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How to Use Facebook Messenger to Grow Your Business

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All right. This is Manuel Suarez for the Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast here. I’m excited to be here again.

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of my favorites, the most important and biggest obsession which is Facebook Messenger. If you guys have followed my podcast for a while, you followed my content for a while, you know that this is an area that I have been paying a lot of attention to. 

This is not a new obsession. This is an obsession that has been going on for a while now – going on two years before anybody. Even marketers, there was such a thing called Messenger marketing. I was already pretty obsessed with it. 

My story begins with Messenger marketing and I’ll explain to you in a second what that is in case if you don’t have an idea of what I’m talking about.


My story with Messenger

It begins back in September 2017 and going on 2 years now in which I ran into a video. I was looking for training which again is like something that I’m always looking to learn. I recommend that you guys are looking to always add knowledge to your mind that doesn’t have an end to how much it can learn.

I kept on looking for information, ways to take advantage of new opportunities. 

I found a video on YouTube about this platform called ManyChat and I was blown away. I immediately recognized how it was an opportunity, something to take a look into. 

Give it a look because it felt like the world is going in that direction. 

At this point in 2017, there were a lot of people using already WhatsApp, there were a lot of people using Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger has become a stand-alone app that people are now using to communicate with their friends and family aggressively. 

Because of that, I decided to pay attention.

If you go back ages in time, the people that paid attention at the beginning of any opportunity, those are the ones that were able to capitalize the most on those opportunities.

That’s the reality. So, you want to be able to capitalize on those opportunities to be able to grow your business before it becomes too late. 

In reality, what I can tell you guys is throughout these ages that we’ve gone through this process and it has repeated itself many times before. 


You had television ads in the 1940s. It became a big deal and people started capitalizing it. 


Then, you had radio that has been going on for hundreds of years.


You had email marketing.


You had YouTube in 2006 and it became a big deal. 


If we had time machines which we don’t because it’s only in science fiction at this point, probably going to be a science fiction forever, right? 

Just a funny story, I’m a big believer in outer space movies. I love this subject. There’s a movie that I can keep on watching over and over. It talks about time warping and all those things called Interstellar. Matthew McConaughey, great movie! 

I don’t think we’re going to be able to get close to a black hole and go back in time like some of these guys can slow down time. 

If we were able to do that, if science fiction was a reality, we would, a lot of us, grab a bunch of money and go back, put all of our money on opportunities that have now gone and disappeared. 

For example, I can tell you that I would have probably started to stop being lazy and got my dad earlier on the YouTube channel in 2007. 

We wouldn’t have right now 1.5 million subscribers. We would probably have 10 million and that’s the reality. 

There’s a world of Latin American people of three hundred something million Latin Americans using YouTube. So, it doesn’t make sense why we only have 1.5 million. It’s because we didn’t start early enough.



These opportunities always happen. This is not something new to the world. This is not something that I’m telling you, “Oh my! It’s social media.”

It’s about recognizing these opportunities, jumping, and taking advantage of when it’s being presented to you.


So, I realized that Messenger was one of those opportunities when immediately, when I saw it, I recognized it as an opportunity and…

I wanted to do something to be able to capitalize on it before it gets too late.


There’s one marketer that most of you guys know. I follow his content. I met him personally. He’s someone that I admire, Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk.


He has a saying that goes like this –



It’s true because when an opportunity is new, marketers pick it up and then they exploit it to the point that all marketers are in there and now it becomes too expensive, too late, crowded, it’s messed up.


Messenger marketing

An opportunity which is still quite virgin, that people don’t understand how to take advantage of it, how to get business from it, how to build a real community and grow your brand’s assets. That’s what it’s all about.


Any business, no matter what you are, whether you have an e-commerce business, you have a lead generation service that you need to generate leads, if you have a brick and mortar, no matter what your business is, you all need assets.

If you don’t have anything to sell to anybody, then, you don’t have a business. 


If you have products or services to sell but then you don’t have anybody to sell them to, you also don’t have a business.

