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In this podcast, I’ll talk about the process of becoming a personal brand. I’ve been able to rinse and repeat this process a few times and I’m personally on that journey. There’s nothing more rewarding for your brand that you earning the trust of your audience. That’s the long term fastest road to expansion.


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How to Become a Personal Brand Using Social Media

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All right! Welcome here again to another Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast. I’m excited to be here with you guys again with recording another podcast episode. 

This one is something that I consider to be a very important one. At the same time, it’s one of the most powerful things that you can ever do to be able to grow your business in 2019 and beyond the social media world. 


So, what is this subject all about?

Well, I’m going to be talking about becoming a personal brand

Becoming a personal brand means that you as an individual are going to be the LEAD SOURCE of attention-grabbing power towards your business – You are the one that is pulling in all this business.

Now, I am on that journey right now. I’m currently on that journey. I have been traveling this journey for probably since January of 2017.

On December of 2016, I was invited to speak at a conference in Las Vegas by a friend of mine that at that point, he was still my teacher. I still learn things from him.

But, at this point, I was learning from him for a few years and I became such a good student that I kept sending him messages and communications, asking him about how he should do this, he should do that, or given him advice on what I was learning, or showing him what I was able to accomplish with his training.

Ben Cummings at some point in December invited me. HE WAS SO IMPRESSED in my communication on what I was accomplishing. 

Before, I was a personal brand. At this point, I was only running an e-commerce business, helping my dad get more attention and expand. We were already accomplishing incredible things. 

This is 2017. Two and a half years ago we were already growing at a very fast pace, our NaturalSlim international business. I also have a very powerful Amazon brand and it was going great, we were doing fantastic. 

I had no dreams, goals, or aspirations at this point of being a personal brand. It hadn’t even occurred to me and that’s a reality. 

I was happy and comfortable behind the scenes making my father a social media superstar. That’s the reality. 

I was already running an agency very lightly. I was having some clients, just getting started with Dr. Berg. It was two and a half years ago in January 2017. Well, it’s going on for three years already.

I was already helping Dr. Berg and some clients here and there but I was not a personal brand. There was a limited amount of growth to my business because I was not out there in the open talking to the world. 

I can tell you that my process started with me communicating with Ben Cummings and telling him how I was doing some things.

Along the line in December of 2016, he invited me to speak at a conference. I was a little shocked by it and at the same time excited and nervous but I said, “Let’s do it, Ben! Let’s go. I’m going to go.” 

I mustered up some courage and got on a plane. I went to this event and talked to 50 people for two days in a row, two different groups – 50 people in one day and 50 people on the next one. People were paying a lot of money to be there and listen to Ben Cummings and me. 

It’s a very unique group that was only by invitation. It was not a very public conference but high ticket people were there to get a lot of value. 

What I did was I got on the stage. I didn’t even know what I was doing. I didn’t know if I could talk to the world or provide any value to them. 

I thought that I could. I felt like I could. 

I got on stage and for about five seconds I considered getting off the stage. It felt like “What am I doing here? It doesn’t even make any sense that I’m here.”

FIVE SECONDS. I don’t know if you guys have gone through those moments that one second feels like five minutes, or two seconds are like so long. I was going through that at that moment.

I was on stage. People were applauding me because I was on stage because Ben Cummings welcomed me into the stage. Then, I started talking. Once I have started talking, guys, the rest is HISTORY – I have never stopped talking since. 

At that point, I was invited to another place, and another place, and another place. I got invited to conferences all over the place. Then, I started doing social media. 

If you reverse engineer my brand, Manuel Suarez and you look me up on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, even though I’m still in that journey and I’m still in the process of discovering and getting my message sent out there to the world. I still don’t have much attention as I want to have it. I’ve come a long way but it has been two and a half years of putting my message out there consistently. Two years and nine months to be exact of aggressively putting my message out there through all social media channels specifically in the last year through seminars, conventions, and webinars nonstop, through email marketing. 

Some of you guys that are listening to this or watching this, you know. You get a lot of my stuff consistently. You know what I’m doing now every single day and you see me and follow me around.


the beginning of my story

It all started with a dream but I cannot precisely tell you that my dream was to become a personal brand. It wasn’t but I didn’t know what that was going to create for my future. I didn’t know how that was going to end up re-birthing the explosion or having a big part with the explosion of my agency and everything else that I have going on in my course, in my program – the Facebook Masters program, and all that stuff. 

It’s been a process that started in January 2017. Today, I can tell you that at that point, when I went to that conference which was two years and nine months ago, I think I had about four staff that were already helping me – virtual assistants. 

