If you had to choose to start a movement, what would it be? 

I would choose one that would bring the most amount of good to the most people. That movement would be entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship is my choice of movement because I would do something I already have figured out and am good at.


Help Others

I believe to achieve success you need to have a passion for helping others, and I do like to contribute to my group a lot; I like to help people. 

Without my group, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and they have actually created a situation for me that I was able to thrive.

I was a guy that really struggled my whole life without discipline, and I needed a group.

I needed a structure to be able to do well. My group gave me that, but specifically, it gave me the ability to create a better world, a movement to create a Renaissance, and a significant push towards helping people. 

Entrepreneurs succeed because there’s power in being one. 

When I help my organization succeed, everybody in that particular organization does better in life. 

A hundred people in my marketing company can perform better in their own lives and do better.

And that is how I multiply my impact in this life and world.

So if I can help more entrepreneurs succeed, master traffic, master attention, and acquire attention for their own brands and businesses.

I know that success will be multiplied for every single staff member, so if the business has 20 staff members, those 20 people will get better with my help too! 

Provide Value

So that, for me, is the movement that I would definitely be dedicated to because I know how to do that very well.

That’s why we also put out content every week, and I’m really passionate about our AGM workshops at our headquarters office.

People attend the workshops live in-person or people participate by streaming. And if anyone ever wants to attend, they’re always free and consistently reoccurring.

During these workshops, we’re giving people the tools (don’t say I didn’t tell you) and access to our successful strategies.

We also let attendees know exactly what to do to implement them and see the results–all for free. 

Some people have even asked me why we’re doing that. The truth is we make enough money with the brands that we manage that, at this point, it’s a mission of mine and something I can keep on doing forever. 

So as long as I’m alive and I’m still the head of my organization, I will keep on providing value and giving anybody who wants the tools to succeed those tools.

If anybody wants to find out about these workshops, there is a website called moneymakingworkshops.com, and yes, they are money-making workshops.

They help you understand how to make more money in these opportunities and stop wasting money on things that are not working.

We don’t teach you about things that aren’t working; we show you about things that are working right now.

And that’s a personal obsession that I have, so take me up on my invitation and see yourself, and put yourself on the path of success.

That’s what it’s all about.