why we hire talent

Experience is overrated on a resume. Many of the most successful companies in the world (AGM included) were founded by leaders without a college degree. When it comes to finding someone motivated, passionate, and effective at their position, valuing empty certifications over attitude is one of the worst mistakes you can make. 

This is why at Attention Grabbing Media, we have a rule when it comes to hiring. 
We do not hire skill, we hire talent.

So, What is Talent?

Talent is not a supernatural ability to simply ‘know’ your job. It’s the attitude of someone who is hungry to improve. Someone talented is a person passionate, not just about what they do, but the impact it makes on their clients. 

When interviewing, our hiring managers are trained to look for candidates who are:


  • Hungry for knowledge. Excited to learn new skills and expand beyond their stated role.
  • Looking to be a part of a growing team, not just coast.
  • Desire for personal and professional growth.
  • A positive attitude, treating challenge as an opportunity, not chore.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit. If they don’t know a solution, they believe in figuring it out, not passing it on.

We don’t care what degree is hanging on your wall, or how many years of experience you have. What matters to us is what you want for your future, and the future of our company. 


How to Make the Most of Good Talent.

Hiring is only the start, however. The best talent in the world can turn despondent without proper motivation. That is where your skill as an executive comes in. 

The job of an executive is not just being able to keep on pushing that purpose forward, but being able to have people under you push that purpose together with you. Your ability to train, motivate, and inspire your new hires determines their ability to provide value to your organization. 

At Attention Grabbing Media, we begin every workday with a 15 minute organization-wide meeting where we share our greatest wins from the previous day. Every staff member has half an hour of training per day to hone their skills, and we encourage open communication and education at all times. It’s why we don’t worry as much if you have experience. We trust in our ability to train. Do you have the same faith in yours? If not, it may be time to make that a priority.

Why Does it Matter, Anyway?

At the end of the day, hiring talent over skills is future-proofing your organization. 

While technical skills have an expiration date as industries evolve, raw talent is a renewable resource. By prioritizing hunger, drive, and an eagerness to learn over ticking boxes on a resume, you build a company poised to adapt to whatever challenges come its way. 

Talented staff are what propel businesses forward. Building sales, crafting policy, producing content, or keeping your space clean: none of it happens without people. And passionate people simply produce better work.

So ask yourself: Are you hiring people, or resumes?