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Social media marketing is the biggest gift to potential entrepreneurs in the history of business.

Our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents could have only dreamed about a system like this.

One that provides the ability to reach more of the right people in a shorter amount of time than any other time in human history.

In this podcast, I describe not only the wave of opportunity we have with online marketing but I also tell you about 3 micro-waves that are super, super powerful.

Enjoy the podcast!


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Social Media Marketing Gives Us Power to Grow Businesses

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Hey, how’s it going guys? This is Jimmy. I’m the Associate Creative Director for Manuel and AGM.

Welcome back to the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast. I’d also like to welcome our new listeners and thank all of you who have subscribed. Thanks, guys.

So we’re all used to having the internet, smartphones, and access to social media that sometimes we forget what it was like without it.

So in this episode, Manuel talks about the new wave of opportunities that we have with social media marketing and just how powerful of a tool it can be for your business.

So let’s dive right in, tune out the world for just a few minutes and take some time to hear the Facebook Marketing Ninja’s passion for helping businesses like yours grow.


What it Means to Have a Business

This is not about having dollars in the bank account.

It’s not about having cash. It’s not about money. It’s about freedom.

Being able to produce income, being able to grow a business, what it does is that it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want.

Do you guys see that?

My business is growing like crazy. My agency is helping a lot of people, and I’m excited about it every single day.

But when Friday comes along, I am so mad. Even though I have three kids and a wife and a family and all these things going on, I’m so mad because I want to keep the train going.

I want to keep on riding this wave of opportunity. I want to be able to have whatever I want to have. Guys, that is what business really gives you.


This is not about having dollars in the bank account. It’s not about having cash, it’s not about money.

It’s about freedom.


Being able to produce income, being able to grow a business, what it does is that it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want.

Do you guys see that? Is that clear? It’s something that I realized along the way.

If I grow a successful business, I can do whatever I want with my time.

If I want to go to Canada for a week, I go to Canada for a week. I don’t ask permission from anybody.

If I want to go to Europe next summer, I’d do that. If I want to buy myself a very nice Tesla that I love, I’ll go ahead and do that.

If I want to help my church with a certain fundraiser, I’ll go ahead and do that.


What a successful business does is that

it buys you the freedom to do whatever you want with your time.


And you are not trapped in a condition in which you can not do whatever you want. You are not a slave of anything and anyone.

So that is my job and my passion.


My Obsession is to empower people

… and have them realize that what we have in front of us, this internet tsunami, this wave of the internet, is something that is a first-generation phenomenon.


What do I mean by that?

I mean that my dad, my great-grandfather, and everybody else behind, never had access to the internet, which is what’s striving revenue, income in this modern world. It’s not a little portion of our lives. It’s everything.

No matter what the drama is going on about Facebook guys, there’s no second place.

It’s not like people are suddenly going to stop using Facebook, and now everybody’s going to switch over to Twitch or to Snapchat and the platform is going to disappear.


Facebook has won the game.


And if they suffer and lose some users along the way, and the young crowd is not using it as much, it doesn’t matter. They still have billions of people with a B using the platform actively every single day.

It’s not millions, it’s billions of people. So those billions of people are actively using the platform, and we can put our messages in front of them because we have products that can change their lives.

If you have a company that can literally improve the lives of somebody else, it’s your responsibility to put it in front of them.

Why? Because if you do that, you’re going to improve the quality of their lives.

If you are not doing that, then you shouldn’t be following my content. I only want to help people and businesses that are making other people’s lives better. That’s what a real business does.

And when you do that, you can exchange that for money, and that money is going to improve the quality of your life.

And when that improves the quality of your life,

you get to accomplish the things that you want to accomplish,

you get to help your family,

you get to be able to provide survival to everybody.

Do you guys know how much I help people around me just because I have a successful business? I get messages every single day.

My staff, a lot of them in the Philippines, buy houses, save their families, pay for their grandparent’s hospital bills, buy cars, because they work for me and I give them survival.


I am into humans!

I’m not into cash and money. That’s not my thing. An obsession with dollar bills.

My obsession is with humans. I want to help people. Not make money. Look at that, only dollar bills.

So in reality, guys, I’m super into being able to improve the quality of lives of people that are my customers and then the people that work with me.

And along the way, I get to do whatever I want to do with my time. Because if I get to do whatever I want with my time, I’m happy.

What does my wife want to do? My wife wants to travel around the world. Let me take her around the world.

What does she want to do? She wants to help her church. Okay, let me help her so she can help the church.

What do my kids want to do? Oh, he wants to go to this certain school or this college or buy himself a car. Well, he’s going to be able to have all of that.

