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In this episode, I go over the process of hiring freelancers and outsourcers to help you grow your business.

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Solving a Major Business Expansion Barrier: Recruitment

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Podcast Transcription

All right! We’re here with another Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast session.

In this session, we are going to talk about something very important. That is the other side of the equation of the two main reasons why a business will fail. 

A business will generally fail either on marketing.

They fail and they don’t make it. They don’t know how to do advertising that is in line with the world we live in today. 

Or, they fail in recruiting. 

They have a good marketing, they know how to get attention, they know how to sell products, they know how to sell services, they’re doing really good with that.



They don’t get training done, they don’t get people to help them. They’re not able to expand their businesses and they stay stuck because they were not able to get help. 

I have been lucky enough to have been able to master both things. 

Throughout the last couple of years, I got really good in the subject of marketing up to the point that I remember looking at my partner, Ernesto, who still works with me.

I said, “Brother, we’re doing $600,000 in monthly sales in our e-commerce. I am overwhelmed. I cannot take it anymore. I need to get some HELP

Up to that point, I always thought that I was the only one that can do a decent job in my business. Because of that, I did not get help. It was just me and my two partners. That’s all.

I’m the only one handling marketing, creating emails, sequences, content, Facebook ads, Amazon listings, and e-commerce shops.

Doing all of it was myself and I thought that nobody else could do it as well as me. Therefore, I’m going to be doing this for the rest of my life. That’s what some people call solopreneurship. 


I was stuck

I was overwhelmed and not feeling happy about life anymore. I wasn’t. LIFE WAS NOT EXCITING ANYMORE. The business was not exciting anymore.  

I was trying to micromanage every single aspect of my life. I looked at my brother-in-law and I looked at my partner. I said, “Good. We’re going to fix this. We’re going to get some help.


I got some help

I found a website that was able to give me a connection with people in the Philippines and that was my first point of contact. 

I already at that point had started to hear about these opportunities with people in all parts of the world with lower needs when it comes to economic-financial needs. 

It’s pretty crazy but you guys here that are either watching this on Facebook live or listening to this to my podcast, you know that if you live in the United States, the average household income is about $60,000.

The average income per capita per person is $40,000. You are either making under $40,000, let’s say you’re making $20,000, $25,000, $30,000, you’re probably in the poor range of the United States. 

If you go away from that and you go to Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico has $10,000 per capita. It’s less than half that. It’s not that great even though it’s in the United States. 

If you go away further, and if you go to places like Mexico, it’s even further.

Now, you go to the Philippines. Some of my most important people in this company still today, now fast-forwarding this to 6 years since I started doing business myself, they are in the Philippines and I can tell you that the average income per person in the United States as compared to over there is not a little bit different. It’s dramatic for very talented people. 

To give you an idea, in the United States, $40,000 is the minimum income for somebody that works in your office. In the Philippines, it’s $5,000 annual income.

Now, if you go to places like Venezuela, forget about it. People in Venezuela are making about $30 a month on average. I think that I might be exaggerating that. They may be making less than that and that’s because of inflation and other factors. People in Columbia, they don’t need to make as much money either. 

So, you have all these people that are accessible to you that you can utilize for your business without having to hire people locally that are going to be able to DO THE SAME JOB OR BETTER outside in another part of the world. 

You go to the Philippines. You go to Columbia. You go to Mexico. You go to Europe. You’re going to find people that are as talented or more than the ones that are close by to your office, to your space. 

I can give you some examples. In my company, there are 50 staff. This is something that I can tell you this is my pride and joy.

The thing that I am most proud of in my life, the thing that makes me emotional that gives me goosebumps, that gets me excited about what I’ve done over the last few years, is not the amount of money that I’ve made, it’s not the fact that I’ve built businesses. 

It’s the fact that:

  • I built a team of people that are helping me accomplish results.
  • I built a team of people that are connected.
  • We are pushing through in the same direction trying to get to higher and higher levels. 

That is the thing that I am the proudest of!


Let’s go worldwide!

Let me tell you something. Out of 50 staff, I got about 25 of them that are overseas.

In the Philippines for example. I got about 20 in the Philippines, 5 in Mexico City. I got people all over the place that are not particularly locally with me. 

