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You’ve probably heard about the importance of having a social media strategy in place, but do you know why it’s such a vital part of marketing today?

Is it enough to post daily on your Facebook and Instagram pages? Or is there something more to an effective strategy?

How can you tell if what you’re doing is working or not?

In this podcast, Manuel answers these questions and more! Enjoy!


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Social Media Strategies – How the Right Marketing Strategy Helps Your Business Win!

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Jimmy: Hey guys, this is Jimmy and I’m the Associate Creative Director here for Manuel. And right now I want to kind of go over what is going to be in this podcast episode.

Manuel goes over a lot of really cool stuff. Like why having a social media strategy is super important if you want to expand your brand.

He also goes over some tools to help you manage your strategy, how to save time when you’re posting to your social media account and basically understanding why your social media marketing is working or not working.

So make sure you pay super close attention to this episode, because it’s important to win with your brand on social media. So what are you waiting for? Press play. Turn it up, take some notes.

You don’t want to miss this episode of the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast.


Why do you need a social media content strategy?

Manuel: A good content strategy can greatly help with your branding and lead generation via social media. Look at that. Shari says that her best video has 48,000 views.

Boom. Yeah, absolutely. You need to go heavy on that then in that case, for sure.

Attention, one example of a strategy is having a content calendar that plans out while you’ll post, where you’ll post it, and when.


Here are some primary reasons you want a content strategy

As you guys know, I recommend that on module 12 of the Facebook Masters, there’s a tool called Agorapulse, very similar to Hootsuite and other platforms that you can use.

I recommend that Agora. I liked it from the beginning. I stuck with it and it’s something that we still use today. And it’s very simple to use, user friendly. You can integrate all these different platforms into the central dashboard of Agora.

You do Facebook, Facebook Messenger. On Instagram, all that stuff can be in it. So as people engage, you can see communications in that platform very easily. And you can also do the scheduling from within Agorapulse for all your content.

So you can keep things going strategically throughout the entire week and not just whenever you feel like it.


Some primary reasons you want to start a strategy:

Strategy will help you save time by knowing what you do before you start. We’ll be able to save some time.

Also, it will help you understand why your social media marketing is working or not working and it will support your overall social media management efforts, okay?


Developing a Ninja Content Strategy

How do you develop a ninja content strategy with a few steps? So if you haven’t gotten a system down for your content strategy, we need to figure that out as a first step. And I don’t want you to underestimate the value and the importance of having your organic content strategy in place now because well, organic reach has diminished aggressively.

I believe that right now because people in this world are so convinced that the organic world is dying. It’s even more of a perfect time for you to go and step it up and just start doing more organic content aggressively.

Because at the same time, as you do this, you can figure out what people like the most and start advertising that organic content and just get it out there seen and heard by as many people as possible, based on the survey that you’re getting from people and their interaction with that organic content that you’re putting out there across these platforms.

So you can start with social media content. Add in all of your accounts. Are you doing enough? Are you doing close to 30, 40, 50, 60 a day?

If not, you need to step it up. Are you posting the right content? Are you posting content that you know is going to make somebody else better? Do you know what I talk about?


If you cannot provide value…

You are not going to be able to build an audience that you can sell to which means that if your content is all about your products and your services, well then, that content is not going to feed the bottom of the funnel.

So you need to make sure that you adjust your content so you’re actually providing value. If you are a car mechanic, show people how to change spark plugs.

If you are a stylist show people how to dress so they look beautiful. If you have a beauty brand show people how to look beautiful and how to use your products but not really because you’re selling them, but because you want to show them how to look beautiful with makeup or with beauty.


No matter

what you are

you need to figure out a strategy


…that would allow you to provide value to people and do that. And I want you to be prepared to not be concerned about the amount of views that you have, the likes, the engagement or any of that stuff.

If you look at my content, you’re not going to see a million likes or comments on any of my social media posts. At the same time, I don’t have to promote heavily my agency services.

