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After delivering seminars all over the world, I realized how unique the knowledge I have really is.

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What It Takes to Win in The Social Media Game


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Hey, everybody! Welcome again to the Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here live recording a podcast with you guys. It has been almost an entire month. Actually, it might just be a month already since the last time I did a podcast which I know it sucks, it’s horrible, right? Especially you guys that got used to a routine of a weekly podcast. Again, it’s on me, my fault. There has been so much going on, nothing to do with the holidays. I am all over the agency and there’s a lot going on in there. We are scaling businesses, we are breaking records. Just this Black Friday last week, here in our business, in our offices, in NaturalSlim offices in the United States, we broke records. If you guys have followed my content for a while, you know that I built a business with my dad several years ago. We’ve been making him a social media superstar. It’s incredible what’s going on.

The speed with which we’re growing right now is something that I can tell you that our ancestors never even dreamed about. It was not supposed to be possible and now it is because we have this incredible tsunami of communication in front of us that most people take it for granted. We don’t because we are entrepreneurs and we are trying to learn about it. Even you that is watching this or listening to this used to take it for granted because I know that I do to a certain degree. People ask me all the time how much content should I create, how heavy should I go, how much money should you invest. Well, my answer to that is basically as much as you possibly can because there is so much opportunity right now in front of us, there’s so much that we can actually take control of. There’s so much land grabbing going on that you have to figure out how to get the most for yourself, for your business, for your family, because this opportunity is not going to be around forever. In ten years, the social media world is going to be a common thing. Everybody is going to be investing money on advertising in social media whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Pinterest. Whatever it is, people are going to be investing on these platforms because these are the new communication platforms of the planet. This is how we talk, this is how we spread the word about things. This is how we actually communicate about other things that we like and we don’t like. This is how we complain. It’s incredible that even people that are complaining about Facebook, do you know where they complain about Facebook? That’s right. They complain on Facebook. Come on guys, this is what’s going on right now. You’ve got to understand that this is the way that we talk to other humans today, okay? We are supposedly less social because we talk to each other less. We go to restaurants and we don’t talk to each other. When we go to parties, everybody is on their phones. In reality, we are talking more than ever. It’s just that we’re talking through another channel and that’s the social media channel.

There’s a study that was recently done in a university. I don’t know if it’s Cambridge or Yale University, one of these Ivy League University that did some research on how social we are today. And, it was particularly focused on people that are young demographics like kids ages 17 and younger. And, they found that today, every single 17-year-old or younger considers that they have at least 15 friends, something like that, okay? So, it’s very interesting because now you compare that with the year 1990 and the research back then showed that kids would actually usually say that they have two or three friends. That’s it and that’s nothing else, right? So, even though social media looks like it has taken away our life and our ability to communicate, the numbers show something quite different. It shows that we are actually doing more and accomplishing more through communication platforms. So, it’s just simply being able to observe what’s going on in this platform and being able to communicate to people correctly on them. That’s what captures the attention and brings business into your world, okay?

So, a lot of things are going on obviously. Last month I launched my course. For about two weeks we were open but we’re not open anymore. We’re not opening again until probably April of next year. So, I was really busy bringing in all those people, all those students that decided to be a part of my program. That made it a little bit harder for me to get in here because I was also at the same time running my agency. I have an agency called AGM Marketing which we help some big customers. Generally, customers that are doing several million dollars a year already. If there’s a customer that is doing $100,000 or $500,000 a business, or even a million dollars that usually cannot afford our services because we’re not necessarily cheap. We have a really good agency that produces a lot of results. Just like there are good doctors, good surgeons. There’s a surgeon that can actually kill you and there’s a surgeon that can actually save your life. There are good marketers and there are bad marketers. That’s a reality. Not all marketing is the same. Not even if it’s Facebook advertising. Most people are going to do a horrible job of it. We happen to be really good at what we do, okay?