That’s why the numbers don’t lie. 95% of businesses don’t last past 5 years. That’s because they don’t figure out that equation of being able to get enough attention to grow their business. That’s my obsession. 



My obsession is to help you and anybody interested to understand these platforms so they don’t let them escape.

A few years in the line, they have to close down their business because they are not able to generate enough attention to be able to sell products and services. That’s what it’s all about. 

I’ve been able to master this particular platform which is Messenger.


Now, if you guys don’t have an idea of what I’m talking about still, it tells you how big the opportunity is because you guys all know what Facebook is, a lot of you guys already know what Facebook advertising is. You already know what Instagram advertising is. You know what a YouTube channel represents and the power of it. You guys understand all of that.  

But several years ago, you didn’t understand any of that stuff. So, it’s a little bit later in the game for these platforms. Messenger marketing still, when you talk about that with people, they look at you like you’re an alien. 


What are you talking about Messenger marketing? 

I know what email marketing is. Messenger? I communicate with Messenger all the time with my friends, with my family, with my kids. But, what are you talking about Messenger marketing? 

There’s a platform that you guys all know called Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook Messenger is a platform that allows businesses to create subscribers to generate attention just like email follow us, email leads, just like followers on social media, you can get followers on Messenger.

You can get actual identities that you can communicate to inside the Messenger channel and send out broadcasts to people. 

Let’s say for example that you do a strategy to generate messages on your Facebook page. Those people are coming into the Facebook page Messenger channel.

For example, I have Manuel Suarez Facebook Page – not a profile, a page. In it, I run advertising. When somebody sends me a message, they are a Messenger subscriber. They’re not an email, they’re not a phone number, they’re a Messenger subscriber. 

What I can do with that Messenger subscriber is I can go to a platform that I recommend which I’m a big advocate, I’m a friend of some of the best executives, most important executives of the company, and I’m going to be a speaker on their convention next month.


It’s called ManyChat.

ManyChat is something that you can compare with Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. Any of these email platforms, that’s what ManyChat is. But for Facebook Messenger, that’s the way it is. 


ManyChat is a platform that allows you to

build these conversations with people. 


I want to use this podcast session right here to touch on the subject again. Even though I’ve touched that before, but things have changed quite a bit.

The basics of Messenger marketing are there and they’re still powerful, better than ever as an opportunity.


If you guys want to understand how I was able to build millions of followers across my Messenger channels, I created a case study. (https://www.agmagency.com/case-study/)

There’s going to be a link down below on this podcast that you guys are going to be able to click to understand the step-by-step to utilize social media channels to bring people into the Messenger platform.

This particular case study talks about one of my best clients. His name is Dr. Eric Berg and I described the whole process.

If you guys want to get ideas on how to get people in it and what to do with them once they are inside Messenger and how to build a real community of people that are interested in what you have to say, those are all described in this case study. 


The way that Messenger work is very different than email and it has to be treated differently because if you don’t,

you’re not going to be allowed to continue to communicate with people on Messenger.  


Let me tell you one of the main reasons

I don’t know if you guys know the story of the word SPAMThis is something that I discovered the other day. 

Several decades ago, there was this TV show. You can look it up at Wikipedia. You can search for spam and you’ll find the history of it.

There were these kids that were asking for food on the table and they were complaining “SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! SPAM!” Like they were upset about the fact that they were getting that canned meat that they didn’t want. 

Spam became synonymous with getting or receiving communication that you don’t want. Talk about a PR nightmare for the Spam company, right? That’s what Spam is. 

Facebook Messenger is trying hard to avoid becoming a spam channel. So Facebook has put in rules in place.

To make the long story short, well, I was talking about that today on my training, so if you want to sell something on Messenger directly, you can and you have the right to. 

We do it. I’ve done it for the Grant Cardone Messenger channel that we built and we launched a couple of months ago, for the Dr. Berg channel that has been generating millions of dollars in sales by itself for the last couple of years.

I’ve done it with my dad’s Messenger channel which also has 700,000 followers, subscribers on it.