There are seven executives in the company. I have the CMO, myself, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy CEO, Creative Director of my company, the people that you guys have probably heard about or if you follow my content, you’ve seen them before, met them, et cetera. 

Like for example, my CMO, his name is Jorge. My Deputy CEO, his name is Ollie. My Creative Director, she’s Julianne. 

But, what I did not mention is that I have a couple of executives that are as important or more than any of those guys that I have just mentioned. 

One of my guys, he is in the Philippines. He’s my Messenger Marketing genius. He’s my Facebook advertising genius. He’s my right hand. He’s my extension. 

His name is Jonald. He’s always connected with me and we’re always structuring content, courses, training, and next-level stuff. 

I found him and I have helped him grow like crazy. Within the Philippines, within that country, he makes a lot of money for the Philippines. But trust me, he earns every single penny of that within my organization and I helped him grow every step of the way. 



YOU CAN find these people that are extremely talented to HELP YOU GROW your business. 

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Okay, I get it. But, what am I going to have them do? I don’t even know how to train these people!

I went through that process myself. 

The way you’ve got to look at this is, look: If you do not figure out a training system or how to write down the exact directions of everything that you do, RECORD your screen when you’re trying to create a listing on Amazon, doing a Shopify website, building an ad on Facebook, or evaluating the performance across an account.

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re not recording continuously your screen, it’s going to be impossible for you to be able to educate your staff and help them get on board with the way that you operate the business. 

A lot of you guys watching or listening to this, you have been purchasing training programs for many years.Now, let’s be honest. A lot of you guys haven’t even gotten through most of those courses. Well, this is what the opportunity is for you. 

If you, for example, grab a training like the one that I’ve done which is a beast, which people complain about how long it is, I get it.

I opened up my entire book and I gave it to you, tried to make it simple for you to be able to go in there and see some results with the program.

Sometimes, people do not get through it because they are too busy. Well, how about if you hire some of these people and you help them get through the program and then have them implement that stuff for you. 

So you might be asking yourself, “Wait for a second Manuel. But, if I do that, they’re going to leave me and then they’re going to work for somebody else.


If that happens, so be it. It is business. It happens all the time.

I have had executives leave my company. I have had valuable people leave my company.

Hey, I had this guy who was the first person that I have ever hired 6 years ago. He was my number 1 guy for many years. I made him a super marketing expert across all channels. 

He was a true professional. At some point, he decided that he wanted to build his own business and I supported that. 

I said, “Wow! Man, I am proud of you.He’s from the Philippines. I said, “Go for it. I’m excited about it. I want to see you succeed. It makes me feel proud that I was able to give you all that power. Go and do great with it.

While they were with me, they helped me out a tonBecause of that, I’m okay with them using what they learned with me, going somewhere else, implementing it, and doing their own business. It’s the way life works. It’s how it works. 

My goal is some of these guys are going to stay with me forever. Some of them, part of my family in this group which does become a family with time, they are with me to the end of time. 

  • I’m going to help them make more money.
  • I’m going to help them make them feel like it is their business.
  • I’m going to help them accomplish all their dreams and goals. 

I do that consistently and I’m still doing that every single day with these guys. The way that I handle my staff is quite different than many other people out there.

My staff is more important than my clients no matter what 

A client can come and fire me tomorrow. Trust me, it has happened many times. I’m not perfect. They can come and fire me tomorrow. My guys are going to be right by my side and that’s just the reality. 


Your staff is crucial to your well being

and to your business’ well being and you want to protect them way more than you protect that client or anybody else. 


That’s just me and that’s just how I operate. 

I treat my staff as if they were more important to my organization than any other thing that comes into our business and that’s just the way it is. 


You build these guys up and you give them training. I can tell you that at the beginning I didn’t know what to do. If you are just getting started, this is what you’ve got to keep in mind. 

I’m not having any business background, I don’t have a business training. If you thought that I had a business master’s degree or university training, you’re wrong. I didn’t have any of that stuff. 

The first business that I have created, I had no clue anything about business. I was never on my dad’s side.

My dad was an entrepreneur for many years before I built my first business. But, I was never by his side learning business. He was never my mentor. He is now for the last 6 years.