So, now, a lot is going on in that. I want to talk to you guys today on this podcast about some of the things that we are discovering, or that I am discovering because my role in my agency is to be the strategist. Aside from being the CEO and the one running the show, bringing the staff, concentrating the production, handling some of the clients, too, for them to be able to be safe and rolling and growing along the way, I am the strategist. I’m the one that builds the strategies for these companies to be able to continue to expand. How to get the most at the lowest cost? That is my goal overall. So, I have figured out something really cool. Now, I want to share it with you guys, today. Now, one of the things that I have seen on the Facebook side of things, on the social media side of things. Not only on the Facebook side of things. I’m talking about Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, Messenger, YouTube channels, et cetera. One of the most important things that you need to have if not the most important thing, let’s say it’s not one of the most important things. Let’s say it is the single most important factor that determines whether you win or not in this game and build a business that withstands time. The most important factor is one word and that word is patience. If you don’t have the patience to play the social media game, I want you to just literally turn off this podcast and go watch house of cards or play fortnite and just enjoy life because you’re not going to be able to survive in the social media game. The social media game requires hard work and patience. And, you’re going to be able to test and test things out consistently and actively until you find those things that you can scale because if you don’t find those things to scale, then, nothing happens, right? But, if you also invest on things, on strategies, on audiences, on ads that don’t produce results, then, you go down and you lose all your money and you also have to shut down, okay?

So, in the social media game, I’m going to give you an analogy to the social media game, okay? And, this is 100% true and I have been testing it out myself and it happens to be almost exactly the right formula. Think about Facebook advertising in the same way that you think of a baseball player and their batting percentage what they also call the at-bat percentage. Now, what does that mean and what am I talking about? In the social media game, if you create 20 audiences, just to tell you a specific thing because there are campaigns, there are audiences, there are ads, et cetera, right? Let’s say that you pick out 20 audiences. You find 20 different interests. You find 20 different demographics. You find 20 different areas to target, income levels, et cetera. I’m going to guarantee you something. At least 16 to 18 of those campaigns, audiences, or ads that you created are going to fail. Which means that in order for you to survive in the social media game, you have to understand that you as an advertiser, as a marketer, you are kind of like a baseball player. Meaning that a baseball player gets up to the plate and he’s going to bat the ball, he’s going to try to hit it and try to get on base. He’s going to try to get on base safely. I don’t know if you guys know about baseball rules. Generally, if you know anything about sports, you know that this is how it works. Do you know that a baseball player, if they succeed three times out of 10, they are eventually a Hall of Famer? Let that sink in. Meaning that if they fail seven out of 10 times throughout their entire lives, 70% of the entire time, they are an absolute rockstar. Three times out of every 10, they get results and they get something that works well, and they can scale that and get results overall with that particular audience, with that particular ad in that campaign. Well, it’s pretty crazy to think that Facebook advertising works exactly the same way and this is where most Facebook advertisers fail. They forget to actually implement a strategy that allows them to test, test, test, test, test, test, test because there is so much data.

Guys, remember, in the United States only, there are 220 million people actively using the Facebook platform, the Facebook app actively, right? Worldwide, there are 2 billion people actively using the platform. Most of these guys using the platform are never going to be interested in what you have to offer in your product or service. So, you need to know that in order for you to find the actual people that are going to be interested in what you have to offer, you have to test out many different things. Your ideas about what works and what doesn’t work cannot go into the equation. Meaning that you cannot be like, “Oh, this video is fantastic. I bet you this is going to convert. Oh, this image is beautiful. I bet you this is going to do great. Oh, this carousel image, this collection, this website.” None of that really matters guys because sometimes, as you look into the accounts, you’re going to be shocked that some things are successful and some things are not successful. Very, very important for you to understand that in order for you to find successful things, keep in mind these percentages. I want you to think with it so you get ready to deal with adversity, you get ready to deal with the fact that you’re going to fail more often than you’re going to succeed in the Facebook advertising game.

