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This is a message I made for my AGM Marketing staff the other night. I’m sharing here because I believe it might help many other people. It’s a truth.

What does success look like? How do you accomplish it? Is it important to have a team? What are the skills of a true leader? These are a few of the areas I talk about in this video.


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What Does it Take to Be Successful? A Message From Manuel to the AGM Ninjas

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Ollie: Hello everyone. And welcome back to another episode of the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast. My name is Ollie. I am Manuel’s Chief Operations Officer here at his digital agency, AGM.

We’ve got a real special episode for you guys today, so I want to thank you for joining us again.

Today’s episode is actually a message that Manuel recorded for his agency’s staff, for his team here at AGM. And the reason I wanted to bring this to you guys is I wanted to give you a perspective on, you know, the type of messages that motivate our staff, our team, to bring out the best in them and how we keep a close-knit group.

And I wanted to share this message that Manuel gave to our staff because I think that it would help others kind of see what they can do to build the people around them up as well.

And you could just kind of look at it from that angle, from that perspective, you know. It gives you ideas on how you can treat others, how you can work with your team and really build a strong group of staff and of team members that want to push your goals and your purposes as well.

So I wanted to share that with you this week. You know, let me know what you guys think in the comments below. And here’s the episode. Enjoy.


A Message to My Team

Manuel: Hey, ninjas! It’s Tuesday night, 10:35 PM Eastern time in Florida. And I’m just, it felt a little inspiration. And I wanted to jump in here to talk to my team, my guys and gals, my AGM team.

This is the easiest way for me to communicate with you guys. It is Workplace live, and I’m going to post the link afterward. And a lot of you guys are sleeping and not here. And because nobody in this company uses Workplace, probably nobody is getting notified. We all use work chat.

What is an Indication of a Potential Success?

Anyways, I had a deep thought and I wanted to share with you guys because I do get a lot of people in my organization that are really



for expansion and growth


and they want to accomplish goals, and they have all these big dreams, which I absolutely love.

I think it’s an indication of potential success when you have big goals and dreams that you haven’t accomplished yet.

If you’re just moving along, doing your job every day, and you’re not thinking about getting yourself to the next level, then you’re probably not going to grow at the same pace as somebody that’s really hungry for expansion and growth and goal accomplishment.

So when people ask me or when they want to know, like, what does it take for you to be successful? What does it take for you to be what you are and what you’ve done? I can tell you that there’s a certain level of ambition and hunger that is required for you to be successful in life.

There’s a certain level of wanting to have more. And looking at the people around you, your friends, your family, your people that are important to you, and wanting to give them your heart and soul. And knowing that there’s more you can do to make their quality of life better.

So right now it’s 10:38 eight o’clock at night over here. And I still got a long night in front of me. We have a pretty big launch that we are about to have this Thursday. We have somewhere around 800 people registered at this point. And we’re working our butts off trying to get this ready.

Sometimes things that a lot of you guys don’t even see, don’t even know they’re happening, but they are. I am so far from ready right now. And I have two sets of slides that I need to review. And there’s a lot of work. I actually needed to refresh this damn slide right here because it’s apparently so heavy that it is not responding. But you get the idea.


It’s Hunger and Ambition

In a certain level of greed, wanting to have more and wanting to give yourself something better and wanting to get a little bit of a bigger piece of the pie along the way so you can keep yourself moving forward.

“It takes sacrifice and it takes dedication.”

There is a saying in the business world when it comes to… This applies to employees, to business owners, anybody, right?


Why Do You Work 80 Hours a Week?

Why do you work so hard like myself? Right? You guys might not know that, right? Like a day like today, I got to the office at 9:00 am. And I had, by the time that it was 10:45 am, I had five meetings with staff in different departments. I then had two meetings with clients. I then, after that, shortly after I did a webinar on Facebook live, I had to come up with the content for it.

I then went to my house and I had another four meetings, including a meeting with Chick Corea back to back to back to back. I then worked on my webinars slides for tomorrow, which is we have a coaching program. And then I gave instructions and I’ve been to many communication with the launch team with Jules and Jonald. Just getting all those things going.