I had Ernesto who was my partner. I remember that weekend he had a motorcycle accident. I also had Jorge. We started to work together. We were just getting started. He was another partner. 

And then, I had another staff, a virtual assistant or two. If you fast forward that to today, 2019 as I am recording this right now which is September 6 I think it is right now. I never know the exact date, that’s the reality. I don’t pay attention to that.

I guess I realize that if you know the exact date, I heard some people say that when you know the exact date, you’re not busy enough. I’m a perfect example of that. 

I think it’s September 6th as I’m recording this right now. I’m looking at the computer calendar. Yes, it’s Friday, September 6th.

Today, I run a 50-people organization which is a marketing agency.

Our NaturalSlim business has expanded from maybe 15 staff at that point to now having to over 120. We have extended operations from three countries at that point to now nine countries. I service some of the most incredible people in the world from the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright to Dr. Eric Berg to Frank Suarez to somebody who is not a social media star but he’s a life star. He runs a half a billion-dollar company. Mr. Tom Cummings and I work with him every single day.

I have all these people around me which is so amazing and it all happened in two and a half years. 


Now, why am I telling you all of these? Because the reason that all of it has happened was that…

I decided to become a personal brand


Now, what is that decision? What is it? What am I talking about?

Deciding on becoming a personal brand


My decision was not to become a personal brand. It’s not like something that you suddenly say, “I want to become a personal brand.” IT’S A DECISION.

“You know what? I am tired of being in front of the screen and typing things all day long and being behind the scenes and not having a social life.”



  • You want to get out there in the world and you want to help people.
  • You want to provide value and you want to educate. 

That’s what becoming a personal brand is all about. If you want to help somebody else, you can become a personal brand because the information that you have accumulated throughout your life is very valuable to other people. 

People can use it to improve a particular area of their lives. Because of that, you got a structure in a way and you’ve got to do it consistently enough so you, in turn, become a personal brand. 

  • You do a podcast like this right now that I am doing.
  • You do videos as I’ve done throughout the last few years.
  • You do articles and you write.
  • You do blogs and you do long formed posts.

Whatever it is, do it consistently. 

It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be something that is going to give you a positive return on investment that you would get somewhere else. Like right now, I’m doing this podcast. None of you guys are going to buy my stuff right now. But in the future, as you build your relationship with me, you get to trust me more and more and I can offer you things that you believe in and you are going to have enough confidence in me that you can purchase them from me.  


That is the value of building a personal brand – People trust others

They don’t trust marketers. They don’t trust marketing messages as much as they trust others – another individual that they have been able to build a relationship with. 

Something that I can tell you right now – I can tell you, I am in the middle of my journey right now and I’m not stopping. This is a journey that is just getting started. I’m in a process and I’m going to continue doing it for years. 

We’ll see. Going back to this podcast where we are at in the year 2025 I expect to be way deeper into this journey because I have just started two and a half years ago.

Now, if I tell you the list of accomplishments in the last two and a half years, ever since I have decided to become a personal brand, you wouldn’t even believe me. I have a Facebook Master’s program that has sold millions of dollars. A digital program by me becoming a personal brand, I have generated hundreds of millions of dollars to other people by them being personal brands.

If you ask me what is the single most effective strategy that I have incorporated in the last five years across all businesses, it’s hands down MAKING PERSONAL BRANDS

I took an individual like my dad, Frank Suarez. I put him in front of a camera and I had him talk to that camera seven times a week. I used that content on Facebook. I created articles from it. I created Instagram and Facebook stories, YouTube videos and all kinds of content. 

We made him an international superstar that right now I can tell you, he’s currently generating around 20 million views every single month.   


Okay. Fine, Manuel. But what’s the purpose of getting views?

Well, if I showed you around my office right here in which I’m at, which if you follow me on social media you might have seen them around before, you will see that this place is booming with attention. We get more attention than we can handle. 

We are constantly trying to recruit more people because we literally cannot handle, we cannot meet the demand. Why? Because we made my dad somebody so important in the social media world; we made him so valuable that when they call us, all they want to do is give us their credit card because they believe in Frank Suarez. 

They believe in whatever he has to say. They believe his message is real. If Frank says you need to get this program, PEOPLE TRUST THAT.

If a marketer writes some copy and does an image and says, “You need to get this program because it is going to help you lose weight”, people are going to have a lot more skepticism. Social media has presented us with an opportunity to go down a path that other famous personal brands have gone through it without social media before. We can press a few buttons and to do this consistently and become personal brands. 


If somebody were to ask me, “Manuel, what is the most powerful, most effective strategy in social media for me to be able to build a real business?”

