A lot of people want to start an ecommerce business and then go sit on the beach sipping drinks with little paper umbrellas in them.


Well, unfortunately, that’s not how ecommerce businesses work. 

E-commerce is still a “business” it needs to be treated as one. 

Of the 3 must-do’s, numbers 1 & 2 are the most important, whereas number 3 will come into play later because it will play a vital role in your long-term business growth and success.


Step 1

Step one starts with opening an Amazon brand with at least 3 products to sell. 

The reason you want 3 products is because you want to have as many avenues to get people introduced to your brand, and also increase your number of average order value. 

Usually it takes around 20 thousand to get set up with products, labels, shipping, etc.

No one is going to get rich off of this first 20 thousand, this is just to get you started.

You can do a family and friends round or seek out a professional investor, they also call these “angel investors” who invest in startups, but they usually need something that really stands out from the crowd.


There are also platforms like kickstarter to get you started in your journey but those are just a few ideas.

So step one is get at least 20 thousand, order your product and ship it to Amazon!


Step 2

Step two is creating your own website!

And before you start to overwhelm yourself, it’s not as technical as you may think, there are platforms like Shopify that make it very easy to manage.

Once you create your website, now you send traffic to it, but not just any traffic…

There are 2 principles of marketing: when you have a website, you can do “Inbound” or “Outbound” Marketing.

Inbound marketing is when you provide value, content, podcasts, Youtube videos, tiktoks, and rely on people coming to YOU for sales.

Outbound marketing is when you go to the market who has a problem you can fill and tell them about your product to get the sale.


These two options are available to you because you have a website now, remember? 

And now you can control your traffic versus only being on Amazon using THEIR traffic.

The reason you want your own traffic is because the only way you can create long-term wealth from your products is by creating long-time customers.

And you don’t have full control over that when you are only on Amazon, but when  you have a website you can send people text messages, emails and updates to build a relationship with them, so you need both.



Okay now this last step is a hard one, not because it’s exclusively available or anything, but because it requires will power.

The last step for ecommerce is confronting the fact that this is a long-term game and no one is going to make a boat load of money in 3-6 months.

I’m not telling you these things to crush your dreams or deter you away from ecommerce–not at all. 

I believe you should have an e-commerce business or an e-commerce portion of your business. 

But, I am telling you these things so you have a solid understanding of what to expect, and what it really takes to start an ecommerce business and be successful. 

And one of the quickest easiest ways to accelerate your success is to do what other businesses aren’t doing which is exactly what my agency does for businesses.


Hidden Step

Now, you may not be able to get rich in 24 hours but you can rank #1 on multiple Amazon keywords that thousands of people search for in as little as 2 weeks.

And if there are thousands of people searching for just one keyword you can imagine what sales could look like as all these people see your product on page 1.

Not many Amazon businesses know that there is a quick way to accelerate their ranking and growth on Amazon. 

I found this out after I sold my bed sheets business years ago and have helped tons of Amazon businesses rank #1 for keywords in as little as 2 weeks.

The only reason Amazon business owners don’t do this is because it involves a lot of work to set up, and it takes a ranking strategy which is what my Amazon Department specializes in.

This strategy is called a Catapult, and for good reason, it catapults your products for the keywords you target.



I wish I could find this being provided anywhere else because then we’d have some healthy competition, but the truth is I haven’t met anyone else doing this!  

And just as a heads up, this strategy isn’t for the “unsure entrepreneur”, I only recommend this to Amazon business owners who know exactly what they want and the benefits that come with it.

So if you’re that Amazon business owner, let’s see how we can help you learn more about accelerating your growth and sales.

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