And now it’s here 10:40 o’clock at night and I’m still trying to work on these slides, which are far from being ready. And that’s what it takes. It takes drive, dedication, and persistence.

One thing that you guys have that I didn’t have is a group of people like you. I never had that. I am 100% on my own. I never had a mentor that taught me anything in the business world.

You might think like, “Wait for a second. Your dad is an entrepreneur.” Well, I started connecting with him as I became an entrepreneur and I built my own successful businesses and he started paying more attention. He didn’t really teach me anything about business until I was really deep into it.

I didn’t learn a single shred of business from him. I picked it up along the way. I was picked up from complete unawareness of what that world was like and low careers or education or nothing like that. And I started doing that and I started being successful in the business world, I guess, accidentally to a degree.

But there was one thing that was always senior that was always on top of all of it. There was one thing that was the thing that kept me moving forward. And was like that drive for a better quality of life.

That ambition, that spark, that just suddenly turned on that now it doesn’t have an off switch and is always on and is always connected. And I always look for greater and greater levels of understanding, greater and greater levels of accomplishment.

And the people that are close to me, they know inside this organization, we have high expectations. And because of these high expectations, I raise their own level. I make them better and they make me better too.

But you might be surprised the effect that it has to have a high level of dedication and push. And when you have that high level, everybody around you gets better and stronger.


What is a Real Leader?

Again, going back to the story that I talked about recently, this Michael Jordan documentary the last dance, he made everybody around him better. Everybody became a superstar around Michael Jordan. And that’s what it’s all about. A real leader knows how to take somebody and lift them and make them realize things about themselves that they didn’t even know existed.

That’s what a real leader does. And that’s what I try to do with you guys. I try to lift you to new levels that you didn’t even know you were capable of.

And some of you guys, you know who I’m talking to, you know that’s true. You know that throughout the years of working with me, you have gotten yourself to higher and higher and higher levels of intelligence and overall performance just by having this incredible team around you.

So I think that we are all lucky to have each other. There’s nothing like that. You can go solopreneur and have this idea that you’re going to make more money, or you can be a part of an organization like that and help us keep on going along the way and getting ourselves to the next level and keep on growing with the organizations every step of the way and there’s nothing like that. 

So I want to thank you for being in AGM from the bottom of my heart. It’s crazy how I have 62 people in this organization right now. Not a single one of you guys showed up on this Facebook live on Workplace. 

It’s probably because again, nobody gets notified or maybe because of the time. You guys are tired of listening to me already. Right? 

Hey, just when I said that somebody shows up. Let’s see who was there. Comment. Let me see who’s here. You’re the one person I’ve been ranting and talking for a while. Whoever showed up, I’m super curious about who showed up in here.

Any comment? Say something. Hi, go ahead. I know you’re watching. I see there’s one person. There’s one person. Anyways, I don’t see any comments coming in. Okay, guys. So there you have it. Oh, well I can turn off auto-generated captions. 

Oh, it’s Alan. Thanks, Alan. 

That’s cool. Auto-generated captions during the live. 


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Okay, guys. So there you have it. I appreciate it very much. It’s a deep message from the bottom of my heart. I mean it. I know that a lot of you guys when you watch that you can attest to it and let me know if you think I’m right, that heavy demand and high expectations make us better. 

And by becoming better, we increase our own worth. 

And by increasing our own worth, we can provide even more value to the organization.

And then we keep the organization growing and ourselves growing along the way. And that’s what it’s about. And that’s why I pushed so hard. And that’s why I’m here almost at midnight working hard because I’m far from being ready.

I’m going to get ready and I’m going to bring it this Thursday at two o’clock. It’s going to be an awesome webinar and we’re going to help a lot of people. And that’s what it’s all about. All right. Changing the universe, the world, one business at a time, one student at a time, and one organization at a time. All right. Okay, guys. Bye. Bye.

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