I’ve got to be very close to him because I helped them blow up on social media. I’ve helped him structure the business more and I’ve got to be closer to him and understood more of the things that he has done.

But, before that, I didn’t have a clue about running a business for one second. It was my first experience. When I said I’m going to go and get some help, I interviewed this one kid. 

I’m going to give you the resource for that in a second. There are many different resources but there’s one that I’m excited about right now that I will share with you which I know the founder for it.



I can tell you it makes it very easy for you to go and find some help. They call it FREELANCERS.

They are going to come into your organization and help you. And then, you can keep on utilizing to grow your business every single step of the way.  

That’s what I like to build along the way. You can get help in this interconnected world.



My first guy, I interviewed him. I asked him some questions and I said, ”Okay, I like the attitude. I like the potential. I can see that there’s something special to this kid.” “I’m going to bring you in.”

You test it out. You give him some jobs, some tasks. They will do it. Hopefully, they do a good enough job that now you can just bring them in and give them a full-time job 40 hours a week.

At this point, my initial process was I screen shared a few hours a day and showed him what I was doing and how to get things done, what was my vision for the company, and what were the targets that I had to accomplish.

I set initial goals and targets for him to accomplish and then we got started.

Every day, we produce. Along the way, he got better. He started to understand more how I operated, how I like to do things, how I get things going and he started doing his job. 

Down the line, a couple of weeks later, a month or two later, this guy was already operating without me. He was rolling. He got so good eventually that now he was able to bring people under him and train them and the process gets repeated over and over again. 

You can see how you can become like an octopus in business. You first have two hands and then you hat and educate somebody else. You become four hands, then six, then eight, then ten, and then twelve. And that’s where you go.

Right now, I have fifty hands and these guys are doing things. I’m here doing a Facebook live, doing a podcast. And, at the same time, I have a lot of activities going on in my business. 

I have guys doing my:

  • Facebook ads
  • Content in my social media
  • Optimizing my pay per click on Amazon
  • Writing articles and blogs
  • Facebook advertising funnels and customer journeys
  • Doing click funnel, websites and landing pages.

You get the idea, right? These guys are operating under your direction. You are the mind. You are the one operating the project.

You are the one giving directions to the body. These guys become the body of your organization and you keep them moving in the same direction.


How do you get this done? 

If you’re in here and if you’re watching this Facebook live or listening to this podcast, we’ll, you probably have a business and you want to get more attention.

There are certain actions that you do every single day that you rinse and repeat every single day or once a week. You need to start documenting those things. You need to get very practical about it.  

If you have an action that you do, you need to record your screen.

There are tools today that are free that I am not affiliated with. For example, if you go to loom.com, you can download a free desktop extension that is going to allow you to record your screen.

Now, you can go in there. Whenever you’re doing something, let’s say you’re optimizing your seller central account, looking at creating a new campaign objective on Facebook and you’re trying to generate messages, let’s say that you’re a ninja because you have been listening to me for a while and you’re building your ManyChat Messenger channel, no matter what it is that you’re doing, you are recording your screen and you are talking to your screen.

When you’re done with it, you’re going to have a library that gets stored on Loom. You can do something else with that later on and build a training center. You can call it “Optimizing PPC on Amazon by Manuel Suarez”, “Creating ManyChat Flows by Manuel Suarez”, “Building a Messages Objective Campaign on Facebook by Manuel”, “Building a Traffic Campaign to Website Visitors for my Blog by Manuel”.

Do you get the idea? So when you bring somebody in, hire them, and give them a job, you say,

“Look, here are four videos. I want you to see how I get things done. Understand it. If you don’t get it, please ask me some questions. After answering some questions and you still don’t get it, well, you might not be a good fit for that particular task. So, either I will try another task with you or I say bye-bye and I’ll bring the next one.”

The one thing that I have learned

“If you want to hire fast.” But also, you have to keep in mind that if they don’t work, you want to fire them fast, too. 

So, if you want to hire fast, fire fast. They come in, they try to help you. They don’t do a good job, they get out.

Guys, we have 7.7 billion people on the planet. The most recent numbers that I looked at, there are 3.2 billion people that have access to the online world.

