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This is a message I made for my AGM Marketing staff the other night. I’m sharing here because I believe it might help many other people. It’s a truth.

What does success look like? How do you accomplish it? Is it important to have a team? What are the skills of a true leader? These are a few of the areas I talk about in this video.


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3 Simple Steps to Successful Social Media Marketing

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Jimmy: Hey, what’s up, guys? My name is Jimmy and I’m the Associate Creative Director for Manuel and welcome to the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast.

So in this episode, Manuel hit some really cool points which can help any business owner out with social media marketing.

So for instance, I kept having a list of prospects and how to grow and expand that list. Also nurturing, how important it is to nurture your audience. And basically learning how to gain trust with your potential customers.

And lastly, one cool point that I want to make out is that I learned the difference between a successful brand and an unsuccessful one. So this is jam-packed, full of good stuff.

So take some notes and check it out, guys.



What we’re going to talk about today, this is now not an exaggeration, it is the make-break point of any successful expansion across eCommerce.

Whether that’s as an eCommerce brand, as an Amazon brand, as a brick and mortar, as a lead generation, no matter what it is, if you don’t put these elements in place, chances are you will not succeed.

And this is the reason why most companies do not make it in today’s environment.

When you look at the business that we have built, the business that we have here, which is NaturalSlim, AGM Marketing, Dr. Berg, and all these guys that we have actually helped grow over the years, we all have that common denominator, which is we know how to nurture leads that we generate.

If you guys become regeneration engines and you know how to bring a lot of people into your list, whether that’s SMS, email, subscribers on Messenger, no matter what, if you don’t know what to do with them after you actually have them on your central files, it’s all for not right.

So you’ve got to know what to do. And it’s where a lot of people get lost because they assume that, Oh, wait a second. I’ve been here my whole life about this whole thing ‘the money’s in the list’.


It’s not just only about the money’s in the list, right?

Because if you have a big list and you don’t do anything about it, you don’t know how to nurture them, how to communicate to them, how to get them to come back into your funnels, into your journey, then you’re going to end up missing out with them big time.

So let’s talk about that today. I can tell you that I have had hundreds of accounts come through AGM marketing over the last few years, hundreds of them.



And the ones that are actually succeeding are the ones that did a good job with this.

The ones that failed, they had false expectations. They try to do direct response marketing. They try to get sales on the first point, on the first contact. And eventually, that’s not profitable.



This is the building of relationships with individuals who are not currently ready to buy. They could be ideal customers and the future by providing them with valuable content, which eventually makes them trust your brand.

The goal is to educate the prospect, build their awareness of your organization’s products or services, and build trust.

This makes it more likely that the prospect will choose you whether it’s time to buy and become a brand ambassador.





And I want to show you behind the scenes for a second what we do here. And I’ll explain to you what is our funnel because I know you guys are trying to do something very similar.

This right here that I’m going to show you guys is a 20 million lottery business right now that we built from nothing.

So you’re walking into our call center right now. We have people all over the world doing this – answering phone calls from people that are calling in from social media, because we have been nurturing them throughout years – not days, throughout years. And many, many, many points of contact along the way.

So now that you have seen the reality of what this is, I’m going to show you what we do here exactly. And it is a system that could apply to any business, no matter who you are and what you’re doing, it applies to you. Okay?

So I’m going to open up the whiteboard now.

I want to show you this journey because if you’re for real, you didn’t come here and you didn’t join my program, The Facebook Masters, the Coaching Program, you haven’t done training from Ben Cummings or anybody that you came from.

No matter what you came in here because you were willing to put in the work. And the one thing that you need to have clarity on is that you need to be able to put in the work in order to succeed.



So the first thing, the first and most important word is this one right here, omnipresence.

So I don’t want to beat like they sad a dead horse, right?

So I know that this is already very clear in your minds, but.


Omnipresence is what differentiates a successful brand from a non-successful brand.


So when we talk about omnipresence, what are we talking about?
  • Well, you have to be on Facebook.
  • You have to be on IG.
  • You have to be on IG TV.
  • You have to have blogs.
  • You have to have a presence on YouTube.
  • You have to have a Twitter.
  • You have to be on email.
  • You have to be on SMS.
  • You have to be on Messenger.
  • If you have a female market, you also want to be on Pinterest.


Now the people ask me, should I be on one of them more specifically? And it really does depend on who you are and what your audience is.

But generally, the best answer is omnipresence. And the more places you can be at once, the more chances you have to build audiences, like the ones that we have built here in NaturalSlim that have people calling us from all over the world in nine countries, ordering supplements and trusting in what we have to say or what we believe is the right path for them to take.

That is built with time. That process is built with nurture. These people are not selling to cold audiences.

They’re selling to people that have a credit card in their hands. They have this credit card and they’re ready to give it to us because they trust us. Because we’ve been nurturing them along the way throughout years already.



Well, we got emails going on. We got a big Messenger channel as a lot of you guys know – there are 800,000 people in that channel. We got stuff going on SMS. We got Twitter, we got YouTube, we got a blog. We got Instagram TV, we got Instagram, we got Facebook.




And then we have anything that’s free content. We have as much as possible organic content on it.

I was doing a seminar the other day by Digital Marketers’ CEO. His name is Ryan Deiss. One of you guys might know who he is.

And he said a lot of things that are true, a lot of those things that I agree with. But there were some things that he said that were not true. And I’ll tell you guys what I mean by that.