Why? Because a lot of people that are engaging with your posts on social media, generally, they don’t comment, they don’t like, they don’t do anything, but they’re actually consuming your content. So you’ve got to keep in mind that your numbers are not all that accurate.

Don’t worry about people that are liking or commenting on your post. Don’t worry about that. Pay attention to your reach, how many people are you reaching and how is your business doing.

One thing that I have noticed which I have statistics to prove that is that as I am actually investing on my social media strategies, and you guys know that I walk the talk, you guys know that I have put a whole team dedicated to have a content strategy for my brand.

I put a lot of content out there and I am very, very aggressive in this. If you open up Instagram or Facebook or YouTube or Messenger or text message or any of these platforms or email, you generally get to see me at one point of the day or another.

And that’s because I believe myself in this being the most important way that you can actually capture an audience, whether you’re a personal brand or you’re a business, you’ve got to be omnipresent.


The Two Main Statistics

One thing that I have noticed is that there are two main statistics that go hand in hand, two main statistics, all right? And one of them is:

  • Gross income; and the other one is
  • Post

These two statistics go hand in hand. They go up almost in exactly the same way as you invest more energy in your post, your gross income will expand. And that is inevitable.

The one thing that you also have to your advantage is the fact that you are also a marketer. So you don’t have to only depend on your content being shown by these social media platforms.

You have to focus on getting distribution of that content, but these things go hand in hand.

Guys, I’m talking to you guys, my coaching students. I need you guys to understand this point:

As you go heavy on your post and you go aggressive and you close your eyes, put your head down and just do it every single day aggressively for the next six months, you will inevitably see your gross income statistic expand.

They go hand in hand. In the first couple of months, you’re going to feel like you’re wasting your time. And you’re going to feel like nobody’s paying attention and who cares what you do.

And you’re going to feel embarrassed because your mom or your dad or your sister or your neighbor are telling you that they’re seeing you everywhere. And then you only have one like so you’re concerned about that.

So I want you guys to get ready for that because this is the most important part of your 2020 strategy.

You’ve got to be putting a lot of that content on social media across all platforms a hundred percent every single place that allows you to put your content out there like Shari is doing it.

I’m seeing her myself because we actually got a chance to help her with the Built by Beef brand, which the personal brand is her husband.

Built by Beef

I have seen her walk that particular talk. She’s doing this aggressively. She’s on Facebook. She’s putting content out there. She’s on TikTok. She’s putting content out there. She has to find out what other areas that I mentioned. She needs to compliment and add in there.

But generally, she’s walking that talk, right? She’s actually putting the energy to make sure that her content is seen by people.

They go hand in hand because as people see your posts, they’re going to start seeing more of the stuff that you have to offer and how you can help them and your gross income statistic will also help. So I want to make sure that you guys get this point.

A lot of the strategies that we’re going to talk about throughout the rest of the year are not going to be effective unless you put this in place…


put the quantity of posts in place

So you can actually get your content seen and heard by as many people as possible. And don’t worry about it. I myself for the first year and a half of my content didn’t get many people to actually like or comment to my post.

But guess what? I was invited to big stages because of it. I got to speak in Conversations because of my content, which was a big conference in front of a thousand people. I got invited to speak at Traffic and Conversions in front of thousands of people. It’s the biggest digital marketing conference on the planet.


So, does it work?

You better bet it does. Right? Because as I’ve actually been doing this, I have been getting more and more and more business. And when I sell a course, I sell courses, people believe in me, they trust in me.



Because I have my own content. I have my own message. And I’m getting seen and heard by as many people as humanly possible.


Okay. Going back to the slides over here. So social media, right? So we got a second point.


Setting your brand’s social media goals

We want to make sure that we have those goals in place for 2020. Where are you at right now? Where do you want to get to in the next 11 months? Right? What do you want to accomplish in this 2020 environment?

Do you want to have a list of a certain size? Do you want to have a subscriber list on Messenger of a certain number? Do you want to have so many phone numbers? Do you want to be at a certain level of income for your organization? Set your goals now.


