“What keeps them up at night?”

What does this really mean?

We’re not talking about babies keeping you up at night here, we’re talking about what is keeping your ideal customers up at night!

For many people, there’s a big problem they need help solving. 

And if you can provide a solution that would make them shake their spouse awake in the middle of the night to tell them… 


Then you’ll win that customer a majority of the time.

Use yourself as an example, and let’s say the fear of staying at the same level of profits is keeping you up at night, constantly making you think of ways to increase it.

Now, if someone wanted to target you and help you solve that specific problem they’d have you hooked!

Of course you’d still have to see how trustworthy they are, but that’s a whole other strategy, right now we’re just talking about what keeps your ideal customer up at night and how to use what I like to call “The Irresistible Offer.”

If you didn’t know , finding out what keeps them up at night is just one half of the job, the other half involves using “The Irresistible Offer.”

Let me tell you a quick story to help elaborate…

I had a mastermind meeting at some point and there was some talk about not getting enough traffic, the quality of leads, etc.

And something we often overlook when we get into the weeds of things isn’t these traffic factors or the color of the buy now buttons, but more importantly The Irresistible Offer.

The Irresistible Offer is made up of things for how your product or service is structured.

That may sound like a very broad statement, but the truth is there is no template for this kind of thing because every product or service is so unique with their own different components.

All I can say is that an Irresistible Offer should make your ideal customer say, “I’d be stupid to say no to this!”


You’ll see a lot of software for example offer a Free Demo or Free Trial to use their product before you sign up, this is exactly the OPPOSITE of an Irresistible Offer!

Why? Because everyone and their mothers are offering this kind of deal!!

Car dealerships (at least the smart ones) do a really good job of structuring Irresistible Offers.

There’s one around my city that offers free oil changes for life when you buy a car from them AND a 6 year warranty to avoid full price fixes.

It’s smart because that’s what they advertise as added bonuses! 

Now they start making you think “I can save this much on oil changes AND I don’t have to pay outrageous prices to fix my car by the time I get another one.”

They let you test drive it, which is the equivalent of the Free Trial or Free Demo, but the salesman also mentions a free tank of gas on the house when you buy it, which with inflation… is quite generous these days.

And once you buy the car the salesman offers you $100 dollars for everyone you bring in who buys a car.

That doesn’t have to do with the offer per se, it’s just a good piece of valuable information to mention.

But back to our local dealership–That’s right the power of Irresistible Offer doesn’t end there.

Guess what happens now?

The car dealership just made the sale, now as the buyer you’ll be coming back to the dealership for your free oil changes and you know what happens when they check your oil?

They say, “We found this and that wrong with your car so it would usually be $1,500 but thankfully you have the warranty so now it’s only $200.”

And it’s their job to provide you with the necessary repairs of your car legally, so they are doing you a service that now makes you feel relieved and you get the service you paid for and more! 

AKA more bang for your buck!


Now you’re coming back with no worries about spending outrageous amounts of money on repairs, you got your free tank of gas on the house AND are still getting free oil changes. 

So what do you think keeps people up at night in this situation? The spending tons of money on repairs and oil changes or being able to test drive the car?

If you’re a sane person you’d say, “The outrageous amounts of money!”

Not the test drive, free trial, free demo, etc.

So now the dealership has you coming back and this is one of the most important parts of a business owner’s strategy… Increasing their customers’ Lifetime Value.

All with the power of knowing what keeps them up at night and executing it with an Irresistible Offer.

Apply these principles to your ecommerce business, local business or service business and you’ll see how much more people will stick around.

Now go find out what keeps your ideal customers up at night and structure your Irresistible Offer!