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This episode explores the importance of customer testimonials, free trials, live demos, and gaining customer trust.

You’ll also learn how focusing on building an online community and long-term relationships with your customers is important to keep them engaged with your brand.

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How You Can Use Social Media to Build Your Audience and Grow Your Brand!

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Jimmy: Hey, what’s up, guys? My name is Jimmy and I’m the Associate Creative Director for Manuel and AGM Agency.

Welcome back to the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast.

Guys, I hope you’re having a good day. This episode explores a lot of groundbreaking material. Here it is in a nutshell. Manuel touches base on the importance of customer testimonials, free trials, live demos, and gaining customer trust. And, how without spending a penny, you can retarget large audiences from organic posts using InstagramTV viewers to any social media platform.

How cool is that?

How focusing on building an online community and longterm relationships with your customers is important to keep them engaged with your brand. And lastly, how providing value first is key.

So check it out, guys.


Give Them a Little Bit

Okay, good, let’s get to it. All right.

So, content to deliver in the purchase stage, customer reviews or testimonials, customer reviews influence the decision making of the customer looking to buy or test your product for the first time, free trial, or live demo. I’m going to talk to you guys about this in a second and show you some examples.

But, what we are seeing on social media today, more than ever, is that you have to give people a little bit of a taste of what you have to offer, or you have to make it very easy for them to TRUST you.

A lot of these big brands, they look for lifetime value.

And what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to ensure that you’re able to get the cost of acquisition lower than that lifetime value of a customer.

So, if you do a good job of nurturing your audiences, and you know that when you bring somebody in, let’s say that you have to pay $25 to get a brand new customer that has never bought anything from you before, but these people continue buying things from you.

And over the lifetime of that customer, they might give you $150.

Why would you not be willing to spend $25 or $40 to complete a purchase for the first time?

So you’ve got to have that data in place. That’s why these 5 customer journey steps are so important. Because in the fourth one, this is where the money really is made.


The Elements of a Successful Online Business

In the third one, which is consideration and actually trying to get people to purchase from you. Lead generation and purchase, in that particular one, that’s the one in which you’re trying to get them to trust you enough to open up their wallets.

On the fourth one, it’s when you’re trying to generate consistent income from these guys that are coming into your world.

So if you’re not doing strategies to nurture them on Messenger, on email, on social retargeting, dynamic ads, custom audiences, to retarget these people, you’re missing out on the two most important elements to any successful online business. Which is nurturing these audiences and then growth hacking these same audiences so they can help you find new audiences.

And that is the beauty of an online business.


Live Demo and Free Trial

For lead generation, for customer acquisition, there are very few things that are more powerful than this level right here – the free trial or the live demo.

It allows your customer to test out your product or service first to see if it’s the best fit for them. Right? A lot of you guys are e-commerce, you’re Amazon sellers, you have your own eCommerce brands…

You have to make that first offer very attractive.

Otherwise, if you try to do 10% discounts only, even 20%, chances are, you’re not going to make it. It’s not going to be profitable.

If you’re able to generate a purchase at 20% or 25%, then you’re killing it and you’re doing great. You should be able to scale that, as long as you’re building an actual retargeting customer journey. Messenger, email, SMS, social media retargeting, custom audiences, et cetera. Okay?

This would increase the probability that a customer will purchase it from you and test your product out.

If your product is what you say, it is, there’s a greater chance they will become your loyal customer.


Examples of free trials:

  • Dr. Berg

We have a free trial for the Keto and Intermittent Fasting Membership. Seven-day free trial. You get to try it. In seven days, you’re going to be automatically charged unless you are actually canceling yourself. Alright, so we do that and we scale this like that aggressively.


  • ManageByStats

Another client of ours. Some of you guys are familiar with these guys right here. Fourteen-day free trial. If you stick around, then you want to use all the extra features. You’ll have to have a pro account. And now, start getting money paid to the brand.

Dr. Berg over here, we have another example of the Keto and Intermittent fasting – testimonials on Facebook ads.

By the way, another thing that we do ourselves, for example, on the coaching program, when we launched the Facebook Masters, which I haven’t launched in six months, but when we do launch it, we do trials on the coaching program that you guys are on right now.