Social Media Competitor Analysis

Learn what your competition is doing and do it better. We talked about reverse engineering many, many times. Right now you have a Facebook Ad Library that if you didn’t know this, you can go in here and I’ll just go and recap these review guys just because we are here.

So let me just go ahead and do it. I’m sharing my screen right now and let me go over here and search Facebook Ad Library. You want to search for your competitors. So over here, we’re going to open up this first link that shows up and I wanted to search for “weight loss”.

You can even do keywords, right? For example, you can see here page name containing weight loss, health, weight loss run in 12 likes. That’s not a big deal.

So let’s see over here, what do we get? Coach Mindy Weight Loss. Look at that, Mindy. You’re one of the first ones that show up when I type in weight loss. Are you kidding me? Look at that. So if I click on that, I can see the ads that Mindy is running if I want to compete against her, right. That’s super cool.

So now, if I want to go to a direct competitor and I want to go to… Let me go to NaturalSlim and see if these guys are running any ads. All right. So this is in the United States. No, these ones aren’t NaturalSlim. This is Puerto Rico. Okay. We are running some ads and guess who’s running them? We are, right?

But you can see here the details on this. When did it start? You can see here, the copywrite on it, you can see how we write our copy, of how we do the emojis. We can see the videos. You can even see the video. You can even see the videos that we actually select.

This is only in Puerto Rico and it can tell you when it was launched and everything like this. These ones, we’ve just launched January 2020. I can probably go to… This is the United States. The thing is Puerto Rico includes that.

So if I click this, it’s going to be the same thing, right? Oh, look at that. My dad right here. Special message – you can contact me on Messenger or whatever. What a cute guy.

Frank Suarez

This guy’s going to be 70 years old on Wednesday, all right? 70 years old guys. So if you feel like you’re getting too old, are you older than that? Come on, guys. If this guy has no excuses, what’s your excuse? Right? 70 years old on Wednesday. He was born in 1950. Isn’t that crazy?

And again, I want to show you guys the rate at which we’re growing right now on YouTube. Let me just go ahead and do a quick change over here. You guys are looking at something behind the scenes, some behind the scenes.

So let’s look over here. This is fascinating data for you guys, right? So let me see, what can I show you here? All right. I’m going to show you this – dashboard, all right?

So check this out. So we got 1,922,518 subscribers right now on YouTube and we are gaining 92,000 subscribers every 28 days, all right? Isn’t that cool? You wonder why we have so much power and we have our businesses growing by leaps and bounds in the USA and everywhere else, okay?

So that is huge, alright? To give you an idea of the content and what we have going on right now. Okay. So a 70-year-old guy right here promoting his content. Okay. So again…


There are No excuses when it comes to ages

So I want you guys to get that done. One important thing… Let me just close this windows over here. One important thing about studying this is that you go in here, you make a list. I talked about this before. I don’t know… Anybody here has done this before, comment below and let me know.

If you go into the Ad Library, and if you have looked at what your competitors are doing, have you done that before? If I go over here and I look at competitors of mine, so who are they? Well, I don’t really care. I don’t consider them competitors. I’ve got my own thing going on, all right?

So if I want to look at the ads that Ezra is running well, he is not running Puerto Rico stuff. Let me see. He’s running United States stuff? Definitely running the United States stuff, all right? My people is you get to choose the level of enjoyment derived from each experience in life.

Now wouldn’t that be cool to go and learn some stuff from what other people that are similar to your brand are doing? I bet you that if you’re good at what you do then you can actually just do a good job. Okay. So check this out. This guy is running, obviously a top of the funnel, right?

This is what talking to from my wife looks like. He’s running this as an ad. What do you think? Do you think he’s trying to make some money there? No, he’s trying to build a top of the audience funnel – people interested in what he has to say.

Now he’s promoting over here, “Hey, join Molly, Pitman and me live and we’ll show you how to win an ass this 2020.” It’s not that great of a copy, but obviously, it works, right? Because he’d be at details and break down of it, when was it created. All kinds of cool stuff. So again, a lot of transparency.

