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Hopefully, you had a chance to read last week’s article, “The Power And IMPORTANCE of Retargeting”, and if you DID, you will recall that at the end, I said “TO BE CONTINUED”. Well, THIS is the continuation of that subject.

(For those of you who haven’t had a chance to take a look at last week’s article, you can find it here.)

Last week, we ended off on the subject of custom audiences and engagement custom audiences.

Okay, so let’s continue…

In this section, you will learn some of the basic rules when it comes to custom audiences and retargeting.

There are 2 main things to understand:

Website custom audiences = Limit 180 days

Facebook Engagement Audiences = Limit 365 days

Now, I want you to start thinking with this and begin to understand the almost infinite combinations you can have when it comes to retargeting.

Here are a few examples of Website Custom Audiences I would create:

  • People who visited my page in the last 30 days but haven’t purchased
  • People who purchased in the last 180 days, but haven’t purchased in 60 days (Great for a consumable product which needs to be refilled)
  • People who added to cart but didn’t purchase
  • People who completed a registration (Opted in on some form)
  • People who spent the most amount of time on your website. Example: Top 25% website visitors in the last 60 days
  • Top 10% Website visitors in the last 180 days
  • Top 5% Website visitors in the last 30 days
  • All website visitors in the last 30 days
  • All website visitors in the last 120 days

Are you starting to get the ENORMITY of combinations available? I could spend the next 5 hours writing this list and these audiences could very well be your bread and butter. If you are not building these custom audiences, let me assure you of one thing:


Now, just so we are clear. This is a very big subject and I just want you to get started. As you work on this ability and get familiar with it, it will get more and more intricate and even more NINJA.

Here’s one more example of how you can keep on narrowing this down and work on closing a much higher percentage of people. You can create an audience like this:

People who viewed the CONTENT of your product page (not just viewed the main page but literally went in there and viewed the product page) and exclude people who purchased from you.

I would call it: Viewed Content But Did Not Purchase (You can do last 30 days, 90 or all the way up to 180 days).

Here’s a screenshot showing you how you would set this up…

As you can see above, you are selecting an audience of people who have triggered the event VIEW CONTENT (should be inserted on every product page of your site) and you can even exclude people who have purchased in the last 180 days.

What would you do with these people? These guys are VERY valuable. They didn’t just land on your page. They actually surfed around and visited a unique product page. You can make a video just for them, or you can make a slideshow ad or a carousel ad showing your product in use. This kind of message can be directed toward them:

“Thank you for visiting our website. I noticed you showed interest on XYZ product and I wanted to provide you with more information to help you make an informed decision in regards to purchasing XYZ.”

“See the video below with a short testimonial of one of our best customers (or a tutorial, or images showing the product in use, etc) and visit our store to purchase XYZ.”

“Hey and just because we want to win you over as our customer, here’s a coupon code for a 10% discount during checkout: DISC10

“Visit shop here → (product page link)”

You can also do the same thing using “Added to Cart” instead of “Viewed Content.” “Added to Cart” will have less traffic, so it depends on how much traffic you currently have on your site.

Ok. Are you blown away yet? If you aren’t, I completely give up. Just kidding… NEVER that.

Maybe this is not new for you. I’m still learning about this power myself every day, more and more, using it with mind blowing results. I could keep writing here, but I need you to now get creative and start building these audiences you will use to grow your business.

Since you are becoming a TRAFFIC NINJA , using custom audiences will help you plant your roots and consistently grow your business.

One of the common traits of SMART business people is COMMON SENSE. Would you agree that bigger custom audiences should equal more sales? I would say yes, absolutely. Especially since you are doing the work and actively working on getting that 97-99% of your website traffic that doesn’t convert on their first visit back into your customer funnels.

Alright, let’s talk about the 6 different “BUCKETS” of Video Watchers. So here they are:

3 Seconds

10 Seconds

25% of the video

50% of the video

75% of the video

95% of the video

Now, these different “buckets” of video watchers have almost INFINITE variations, and they DO now include video engagement on Instagram. For example, you can build an audience of people who have seen a specific video, a set of videos or all videos you have across a Facebook page, Instagram profile or even several pages you administer!

Also, one thing to note about these audiences. They are NOT ALL THE SAME. Someone who saw 25% of your video 7 days ago is much more likely to engage with your next ad than someone who saw 25% of your video 365 days ago. So you should test out these video watcher audience variations and find out which ones work best for your brand.

They can ALL be very powerful, BUT you have to learn how to use them. For example, if I wanted to sell products, I would go after video watchers who engaged with the videos recently. But let’s say you want to build a Messenger list or generate leads, you might do VERY WELL with an audience that has seen 50% of your videos in the last 365 days, but not in the last 30 days.

Do you see why I get so excited about this? This is the world we live in and we have been given access to all this power, which was formerly unknown and inaccessible. So please… Let’s get to work! Do NOT take this for granted, and DO make sure to take advantage of this incredible opportunity in the entrepreneurial world, which is STILL NEW. Agreed? Okay.

You can find exact instructions on how to create these buckets of video watchers directly from Facebook by clicking HERE

Okay, so let’s move on to the last section of this article:


Effectively using your Customers List

Here, you will learn more about how to use your customer list in your Facebook ads.

In case you haven’t done this yet, here’s an article directly from Facebook on preparing your customer data:


There are 2 important points you will find in the above article.

“The two most important tips for phone numbers are:

  • ALWAYS include the country code as part of your customer’s phone numbers, even if all your data is from the same country.
  • ALWAYS include your customers’ countries in their own column in your file, even if all of your data is from the same country. Because we match on a global scale, this simple step helps us match as many people as possible from your customer list.”

Make sure that your customer data is prepared correctly. If you have phone numbers in there for example, and your customers are US customers, make sure you add a 1 at the beginning of each number. Otherwise, Facebook will not be able to locate them. This is one of the most common mistakes I’ve seen that will stop Facebook from locating your customers.

If you haven’t done this yet, get it set up and start using it. Use them to continue the conversation on Facebook and Instagram, letting your customers know you are PRESENT. And use them to build LookAlike audiences where Facebook will work on finding people who have similar characteristics to your customers.

Okay, so there you have it. I hope that this has been helpful and enlightening to you. And remember, knowledge is NOT power unless you APPLY and IMPLEMENT it!

There you Go!