Why do we do the work we do?

Why do we spend hours grinding away in our businesses? 

To make millions of dollars? To help people improve their lives? To be able to provide for the people we love, and spend time with them when they need us?

Absolutely! But everyone’s motivation is different.

Let me share a quick little story…

There was this one time I was able to go with one of my sons and a group of his classmates on a ski trip. 

Now listen, I’m Puerto Rican. Snow skiing isn’t really in my blood, but I enjoy it. 

And the fact that I was able to support my son and his classmates on this trip is one of the benefits I’ve worked so hard for in my life. 

So yes, we work for these opportunities, but how do we get to that point, what does it really take?

You see a lot of people looking for the quickest way to get rich, and I don’t blame them, who wouldn’t want money super quick?

But the problem I see happen a lot of times is people get too into the time aspect and not enough in the work aspect.

Let me explain…

Let’s say by some miracle you do get rich overnight, you make $100,000 in one night, what’s next?

No one puts that much effort into thinking what they’d do next, they’re so distracted by the carrot being held in front of them!

But let’s imagine you have a business plan laid out, and you still made $100,000 overnight… Okay have you executed this business plan before?

The reason I ask is because usually when you do something for the first time, it’s not 100% perfect, most times it’s actually the opposite.

And I’m not trying to be a debbie downer, in fact trying to keep people from this fantasy of becoming a millionaire in a month because of what they see on social media or what they’ve read about.

Shifting your focus from the carrot in front of you to the work in front of you is ten times more productive than hoping and wishing and not seeing results.

Hopes and dreams are good to have in the back of your head or somewhere on a sheet of paper for long-term goals.

There’s no shame in hopes and dreams, that is what motivates a lot of people.

My motivation is my family and my team, and that is worth WELL over than a $1,000,000 byproduct of work, AKA priceless.

But can I tell you a secret?

When you start putting your head down and getting to work, every once in a while you lift it to take a look at your progress and realize, “Woah, I did that…” and then get back to work, head back down.

This is where the benefits come from, the byproducts, the $1,000,000’s, and the opportunities to support your kids and their friends on ski trips.

And I want to see every business owner have those same benefits in their business and in their life. 

That’s why I share so much free information with business owners and people across the world. 

And if my free information isn’t enough, I have paid opportunities for people to use. 

So even if you need help deciding to use my free information or some of my paid opportunities then you should speak with my team. 

Chasing overnight success get’s a little repetitive, but getting to work is fun because there’s always something changing.

That’s something my team helps you with when it comes to conquering your marketing efforts.

But fair warning, we only help entrepreneurs dominate the marketing world who are ready to take it to the next level… 

Whether it’s branching out to new marketplaces or trying to be seen more on social media.

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