And then you get to try it. And if you want to keep it, then you stay on board. If you don’t, you can cancel at any time. Right?

So we want to give people a taste of what it feels like to be a part of the community so they can decide if they want to be a part of it. Yes or no. Okay. Yes or no.

We also do the mini-courses, which are basically trials of content that are given out for free. And those are valuable for this particular step.


Testimonials on Facebook ads

Grabbing little videos from people, also accumulating stories that you can put out on video, those are great. I have used platforms over the years that allow me to capture testimonials.

For example, if you go to getbravo.com, I’m writing it over here. I have talked about this before. All right. I don’t remember when, but I know I did.



Getbravo.com, it is a platform that allows you to send that link over to people, your audiences, your customers, and get testimonials. All right. It’s very simple. It’s affordable.

I think you can pay about a hundred dollars or something like that, and just bring people in with a link. And they go to that link and they submit a video. And very simply now you have a video testimonial.

Rain just posted the link there. So, getbravo.com is for ACCUMULATING TESTIMONIALS if you want to go down that route.


Lead Generation on Messenger

You guys know that we use a lot of Messenger still. We just made it multichannel.

Phone number extraction, email extraction first, we’re doing a lot of that. We’re doing a lot of different things like quizzes, mini-courses, resources that we can actually create for people to download, no matter what it is, we just bring them into Messenger.

We extract phone numbers and emails, and now we have people on the nurture customer journey.

Pretrial offer on the website, you can see here how you can drive people to a website and have them subscribe to a pretrial offer that you have going on. No credit card required.

Pretrial offer on the website, this is for Dr. Berg, 36 monthly. If you want to try it, you can try it out for free for seven days. Okay?


It’s All About Customer Acquisition

If you figure out how to acquire customers at a value, at a cost lower than your lifetime value of that customer, that’s something that you can scale. It’s not about getting ROI right now.

Because if you focus only on the ROI now, then what’s probably happening is that you’re not concentrating on lifetime value and building out sequences, and content, and SMS, and emails, et cetera.

They’re going to keep getting people to buy things from you. All right?



This section is still a part of the purchase of the conversion stage, but it’s a little bit more of a Ninja subject compared to business marketing. As shoppers browse elsewhere as they leave your site, social retargeting can reintroduce them to products they’re already interested in.

And offer them a promotion that encourages them to return to your website and purchase.

So very, very important that you, as you get traffic to your website and you get all those different stages rolling, that you’re doing the best that you can to bring people back into your site with retargeting ads, especially with dynamic ads that are going to continuously get in front of your audiences.

ManyChat dynamic audiences, which were covered last month are essential for you to integrate if you have a ManyChat active account in which you have subscribers there, and you have interaction, and you have engagement overall on that platform.


Audiences on Instagram and Facebook

So Facebook and Instagram do make it very easy for marketers to retarget consumers with all kinds of different formats and in all kinds of different placements.

You can have audiences, and that’s what I wanted to show you at this point. You can have audiences on Instagram or on InstagramTV, and you can retarget them on Facebook, all right?

I don’t know if you guys are doing this enough, but let me show you something that I just realized yesterday.

Okay, I’m in my Business Manager, I’m going to go to Audiences. We’re going to go to Audiences and I’m going to show you something that I have discovered.

I think it’s about two years ago already where I started talking about InstagramTV.

Some of you guys have been following me for a long time already and you know that. It’s been a good, solid two years where I said,

“Get on this train. InstagramTV is scorching hot. And not only that, you’re going to be able to create audiences from InstagramTV.”

Right? Some of you guys might remember that. Some of you guys might not. So I am in an account right here. So check this out. Let me switch accounts over here. Let me go to Dr. Berg Workshop.

I’m going to create an audience of people that have consumed my videos on Instagram TV, or Dr. Berg’s videos in this case.

Okay, let’s see, if I go to create audience, you guys know where I’m at, and I’m going to Custom Audience, wwe have these options over here, all right?

We have the sources that we can actually utilize for audience creation. You guys are very familiar with this area because you’re Facebook experts, right?

So you will think that it’s an Instagram business profile. No, it’s video. I’m going to create an audience of people that are consuming my Instagram TV content.