I can tell you that the answer will always be the same one. I would always say it and I talk about this on my course. That’s the reality. I talk about it quite a bit




If you become a personal brand, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN OVERNIGHT.

You’re going to have to PUSH ON IT.

You are going to have a lot of CONTENT.

You’re going to have to figure out how to get some COURAGE because it does take guts! 

Sometimes, you have to be willing to confront the evil in this world. And that’s all part of it.

We have a world that has I think it’s about 3.4 billion people on the planet that have access to the online world. There’s another 4 of them that don’t even have access to the internet.

But, out of those 3 billion people, there’s maybe a few hundred thousand that don’t like to be nice to people and those are the ones that we call the ‘TROLLERS’, the ‘HATERS’. 

These guys are inevitable so you’ve got to muster up some COURAGE and be willing to handle people that are coming to you to tell you things that you should be doing, not doing, criticizing, complaining, attacking, suppressing, invalidating – all those things are all part of the social media world. 


With time, they get less and less and less.

That’s because your audiences that you’re helping, the people that you’re making better with your information, they start DEFENDING you. 


I can tell you, my dad who’s not even a doctor talking about health all the time gets attacked!

But he has helped people so much and for so long that when my dad is attacked, defends himself, go, and they tear into pieces – haters and trolls. 


That’s the operating invasions that we’ve seen throughout the years. 

Your response to the haters, to the ones that are out there that have a miserable personal condition themselves, just keep on going and keep on producing content, keep on being yourself and keep on providing value. Eventually, THEY WILL BE QUIET. 


The way this world works

If you pay attention to it, it grows; if you ignore it, it will eventually disappear.

But most people out there want to hear from you. Most people want to see you SUCCEED. They want to see you do BETTER. They want to hear from you that you are going out there and doing them a favor by providing them some value and some education.

Another analogy that I can give you… Let’s say it’s not an analogy but something that I want you guys to experiment with. I call it the 1% Rule. I’m not talking about money 1% rule. 

Some people ask me, “Why is it so valuable to become a personal brand, to become a Manuel Suarez, to become a Frank Suarez, to become a Dr. Eric Berg, to become a Grant Cardone, to become a Gary Vaynerchuk, a Russel Brunson? Why is it so valuable to become this type of personality for any brand?” 


No matter what it is, there are personal brands for all kinds of businesses – for all of them.

If you don’t know, trust me you can go and find out. Go and look for some competitors. Go to Google and search for Facebook Ad Library and type in your competitors.

When you get that link, it’s the first one that is going to show up. Type in your competitors and look for them and find them. You’re going to see that some of the best brands out there that are your competitors, they have a personal brand. 


Why does it work so well? 

Let me give you another reason why becoming a personal brand is something that can provide power to you as an individual and into your brand. 

If you look around, if you go to the mall, if you go to a school, to a restaurant, if you go anywhere in the world, a park, people, as they are walking around you, they are generally doing one thing and they’re doing one thing only. Generally, what they’re doing is CONSUMING CONTENT. 

  • They are watching something.
  • They are reading something.
  • They are consuming!


When they are looking at their phones, they are not generally creating content. 99% of them are not creating but they are consuming which means that if you can get that courage as I did a few years ago, start talking to the world and becoming a personal brand, you will become the 1% because you are 1 out of 100 people that have the guts to pick up the camera and talk to the world.

Facebook live, Facebook post, Instagram, Instagram stories, Instagram TV, YouTube videos. You are the 1 out of 100 that has that in them. Most people are just consuming the 1%’s content. 

Think about it for a second. Every single thing that you’re looking at in your news feed, unless it’s friends and family that are sometimes posting things left and right, every single thing out there is posted by the 1%. 

The personal brands that you see out there are all part of the 1%. That’s why becoming the 1% long term can be the key to your business and your goal achievement, the expansion of your business and the accomplishment of all your goals. So, it pays itself up. 


From 4 staff to 50 in 2 years

In 2017, I didn’t have a business. I was just getting started. I had two clients. We hadn’t created big effects just yet. I became a personal brand from 4 staff to now becoming 50 in a matter of two and a half years. 

From $7000 in revenue, that’s what I was making at that point – $7000 a month in revenue. I’m talking like an actual social media marketer. I was making $7000 a month. 

I had a powerful e-commerce business. I was making millions of dollars a month in revenue on that one. We were doing well on NaturalSlim and on the bed sheets business that I’ve built from the ground up.

But, as an agency, we’re doing $7000 a month.
Today, we do several hundred thousand dollars a month.


Now, let me tell you something interesting! I do not have a sales team. I don’t have people selling.

We’re building it right now. We’re in the process of building it because we believe that it’s very important but I didn’t have one and I haven’t had one in two and a half years. 