It’s something that I have learned the hard way myself. I have learned that most of the things that I create even though I think they are fantastic, they’re not going to be successful. But, if you incorporate a system of monitoring your campaigns, of monitoring your results, you’re going to be able to turn off the losers and scale the winners. In that way, you’re going to be able to grow your business. So, what is my advice to you? Number 1, you have to be ready to ride the wave. You have to be willing to run the marathon. You have to be willing to step in there and test things out actively until you find those winners that are going to be based on your metrics because remember that you all have what we call in the marketing world KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. Some people are going to have video views as their KPI. Some people are going to have sales, purchases, leads, et cetera, conversions, or whatever it is, you are going to have your own KPIs along the way that are going to help you monitor your results. So, what you are going to do is figure out what are those KPIs and turn off the losers so you don’t bleed out and scale the winners so you can grow your business. But, always, always, always keep in mind that every time that you submit a campaign with an audience and with an actual ad, there is a 70-90% chance of failure. Let that sink in for a second. 70-90% chance of failure. That’s a lot, right?

Well, once you find those winners, once you find that 10%, 20%, 30% of audiences in ads that actually give you results, you can scale those so high that it makes up for all the other 70% losers that you actually created along the way. So, this is what we’re doing in the agency. What we’re doing agency wise is that we’re grabbing a single campaign, let’s say a branding campaign. And then we have another campaign called the purchase campaign. And then we have another campaign called a Messenger subscriber or lead generation campaign. And in that campaign, we are creating hundreds of audiences, duplicating, duplicating and duplicating audiences and testing them out. And once they’re in there, we have combinations – people that have watched the video, people that visited the website, people that are page fans, people that likes certain things, certain income level, people that use certain devices like IOS or Android devices. Whatever it is, you can have hundreds of combinations. Let me tell you something that Facebook doesn’t have. They don’t have a lack of data. They have an enormous wealth of information that you can use to create audiences. What I always tell my students is that when you’re doing an audience, try to stay within the 1 to 2 million audience size range because other than that it gets too large and you can’t really communicate well to a big crowd of people of 10, 20 or 50 million people. But, if you have a targeted 1 to 2 million people in there, now you can communicate with these guys better and find out faster if this is going to be an audience that you can scale or an audience that you need to turn off. So, 1 campaign for branding or purchases or leads and then hundreds of audiences. You duplicate, duplicate, duplicate and then make as many of them as possible. Then, you can have a few ads. Or ideally, if you have the manpower, also test out hundreds of ads, catalog artworks, single images, single videos, carousel videos, carousel images, collections, presentations. Whatever you can, test out a lot of different things – short copy, long copy, call to actions with one single word, call to actions with several words, an entire line, along the description, et cetera. You can test out a bunch of different things. And then, what you do is you can go on the Business Manager.

This is a little bit more advanced guys. But this is something we’re working on setting up. You can set up automated rules, it’s called Automated Rules, okay? On the Business Manager, there’s going to be on the drop-down menu something called Automated Rules. These are rules that you can use to actually turn off your losers and to increase the budget on your winners as you please. There are thousands of different combinations of these rules but if you set up some basic ones, when you start bleeding out because of a losing campaign, Facebook is going to help you and turn off all the losers. He’s also going to help you scale and increase the ad spend on the winners. Guys, it’s a system that works. We’re incorporating it and it works like magic. If you do this and if you have the patience, the right patience in place, you will be able to grow your business.

Now, it does not happen overnight. The social media game is a very different game than the Amazon game. In Amazon, you can launch a brand, start doing some promotions, some giveaways, go heavy with strategies, start optimizing doing PPC. You can start doing all those things and suddenly you can start getting traction in a month or two or maybe 3 months, okay? If you have a good product and a good niche market. That’s the Amazon world. The social media game is a longer and different game that requires a lot more testing. But if you start doing the social media game for your Amazon brand or for your e-commerce, or for your local business, or whatever brick and mortar that you have, you have to start testing things out and get ready. If you go back to my content to all my podcasts, to my videos, everywhere, you’re going to actually go back and see what ideas are you going to incorporate into you business that are going to help you scale your business today in the social media world. But, you need to have a mental preparedness to deal with a delay of anywhere from 6 months to a year. If you do this consistently, you should be able to eventually create a monster that you can scale, that now starts giving you $1 spent, $5 in return, $1 spent, $7 in return. And once you have that like Dr. Berg, like my dad, like other brands that I handle right now, once you have that, now you have a gold mine that is yours forever and ever and ever. And even if Amazon shuts you down, even if you want to change brands, even if you have something else, you understand that now you build an audience that you can keep on using actively. So, your social media game is everything.

