Admit it.

We are living in an unpredictable world.

One moment, you’re safe, the other you’re not.

We are going through tough times right now.

The fact is, this Coronavirus outbreak is one of the most difficult times that we have ever experienced. Nevertheless, when many businesses are reaching low points in their own journey, I consider myself ready.


Because I understand the online marketing world and how to get attention.

Today markets are collapsing, restaurants are closing down, events like NBA and PGA are getting canceled along with other activities. The things happening now are a reality.

You know me, I’m an optimistic person. Despite the doom and gloom, I tend to look at the silver lining, the bright side of everything.

Relating the situation to business, in every down-trending market or collapsing economy new opportunities arise. When all the competitors give up because of the harsh times, I imagine you’d like to be one who survives the challenges.

If you are one of the people who figure out how to use the online world, you can win the game.

People that are comfortable doing things the traditional way and don’t invest in social media are losing along the way. But here’s an important fact for us entrepreneurs, WE HAVE BRANDS TO TAKE CARE OF.

Today, social media is being consumed more than ever. and E-commerce is thriving. Why? Because many people are at home and they are on social media.

Let me show you some numbers we’ve seen from some of our clients from March 4 – March 17, 2020, amidst the COVID-19 disease outbreak:


Video Views Campaign
In just two weeks, we still managed to get 999,000 impressions, yes ALMOST 1 MILLION, for only $3,000 for Dr. Berg.

This includes 1 cent cost per 3 seconds view, 1 cent per 10-second view, and 2 cents per thru play.

In Natural slim, we manage to have at least 1 cent cost per 10 seconds of a video view. In AGM Agency, 1 cent cost per thru play.


Messenger Campaigns
Messages are still really good. In Dr. Berg’s channel, we got 92 cents cost per message reply and we got almost 5,000 messages!


Conversion Campaigns
In Dr. Berg’s account, for two weeks, we were getting an average of 2.69 return on ad investment. That’s pretty good, right?

In the Natural Slim account, we got a total of 3.24 ROI! 


Dynamic Catalog Campaigns
Dr. Berg’s account got 3.79 ROI here, spending 10,000 dollars turning to almost  $40,000 without counting the $2,000 revenue directed to Amazon. It’s still performing at a decent pace.

There is also an account that I managed which has a 7.16 ROI! Wow, tell me, why would I not invest a million dollars here?

So, WAKE UP to the opportunity in front of you!

This is not the end of your entrepreneur voyage. This is just an inevitable obstacle. If you have an online business, you have an edge against competitors.

But remember,

Whatever happens, always stay on top of your game. This outbreak will pass just like any other disease before.

Take this time to learn.

Keep pushing forward and keep on doing successful actions every day. 

Keep Safe!