With the major events going on in the world today, we want to make sure that you get the information you need to keep the doors to your business open and thriving!

In this podcast, Manuel takes you on the five-step journey your customers will need to take in order for you to win in the game of entrepreneurship regardless of what is going on with the economy. Enjoy!


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Social Media Marketing: Proof Social Media Marketing Works in Any Economy

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Jules: Hi guys! This is Jules. I’m Manuel’s Creative Director here at AGM Agency. With the major events that are going on in the world today, we’re going to do our part in helping as many businesses as we can.

In this podcast, Manuel provides proof that social media marketing can work in any economy. Enjoy. 


Effects of a Collapsing Economy

Manuel: Good. Let’s get to it. Have you guys noticed that we are living in a very, very intense environment?

Well, I don’t think there’s a person on planet earth that has access to traditional media or the online world that doesn’t understand that we’re going through some very, very tough times right now. When I say tough times, I mean things that a lot of us have not even experienced as entrepreneurs.

I can tell you that going back to 2008, I was already trying to figure out business and how to be a part of this world. I utterly failed at it. I wasn’t successful at it. It wasn’t something that I had results with.

I epically failed doing stock market. I epically failed doing real estate, other things, but I was already venturing in that world of, “Hey, wait a second. Can I accomplish more in my life? Can I do something better? Can I increase my wherewithal?” I was already looking into that world. So I was able to see firsthand the effects of a collapsing economy.

Well, we knew what’s happening. We just didn’t know when it was going to happen, but we all knew it was going to happen. Some people got comfortable with it and some people decided to keep on learning, keep on investing in themselves and their company to prepare for times like this.


Right now is a tough time

Governments are shutting down countries, restaurants are closing down, people are being forbidden to congregate in public spaces, events are being canceled, NFL NBA, NFL, not yet because we’re off-season, PGA. All these different activities are off the radar. Now, celebrities are becoming mainstream when it comes to some of these guys like Tom Hanks and Kevin Duran, they have this stupid virus.

So things are happening in the world today that we cannot ignore. It’s a reality. So that is all the doom and gloom that we have in today’s world. It’s quite a bit and it’s getting worse every day.

The stock market yesterday. Today’s Wednesday. So on Monday, we had the single worst point decline in the history of the stock market and it’s a hundred-year history. We’ve had some bad crashes.

In 1987, a horrifying crash, 23% in one single day. Monday was the largest point explosion ever in the history of the stock market. And then the next day we get an uptrend and everybody’s like, “Oh yeah, wait a second.” Nope, forget about that. Today, the market is collapsing again.

So things are, really, really crazy. Very doom and gloom. And that’s not a secret. And I’m not a Debbie Downer. You guys know that I’m not a negative person. I’m always looking for the silver lining. I’m always looking for the bright side.


How can we leverage opportunities?

Well, let me tell you, I’m going to talk to you guys today first over the next couple of minutes about the silver lining. I’m going to talk to you guys about opportunities that are present. Let me tell you and let me guarantee you something.


There are opportunities today

and there are massive, massive opportunities.


That happens with any down-trending market. With any downtrend collapsing economy, opportunities arise.


This is the moment in which

real businesses

get separated

from fake businesses

… Or businesses that didn’t provide much value. This is where the game becomes interesting because you that are getting trained, that are getting educated, that are watching this video, that are trying to get yourself in front of this particular collapse and try to figure out how do you survive and how do you come out on the other end still breathing, well, you are the ones that are going to be able to continue beyond this point.

In 2007-2008, when the economy collapsed, I was one of the “victims”.

  • I lost my house
  • I lost my survival
  • I didn’t have any money
  • I lost my job
  • I wasn’t surviving well

Some of you guys know well my story and some of you guys might not. But that’s the reality. I was a loser in that era and I promised myself that the next time that we ran into something like this, I was not going to go for the same thing. And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. We’re still thriving.

NaturalSlim, which is our business over here in the US and worldwide is still thriving, is expanding. We’re still breaking records. Business is still booming.

Sure, there’s a lot of companies that start struggling because they don’t get enough money. But the ones that are figuring out this online world are the ones that win the game.


two sides to every business

We have the people that “got comfortable with their existing situation that weren’t leveraging these online platforms”, people that “got comfortable with who they were, and how they operated and they didn’t get further that deep into understanding social media platforms”. That’s one person.


That type of person is going to

struggle in a big way in this era.


And that era is going to last awhile. President Trump, got two days ago on the podium and he talked about the possibility of the economic recession lasting to August of 2020.

It’s going to be awhile. Everything is closed, business or not operating, resorts are closing, events are canceled. 

Hey, I was excited. As you guys know that I was getting on a big stage. Maybe you don’t, but I was doing Traffic and Conversions, which is the biggest marketing conference on the planet.

I was getting on stage in about 10 days and I was going to be doing my seminar on e-commerce paid growth hacking strategies and I was super excited about that. Well, that’s not happening. We are all losing something along the way.