To give you an idea, that channel right there, my dad’s channel is not an e-commerce channel. What we do is we generate leads for our clinics and we are always flooded with people. All they’re going to do is press a couple of buttons. 

These people are calling, they’re showing up, getting appointments and consultations. That’s the power of a Facebook Messenger channel. 

We are building channels that provide value

If you look at Dr. Berg’s Messenger channel, he has training, mini-courses, resources, information, and value. By doing that, I have earned the right to be able to sell to these people.

What Facebook doesn’t want you to do is to bring people into Messenger and just send them offers, offers, offers, and offers. If you do that, first of all, people are going to unsubscribe and get upset because it’s very invasive.

Facebook Messenger is like a text message – it jumps all over your phone, it makes a ring, and penetrates your media more than an email will ever do. 

Because of that, you cannot be sending people offers all the time because you’re going to lose them along the way. 

In reality, what you want to do is build a channel that provides value to people.


You’ve got to have the right mindset.

Let me tell you what the mindset is.

If you do something that is going to help people improve an area of their lives,

I promise you that in turn when you offer them something, you’re going to have more people listening to whatever it is that you have to offer. That’s the reality. No matter what it is.

Let’s say for example that you have a kitchen brand, a real estate business, a tax service. If you’re a tax expert and you’re providing education and information about taxes, whenever you want to generate a lead to be able to help people with their taxes. Let’s say for example that you’re a CPA, these people are going to trust you enough that they are going to be opting in to whatever it is that you have to offer because they trust you. 

That’s how my dad has been able to build a very large following of people because they trust whatever he has to say.  

Dr. Berg’s Messenger channel does the same thing. If you go to m.me/drericberg, you’ll see how that channel is going to be providing education and value to you in a large way. 

If you go to my Messenger channel which I don’t know if you guys are subscribed, hopefully, a lot of you guys are, you can go to m.me/theninjamarketer and you’re going to be able to see how I am always educating you to give you information that is going to help you do better with your business for free in exchange for nothing. 

What that does to me is, now, it opens up the door for me to get you to listen to any other offers that I have along the way. For example, come and join a webinar, listen to whatever this training is, join my agency, and let my business help you grow your business.

Whenever I do that, that’s how I had been able to grow a following that now, I have enough services to sell to people because I have ATTENTION. That’s what it’s all about.


You’re trying to build a channel

I call it a channel because I believe that it is a marketing opportunity to get a message in front of people consistently about your business that now you can sell them things.

It’s a marketing channel that educates mainly.


But then, because it’s always producing engagement,

It is always getting people the opportunity to see whatever it is that you have to offer. 


Messenger marketing is like that. 

If you are starting from scratch… I’m going to talk about towards the end of this podcast about an opportunity because I created a course, a training. I don’t know if you have already started any of my training before, if you’re one of my existing students, or if you’ve done any of my mini-course. But I do have a series of free training that you can get done to get the basics on how to do specific things. 

To give you a particular direction here, if you go to manuelsuarez.com/messenger, you are going to be able to get done a training that is going to help you make sure that you guys are getting all the basics on Messenger marketing – manuelsuarez.com/messenger and you will get the Facebook mini-course on how to create a Messenger platform to be able to grow your brand. 

The thing about Messenger right now that is being presented to you as an opportunity is the fact that as you grow social media through Facebook, Instagram, email, YouTube, remember that you still do not have that audience captured. You still don’t have them. 

Email open rates are 10% open rates, 15% open rates. If you’re good at it, you get 20% open rates. So, you do not have that connection anymore like you used to have if you only have an email platform.

Messenger marketing right now is not something that I am being all rural about. I’m not being exaggerated here but Messenger marketing has 90% open rates and it has 20% to 50% click-through rates to whatever messages you’re sending out. 

You have a thousand subscribers on Messenger and you send them a broadcast, chances are the 950 of those are going to open up those messages. About 500 of them are going to click through it to get more information about what it is that you’re talking about.


