“Nobody is clicking my Ad!”

This is one of the most frustrating parts of advertising.

Meanwhile you’re spending money you’ve WORKED for or borrowed (which you have to pay back at some point) and aren’t happy with what you’re seeing.

Trust me, you’re not alone. This happens to businesses everyday; you’ve got a product or service that you know can and will help people, but no one seems to be paying attention to you. 


I wish there was a one-size fits all answer, unfortunately without reviewing your marketing campaigns, I can only say this one thing. 

Your Ad isn’t communicating a message that resonates with your ideal customer. 

And if you don’t figure out how to get people’s attention with your Ads, they’ll never click. 

And if they never click, they’ll never buy. 

And if enough people never buy, well…the results will be devastating. 

But don’t freak out, there is a solution. 

I’ve been through the same experience in my early business life, and many of the businesses in my agency have gone through the same.

The cool thing is once you understand the “formula” for Ads you can see quite the snowball effect. 

Take Dr. Eric Berg, “The Knowledge Doc”, for example. 

Several years ago, we began helping him get more attention for his educational material on health.

And through our Ad creation system, we are able to create ads that resonate with his viewers.

Then we give those viewers opportunities to buy his health & wellness products.

Which they do. 

In fact, his Amazon sales have been breaking record after record for his company in recent years.


So you’re probably wondering what this formula is, so here it is…

It is made up of 3 parts, starting off with the hook:



The hook is made to capture the person’s attention in the first 3 seconds of seeing your Ad.

If it’s a video, then make it something that stands out, something moving really fast, someone freaking out, a visual effect or anything that stands out in the first 3 seconds!

Timing is CRUCIAL to this because people always have their guard up on social media platforms about ads.

If you use an image, make something that stands out in the image, and include text IN THE IMAGE that resonates with the person reading.

This text needs to hit their pain points or desires in order to make them click.

This brings us to the next part of the formula… the story.



With every Ad comes a story, but not in the way you think of.

We’re not telling “once upon a time” stories, we’re telling stories that paint a picture in the person’s head.

When someone sees your Ad in a video format, you should be demonstrating your product or service in an entertaining or educational way that makes them tell a STORY to themselves in their own head.


This story that they tell themselves will make people start imagining the end result for this problem you’re trying to solve for them.

So if someone saw a weight supplement let’s say you went down the educational route…

You would be educating the person in the video, helping them understand how an ingredient in your product was discovered, how it works, how it’s different and how it makes it possible to lose weight.

This allows the person to then visualize themselves in that state of weight loss and gives them both the hope and confidence to look into it.

If this was an image Ad, the copy in the image would have to do the majority of the lifting!

Of course, it helps to have something in the image that communicates the problem and solution (while also being attention grabbing AKA the Hook).

But when someone is hooked with an attractive image, the second thing they do is read the words in the image, and that’s when you know if you have them or not.

This is why your copy in an image needs to be hitting their pain points or desires while also giving a slight introduction to your product.

Take the Ad by the cigarette company Lucky Strike back in the day: 

“Light Up a Lucky, And You Won’t Miss The Sweets That Make You Fat!”

Now this is an older Ad and you can’t advertise cigarettes anymore which I don’t encourage anyone to get into anyway, but you see how they introduced their product in the beginning and gave them something to start story telling themselves with in the second part?

This is how cigarette companies used to advertise, as healthy alternatives and even as weight loss!

This is no longer the case, and for good reason… So that means your product should especially be communicating the truth when you advertise it.


But when someone reads your image and if it doesn’t resonate with it then they’re either not your target audience or you need to try something else in the image, the results you get will tell you which one you need to do.

Now when you have them intrigued, this is when you present the offer!



This part of the formula is introduced at the end of video Ads, this is when you say your product contains that weight loss ingredient you were educating them on–in its most potent form!

Being honest of course, you can get creative with how you communicate it, but what you need is that you mention your product, a guarantee, urgency (“available for limited time”) and any added bonuses.

I could go on talking about ways you can structure offers, but to keep things simple, communicate everything you have to offer someone without getting into the features of your product or otherwise known as the “technical” side of your product.

We’re trying to make them feel safe and encourage a purchase, not bore them with technical aspects!

If you have an image that you’re running as an Ad, your image could communicate the offer as well, but if there is a section available to put your longer copy, that’s where you should insert it.

Once someone sees your image they look at the copy on the image, then they tend to click the “see more” that expands the text you have, and scroll to the bottom–that’s where you place your offer. 

Now, wouldn’t it be cool if you could learn a little bit more of this kind of Ad magic to install in your business?

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