Here are 5 strategies to promote your e-commerce business based on a business that is going to do $200 million in revenue give or take in 2022 with e-commerce.


Number one is putting a content machine in place, which means seeing if you have the ability to create content and then finding a way to create it.

For example, here’s what to do first:

1.Create a YouTube channel that revolves around your message and what problems your business solves.

2.Once you create your YouTube channel, brand it, make it look clean, find the name for it, put a banner in place and anything else you have to do, then move onto the next part.

3.Start creating seven pieces of long form content a week–you can even do all seven in one day.

It does not matter how you do it as long as you do seven pieces or more, and just start creating content.

4.Put a camera up in front of you or use something like an iPhone, no one really cares about the quality as long as it’s decent.

Once you get your content recorded and start posting your videos out there, just realize that it’s not going to be an overnight thing.

It’s a long term game that will pay itself in a big way down the road if you don’t give up, and start getting that content sent out across the entire world.

5. And what you can do to help you is you can hire a couple of VA’s, they could be in the Philippines or other countries that are more affordable. Have them cut that content into different formats and different pieces across social media channels.

6. Then you can spread that content onto TikTok, Facebook Feed, Facebook reels, Instagram reels, Instagram stories, Instagram feed, LinkedIn, if it’s applicable to your business and so on.

You can place your content in every single place that allows you to spread a message and every single placement within that place.

It’s an opportunity for you to reach people for free, and the cost of reach is essentially zero.

The only thing that you need to do is put in the time and pay a few dollars to your people so they can actually put together the content to spread it far and wide.

Then it’s just a matter of doing that for a few months, and at some point if your content is decent, it will take off.

If your content is great, it will absolutely crush it, and you will go into the stratosphere.

We recently did a TikTok channel for a client of ours, his name is Dr. Livingood, (what a great name, right?) and the first video that we ever launched, we spent $0 in TikTok advertising, and it got 1.5 million views.

All this attention is out there waiting for you, all you need to do is get into action and grab a little piece of it.

This is a senior strategy because in 2012 we created a YouTube channel for my father and we said to my dad,

“I need you to go create content for us because we believe that you have an incredible ability to communicate and have a lot of value to give to the world, so I want to put you in front of a camera.” 

And we got going, created content and filmed episode number 1 out of 2,400 episodes.

Now, if you look at the Channel (MetabolismoTV) on YouTube it has almost 6 million subscribers.

We generate a gazillion views every month, and you can see that it was created for the first time in my office.

I uploaded the first video in Texas when I was still living there, and three years into it we hit our first 100,000 subscribers in 2015, then two years after that in 2017 we hit a million and the channel continues to grow fast.

My father very sadly passed away in 2021, and was one of those very special people in everyone’s life so we were very fortunate to have had him around, but his legacy is something quite immortal and it’s going to be around for a long time.

We’re still getting people to discover him every single day because there’s a lot of people in the world that did not get a chance to meet him while he was alive.

So the business is still growing because people get to discover him now after he’s no longer with us because of his content, he was that good.

And all he did was provide value, he would not sell stuff, he would provide value.

So that is the senior strategy if you want to build a powerful e-commerce brand.

And if you have the guts, courage, persistence, patience, dedication–if you have that, this road when taken is quite powerful.

When you build a legacy, that’s what’s going to help create generational wealth for your family.



Number two is you need to have a high converting website.

I personally enjoy a platform called Shopify, and there are many great platforms, but I became a fan of Shopify years ago, and have used it to build several brands.

This is number two because as you get a lot of attention with strategy number one, which is massive social media attention, people are going to want to buy your stuff so they’re going to end up visiting your website.

They’re going to find you, so a highly optimized, aesthetic, user friendly, fast, and mobile-friendly website is going to be essential.



Number three, you need to be on Amazon as an e-commerce brand.

You must be on Amazon because it’s a great starting point, especially if you need cash flow.

And let this sink in for a second; Amazon makes 50 cents of every dollar spent on the internet in the United States of America–50 cents of every dollar spent on the internet!

There’s a lot of websites out there, and Amazon takes up half of that.

There’s a lot of websites out there, and Amazon takes up half of that.

So it’s an incredible opportunity because there is established traffic there already.

People are looking for your products there, and all you need to do is optimize your listing, get nice images, good copy, so it looks good enough that when somebody lands on it, they will convert.

The game on Amazon revolves around two main things.

Those two things are:

Ranking, and Reviews.

Master those two things, and you can take off because people are out there looking for products like yours every single day, so Amazon is a must.



The fourth strategy for an e-commerce brand is to build an incredible customer service team.

Build a great team that can actually help you show the brand’s presence across the internet.

Make sure that people are getting their questions answered, make sure you address people’s concerns, and respond to them quickly.

Don’t let somebody out there hurt your brand because you never know, someone could have millions of followers and post something about your brand because you didn’t deliver a high quality product like you promised, and it could end up hurting your brand a lot.

So customer service in this era is underrated, you need to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to give attention to people and respond to their concerns or questions as fast as possible, especially as an eCommerce brand.

If you put this in place, your brand is going to succeed at a much faster pace.



Last but not least there’s an old saying in the world of marketing, it’s been around for a long time and it says “The money is in the list.”

If you’re into marketing, you have most likely heard this saying before, and even if you’re not into marketing, you may just be a business owner or entrepreneur, then you’ve probably still heard other people talk about it.

And we can go a little deeper into this in particular by saying and adding “the money is in what you do with the list.”

Something that I put a lot of attention on consistently is taking that enormous attention of what we covered in strategy number one, and building massive audiences so I can then present them with more opportunities.

Now you can bring people into your world via messenger subscription, WhatsApp, DM, lead magnet, etc. but you need to take them out of all these social media platforms and transfer them into your world which you control, that’s what we call, your list.

Your list is your central files.

But your list is also your bloodline, and your oxygen. 

If you actually get a list that’s continuously growing, you will see your business grow as well.

That’s why it’s important to not just do branding, but making sure that you’re finding opportunities to provide value to people in exchange for them coming into your world (joining your list).

Create courses, give away resources, create contests, do flash sale deals, and create offers in exchange for emails or phone numbers.

You’ll find yourself in a path of growth while simultaneously growing your list.

When you have that in place, Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube can shut you down and you know what? You still have a business because you have a list.

That’s the power of it.

So build it, and now you have really started to build a legacy.