The power of Messenger marketing

Imagine back in the year 2002, it wasn’t even that long ago, people were talking about marketing and its power. Today, that’s no longer the same thing that it was before. That’s the reality. 

Today, we send out broadcasts and we don’t get the same amount of attention that we used to get. That’s what we have in front of us. 

Messenger marketing right now has what email had in the year 2000 – very high open rates, click-through rates, and an ability to capture attention way more than anything else out there right now.

What I want you to get ready for is this is just the beginning, this is 100% just the evolution, the beginning of that process. Let me tell you why.


Instagram Direct Messaging

This is because Instagram Direct Messaging already opened up the ability to connect systems for one to be able to do Instagram Marketing Direct Messages. 

That’s happening already not with ManyChat but it’s going to be happening probably early 2020 you’re going to be able to send out a broadcast to Instagram Direct Messages and generate Instagram subscribers. Maybe by the time that you’re listening to this podcast a couple of months down the line. This is an opportunity right now.



Let me tell you another thing. WhatsApp is also now opened API.

So, if you have an international business, if you have people to service in Italy, Europe, and other countries like Mexico, WhatsApp is a big deal and you guys know that. 

If you didn’t know this, Facebook happens to own Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, they own all of these platforms so they’re integrating all of them. 

The first one on the process was Facebook Messenger but it’s just getting started. 

Picture this for a second. In a few months, not even that far down the line, you’re going to have a platform that you need to learn about, you need to get some basics about which is going to be crucial for you to be able to grow your business in today’s world.

Just being real here, in the future, a couple of months down the line, you’re going to be able to create a broadcast, a message, saying like, “Hey! Just so you know, I have this special course that I came up with that I want to talk to you about and I want you to get started with it. Here’s the link to go. Visit my website about it.

Whatever your business is, if you sell digital products or consulting services, you need leads for your business.  

If you want more people to come to your seminar, to your local events, no matter what,

it’s all about that one most valuable commodity in the world and that’s ATTENTION. 


You’re going to make as much money as you can get the attention from the people out there. If you don’t have attention, you go broke and you don’t grow. 

If you get attention, you can grow, especially if you have a good product or service.


join the revolution

In a couple of months, you’re going to have the ability to structure a message and not only send it to your subscribers on Messenger, you’re going to be able to generate subscribers on WhatsApp, on Instagram Direct Messages. That’s happening. 

Why not join the chat revolution now before everybody else joins it and it becomes too late in the game? 

I have done some crazy things with Messenger. In the last 2 years, I have been investing very heavily in the platform. That’s why I am one of the authorities on the subject of Messenger marketing because I’ve got insane results with it.

To give you a specific number, 2.5 million Messenger subscribers generated through my strategies using the power of social media that now I use to communicate with consistently. 

My brand, Dr. Berg, my dad’s, Grant Cardone’s, and a bunch of other more pages that I’ve been building over the last several years using the power of Messenger marketing for any business whether that’s an e-commerce, brick and mortar, lead generation business whether that’s a digital product, it works for all of them.

What I would tell you to do to give you something very practical that I want you guys to start thinking with. 


I.The first thing you need to do is the actual mini-course training which we come up with which is the manuelsuarez.com/messenger


II. The second thing that I want you to do after you’re done with that mini-course is you have to come up with a structure. 

If you think about it, it’s like when you’re going to write a book. First, you write the book, you write the chapters, and figure out what you are going to talk about on this course on this whole book. Then, you sit down and you start writing the chapters. Eventually, you get it all printed and then sell the book. It’s a sequence of actions. So, your Messenger channel needs to be ready to be sold. 


Right now, there’s no use. If you don’t have a Messenger channel built up, then, why are you going to have people in it? 

If I can tell you my process towards building a real business utilizing the power of Messenger, it will start with:

Number 1, figure out how are you going to make the world better with your information.

What is your passion? What is the thing that you like to talk about the most? How can you help people with your information? Look at content ideas, go to different websites and look for what questions people are asking, get ideas about what you can come up with. 