That’s not a lot. That’s less than half of the population. Did you know that? I don’t know if you did but you probably didn’t, right? 

You think that everybody has the internet and the whole world has an iPhone or Android. Well, I’ve got news for you. THEY DON’T!

Less than 50% of the world has access to the online world. There’s going to be so many people inside those 3 billion people that don’t even understand anything about electronics, they have no competence in the area, they don’t want to understand anything, et cetera. 

It’s going to be inevitable that you are going to find a lot of people that you are going to be bringing into your company that is not going to do a good job. 


But if you go in my direction, if you go like me and you work on aggressively trying to find that talent, trying to find those people that are going to help you grow your business,

I promise you these people are there and ready to help you. 


I have some incredible people right now and I can tell you I have quite a lot of them already. I got some incredible staff in Mexico, hardworking. I got some incredible staff in the Philippines. I got people locally. I got people in Europe. I got somebody that works with me from Greece every single day, full time. 

These people, if you ask them, they don’t feel like they’re freelancers. They feel like they’re part of the organization and that’s why I like to build them along the way. I like to build them in a way that I can grow them into becoming better and better every step of the way. 

That’s what we have today. We live in this world that we can get all connected. 

You might be asking at this point, “Okay, I get it. I have to have a plan to get these people hatted and educated. What should I do?” 


First of all, spend a couple of weeks RECORDING every single thing you do

From writing a copy to doing ads to generating campaigns to studying to doing PPC optimization to building a Shopify channel to building a website for creating content.

Whatever it is, record yourself actively every day. Get that documented there.


If possible, do an active procedure. Write down a list of actions that you do to accomplish that so you can have an accompanying written document that is going to help these people educated on that particular subject, so they can go hand in hand.

I see the video, I see the document. Now, you can go to a place. Let me tell you what I recommend. This is going to be the easiest way for you to get somebody that is going to help you in that particular area.

You’re going to go to a place like Freeeup. I am an affiliate for Freeeup. The owner of the company, Nathan Hirsch who’s a friend of mine, he’s coming up with an offer special for you guys who are my listeners on the podcast, Facebook live or wherever you might be watching this.


You can go and get signed up and get a $50 credit. You can try somebody for free up to $50 in credit and get them to do some certain task, try them out and see if they’re going to work out for your business.

Also, you get up to 5% which is an offer that we have available for the next 30 days. Usually, he gives my people $25 OFF. Right now, they’re giving them $50 OFF. If you want to give that a try,  and a 5% OFF of these people’s working hours that are going to help you.  

You get to find people that are going to help you anywhere from $5-$7 to $15-$20 that are more advanced tasks. 

What are these tasks that you can get done? There are many of them. 

You know your actions. Along the way, you are going to look at that training that is going to help you grow your business. 

If you want to generate leads, make sure that you get them to do TRAINING on lead generation and they can help you with lead generation campaigns. 

If you want to generate messages and build a Messenger channel which there’s a lot of training that I’ve talked about building Messenger channels, I have free resources, free training, and an entire course to talk about it.



There’s a lot of training that you can get these people to get done so you can learn how to build a Messenger channel aside from my advanced program on manuelsuareztraining.com.

You can get them to do that – build you a Facebook Messenger channel and give them the training that they need. 

If you want to hire a content creator because today, I can tell you, the variable to a successful business is CONTENT. There’s a million different brands that do the same thing that you do. You want to be able to be different and produce high-quality content, articles, videos, images, podcasts, whatever it is. 

Have somebody else help you create content for your business

You can hire a video editor, video creator, copywriter, or somebody. You can find them all over the place – the US-based, Philippines based, et cetera. 

I can tell you one thing. The people in the Philippines, English is not their first language but THEY SPEAK GREAT English! They understand in their schools and their systems over there that helping the US people and businesses is a massive opportunity for them to be able to generate more income and do better financially. 

I can tell you that some of my guys that have worked before years, they have made so much money. They buy houses, cars, and go on vacation. They’re doing good because I have given them through my business a ton of survival. 

It’s a win-win scenario anywhere you look at, in any direction that you look at. That’s how you get it done. If you want to focus them on Amazon, then you focus them on that. 

