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The opportunity today is not a usual one. Most people take it for granted. If you’re here listening to this podcast, consider yourself part of a unique group of AWOKEN people that understand how unique this era is.

An era where Facebook and Instagram advertising is just in its early stages.


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A Rant on the OPPORTUNITY in Front Today and a WAKE UP Call


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Just so you know, I was not born an entrepreneur. I was not most of my life, an entrepreneur. I became one along the way because I decided to do something about my future. I am not a marketer, graduate from college. I am not somebody that has experience with overall business. I made myself a professional along the way and I’ve been working very hard throughout the last couple of years to the point that a few years ago, once I realized the opportunity of the Facebook world, I literally went all out on that particular wave because it was quite a powerful wave that was going on. I decided to look around me and observe and I just jumped all over it. I became a certified Facebook professional. I learned the ins and outs of the Facebook world and that’s what I’ve been doing to grow my businesses, my Amazon brands, and my own e-commerce platforms.

You know that I have a marketing agency and I have some big clients and some smaller clients, and a bunch of people and 50 staff. I am deep in the trenches of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger marketing world, very deep in it, okay? We spend about $400,000 every single month on Instagram and we’ve generated over $100 million in revenue in the last few years alone with the power of these tools so I’ve become obsessed with it. It all started back in 2015. I did some basic training on Facebook and then I got obsessed with it. I’ve been growing my Amazon businesses, my office right here in Clearwater, Florida in which I have a brick and mortar. We help people over the phone and we sell products online. And then I have my dad’s YouTube channel and his Facebook page which is quite big. We help a lot of people. We’re revolutionizing the world, we’re in eight different countries. I mean that’s me. It’s day in, day out. This is my passion. We have big collapses. And then we have expansion. And then a little bit of a collapse and then expansion. What we’re trying to accomplish as a business, as an organization, always is figuring out how we can reach most of those people that are really at that bottom in whatever service that we offer or whatever brand or product that we have. Just pick them up and make them better. So, for me, that’s when the magic happens – when you wake up and you realize, “Wait for a second, I can get better. I can improve my life. It doesn’t have to be like this. I can actually improve my environment.” So, that’s actually something that I think is essential for all of us to go through and experience as we are building more of our dreams, our goals, and everything that we’re looking to accomplish.

That’s what we have here. We have an opportunity and it’s your time to actually do something about it. But, if you, in reality, know that you have more potential, more to accomplish, more to do in life, then, that’s what it is. It’s going to be around for a few years now but it is going to be expensive because the big players, the big companies like IBMs, the Microsoft, the Coca-cola’s, all these other guys that have billions and millions and gazillions to advertise, they’re going to put their money on Facebook and they’re going to take it out of the television, radio, newspapers, and magazines because they’re going to realize that they’re wasting their money. For now, the little guys, us, we have a level plainfield. We can go in there and plant our roots and ride the Facebook ads wave. It’s no longer right now a competition to find out which is the greatest social media marketing company. Facebook has won the game. They have Facebook. They have Instagram. They have Messenger. They have Whatsapp. They have Virtual Reality. They have it all. In reality, all you’ve got to do is learn how to use them.

You understand that Facebook’s customers are not the users. Facebook customers are us, the advertisers which means that if we don’t get results, they don’t grow. Do you know why they’re growing by leaps and bounds? Do you know why they keep on breaking revenue records? They just reported two weeks ago. Other records. They keep on breaking records and exploding. The fifth largest cap corporation in the United States right now and growing by leaps and bounds. Why? Because they provide value to advertisers, they get us business. In Facebook, you can sell stuff. If you ask people like Gary Vaynerchuk right now what is the hottest platform to advertise on, what is the cheapest platform, he will not even think about it twice. He keeps on talking about Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. So, somebody like him, trust me, he knows what he’s talking about. I know what I’m talking about. We’re seeing the data every single day, guys. So, it’s a matter of you getting in there and using the actual platform to grow your band up.