Let me give you an example of something that I’ve used on my webinars before. If you go to answerthepublic.com and you type in your brand, the product, the niche, the business model. If you type in the main keywords for your business, that software which is free. They have a paid program but I recommend that you get into the free one first. I’m not affiliated with them.

But, you can get information sent back to you in regards to whatever business it is so you can start answering what questions people are asking with who, when, all of the questions that you can imagine people are asking on Google, on social media about your business, about your business model, whatever it is that you have to offer, you can structure that and your Messenger channel can be all about answering those questions. 


The Messenger channel is built on a few different levels. It’s different than email.

I want to give you the comparison of email because it’s like you send out messages, people open them and they click through. 

But the Messenger channel is more like a two-way communication channel – you send out communication, the person responds, the system can automatically respond to that response and then you can have a human come in. It’s like a two-way channel overall. 

That’s how Messenger is built.


I can tell you that one of my most powerful channels to sell online programs which is a $2000 program that I sell every once in a while.

One of the most effective tools has been me, myself, jumping into my Facebook Messenger from Manuel Suarez and answering questions with videos, voice texts, personalization with text messages talking to them and people start immediately feeling that I am real. 


Because of that, they start trusting me. 

On email you cannot do that – you cannot be this personalized. On social media, you cannot be this personalized.  

Nothing like Facebook Messenger to be completely direct of a person that already is engaged with your content and now you can take that relationship to the next level. I use the combination of humans and systems. 

I don’t like to use the word “bot” very much but that’s what word is going around.

On Messenger, you can create a bot which is a robot of communication that sends communication actively and then you combine that with personalization that is going to make people feel like you know who they are and you care about them. 

A Messenger channel is built with a menu. You guys should check out my menu. You can get an idea about how I build my channels. You go to m.me/theninjamarketer.

It’s built with a menu. It has sequences.

A sequence is a series of messages that you can structure to send to people every other day that is going to provide value to them in regards to a particular area that you think is going to help them. 



That’s right. VALUE IN EXCHANGE FOR NOTHING. You are working on developing a relationship with people. When you do that, you are starting to earn their trust along the way. That is the purpose of the sequence of messages. 


What I can tell you is, I want to give you something very practical. 

I would not start to run campaigns to flood my Messenger channel until I have about 60 days worth of content.


How do you get 60 days’ worth of content?

Come on, guys! Let’s not have excuses. Let’s figure it out. Go to answerthepublic.com, go to buzzsumo.com and find out what people are searching for in social media, what’s hot, what’s not hot. Got to fiverr.com and find people that are going to help you create content blogs from videos and graphics to Copywrite, articles, podcasts, and all of it. 

Just figure out what content you can come up with that’s going to help somebody else. 

Seriously. Look at me and tell me, “Manuel, I just do not possibly consider that I can create content.”

Well then, you should stop listening to my content!

Because my content does revolve around getting information out there helping you guys see how to get information out there that is going to make somebody else better.

If you only have the direct approach of making money without providing value first, that’s not the strategy that I cover. That’s not my thing. I’m not into that particular strategy because I don’t believe that is the way that you grow a true business

Even people that are Amazon sellers and Amazon brand owners, I want them to start utilizing social media channels to figure out how they can use their brand and their passion to help people with some particular area that they need help with. 

If we focus on that and concentrate on helping people get valuable information, then, in turn, you’re going to be able to see those people getting more passionate about what you have to offer and willing to come in there and provide value to you in return by buying your services, buying your stuff, engaging with you, sharing the word, spreading the word about what you are doing, your products and your services. There is nothing like that overall.  

Go in there and start building that out. Get the mini-courses training done. Go to manuelsuarez.com/messenger and get the Messenger courses done. 

I created those mini-courses without having to sell you anything. They don’t sell you anything!

It’s not a funnel. It’s not going to sell you anything at the end.

I did those mini-courses because I wanted to give you guys some basics that are going to make you trust me more along the way.