Now here’s the question:

Who has been doing content on Instagram TV?

Who has been posting content on Instagram TV for any time?

Over here, video, we are creating an audience of people that are consuming my content on Instagram TV. Some is better than none, that’s for sure. 

So I’m going to go ahead and click on video.

Let me tell you something that I discovered yesterday. All right. So we have this next window, which says, create a video engagement custom audience.

So I’m going to say engagement and what do I want to do? I want to select an audience that has consumed at least 25% of my videos on InstagramTV, people who have watched at least 25% of my video, right?

So I’m going to go and grab this and select here. And let me see what happens next. Okay.

So I’m going to choose a content type and I’m going to choose videos over here and I’m on this next window. And now you get to select your Facebook page that you want to target over here.

Now, do I want a Facebook page? No. I want to change this and I want to click on that and I want to go to an Instagram business profile. All right?

So now I want to select which Instagram business profile. So let me just see the ones that I have over here. Let me just select. I can obviously search for it. I’m not doing that right now. I’m going to go and grab this one. Dr. Eric Berg. Okay? So I got Dr. Berg and check this out. So now, I have all these videos coming out, but there’s something new that wasn’t here before.

So notice this. This is an Instagram video, 59 seconds. We already knew that. Right? We could do that already. 50-second videos, 54, 15. So, so far what’s different? Nothing.


This is where the magic happens!

I’m going to change the page. You can see here that at the top, I can go to the next page, page two. What? No way. This video is eight minutes and 10 seconds long, and I can select it and I can create an audience of InstagramTV video watchers.

This is brand new guys, right? So I’m going to go ahead and select this one. Let me see what else. This one is 4:22. I’m going to select that one. And it goes on and on. Two minutes, five minutes, 2:43, 9:08.

I can go on and select all my videos that are more and look at the amount of views that they have. Some of these videos have a lot more attention than the ones being posted on Instagram. For example, seven minutes and 37 seconds, 23,000 views. This one right here, 59 seconds, 12,000 views. 30 seconds, 8,000 views. Three minutes, 11,000. 5 minutes, 14,000.

Do you get the idea? The videos on InstagramTV get more attention than any other videos on Instagram, the shorter ones.

So this is an opportunity. So once I realized that, we are now going heavy on creating InstagramTV audiences, and measuring, because now whether they consume the content on InstagramTV, or on Instagram, or on Facebook, or on Messenger, it’s an ecosystem, and I can target them anywhere they are at.

And they have more eyeballs everywhere right now because this is what’s going on right now.


People are on their cell phone devices more than ever right now.

The usage of phones has gone up!


Now I can go over here once I selected all the audiences. I’m going to select some more. This one over here, five minutes. This one, three minutes. This one’s seven minutes. And then I’m going to go ahead and confirm that. And I’m going to add a description. And I’m going to call it 25% IGTV Video Watchers. Okay? That’s the name of the audience and I’m going to create that audience.

And as usual, two things are going to happen here, right? I can create an ad using this audience. Create an ad, or I can expand my audience and Facebook can help me find, what? A lookalike audience for these people that are consuming the videos on Instagram TV.

Right? So what do I want to do with these guys? I want to start selling stuff to them right away. Look at this one right here. We just created this one yesterday. All right.

This is hot. All right.

Here’s a perfect example. You can see here at the top, 25% – the one that I just created, right? It’s still populating. Right? You can see here that it has below a thousand people in it, below a thousand. It’s populating. Okay, so check this out. 75% Video watchers InstagramTV. I created this one myself yesterday. We already have 9,000 people in it. All right. 9,000 people here ready to actually market to.

And that is the beauty of this new opportunity that you always got to figure out how to leverage these evolving platforms.

So if you’re not doing InstagramTV, if you did not follow my advice two years ago, it’s not too late. You can get on it. This is all organic. I haven’t paid a single penny to get these audiences there. All right.
It’s a 9,000 people audience of 75%, people that actually stop an eight-minute video and literally consume the whole thing, almost, 75% and above.

These are GOLD MINE AUDIENCES that I’m going to target now that I’ve been building throughout the last couple of years that cost me $0 to get them, $0. I just leveraged existing content. And I said I believe in this platform. Let’s go.