This pays big time. If you do this in this route guys, it pays and it pays in a big way. It is something that you cannot forget about its power but you have to understand that it’s a long game and it requires a lot of activity. There is no such thing as set it and forget it in the social media world. That is false. It is a recipe for disaster. There’s a couple of things that I teach my students that is as close as possible to evergreen campaigns something called Dynamic Ads where somebody goes to your website and now you can follow them around. Those are pretty evergreen. But overall to stay alive in this social media game, you have to understand that you have to work actively on the accounts, you have to create a lot of audiences, ad sets. You have to test out different variations of copies, images, and videos. You have to test out different copies on the call to action. You have to be willing to move things around, turn off and turn on, and never get frustrated when you have losers because having losers is part and parcel of the actual social media game. There’s no such thing as a social media marketer, even me, that I’m supposed to be one of the top gurus in the social media world that is going to have 80 percent winners. I wish. It doesn’t happen like that guys. I wasted a lot of money on my Facebook ads because I have to consistently keep on working on finding my audience, finding my creative, finding my exact message that is going to get through to these people and help them come into my sales channels, okay? That’s how it works.

So, patience. Be willing to have patience. Don’t give up. Understand that it takes time guys. Think about it. Like myself, I have been doing this for a couple of years already. Two years actively social media content non-stop seminars, right? Particularly if we look at it, I’ve only been going at it for the last 6 months. I already have a million dollar course that I have gathered a lot of people on through my content, through my seminars. I’m just getting started but it’s taking me a lot of work and a lot of implementation to get there actively. Think about people like Dr. Berg. Dr. Berg who’s a rockstar, a social media superstar, my number 1 client together with my dad. This guy created his social media channels particularly YouTube back in 2009. In 2009, nine years producing content consistently, actively on the social media platforms. When I took over his social media channels a couple of years ago, on Facebook he pretty much didn’t have anything. On Instagram, he didn’t have anything. I brought those channels to life. The YouTube channel had 300,000 subscribers already when we came in. Today, it has 2.2 million subscribers. So it has gone viral in the last couple of years since we started helping him. But in reality guys, you’ve got to keep in mind that for the first eight years of his social media career, nobody really paid that much attention. He was already surviving well. He was already generating millions of dollars in sales but not like he is today. Today, he is a social media monster. Today, we can accomplish incredible things for his content. Today, he’s a real rockstar. We do a convention, it gets packed. We offer new products, they get sold. We have an extension of a digital program, we sell it. Whatever it is that we do, we’re going to sell because he built himself there by consistency, by patience, by hard work, by testing, by dedication and by having a brilliant marketing mind behind the whole thing, okay?

So, it’s what it takes, okay? It’s what it takes. It takes our work, it takes us dedication, it takes patience. If you’re not willing to have patience then I suggest that you jump off the social media ship because there is no way around it. Patience is a part and it is a requirement if you want to win in this social media game, all right? Okay, guys, that’s all I have for you guys today. Now, a very important note, come on. If you are here listening to this podcast, watching me on a Facebook live video, or whatever it is that you are doing. Make sure that you’re following my pages, okay? You guys got to look at what we’re doing on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on YouTube, okay? Make sure that you go and find me because we’re doing some really, really good content. If you’re looking for motivation, strategies, viewpoints, marketing mind, et cetera, please follow what I’m doing, okay? My Instagram stories, my Instagram feed, my Facebook page. If you go to facebook.com/theninjamarketer, if you go to instagram.com/mrmanuelsuarez or look me out at mrmanuelsuarez, if you go to LinkedIn which is also mrmanuelsuarez, if you go on YouTube and find the ninjamarketer. Guys, look me up, Manuel Suarez the Facebook Ninja. I am pumping out some seriously high-quality content and you should definitely follow me in the social media game, all right? All right, so I’ll see you guys on the next podcast.

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