I’m walking the talk, right? I’m building a relationship with all of you guys so you guys can start trusting more of me. At some point when I make you an offer, maybe you trust me enough to come and accept it and be a part of my agency, program, course or any other stuff that I offer along the way.  


my strategy

First and foremost, I do want to see results, I want to see people improving and doing better, I want to see businesses thriving. 

Because of that, it’s easy for me to sit down and figure out, “How can I help somebody today? What content can I come up with that is going to help somebody be better and more effective in their business? What can I do so I can help them generate more income that’s going to help them with their quality of life?” 

That’s how I operate and that’s why you guys should do the same across social media and your Messenger channel. 

  • Go ahead and get that channel built.
  • Learn the basics.
  • Understand Messenger marketing.

ManyChat itself, the platform has a great YouTube channel with a lot of education. They teach you about all these different things that you can do and all the potential that you can do with the Messenger marketing platform. Trust me. It’s a lot.

To give you an idea, my program has a module completely dedicated to Messenger marketing which is about 12 hours long. It’s a big program because it has a lot of areas to cover. But just doing 5% of it is enough to get you guys going in the right direction generating an audience and attention and being able to now use that attention to do better in your business. 

I don’t know if you guys have any plans for September. But, in September, ManyChat has a conference which is probably going to have about 2000 people in it. That conference is called Conversations. 

Why is it called Conversations? 

It’s because Messenger is not a spam channel. It’s a channel to build audiences and relationships and to get people to trust you. You want to have conversations with people, you want to nurture and educate along the way so they can trust you. 

They have a conference called conversations.

If you guys are interested, it’s going to be in Austin and it’s going to be September 13th through the 15th. I’m going to be there with my staff. We are going to be one of the sponsors of the event. 

But you can go and check out the website at conversations2019.com. Or, you can also go to manychat.com/conversations. You’ll go straight to the page and there is a code. 

I’m going to put all these data under this podcast which you can type in to get a $150 OFF your ticket if you want to still make it on time, if you’re listening to this podcast after that day, or you can join us in the next one. 

I’m going to be speaking on stage on Sunday at 1 pm, myself talking to you guys about how to build an audience on Messenger, how to grow that list, how to nurture these people inside, and how to be able to generate a powerful business with the power of Messenger marketing.

You can use the code MSUAREZ150 and you will get $150 OFF. I don’t make any money out of you guys by purchasing that but I want to see a lot of you guys going in there and purchasing the tickets so we can meet together on the Conversations Conference event which is going to be super awesome. 

I’ll get to see you guys. Some of you we’re going to talk some more. I can give you some more specifics on what I’ve done throughout the last couple of years with Messenger which again is one of the greatest, most important and most unique opportunities in this marketing world that we have in front of us.

So, go and check out the Conversations Conference. I think it’s going to be great to see some of you guys there.


the opportunity is just getting started

I want you guys to get ready for it. Don’t come back to me in five years and tell me that you wish you would have listened. Just act on it and get started with it now. 

There’s WhatsApp marketing that’s coming; there’s Instagram Direct Messaging marketing that’s coming; Messenger marketing – all these platforms are going to become the way that we communicate for the next few years.

Now, as a business, you will be able to capture attention within these platforms and start being able to generate more income with them, selling more stuff, generating more leads, getting more people to service. That is the power of Messenger marketing. But it all revolves around one thing – that one thing is called VALUE.

You want to use these channels as a channel to provide value to:

  • educate
  • inspire
  • entertain
  • bring people into your world

because you want to make them better through your information.

By doing so, you have earned the right to now being able to sell somethingOnce you build that channel, once you write that book, and you have that Messenger marketing filled up. If you don’t recall the book analogy – I’m talking about writing a book before you start to sell it, right?

The same thing – you are trying to build a Messenger channel before you start to flood up with people.

While you build the Messenger channel, 60 days of content, you build a menu and sequences so you can now get through a particular flow of content and information. It’s going to be very worth it every single minute that you spend doing this. I promise you that.

If you do it well, this can determine the fate of your business. 


Once you have that done, now you have to figure out how to get people into that Messenger channel because you know, no matter how incredible your book is, no matter how powerful your artwork is,

if nobody sees it, nobody’s going to buy it. 