And that’s what I put in that content there every day. And because of that, the channel has grown and now I have a bigger audience that’s going to help you get more and more results overall.

Okay, great. Let’s go back here. So anyway, you guys get the idea, right?


InstagramTV is a hot platform!

Now you have the ability to create audiences, go ahead and get them done.

If you haven’t started a content strategy in it, start a content strategy in it.

Videos that are more than one minute in length, you can even do vertical. You can do horizontal. You can do any types of videos.

Repeat a little bit of what is being done out there. Look at successful people, myself, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, which I told them that they needed to do this myself. Anybody that actually needs that is doing a good job there, see what you can do yourself to get positioned on that platform, even as an eCommerce.

Okay. So let’s see. So, retargeting examples, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while. Dr. Berg. The best component to live a long life. Check out one of our best selling supplements to rejuvenate your metabolism.” We’re bringing people back from audiences that we have in existence. “Here’s a 10% discount for your next purchase. Just 10OFF at checkout. Get going again on your keto journey and check out my complete keto kit right here.”



So catalog ads ideas, retarget adds to cart but not purchase, cross-selling, view content only but not purchased. All right. We talked about this, but I did a lot of training on how to create dynamic ads that continue rolling and helping you get some sales.


An unfortunate surprising number of brands are focused on the customer journey once the customers have reached the stage of a purchase.
Instead, you should be focusing on BUILDING AN ONLINE COMMUNITY and a LONGTERM RELATIONSHIP with your customers.


Prioritizing customer experience management can help with this. Ensuring that they stay engaged with you and your brand.

Nurtured and loyal customers would likely start interacting with you on social media, whether they’re commenting on your fantastic customer service or a feature or service your business offers that they love. No matter what, if you actually do a good job of communicating with them, you can start winning in this game.

Responding to every comment, compliment, and a complaint will help nurture loyally.

So you want to incorporate social sharing, aside from the social distancing, into any of your customer’s nurturing program for maximum impact.


Customers should be able to earn points or be offered incentives.

We talked about this towards the end of last month. We have a loyalty system that we’re building that you guys can actually incorporate into your brand very easily. So it allows you to have a point system for your best customers out there so you can handle them in a very different way.

If people talk about you on social media, then you can actually have them get some points along the way. They talk about you on social media. This will force more loyalty and with expanded reach, these posts could help you usher plenty of new users into the awareness stage of the funnel.

One of the things that we’ve done for this particular purpose is using the content strategy or using something like a viral to get people to start talking about your brand, your services out there in the social media world, and have them have a scoring system.

Another way of moving the customer to the nurturing stage of the funnel is through:

Constantly providing them with valuable information.

By providing them value, you earn the right to sell to them. You guys know that I talk about this. I don’t believe that you should feel that you have the right to sell to somebody unless you have provided enough value to them first.

So when you provide value, you earn your right to sell to people, your products, or services. That’s what you want to do as a first step. This is going be achieved by Messenger nurture messages, email, or by SMS.


Last Step:

Growth Hacking

So the last step of the customer journey is growth hacking. Now, in short, growth hacking, what I mean by this is you want to leverage existing clients and have them help you reach more people. And you can do this with contests and a lot of different things.

So this is the missed opportunity also because your most loyal raving fans will actively contribute to your business, send you referrals, and help you build an online community.

Social media allows brands to maintain close and frequent contact with customers. That’s the value of using a retargeting audience, a customer list on social media.

It’s also easier than ever for users to become ADVOCATES. They can share your posts, leave you reviews, upload user-generated content that will benefit your business in a matter of seconds.

So examples, you can see people posting things like before and afters on their actual post. You can see people telling stories, somebody saying like, “You should take this free course. More information on Keto, Dr. Berg is excellent. He will send you his course in your inbox. Look at this video and click the link.”

There’s nothing better than that, right? Nothing is more effective for marketing than word of mouth, people talking about what your business can do to help them out. They actually become your number one brand advocates.



You can guide them on social media. That’s why you want to target these people and keep the social media engagement alive because these people talk about your brand and your business, and that serves as great customer testimonial feedback.



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