The reason that I went from $7000 to several hundred thousand dollars in a month in revenue in this agency monthly is that my brand got big enough that I have a lineup of people outside the door always looking to sign up to my agency.

To my emails, Messenger, phone calls, website, outside the door, literally in my office, I have people and I have appointments all the time because…

My brand has made an impact in their lives somehow

To my seminars, webinars, and any places that I have delivered content, me getting in front of a camera has made these people reach out to me and want to be a part of my organization. 


I want you to start thinking about how this could apply to your business, how can you no matter what your niche market is, figure out how to become a personal brand and connect people with you long term. If you do that, you are going to leave a mark on the planet. Not only that, specifically in the digital world. Sometimes, people forget and they take this for granted. 

If you go back to the wild wild west, I talked about this in my seminars before. You know that there were a lot of battles going on, territorial battles – People were fighting for land.


A lot of the money that we have today, a lot of the old money comes from those battles in which people claimed physical land. They planted flags in the actual world.

In the United States, they had territories that were acres and acres long, there are some families captured and claimed. This has built wealth for ages. They captured land.


What makes social media and the internet world different

It is the same phenomenon but in the online world. We have the ability right now to capture digital land. 

IF YOU BECOME A PERSONAL BRAND, that is the surest way of you becoming a very powerful member of the online world. Planting your flag in the digital age. 

An example will be: If you go to YouTube and you search for Metabolismo – in Spanish, you’re going to see that probably half of the results on the first page of YouTube are my dad’s videos. 

Imagine that – The greatest video platform on the planet, the second biggest search engine on the planet after Google themselves. My dad controls half of the results of all the big turns that he wants attention. 


Metabolismo, weight loss systems, et cetera. A lot of different things. Why? Because…

he planted his flag on that digital world


That is his little piece of the online world. Because of that…

he’s going to be here for generations to come with that particular position and accumulating power


The same thing that you can do for Dr. Berg. You go to YouTube and you search for Ketogenic Diet. You’re going to see the positioning that Dr. Berg has in the ketogenic diet. He planted that flag a few years ago. 

That’s the beauty of this online world:

  • you can find a subject
  • talk about it consistently
  • get aggressive
  • do articles
  • podcasts
  • videos

and do it for a lot of times consistently without thinking about how many people are watching your videos or thinking about how many are visiting your website.

Do you know how many times I’ve posted articles on manuelsuarez.com? I don’t even know what’s happening there. You’ve just got to do it. 



When you post something on social media whether that’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or your blog, it stays there forever. Somebody can come back 10 years from now and find how you talked 10 years ago. It stays there for always. You can go back and check it as many times as you want.  


The digital footprint carries with you throughout the years

The more that you put out there, the better results you get and more attention along the way. It all happens with time.


What I want you to do if you’re listening to this podcast, if you’re watching this video on Facebook, I want you to figure out what your message is going to be about, how are you going to help out somebody else, what information did you have of value that can be fed to somebody else and somebody else can use it.  


If you are a real estate expert, why don’t you educate people on buying properties, up and down markets, buyer’s markets or seller’s markets? 

Why don’t you provide education and make yourself known as an actual real estate expert?

If you’re a consultant, what don’t you teach people tips about building a business and establishing an organization?

If you’re a tax accountant, why don’t you give them information about deadlines and ways to avoid taxes and do things legally? 

If you are an e-commerce beauty brand, why don’t you figure out how to do natural beauty, give people tips and education on how to improve their health naturally, how to improve their skin health naturally. You can do that a lot and you can do a lot of articles.



I can give you a very hot resource that I’ve used in the past. I have recommended it many times before. If you’re running out of ideas or no clue how to communicate something to the world, how to give something of value, if you don’t understand what you could do to help somebody else and become a personal brand, you can go to a place called answerthepublic.com.

You can check there and search for your niche market. It’s going to give you hundreds if not thousands of ideas of things that you can talk about that subject. That’s going to get you going. 

It does take courage. It takes work. Believe it or not, I’m about to get on stage. 

Today’s the 6th. If you’re listening to this, you might be listening to this already after the fact. On the 15th of September, in 9 days, I’m going to get on stage in front of 2000 people.

That is a little scary. Don’t you think so? Yeah! The biggest days I’ve had in my life so far have been 500 people in a Vegas event. That was scary!

You might be asking yourself, “Wait for a second, Manuel. You don’t seem to be an introvert.” It doesn’t matter. 

It’s freaky sometimes, especially when you have all those people staring at you and looking at you and you know they’re paying attention. It is and you get butterflies!

That’s all PART OF IT. 