A lot of us are parents and we have our kids at home and we have to work while they’re with us because what are we going to do? We’re business owners, right? We’re entrepreneurs.

We own brands. We don’t just stop working. The brands need to keep ongoing. We keep on surviving. So there’s that person that didn’t learn it.

And then there’s us, the people that decided to learn something about these online platforms or the social media world and do something about it. Let me guarantee you something that’s going on. We have now more eyeballs than ever.


Social media is being consumed more than ever

Amazon is getting more buyers than ever. E-Commerce is booming because people are not going out there to buy their things. They’re staying home to get what they need. So social media is still a very important factor, even more so because there are more people that should be working right now that instead of working, they are on social media.

There are people that are bored. These people that are bored, our job is to get in front of them and that’s what we want to do. We want to get in front of them so we can leverage these platforms and get more business no matter what your business is.

If you’re doing lead generation, so you can sell a service or software, if you’re doing business that you sell products or services, now is the time for you to double down and not be a quitter and back out and be concerned and worried about it so much so that you don’t do anything about it.

So the first thing that I wanted to do on today’s webinar, we’re going to be talking about the journey that we put in place, which is a five-step journey when it comes to customers from beginning unawareness to them being raving fans of your business and utilizing whatever channels that they have themselves to spread the word about what they’ve gotten with your business.

I wanted to show you in the last few weeks what are we accomplishing because this whole virus thing started becoming mainstream a couple of weeks ago already. It’s been trending at a very fast pace and growing at a fast pace when it comes to the hysteria behind it. But check this out.


An example of a video view campaign

So over here the last 14 days, these are screenshots that I took this morning, March 4th, all the way to today. And this is just what we’re doing. On Dr. Berg’s account for example… So you’re going to be moving around a little bit John so you can see what I’m showing them. And then you can see, let’s look at the impressions.Okay. Over here we got 999,000 impressions and we spent $3,000 to get those impressions. So that’s a million impressions for $3,000 total. Pretty good, right? Okay. So let’s look at, for example, the cost per three-second view.

¢1 every per-second view. So that seems pretty good. How about ten-second views? ¢1 per ten-second view.

Does that look terrible? Does it look like pandemonium? People don’t want to consume the content? Nobody’s thinking about business? Nobody thinking about any of that?



If you guys don’t know what ThruPlay is, it stands for people watching at least 15 seconds or the entirety of a 15-second video.

¢2 per ThruPlay over here. It seems pretty good, right? Now you’re saying, “Wait for a second. Are you talking about only branding campaigns?” Well, let’s see.

Another video views campaign over here. This is NaturalSlim. Again, last 14 days over here. Cost per ten-second view, ¢1. Let me just repeat over here. I don’t know what happened to this one. This is so fascinating. Jonald, you should look into this. What the heck happened here? ¢26 and ¢15 cents on this one. And then these are all ¢1. We’re getting ¢1 views, spending $200, $100, $100, $44 $30, et cetera. Okay? So let’s see what else we got here.

Video views campaigns on AGM. This is Manuel. We spent $800 these last couple of weeks on this particular campaign, which is video views.

ThruPlay, let’s see. What do we get over here? Per ten-second view, look at this campaign, .005. That’s half a penny, one penny, three pennies, two pennies, one, one, one. Cost per ThruPlay. Look at this. ¢1 per ThruPlay in total. It seems pretty good to me. Let’s move.


Traffic campaigns

This is again, another brand. This is a lead generation business that is a clinic. Traffic campaigns over here. We’re getting a lot of traffic for the last two weeks. Again, the last 14 days. We are getting a lot of traffic on these campaigns, too, and we’re paying ¢8 per landing page view, ¢8, ¢7, ¢20. So again, pretty affordable traffic on Dr. Berg traffic campaigns.

Let’s see, what else? AGM marketing. What is this? This is traffic also. ¢36, ¢90, $1.43. Okay? So that’s still going. Let’s see what else?


Messenger campaigns

So to generate Messenger leads that we can have a multichannel in place, extract phone numbers, extract emails. What are we doing with this?

Let’s look at this one. An interesting fact that I mentioned here, I don’t talk about this much, but look at the cost per thousand, $4, $5, $8, $7, $12. $14 for every 1000 people reached. That’s still really, really damn good.


Messages reply

Let’s look at it here, ¢92. Can I use red and does it show? Yeah, it does. Look at that, ¢92 per message reply. That is a human being that I have the ability to nurture, provide more content, and educate for ¢92 – less than a dollar. That’s happening right now. $5,000 spent on these campaigns by the way.

This is Dr. Berg’s workshop right here, Dr. Berg’s account, and we have generated a total of 5,000 new messaging conversations on Messenger for less than a dollar each one.

So far it’s still not a return on investment, right? You’re still not talking about, “Hey, are people buying stuff from you? Are you generating any sales? I’m sure you’re interested in that.


Conversions Campaigns

So let’s look at Conversions Campaigns. What’s going on here? Dr. Berg workshop, let’s look at this column. Exact screenshots, not altered, not Photoshopped, just for you guys.

