If someone told you that to reach the next level of life you needed to go back to school, how would that make you feel?

Would you eagerly gather up a backpack, pencils, looseleaf paper, and your hacky sack?

Or, would you prefer to run your head into a brick wall rather than re-enroll in college and have to deal with pretentious professors, mediocre minds, and binge drinking?

If you choose option number two you’re not alone.

But luckily for you, you can get all the education that you need to accomplish everything that you desire in life and in business without stepping foot on another college campus.

The first thing to understand is that learning does not have to be a challenge. In fact, it can be downright fun and easy if you want it to be. It can actually be so fun that an entire week’s event could be structured around learning.

For example, I and some of my executives recently returned from an event called Funnel Hacking Live.

This was put on by the software company Clickfunnels and the whole reason for being there is to learn, grow, and to take yourself or your business to the next level. It’s a great example of how learning is in a whole new universe compared to the old fashion ways.

It used to be that when you wanted to learn something you needed to either go to school or go to the library or both. Now, we’ve already established that you have no interest in going back to a traditional school, so the next best thing is going to be the library.


Well, if driving to the library, getting a library card, and checking out books to read is not your cup of tea then you’ll probably want to dig into the Internet.

Of course, on the internet, you have Google, Yahoo, and Bing to read and do research with and you’ve also got the massive resource of YouTube that you can dig into and learn from as well. Sometimes, if you’re anything like me, you feel as though you can do anything as long as you can find a YouTube tutorial.

And one of the best parts about this style of learning is the cost, FREE! But, there’s still a downfall to this free internet learning as well.

The downfall is that it’s very labor-intensive. You have to hunt down the right websites and video channels. Then you dig through thousands and thousands of words or hours and hours of video for useful content. When you finally unearth the useful content you get to assemble it into a comprehensive piece of training so that you can learn from it.

So, ask yourself this:

When is the right time to spend money on your education?

To use the Funnel Hacking Live event that we just went to as an example again, I was willing to pay and travel about 727 miles from my home to learn from some of the best people in this industry.

I did this so that I could make myself better. And because of that, I get to share the tips and tricks I learned with you so that you can make yourself better too.

Here’s the thing,

Spending the money was so worth it for me. I got so many great ideas from this event that I started to implement things with my team, back home in Florida, even while I was still in Tennessee. Some of these inspiring ideas came from one of my favorite presenter named Prince Ea.

He inspired me to make some simple yet very, very powerful changes in what my team and I are doing right now. Even though my team and I are very successful at what we do, there is still room for us to improve. And I only experienced these changes because I was willing to pay for new education.

So, what are the benefits of paying for events and courses?

The great benefit, in my opinion, of paying for the advice and training of experts is that you save tremendous amounts of time, headaches, and hard work. Not to mention the strain on relationships with friends and family that never see you because you’re trying to desperately put together helpful information.

Now, you just need to decide what is more important to you, saving some money or the increased free time and peace of mind you get from a structured in-person training program or an online course that an expert has put together for you.

Of course, not all online courses need to be paid for, there are plenty of free courses that will get you started in the right direction. Sometimes, the free courses can give you enough information to wisely gather the rest of the information that you need in order to teach yourself.

But even that can sometimes be limiting.

It’s still more legwork and running around then many people want to do. At that point, yes, paid courses are the way to go. And trust me there is no shortage of paid training courses that you can find online. I mean look at me, I have both free and paid courses that you can take advantage of whenever you want.

One more thing.

I want to discuss the importance of choosing just one thing to focus on at a time. You see, when we went to the Funnel Hacking Live event we didn’t go there to learn vast different types of information. No, we went there to learn specific skills related to digital marketing.

Now, of course, there are a variety of topics within digital marketing, but it was an event focused on one thing.

So, if you’re just learning information for the sake of learning information, maybe in the hopes that one day you can go on the Jeopardy TV show and win the big jackpot, then you’re in the wrong place right now.

Instead, choose a specific skill to learn.

A skill that you can implement into your life that will allow you to help other people and make a living for yourself and your family at the same time.

Allow me to leave you with this.

If you’re interested in learning a new specific skill that you can implement into your life, whether you own your own business and want to promote it more effectively or if you’re looking for a new skill to move away from a current job and into a new career; then I encourage you to take a look at the free mini-course trainings that I have available.

One is about the basics of Facebook advertising and another is on the basics of using the Facebook messenger app to communicate with your people even more effectively.

If you’ve already seen these free courses and you’ve been able to use them beneficially in your life that’s wonderful. If you’ve not seen these free courses yet, you can check them out at


Grant me the opportunity to be the online professor that can help you take the next steps in life. That way you can stay safely away from the binge drinking, the mediocre minds, and the pretentious professors.

See you soon.