Something that you can do if you’re lucky, if you find a genius, in which I had. I was lucky enough that I was able to find a couple of geniuses along the way.

If you find a genius, they can learn all of it and eventually become an executive for you and help you get people trained under them. 

If you find that person, trust me, that person is going to be the difference between you being able to expand your business or stay stuck at a certain level and not being able to expand. 

Find that person. 


Once you find it, you can scale to the moon. Somebody that can understand Amazon, e-commerce, Facebook, they can do content on Instagram, they can do email marketing, they can go into a platform like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and understand it. 

Possibilities are pretty much unlimited when it comes to finding help and getting these guys to help you out with your business.


There are many different tasks that you can do every single day from social media advertising to Amazon management to product research to content creation to Messenger channels to email marketing to et cetera. Do you get the idea? 

If you guys want to go and sign up and get your first freelancer to help you out on a particular area, you can go to freeeup.com/manuelsuarez and you’re going to see there that it says $25. But, the way that you’re going to do it is opt-in, create an account, and then you’re going to send them an email when you hire the first person, you are interested in getting that extra 5% and also that $50 credit instead of the $25. That’s just the way it is. 

You can send an email to [email protected] to get that $50 instead of the $25. They’re going to immediately credit your account.

Freeeup, again, that’s triple E .com.


That is the way that you get started!

What I can tell you is that instead of being in a condition of analysis-paralysis, YOU GUYS JUST JUMP IN, get one task and assign it to somebody else and get it done. See how that’s going to start freeing your lines for you to be able to be a real executive. 

Not just only somebody managing your business, but somebody being able to supervise and provide a strategy for the expansion of the business. If not, you’re going to find yourself micromanaging every single action that you do every single day. 

If you want to ask me what is the most successful action that you’ve done throughout the years when it comes to building a business, I can tell you without a doubt, not a single doubt in my mind that one thing is going to be FORMING A TEAM around me that can help me accomplish my businesses’ goals.

You simply have to get started 

If you get that one person and that person is good, you will see what effect that creates in your life. 

We are living in an interconnected world because of the online world. Twenty-five years ago, this was not possible. We can press a couple of buttons, put somebody in front of a Skype call or a zoom call, whatever, find out if they can help us. 

Get them some training and education. BOOM! Now, they can start rolling and help your business grow just like that

That is the power of the world where we live in today that most people take for granted.

The good news is you don’t take it for granted. So you’re going to take advantage of that and you’re going to check that out so you can start getting some help in all the areas you need help with right now.  

Think about it. Anything that you’re saying to yourself right now: I wish I could get that done for my business. Understand it. There’s somebody on the other side that is willing and able to get that done for you right now and all you’ve got to do is bring them, hire them, and give them the task and let them execute on it so you can see yourself growing every step of the way. 

That is one of the most powerful piece of data that I can ever give you in regards to building a successful business in today’s modern world. 


Have people help you grow your business. Don’t try to do it all on your own. Don’t tell me that you could not afford it. Because if you’re saying that, you’re admitting that you’re not willing to go for a process of building a business and grow it. 

If you could not afford $50 a week to bring in some help or $100 to have somebody work for you 20 hours or whatever it is that you’re going to pay them, then we have a problem. You’re not going to be able to grow a business. 

I’ll put the link down below on this podcast. If you guys want to check that out, freeeup.com/manuelsuarez. Then, send them an email to [email protected]. So, instead of $25, you get a $50 credit and a 5% discount on the cost of this particular freelancer that’s going to help you start helping you grow your business.  

You’ve got to get started with that and you are going to be able to get in the right direction.

I’ll see you guys on the next podcast. I’m going to be traveling a lot but I will stay connected.



I hope that you guys are engaging on my social media channels because we are doing a lot of things there from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube to LinkedIn to stories, all over the place.

Stay tuned because the content is going to keep on getting better. I’m going to keep on bringing it for you so you can keep on moving in the right direction.

Hopefully, I’ll see some of you guys on Conversations on a couple of weeks – Conversations event – which is the Messenger marketing event that we have coming up. 

All right, guys. Thank you very much for being here with me. I appreciate you being here and taking your time out of your busy Friday to spend a good 30 minutes of your time with me. 

I’ll see you guys on my next podcast. 

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