I can tell you that the process of becoming a Personal Brand, it gets easier but the nervousness doesn’t go away. You just got to push through, press that button and go. 

Like right now. For example, today before I hit the podcast. I forced myself to be like, “You know what? I’ve got to do a podcast. I have people to listen to my podcast every week. I have thousands of people that are consuming their content. I have a responsibility to help them get more information and I’ve got to do it. So let’s go. Let’s press play.


That’s the process of becoming a personal brand.

You simply have to push yourself and get it done every single time.


If you do that, eventually, it will get easier with time. You will see yourself getting more and more attention. 

Don’t worry about the video watchers. Don’t worry about the website visitors. Don’t worry about any of that stuff. 

The one thing that I want you to keep in mind also is the first year of being a content creator, that first year of producing content:

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Podcasts

That first year is all about you. You’ve got to make yourself comfortable with yourself. 

You’ve got to feel that you are capable of doing that and you’ve got to develop your skill and your voice along the way. 

If you go back, right now I’ve done, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe 100 podcasts by now. I can tell you, if you go back, probably more. Not true. Probably not. If you go back to my first podcast, you will see the difference between the way that I address you now and the way that I address you before at that point. You might even laugh a little bit about it. 

If you would like to have that experiment and check that out, that might be a very fun experiment for you. Go back to the beginning podcast that I ever had – The Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast. 

It was called The Power of Marketing. It was not called The Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast.

But you’ll see the difference in how you develop your skill as a speaker, as an individual, as a personal brand. It boils down to you having a conviction that your information is going to make somebody else better. You know that down the line, that’s going to increase your chances of earning that person’s business. 

You’re trying to get into a position in which you earned the right to sell them something. If you did not provide value to them enough, you have not earned that right. 



The social media world today requires that you nurture people by providing value first before you offer them things. If you do this consistently and aggressively, I promise that you will eventually win, only if you persist.  


Some of you guys are going to be great and you’re going to make it there faster. Some of you guys are going to need to work at it some more and you’re going to take longer. But regardless,

becoming a personal brand is a sure way for you to be able to get there and get there faster. 


If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, make sure that you understand that you’ve got to get it done regardless.

Bring somebody else in to help you get it done for you and become the personal brand for your business. 


I cannot possibly overestimate the importance of building a personal brand around your business so you can get more attention, get more trust, stop the skepticism and make people trust you along the way more and more. 

Now, you can help them with your products and services and earn their business along the way. All right?

That’s it for the podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ve got a couple of major announcements that I am going to be talking about more very soon. I can tell you that right now, my program, the Facebook Masters Course is open for enrollment and we are going to have it open. We made a very easy entry. If you are interested in becoming a student, you can go to manuelsuareztraining.com and check it out.

You’re going to see a sneak peek into the course. You’re going to see some lessons. You’re going to see what we cover. I’m going to show you a route towards becoming a personal brand because that’s what I’ve done better than anything else. 

If you want to understand the whole process in detail and have somebody guide you by the hand, you can go to manuelsuareztraining.com and sign up for the program. It’s going to be open now all year long. We’re not going to be closing and opening anymore the course. You can sign up whenever you are ready.

But, I constantly update the course. It’s a course that I keep up-to-date because we have an ever-changing platform. But it’s two modules, 190 lessons, 40 hours of content. It takes you by the hand until you become a professional marketer yourself and you become a great personal brand. You guys want to check that out. It might be something that you are looking for.

We do have very flexible payment options that we never had before. One-time payment, 3 months payment, and 6 months payment are now available if you go to manuelsuareztraining.com so you can sign up for the Facebook Masters Program. 

Hopefully, I can have you in the community. We’ve had already a good 700 students go for the program in the last year and a half. The results have been incredible. We have some people have expanded their businesses like crazy and got on their way to become a personal brand in sales.

I’m excited about having you on board. If you have any questions, there’s going to be a chat box there. You can go and ask any questions and I’ll try to get back to it myself or one of my team members will go and chat with you and answer any of your questions. 

You can go to manuelsuareztraining.com and you’ll see more information on the Facebook Masters Program which is open for enrollment right now, available for you to go and check it out and sign up.

Hopefully, you can take advantage of my life’s work throughout this program. Thank you very much for being here and for tuning in. I hope that I see you on the next podcast. 

Stay tuned. We’re going to be traveling next weekend to Austin for the Conversations event. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you guys there. 

At the last minute, if you want to sign up, I think you can still go and sign up and you say $150 off coupon which is going to be MSUAREZ150OFF.

You can get a discount by going to manychat.com/conversations

All right guys. Thanks for being here and I appreciate you guys very much. I’ll see you on the next podcast. 

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