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Okay…I say this  A LOT, because it is 100% TRUE:

If you don’t generate attention for your business and your brand, you absolutely CANNOT be successful; it’s as simple as that. There is no company on the planet that is successful, that has growing numbers, that has great revenue, great income, that doesn’t first capture attention.

Today I want to talk about what I think is the GREATEST opportunity when it comes to getting a lot of attention for very little amount of money (dollars). That is the Facebook opportunity.

Some months ago, I did a seminar for several hundred people in Mexico City, and I talked about the TREMENDOUS opportunities of this modern era, which is something that I obviously love to do all the time. And, there were some things that I’ve realized over there that were pretty impactful. You know, as I was walking around the streets and observing what the people were doing to try pulling attention in, it just made me realize how that translates into the digital era…And, how you have to basically just FIND A WAY TO CAPTURE THAT ATTENTION.

I also realized as I observed the people that this whole game of capturing attention has been around for a long time. The one thing that is quite different NOW is the actual APPROACH to capturing that attention. Today, instead of just pulling people into a store and having them come in there and check out what you have to offer, and selling “hardcore”, offering a particular service or product, we now try to build relationships with people, and nurture those relationships  along the way. And something that is a new phenomenon in this current era (because we have digital footprints 👣 that we can follow) is the fact that we can actually go step-by-step and “follow people around” (online), and know how many minutes they’re spending watching our videos, websites they’re visiting, engagement on the pages, Messenger, messages that they’re sending… we have all that data in there.

So, since we can actually communicate with them so well, then we can actually just make it seem like we’re NOT selling something, because initially, we’re NOT.  And that’s really my number one tip. Overall, in order for you to get a marketing strategy to work, you’ve GOT to show them initially that all you care about is their improvement and about benefiting THEM in some way. And, if you do THAT in your social media content, then you’re going to capture so much attention. Be consistent with this, and it is going to be VERY easy for you to eventually monetize it. Why? Because you can follow people every step of the way you can know exactly what’s going on, you can actually follow the customer journey from the first point of contact to the point of contact just before they become a customer and communicate the right messages along the way. There are no more single campaigns that you have to run and try to make profitable. Now you can run MANY different campaigns SIMULTANEOUSLY. You can run campaigns to a certain demographic, and then a different campaign to another demographic and then, you know, you don’t have to have the same message anymore. That is a thing of the past.

So, when you look at that, all you’ve got to figure out (And THIS is my biggest push that I will give you guys along the way) is to basically just figure out HOW you are going to capture that attention. Are you going to entertain them? Are you going to inspire them? Are you going to educate? If you do one of those, you are going to actually be very successful.


If you decide to NOT  do any of the above, then, you’re going to fall into a state and condition of being irrelevant in social media, because Social Media is THE FUTURE; it’s the way forward! That’s what basically what you’re going to need in order to stand out in the sea 🌊of content. Nobody is going to trust ANY brand today unless their feet are planted firmly in social media. You’re going to need to have roots that are really well established in this Social Media world.

So, YOU HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT. If you’re in business, if you’re reading this, if you WANT to build a brand or if you have a brand and just want to take it to another level,You MUST figure out whether you, an employee, somebody you bring in or you outsource the work to, what can you (or they) start doing to capture that attention through inspiration, entertainment, education, or any combination thereof. In the end, that’s what’s going to help you build a brand that you can eventually hand over to your children and you can keep on surviving at a very high level along the way. Just keep on withstanding the pressure of time and you’ll keep on surviving. It’s just like you’re trying to grab this little piece of the digital “land”  just like the wild wild west, people got rich capturing land in the country and a lot of that money is still in the family money. We’re trying to do the same thing.

So, if you want to grab a piece of that digital land, you have to figure that out.

Ok, so in conclusion, I just want to pretty much recap and especially emphasize a few things:

First of all, the most valuable commodity today is NOT diamonds, nor is it precious metals. Throughout the AGES, the most valuable thing in this Universe is ATTENTION. All of the companies in existence that have been able to grow like CRAZY, from Amazon to Apple to Google to Facebook….ALL of them, what they do is CONTROL exactly that. They control attention. When you control attention, your world is at your fingertips. You can do whatever you want with these people whose attention you have garnered. So what you need to do to start positioning yourself in Social Media, is figure out a way to provide something that is going to be of value to the world, that people will consider worthy of them exchanging their time and attention for what you are providing. This is IMPORTANT, because once you get their attention, you can eventually begin to sell them your products and/or services.

I will tell you, MY OBSESSION IS CAPTURING ATTENTION. In fact (for those of you who don’t know this yet), my company, my agency is called A.G.M., and A.G.M. stands for ATTENTION GRABBING MEDIA.  

When I realized that the game was all about attention, I focused exclusively on THAT: CAPTURING ATTENTION. And then, when I began doing that, I started realizing: “WOW! That is TRUE! When I capture attention, I can actually generate INCOME! If I don’t have attention, I DON’T grow financially. It’s as simple as that.