Now, you have to understand how to get people from social media into your Messenger platform. That’s where paid advertising comes in – Instagram marketing, Facebook advertising, understanding the Facebook Business Manager – all those basics are going to help you get your thing straight. 

Now you know how to run some advertising and bring people into your Messenger platform.

Just so you guys know, we talked about this briefly but the way I bring people into Messenger is using resources, do-it-yourself tutorials, mini-courses. For example right now, manuelsuarez.com/minicourses.

You can do mini-course training in the subject of Facebook advertising, finding an audience. You can do mini-courses on the basics of Business Manager. All that stuff, I’m giving it to you. 

What I do is I use that as a resource to capture your attention, bring you into my world that will eventually, because I am a marketer, lead into me selling you something that is going to make you better.

Again, I’m trying to sell you something because I know it’s going to help you.

If you are one of those people that you’re selling stuff just because you want to make money and you don’t believe is going to make somebody else better then you might be a borderline criminal

When you sell something, you need to be so passionate about it that you know that these people,



Let’s Get It Started!

Go in there and start creating your Messenger channel, understand the basics, and then figure out how to bring people into that Messenger channel using resources, mini-courses, quizzes. 

Do you guys want to check out the quiz? 

You can go to m.me/theninjamarketer and type in the word quiz and you’re going to see what a quiz on Messenger looks like that you can also build out very simply, super ninja, and utilize to bring people into your Messenger world that now you’ve got a chance to nurture and sell your stuff.

Guys, it’s not complicated.

It’s about getting the right knowledge.


If you think about it, if you grab a bottle and do everything you can to not fill it up with water, you’re not going to be able to do that. Because that bottle is eventually going to get full and the water is going to spill out. 

Guess what. The mind doesn’t have that limitation. A mind has no point in which it’s full of information and nothing else fits in it. 


Our mind is unlimited

You can keep on gaining knowledge and information and just keep on plugging it and start earning more and do better.

Information is unlimited but you also have to focus on finding the right information. 


Don’t tell me, “Manuel, I’ve got it. I know I need to learn stuff.” And, then go about billboards, and they go and learn about newspaper ads because you’re still going to fail. 

Make sure that you learn about things that are happening today, things that are opportunities right now. Because if you don’t do that, you’re still going to struggle. 



Flooding your mind with that knowledge and then, implementing it towards results in today’s modern platforms. All right? 

Just to recap. Messenger Marketing Opportunity, a couple of things: If you want to get done the mini-courses on Messenger, the new ones that we just launched a couple of weeks ago, go to manuelsuarez.com/messengerLinks are going to be down below.

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If you want to see me in Austin, in the Conversations Conference in which I want to see you there, it’s going to be epic. 

We’re going to have all kinds of incredible speakers. Randi Zuckerberg is the sister of Mark Zuckerberg. She’s a super-smart marketer. You got Ezra Firestone, the actual smart marketer. You have Neil Patel.,You have Andrew Warner, a Messenger Bot expert. 

You got incredible people lined up to talk to you on the Messenger Marketing Conversations Conference. It’s going to be a great place to hang out and learn about the biggest marketing opportunity in today’s world.

That’s a reality. So, if you want to go there, I would love to see you guys there. It’s a three-day event. One of the days is meant for agencies that want to learn about Messenger marketing for their clients. But, it’s going to be 13, 14, 15 of September in Austin, Texas. If you want to check that out, go to manychat.com/converstations. I’m going to put all these links down below.

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I hope that you enjoyed today’s podcast and let’s engage. Make sure that you send me messages. Let me know what you guys want to learn about. Keep the conversation going. Start the mini-courses. Let’s go in the right direction. Let’s take advantage of the modern era and the opportunities that my grandparents never had to be able to grow his business and we all have in front of us that we take for granted every single day. 

I refuse to take for granted every opportunity. You should, too! Great! I’ll see you in the next podcast episode. 

I’ll talk to you soon.

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