that don’t really have, like the Purely Optimal, it doesn’t really have a personal brand like Dr. Berg or like Frank Suarez, but it’ll give you some ideas on how do we create that content for that particular brand, any e-commerce brands.

So this will be a great study for you guys. If you save those links and go through that process and make some notes and get some ideas, I think that will be quite helpful. Keep going, Jonald.


Jonald: Aspect of a successful nurturing strategy or the second actually is:

II. Don’t be so product-focused and salesly

(I don’t know if that’s a word, the salesly.) Use your unique brand voice and collaborate with growth sales, branding teams to see what they can bring to your customers. It will all contribute to a better customer experience.

This is actually what Manuel was mentioning earlier, the Right Hook or the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

You have to first provide value, value, value to your customers. So they’ll start trusting in your brand and remember your brand whenever they need the service that you are currently offering.

Here is a short example of one of the brands, which is using Dr. Berg’s account. This is a, or he is actually currently showing a video from Jillian Michael.

Also, some of success… the customer success stories, or this is another one from a customer success story.

Jorge: And Jonald, one thing I’ll add to this, this is something that happened I think it was last year if I remembered correctly, but Jillian Michael, she said something that was controversial about the keto diet, and then Dr. Berg made a response video to it.

So the tip here is if you can find something that’s trending right now, and you can figure out how to make content video around that, you will get a lot more traction, a lot more reach, of course, more engagement, which gives you even more reach.

So, you know, just try to find something that’s trending right now.

So for example, going back to the Trump, you know, figure, one thing we did is right after the first debate that they had. I mean, that was a show, right? So what we did is like, right after that, we’re like, okay, let’s get everybody, you know, engaging about that.

And we got a lot of comments and we figured out a little flow on how to capitalize on that using ManyChat and whatnot.

But the point is, if you can figure out something that’s trending right now, jump all over that and build your content around that.

Manuel: Anyways, I know that Dr. Berg had a lot of fun with that Jillian Michael’s one because Jillian Michaels, obviously, she has a huge following and she’s really big on the health world. And a lot of people trust her.

And in the middle of that keto craze that everybody was talking keto and all the restaurants were coming out with keto menus, she starts talking about keto and talking against it.

So Dr. Berg had a lot of fun. He equated a video and he broke down every single thing that she said, and basically prove they’re wrong. And that actually caught some serious fire.

And those are things that are important to take into account, how you can take advantage of something that is an important subject or something that’s hot or something that somebody else is doing or saying that you can leverage to maybe try to catch your own fire along the way. All Right. That’s good stuff.

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