He was talking about organic content and how organic content is dead.


Organic content is “not dead”

Far from it because people are still looking at your organic channels to make sure that you’re alive, and you’re a real brand, and that they can trust you.

So before they actually jump into buying something from you, getting on a membership, subscribing to a program, no matter what it is, before they jump and they take that step, that leap of faith with you, these people are going to look around to make sure that you are for real.

And even if you have one like, two likes, 12 views, 447 views, no matter what you have, this strategy is very important.



And not only that, this is a three omnipresent strategy. If you don’t know how to do it at this stage, you guys that have been following me maybe for a long time already, then we need to figure out how to get you the help for you to get it done.

You have a couple of tasks that you hire an agency to get it done for you, or you actually hire some people internally.

You go to places like FReeUp, or 20four7va, or OnlineJobs.ph or Fiverr. And you’ll find people that are going to help you write articles, do videos, and just get this going.

We’ve got to put in the work and get this machine going. Why? Because when you build this machine, you can now move on to the second step.

So let’s say this is the first step right here, your organic content strategy, your omnipresent strategy.

Once we’re done with this, what are we doing? We’re moving to the second step. And this is where you guys, Facebook Masters’ great students, step in.




So what would be the second step? Now we’re talking about paid strategies. Those are the things that you guys get experts at here.

If you go to module 12, for example, of the Facebook Masters, I talked a lot about this world and how to create omnipresence on social media, but throughout the entire course, I talked about the paid strategies.

So you’ve got to put that in place because what you do is that you grab the best performing content over here, for example, on Instagram, on Facebook, and you move that content and you invest over here on paid strategies. Because now you start building all these audiences of people with paid strategy, right?

25% video watchers, the website visitors, message the page people, right? The Instagram-engaged people, for example, Facebook page-engaged.

And if you need to get a reminder on the types of audiences that you need to be creating on social media, then you need to review the podcast that I did last Friday, which I already uploaded. And it’s available on any of the major podcast platforms. Because I detail this particular thing that I don’t need to talk to you guys about. But you should be very familiar with this world already.

You grab the best stuff in here – articles, videos, images, whatever you got, quote cards, et cetera. And you invest money for a guaranteed negative return on investment. You’re putting money so you can build these audiences. And that’s the second step.

The first step, if I am going to separate these steps. So we got omnipresent, we got paid strategies to build these audiences.




And then we got the third step. And that first step is Lead Gen. And this is where you guys are going to apply all the things that we’ve been talking about throughout the last couple of years.

And I want to show you the reality of this, because if you think that it’s about creating one single sequence on email, or it’s about creating a Messenger broadcast, or just an SMS campaign, that is not going to cut it.

So if you want to be for real, take your business and your brand to the next level in 2020 and beyond, then you need to figure out how to put this in place. And I cannot insist on this particular point enough, omnipresence on social media.

(Quote and quote, center) If you don’t have a brand that provides value, then you’re not going to be able to capitalize on social media.



Social media is no longer a direct response marketing platform. Social media is a platform for you to be able to actually provide value. So then, in turn, you can build audiences. So then, in turn, you can generate leads. So then in turn you can do what? Sell and scale.

Over here in the lead gen level, you have Messenger lead gen, which right now is absolutely hot. And I definitely want you guys to pay attention to it. Especially the omnipresent multichannel world.

You’ve got emails, still valuable. Now it’s painful when you have open rates that are plummeting, just like the stock market right now, right? Open rates are 10, 20%. Messenger open rates are still 80% and above. SMS is 99% and above.

So why would I not pay more attention to this one and to this one when I know that 90% of the people that I actually bring are going to open up my messages? And if I only do emails, 20% of them are going to open up and 80% will never ever again come back and open up an email from us.

So people ask me, should I just focus on generating emails? Well, what do you think? What does common sense say to you? One of the things that makes a successful entrepreneur a good business owner, a good brand owner is the utilizing of common sense.


Messenger, SMS, or Email?

Just based on this, what would you say? Is it Messenger or SMS that we need to pay attention to or emails? What makes more sense here?

Well, I’m going heavy on Messenger because I’m extracting SMS and email inside the platform.

If you guys want to check out some of the recent things that we did and how to create your own Messenger channel, we just launched a brand new channel for this guy right here. That’s a chat feature that we have on his website right there.

So if you guys want to check it out, all you’ve got to do is go to the following link. If you want to check out this guy’s Messenger channel, m.me/thesharkdaymond.

I believe this one is the best ManyChat platform way better than mine, by the way, which is being fixed as we speak. The best ManyChat platform ever in history created.

If you want to get an idea of how we’re extracting phone numbers and emails with ninja integrations and menus, and user-friendliness, go, check that one out.

So we are using this channel to extract all of these – Messenger, emails, SMS, creating a lead customer journey. And we’re using this exact same flow for Daymond John.

Omnipresent. If you guys don’t know who he is, this guy is a powerhouse, real entrepreneur, real business owner, Shark Tank legend. We’re doing this. He’s been doing this aggressively. We’re creating audiences with paid strategies.

And now, we’re bringing people into the new ManyChat platform that extracts Messenger email and SMS.

So ManyChat, even though it was created with the idea of being a Messenger platform has become a multichannel platform to extract all of these points of contact with people.

And now once they’re in here, we sell, and then we scale. So again, we sell and we scale once we have the leads in place. Okay, great.



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