So, cost per purchase… Let me change to the red one. You said it is working fine, right? Yeah, there you go. Okay, so check it out.

So $7 per purchase, 12, nine, 14, 12, 19, 17, 14 15, 24,19.. I say that’s pretty damn good, especially when you have these people spending about $130 to $140 per order. It’s taking me about $10 so I can generate purchases that are people buying $140 worth of stuff.

Zon Tracker is doing its thing. There are $9,000 of people that are jumping into Amazon. That’s still there. Okay, so check this out.

Let’s look at the numbers here. Last two weeks, last 14 days, we spent $52,000 and we have generated $141,000 in sales. That looks to be around…

I bet you there’s a lot of campaigns there that are not performing well because we do have a lot of actions going on on this particular type of campaign. This is just the direct Conversions Campaign – direct from social media, not to Messenger. From social media, direct to purchasing in the shop.

That’s about a 3 ROI. You can see here that the return on the Ad Spent is 2.69. That doesn’t seem too much doom and gloom. Okay, let’s see what else.

 NaturalSlim purchase return on the Ad Spend, 3.24. I’m working on spending more on this. We’re not spending enough. We have spent $2,282. I know we’re working on this account directly right now and we have generated $7,384 in revenue on this.

Again, just to point out the last 14 days they have been crazy. It’s no secret specifically the last seven days they have been crazy. 


I don’t want you guys to be super worried about this thing because you guys have



You know social media and you will CONTINUE SURVIVING because

you know this world.


And hey, it’s inevitable. Let me tell you what is a short fact also, what is the guarantee. This will also pass. The coronavirus will become just like we have other viruses from the common flu to HIV. They’re around, they kill a lot more people than the Coronavirus does in a day around the world. Nobody’s panicking about them, right?

So just like these viruses passed, the Coronavirus will also pass and we’re going to find out where we are at the end of this whole panic, mass hysteria, which again, people are canceling events left and right mainly because of public relations, also because of safety. But if everybody’s canceling, they should also be canceling. And that’s just the way it is.

For lead generation, okay, so for leads, we’re generating leads for a doctor clinic. And this is for like STEM cell seminars, which everytime that somebody purchases one of those treatments, it’s thousands of dollars. So for $4, $10, $19 et cetera, $26 a lead last 14 days as you can see here.


Dynamic Catalog Campaigns

So basically I wanted to give you guys some good news to start with. This is Dynamic Catalog Campaigns. So from the ads that we are dynamically targeting people seems to be doing pretty good.

Let’s look at this over here. So 3.79. This is Dr. Berg’s account. We have spent a total of $10,000 in the last 14 days. Again, in the last 14 days we have spent $10,000 and we have generated a total of $40,000 in sales. That’s almost a 4 ROI and there’s a couple of thousand dollars more that have gone to Amazon that we can track here directly. So the ROI is at 4 or above.

That is dynamic catalog campaigns. Are they working? It looks like they are guys and you can continue pushing on them because right now they are still performing at a decent pace.

Dynamic Catalog Campaigns, let’s look at this one over here. Wow. So $11 per purchase. Wow! Look at this, 7.16 return on the ad spend. How much did we spend? $1,188.



This morning I told Jonald, “Jonald, can you help me spend a million dollars?” Wouldn’t you agree that we should spend a million dollars? Can you comment if you agree with me? Do you agree that we should spend a million dollars if we’re spending a thousand dollars and generating $8,576 in sales? Can you tell me why are we not spending a million dollars today? Is there any valid reason other than you’ve got to apply the rules of scaling and other things that I’m teaching along the way?

That is like ninja guys, right? So you can see the add to carts that are happening? So I’m paying $2 for add to cart, but I’m paying $11 per purchase, and people are purchasing a lot, and then it’s $8,576 in sales from $1,198 in actual advertising spent.

Let’s see if we’ve got something else. You get the idea right? It’s not all doom and gloom. There is some good news going on, but the media does not do well promoting good news or good opportunities. It’s all generally going to be dark. It’s going to be very dark for the next several months.

But you as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as a marketer, you need to grab ahold of what opportunities are existent and just take advantage of them and leverage them because otherwise other people will.

And your job is to leverage whatever opportunities you find while these things calm down. There you have it. That is the hysteria explained in a few minutes and also the opportunities that are present right now for those of you guys that master it and also how lucky you all are, that you have online businesses that you can run despite any quarantine despite any problems despite anybody that is enforcing any rules or laws so you don’t go out there in the world and engage and do social distancing.

Be safe, be cautious, wash your hands, protect yourself, stay healthy, spend time with your family, but don’t panic and don’t go into agreement with it’s all dark and we’re all going to die cause that’s not the reality. That’s not going to happen. This is all going to pass the same thing like everything else it will pass.

You’ve just got to just:

  • Stay on top of your game
  • Keep on learning
  • Keep on pushing forward
  • Keep on making sure that you keep on doing your successful actions every day
  • Don’t change much any other things until this whole thing dies down in which you’re going to continue growing from that point on.

There you have it.  





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