Spend some time doing that, guys, looking at your competitors and what they’re doing and how they’re it. And you will find yourself getting a lot of creative juices running. So again, google Facebook Ad Library, you’re going to get the first link and that’s where you go.


Learn what your competition is doing and do it better

A quick keyword search on platforms allows you to see where your competitors are showing up and what they’re doing.

So if you go to Facebook, for example, if you search for weight loss, if you search for energy, if you search for all those things, you’re going to get a lot of things that are going to be presented to you on Google or Facebook or Instagram so you can see what these guys are doing.


Establish your targeted audience

Are you posting the right content for your desired audience? You’ve got to find out. Are you doing the content that you know your people are enjoying? Adjust it as many times as necessary until you find that correct formula of content that you can actually implement that is going to help you generate a top of the funnel audience.

If you don’t feel comfortable actually doing content, well, find somebody that can help you create that content. Content is actually an absolute, mandatory step to your success in this 2020 environment. So either you do it yourself or you find somebody else to do it, and either you do it abundantly, or you find somebody else to do it with you abundantly. But it’s a must, it’s an absolute must.


Finally, establish your brand voice or tone.

This happens with time. Okay. So ninja tips for selecting social media channels: Facebook and Messenger, most active users compared to any other social media platforms. That’s just the reality.

Over 2 billion and climbing, sends more website traffic than any other social media platform. Visual platforms on Pinterest are very visual and it lends itself well to strong creative images or guides. Mostly use fine inspiration for projects.



The thing about Pinterest, if you guys want to pay attention to it, we have done the Pinterest strategy for Dr. Berg. We’ve been doing it for over a year. I haven’t done much for my dad in NaturalSlim yet just because we don’t have the time for it.

But Pinterest is a growing platform that is mainly composed of females. And these females tend to be great, great buyers. So if you have an eCommerce that services females, then Pinterest should be a part of your content strategy. You need to have it in there and you don’t even have to have a paid strategy.

They do have an advertising product. I don’t believe it’s a good product yet. I believe that it’s probably going to be one in the future. But in the meantime, part of your omnipresence is becoming an overall presence across all these platforms, including Pinterest.



Instagram, and Instagram TV: I have been talking about Instagram TV before any of you guys even knew what that term meant. Most of the world, I knew it. I saw it coming and it was becoming a powerhouse.

I can tell you that right now, Dr. Berg’s, my videos on Instagram, they get more views on Instagram TV and on Instagram itself. So it’s a highly visual network for ninja images and short or long videos.

  • If you want to have short videos, they go on Instagram.
  • If you want to have long videos, that go on Instagram TV. You can do videos up to 60 minutes in length.

You can actually have great video content being put out there every single day. I’m doing for Dr. Berg three videos every single day. And I do one or two on my own brand. People are being pushed from Instagram into Instagram TV.

So it’s a very important platform. It’s highly visual, it’s highly interactive. And it’s an important element to your omnipresence.



I talked about LinkedIn also for a long time. I’m not a LinkedIn ninja, but I believe in the LinkedIn opportunity. If your audience is also an audience that is professional and they will buy beauty products and they will buy anything that you believe a person that is a professional will be buying.

If you’re a brand qualifies for that, then you should have a LinkedIn strategy. And it’s actually very simple and it’s free. And there’s no reason why you should not have it in place.

But some of the things that we post today on Facebook, we post it in eight days on LinkedIn. And then we post four days later on YouTube. And then we end up using all these different platforms simultaneously.

We use the content and we give the apparency of omnipresence. People look at me and they say, “Well, Manuel, you must be so busy. You’re everywhere.” Well, I am busy, but I’m not busy doing content on social media.

I’m busy running the marketing agency and creating content for you guys. That’s what I’m busy doing. I’m not busy doing videos all the time, but we create that apparency, and that helps you generate more business.

