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This is a rant on a KEY factor… GETTING PREPARED to conquer to world through your business. If you get EDUCATED you can WIN. If you don’t, you WON’T. It’s as simple as that.

Social media advertising results depend on what you KNOW and the amount of energy you implement in regards to that new found KNOWLEDGE.

There’s a ton of opportunity. Opportunity that you can use if you know what you’re doing. Facebook advertising is one of those opportunities. Keep on learning and you will keep on improving.


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Learn From Those That Have Done it Themselves


Podcast Description

Hey guys. So, here I am in Puerto Rico. It’s probably why you’re hearing the crookings in the background. Here’s another rant that we are releasing right now on the subject of the opportunities today and how to go about dominating those opportunities. They revolve around one word and that’s education. So, I hope that you like it and you keep on learning, you keep on implementing. That’s the truth that will set you in the paths of being successful, okay?

I have been TRAVELING this road for MANY YEARS.

My path towards becoming an entrepreneur didn’t start two years ago. It started in 2006. It’s been going on for about 12 years now. I’ve been traveling the road, I’ve been learning from people, I’ve been going to conferences, I’ve been listening to podcasts, I’ve been reading books, training, watching videos. All those stuff I’ve been doing that forever before I actually got in front of a microphone to talk to the world about what I’ve done.

I have been doing it. I am the one actually accomplishing all those things so when I talk, I hate those people that are actually just out there talking without doing anything. I mean, somebody that has an agency, like let’s say for example somebody that runs an Amazon agency and they’re saying like, “Oh, I’m going to scale your business and help you sell $1 million a month.” Okay. Have you don’t it? Have you done it yourself? No? Then, what are you talking about?

“Oh, I’m going to help you expand your business.”  Do you have any business yourself? Then what are you talking about? It doesn’t make any sense, like what is all these guys talking about helping you when they haven’t done it themselves. Don’t fall prey to any of that stuff, guys.

Don’t fall prey to any of it because it’s all bias. You need to listen to the ones that have done it, to the ones that are doing it. And those are the guys that you need to pay attention to and pay close attention to because the rest of them are trying to take advantage of you and that’s not right. That’s simply a motivation to get your money. Not a motivation to help. Sure, I make money. I take money from you guys. I sell to you my courses. I sell you my services.

But, first and foremost, I have the intention to help you and make you better. So, in reality, you want to be building yourself along the way, making yourself better, discovering new abilities, and documenting those abilities by video, by audio, by writing, and letting your people know when they come in,

“Oh, you’re going to start writing emails? Okay, let me show you how that works. Here’s an exact video that shows you what I do when I log in to Infusionsoft. Let me show you exactly how I write my subject lines and how I write my context and what I do with my banner on my actual email and how I communicate to people, okay? Let me show you. Maybe if you practice enough, you’re going to increase your own value by showing me how good you are along the way.”

One of my favorite sayings in the world of business that I use is from Seneca, a great philosopher, that talks about what luck is, people that get lucky. What does that mean? Well, in his words, it’s what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So, in reality, guys, you’ve got to prepare yourself. And if you prepare yourself to take over the world to ride these waves that we have in front of us, then you can take advantage of that. Then, you can build an Amazon business, you can have an e-commerce channel, you can bring your own start, you can understand how to buy products in China and bring them to the United States so you can have your own business here.

That’s what we have here – we have an opportunity and it’s your time to actually do something about it. If you do this guys, if you actually work on that philosophy, you’re going to scale a team from one that you are to 20 or more in no time, just like that. I think that a lot of you guys might need some help with this area because this is a very, very underutilized area that people need to pay attention to and that is building an organization of staff of people, of human beings that help you implement all the activities that you need to implement to expand your business in this social media world.

Do you know how many actual campaigns I create myself on a daily basis? ZERO.

I don’t. Why? Because I scale myself and that allows me to think in other areas, to expand my reach to other areas that I know are going to help my business keep expanding along the way. As you grow in business, as you build your own businesses, as you establish product lines, brands, listings, e-commerce platforms, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Instagram followers, and you do all your content and all those things, you’ve got to realize that you need to segment your work along the way, you just segment you activities along the way so you can hand them over to different departments every single time.

That way you get to build a real business and you become a real executive of your company that is keeping the company looking up and always expanding and growing along the way. That’s something that needs to be utilized. And today, there  are lots of opportunities to bring you gold mines right now. Out of my 40+ staff, I’ve got about 20 from the Philippines, several in Mexico, several in the United States, and I’ve got them all over the place.

There are some people in the Philippines for example, in other places of the world, in Latin America, that are geniuses, that need opportunity – people with a lot of potential that need and want opportunities. They have perfect English, perfect grammar, great ability, or maybe not perfect grammar, but they definitely can get better along the way and their abilities get better and they will blow you away.