Meta just recently announced on Aug 9th, 2022 that they will be including new B2B targeting audience segments globally.

What does that mean? That means you can get your ads in front of business owners, decision makers, and even new active businesses if you rely on getting their attention!

Meta went on to say as a B2B marketer, you now have the ability to communicate with high-ranking executives at any size company.


The Reasoning Behind

Meta admitted that they’re in a special position to help B2B marketers in their pursuit of connecting people and companies.

But what that means in corporate language is, “We need more money.”

And if you looked at their earnings calls you’d agree with me, but we’re not here to talk numbers today, if you’d like to do that then I recommend checking out my CMO’s Youtube video on it.

Meta (Or Facebook as it used to be called) has been the go-to platform for B2B marketers looking for B2B attention and leads, with over 200 million businesses and over 2.9 billion daily app users.

Then along came LinkedIn and more B2B marketers began exploring this paid advertising avenue.

The only problem marketers found with LinkedIn was the high CPMs that didn’t help, especially with newly established businesses trying to get their message across.


Newly Added Audiences

Regardless of competing platforms that allow marketers/business owners to target B2B audiences, Meta has caught up and launched 4 new targeting options.

And although 4 new targeting options may not seem like a lot, it definitely makes an impact when you think about the money a B2B business would spend on trying to target these audiences otherwise.

These newly added audiences include:

IT-Decision Makers
Business Decision-Maker Titles and Interests
Business Decision Makers
New Active Businesses

IT-Decision Makers are exactly what it sounds like, Meta has narrowed down the people who are in the IT (Information Technology) industry based on their job titles. 

So if you’re trying to recruit some IT people from other businesses or attempting to sell some sort of technology for IT businesses to sell to their customers this will be a good audience to use.

Now if you’re trying to reach business owners based on their job titles and interests in an effort to sell your software, CRM, etc. then you’d most likely use Meta’s “Business Decision-Maker Titles and Interests” targeting segment.

Here’s where it may get a little confusing though, let me explain.

Meta announced another audience segment that they labeled “Business Decision Makers” which are, of course, people in businesses that are decision makers but Meta specifically stated these categories:

Strategy or Marketing

So when you compare “Business Decision Makers” and “Business Decision-Maker Titles and Interests” you can see that one leans more towards interest targeting and the other is more towards job titles.

Why did Meta decide to do it this way?

Who knows, but what we do know is there is more opportunity than ever for recruiting opponent operators, human resource employees, etc., and also selling services to these business decision makers!

I personally don’t like to recruit strictly on talent because I believe there should be a passion fueling individuals, but I know for other businesses they like the idea of poaching high-performing talent, so there you go.

The last audience option Meta announced was “New Active Businesses” which can quite honestly be a game-changer for self-employed individuals selling their services.

Here’s Meta’s definition of the New Active Business option:

“Admins of engaged businesses that were created in the last 6, 12 or 24 months. 

(Note: This reflects 3 segments, with one for each timeframe.)” 

So within this audience you have 3 other segments based on timeframes, targeting admins of newly created businesses for 6 months, 12 months, and 24 months.

So if you’re a small business or self-employed individual trying to help freshly established businesses, delivering valuable services this is something worth looking into.

As with every update by Meta, it’s always smart to test, test, test, before you decide whether something works for you or not.

So if you have a B2B business, test these audiences out, and let me know how it goes, I know our CMO at our Marketing Agency will be.

If this article piqued your interest, it would mean the world to me what you thought about it or share it with someone who you believe would benefit from it. 

Until then continue to conquer the marketing world!

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