It’s basically what we’re trying to accomplish here. So, 60 years of life, which I have left because I’m going to probably like last until I’m 90.

In my family, historically, my family has… My dad, he’s 70 years old. My grandfather, he died at 102 years old. These guys are going to last for a long time. So I expect to live until I’m 90 or 95 years old.


Imagine 60 more years being broke

Are you kidding me? I’m 37. It feels like I’ve lived for a hundred years already. So 67 years, 70 years being broke is not something that I’m looking forward to, guys. I’m not excited about that.

Are you excited about living 50 more years, being broke, and not having enough money to live the life that you want to live? No.

Why don’t you please ride the wave that we have going on?


We have a wave

That wave is called the internet. Inside that wave, we have micro waves going on that we can be a part of.

That is the Facebook advertising wave. That is the Instagram advertising wave. That is a Messenger list generation wave.

Those are waves that we’re living through that we have access to those generations before would have dreamed about having. And now we have in front of us.

Guys, are you going to take this for granted, or are you going to jump in and do something about it?

Please, do something about it. Because, it’s my rant that I’m giving you today, out of the bottom of my heart, with all the honesty in the world, that we have a unique era in front of us, that when we’re 50, we’re going to look back and remember how incredible the internet was when it was formed.

How much of a miracle this thing was to all of us. This is a reality of modern time. We all take it for granted. Realize that these cell phone devices that we have all carrying around, 10 years ago, iPhone 1 was launched.

This is a whole new phenomenon of this world. 14 years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. 10 years ago, Instagram was basically being developed.

This world that we all have in front of us did not exist, and most of us take it for granted every single day.

And we need to handle it because, in reality, we need to be part of the 1% or less of the population that are realizing that this opportunity is not a normal one.


It’s a unique opportunity in which we can

Capture a lot of attention for next to nothing.


In which we can communicate through our cell phone devices, through our computers, through our internet signals across the world to everybody.

We don’t have to have a local business. We don’t have to have a national business. We can have an international business that penetrates frontiers across the world, and we can use it to build our future for generations to come.

Do you guys realize that down the line, our great-grandkids are going to have this? And it’s going to be a part of what they’re going to carry? And it is going to be part of their legacy and they can look back and they say, “Oh, Papa Joe built this business for me when the internet was formed. And now I am a gazillionaire because he actually was smart enough to be a part of this incredible wave called the internet that we are all a part of right now today.”


But we take for granted

every single god damn day.


That’s a reality. We all take it for granted. Most of us do.

I refuse to take it for granted, and I want to do something about it because in reality, I know it’s special and I’m doing it every day.


I am not into growing followers and getting more likes. I’m into providing value that educates.


That is my obsession. My obsession is to generate power in all these wannabe entrepreneurs, or potential entrepreneurs that they can actually start doing something about it, just like I did five years ago and realized that life is not short.


Life without money

Trust me, it is dreadful. It is difficult. You can not survive well.

It is embarrassing that your wife asks you to do something in their life,

that your wife asks you for a dinner and you can not provide for it,

that your children ask you for some special classes and you cannot provide for it,

that you want to take a trip to go somewhere and you can not do that,

that you want to help your church and contribute to something that is special and you cannot.

That is embarrassing.

And we have an opportunity right now that I want you guys to all to take advantage of.

It doesn’t take a long time. It really doesn’t.

If you actually start putting the energy behind it, if you put down those cell phone devices, when you’re doing things that are wasting your time, like watching Game of Thrones, playing Fortnite, or other stupid things that are not contributing to the quality of your life.

If you put those things down and start looking around at all those things that are wasting your time, you’re going to start being successful along the way faster than you thought.


So guys, in reality, my message to you is:

Start Taking Action and Start Doing Something About It

If you don’t have a business yet,

  1. Figure out what you’re passionate about.
  2. Create a Facebook page; and
  3. Start pumping content about it.
  4. Start learning.

If you do this fast, look at me, five years ago, I didn’t have anything. Five years ago, I couldn’t afford a trip to New York. I couldn’t like buy myself a nice car.

And now I’ve generated a gazillion dollars and a lot of success.

And now I made it my mission to help you guys do that in less than a year so you can cut the line and just get there faster.

So take advantage of that. Take advantage of my obsession with helping you guys be successful, and jump in there.


Life is not short

That is an excuse that was put there by losers that they themselves were not able to make it in their lives and they’ were not able to accomplish success.

Don’t take that opinion from anybody, make sure that you go out there and you kill it, and you yourself become successful.

And set an example for everybody else around there that you were able to accomplish your dreams and goals along the way.


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