So, as  a brand, and as a provider of products, services…whatever it is that you have to offer, what you need to figure out is HOW you’re going to capture that attention. And the way that you do it in this ever-growing world of content, is by PROVIDING VALUE. You MUST give them something in exchange for the time and attention that they are giving. SO BEFORE you even ask them for anything, you need to start creating and generating things that are going to provide them with value. You can provide free education…you can give them TIPS…you can take actions that have PROVEN time and time again to be SUCCESSFUL and become like some of the actual brands that I’ve helped.

For example, my Dad, Dr. Frank Suarez, is a metabolism specialist. He is now like a BIG SUPERSTAR in the Latin community. The way that he achieved that is by, for the last 6 YEARS, EVERY SINGLE WEEK, he has done 4 videos, in which he explains the subjects of the body: How to be more healthy…how to handle Diabetes…how to handle high cholesterol in the body, etc. He has consistently provided VALUE on each subject, and in return, he has received ATTENTION. With that attention, we have built MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESSES, in 8 separate COUNTRIES! We are everywhere from the United States, to Colombia, to Costa Rica, to Panama…and it is  because WE CAPTURED ATTENTION.


So what I am reiterating to you all is this: Whatever strategies that you develop along the way, you need to put into the equation the fact that this world right now is DOMINATED by the brands and businesses who control this very precious commodity called attention. And you capture that attention by providing VALUE. As a brand or service, you can provide INFORMATION that people will find useful, and that many of them are actively seeking. This is the type of information that is valuable to them. They’re going to appreciate it. They’re going to want to see/hear/read it, learn from it and apply to improve some facet of their lives. The thing is, very often we take what we know for granted, when in fact, our areas of expertise are areas that we have expertise and experience in, and THAT EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE IS VALUABLE, because not everyone knows what we know.  You have EARNED your expertise through your experience, so it is up to YOU to position yourself as an expert in your field of endeavor, and use it to help people by providing value to them based on what you know.

So….let’s say you’re good with beauty and you’ve formulated and offer a beauty cream. You  have valuable information about skin care that most women out there would like to have. So what you do is you come up with a system…a routine to provide this information regularly and consistently on the subject of skin care and beauty, educating the world, WITHOUT expecting anything back. It does NOT benefit you to have an “entitlement” type of attitude where you’re thinking: “I shouldn’t be giving this information away for free, because I know so much.” TRUST ME, this is NOT the way to think. Guys, I have hundreds of students today in my courses and programs, but the reality is that I have been educating the world for FREE for quite some time, and as a result of the valuable information that I’ve provided along the way, I’ve captured attention from my audiences, and eventually they began to purchase from me. So I know what I’m talking about when I tell you about this.

SO….let’s get down to where and HOW  YOU can begin implementing this yourself. I’m going to give you some suggestions to inspire you:

  • Ask Questions – Ask your social media fans what THEY would like to know more about as it relates to your area of expertise, and then ANSWER THEM.
  • Make Suggestions – Share YOUR favorite social media pages and sites that are related to your industry/company/products, or even your personal interests that customers might learn from or enjoy!

This helps to position YOU as an industry expert and helps build their TRUST in you and your products or services. 😉

  • Show What’s Behind The Scenes – Post pictures and videos of you in your “natural habitat!” Show yourself (and your team) conducting businesses at your office or location, creating your products, or at home, using your own products…(maybe even do a TUTORIAL) Whatever you do, Don’t stage these photos or videos – let people see a real person doing real things! Show them the REAL business, in REAL life and real time!
  • Solve Problems For Your Customers – Invite your social media followers to post any challenges they may have in relation to the types of products or services you offer. For example: Does your fan base have a problem with dry skin?  No time to pamper themselves? A stubborn five pounds they just can’t lose? Encourage them to post their issues and then be sure to offer guidance and advice.
  • Provide VIPs With Access To Unique Content – Provide content that only your social media fans have access to, like special recipes, tips and tricks on product use, how-to guides, and behind-the-scenes videos!
  • Share Industry News – Pick up news releases and studies from your industry. Post them to your social media accounts, with your commentary, to build yourself up as an industry expert.
  • Showcase Your Customers – Invite your biggest fans in social media to share a picture of themselves using your product or service, and add a line about why they love it!

So there you have it…several suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and to give you some inspiration. There are a number of ways to provide value to your audience and garner attention. Whatever ways you decide, just make sure that you actually DO IT, actively and CONSISTENTLY because CONSISTENCY IS KEY. The more people get accustomed to seeing you over and over again, and you are providing helpful, valuable information time and time again, they will view you as a high-value brand. And you’ll have their ATTENTION. Remember, So, if you master the art of attention, then, you can master the art of expansion. It’s as simple as that. You’ve got this. There you go!

I’ll see you in the next article.