So professional network on LinkedIn, the content you share should reflect this idea and your brand, know what is your story, how would you like to make the world a better place with your content, how is it going to serve a professional audience, how great quality are the products that you have, et cetera.

All those things are things that belong to LinkedIn. So use heavily for sharing industry articles and general professional content too.



So as you look at the industry that you belong to, you can use it as a platform with hashtags. I always use three or four hashtags and just plug it into LinkedIn and you get visibility. I get people messaging me all the time. They want to connect with me just because I’m putting content on the platform and I’m giving again the apparency of omnipresence.

So Shari says, “Do you think it’s beneficial to get the paid LinkedIn account?” Honestly Shari I don’t have one myself. I don’t believe it. I think that’s being handled for me. But the LinkedIn account, the paid one is kind of like meant for you to be able to send out more messages to people. And I don’t do that. I don’t spam people.

I actually just put content out there. And I believe it also allows you to send out emails to people. So if you’re not looking to generate leads for like distributors or other things, then I would say, no, you’ve got to research a little bit more into that, but I don’t have a paid account.

I have an organic account. It doesn’t cost me anything. I don’t have what they call LinkedIn premium. I think I had it for a while. And then I didn’t realize, I didn’t see why I would keep it. So I just got rid of it. Shari is asking me good a question.


What is a good hashtag generator?

I don’t believe you should use a hashtag generator. And that’s why we don’t use one. We actually evaluate the content on a content, a piece by piece evaluation and we look at what the content is saying. And we pick three to four hashtags for LinkedIn and we pick 15 to 20 hashtags for Instagram and that’s what we use on every single post.

If I find my staff using hashtags robotically like copying and pasting, I actually go and get on their throats and make them fix that because I don’t believe that’s the way you should do it. I think hashtags are powerful when you actually can evaluate what you’re talking about, look at the content, and pick by thinking what hashtags actually should be on that particular content piece.

And again, hashtags are only applicable to the following platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Instagram TV
  • LinkedIn

That’s it. You don’t need hashtags on Facebook. You don’t need hashtags anywhere else. Actually, I would like to add one more – on Instagram stories, all right?

You can also effectively find great audiences with adding a little hashtag. I don’t know if you guys have done that before, but you can add a little hashtag and disappear it, make it so small that nobody can see it, or just make it disappear. And that’s going to help you get more discovery. And we’ve seen a lot of attention with integrating hashtags into the stories itself. So that works great.

Tiktok, absolutely. Shari said, “Tiktok is good for hashtags”. I keep forgetting about Tiktok still.

Jonald posted something here. It says, “Shari, when you have the LinkedIn premium app, it sends out sponsored mail directly to the user’s inbox. That’s the main benefit of it. Just go with the free one and constantly post valuable content and use proper hashtags that connect to your content.

For example, if you post about weight loss meals, then it’s ideal to use weight loss, diet meals, et cetera.” You got it. YouTube, a highly engaging community best suited for great video tutorials and value-packed content. It’s more of a show, right? It’s more like your weekly show that you’re doing, your more professional setting.

If you look at my YouTube channel, I don’t make content specifically for YouTube, but I have more of a special production. I generally asked my team to not post videos that are shorter than four minutes on YouTube. And we do some editing at the end of the video so we can invite people to subscribe and also connect with other posts. If you guys can check that out. It’s very simple to create that format so you can actually get your content out there.

Youtube is a very vital and important long term platform and you all absolutely must pay attention to creating your YouTube channels. I did not talk about that enough on the Facebook course because it was the Facebook training, but I’m a marketer. And for me, the name of the game is attention. And I’m not going to just have you stick on Facebook because there are other platforms that are going to be part of the ecosystem and they’re important for you to be able to put your message out there.

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of the Facebook Ninja podcast. If you want to learn more advanced Ninja tactics to grow your business and master social media marketing, then sign up for the Manuel Suarez Coaching Program by heading over to our website, manuelsuarez.com/coaching.






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