There were plenty of lessons from the Unbreakable Mastermind I got invited to in Miami, but there were some that stood out as life changing.

These lessons opened my eyes to new perspectives both personally and business wise.

So my hope is that you will absorb this information and take it in just like I did when I heard it for the first time because these could definitely change someone’s life when they hear them for the first time.


Work Ethic

The first life changing lesson I heard while I was in Miami was:

People will know you for your work ethic or they won’t know you at all.

When you read this at first it may not be apparent, but if you start to observe the celebrities, influencers, business entrepreneurs, etc. on your news feeds, it’s not because they’re good at clicking a few post buttons.

No, they spent time recording content, coordinating it, setting it up, learning the algorithms, editing the videos or even worked hard enough to hire a team to do it for them.

The point here is the more you put yourself in front of others doesn’t just communicate you’re famous, it communicates how hard you’ve worked to put yourself in front of them!

So the lesson here is to let the world know what you’re doing, and the work you’re putting in everyday or they won’t know you are at all!


Being Humble

Prepare yourself for this next one because it could be a tough one to swallow until you really understand what it means.

You need to stop being humble. Yes, I know this goes against what most people say, but when you take a close look at the definition you start to understand what it truly means.

The definition of humble is: having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.

And not many people know this but the derivation goes back to “On the ground, low”.

So it’s not that I don’t respect those who practice it, that’s not the issue.

It’s that per the definition, if I were to be humble, I couldn’t talk about the amount of success I’ve had because I would have a low importance of myself.

That’s one of the biggest issues with this particular word, the “showing a modest or low estimation of one’s own importance.”

Everyone should be proud of their importance and what they’ve accomplished to share it with others; not in a snarky way, but proudly.

So no, I’m not humble, but I am grateful and proud of my accomplishments and success.

It was a big ah-ha moment when I heard this so if you’re a business owner trying to help others I recommend you absolutely share your success, and practice less being humble and being more confident in your work!


Your Resentments

This next lesson really blew my mind and may even surprise you too, here it is:

Whatever you resent might be an indication of what you should be doing. 

Let’s say you have an old friend who’s successful and ever since they became successful you started resenting them.

In this case it could be you resent them because you know some aspect of their life is what you should be doing.

You should be taking those trips to Europe, buying a new car, helping others with their problems, etc.

Some aspect of their life is what you should be doing and that’s what your resentments are communicating to you.

So what’s the remedy?

Go out there and get busy working towards it.


What’s The Deal?

Now, what’s the deal? The deal is:

If you want to be recognized as a big deal, you need to do big things.

If you have big goals, dreams, illusions, hopes, and ambitions then you need to know it’s going to take big things to get there.

That’s not intended to sound like a debby downer, it’s more inspirational if anything.

The truth is we can dream about living like kings and queens all day but if our actions don’t match those things then we’ll just disappoint ourselves.

So if you want to be as big of a deal as you envision yourself, then make sure you’re making moves parallel to that vision!