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In this podcast I go over a massive update on the Facebook Ads game, the Ad Library.

Here’s the link I have mentioned in the podcast: www.facebook.com/ads/library. You can now find out EVERYTHING any other brand is doing on the Facebook Family of Apps. This is a big one and it presents a massive opportunity for all business owners. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast!


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The Biggest Reason Most Businesses Fail and How to Ensure Success In a Social Media Era


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All right!

This is a very important video. Do I say that a lot? YES, probably.

 But now, this is for real. We’re going to talk about how to nurture people once they’re in your world.


The Biggest Reason Most Businesses Fail


After running a marketing agency over the last several years already, and it’s quite on 4 years now, the one thing that I can tell you is the reason for failure that clients fail when they have good products, services, when they have a good business overall is the fact that THEY DO NOT NURTURE PEOPLE.


Nurture, what does that mean?



It means that people are coming into their world, they are either generating leads with these people – emails, phone numbers, addresses. They’re not communicating to them in the back-end or they’re purchasing products from them for the first time and they’re not getting communicated to consistently.


Both things are happening all the time. One of the things that I can tell you, throughout this last year, it’s 2019 as I’m recording this right now.


I don’t know when you’re watching this, probably 2019 or close to it. It’s pretty crazy because my grand kids might be seeing this video in the year 2050 because the digital world is like that, it stays there forever. Isn’t that crazy? 



The number one reason for failure is…



the LACK OF COMMUNICATION after that person comes into your world. What happens is you cannot scale your business.


If you don’t do some

heavy marketing behind the scenes

after the person comes into your world. You have to generate leads, meaning you have to generate people to come into your business, free consultations, free evaluations, maybe do 1 initial purchase of your product and a 50% offer, do some kind of giveaway that brings people into your world, maybe do a flash sale deal, friends come in and they hear from their friend, they purchase your product.


Somehow, they’re getting into your world, somehow you presented to them a solution that they opted in for whether that’s a lead or a purchase, they are now inside your world. 


What happens is that a lot of people and businesses are looking consistently for maybe just an easy way out, meaning I invest $5 and I get $10 back. I invest $2 and I get $10 back. It’s not the way it works and if it were that easy, everybody would do it.


People don’t generally succeed in the business world



Did you know that? Did you know that

most businesses out there FAIL?

I think the numbers are 95% of businesses don’t last 5 years. It’s pretty intense.


Most entrepreneurs that are creating businesses today, imagine that, 95 out of 100 people that created a business today are going to fail. Pretty much guaranteed, those are the numbers throughout ages not just in the online world throughout capitalism most people do not succeed in the business world, that’s why it’s a difficult world. 


For some people, once you have an established business as I have,

it feels like it’s easy
but it’s not.


It’s a lot of work!


I work hard, guys, really hard day in and day out, Monday through Sunday. I love it. For me, it’s a passion, something that drives me.



My son, he enjoys playing Fortnite. I enjoy playing the game of business. So, it depends, right? For me, that’s what drives me so I push hard on it and

I get results. 


Going back to the initial story that I’m telling you about here, CUSTOMER RETENTION is the crucial missing element for any brand and any business out there that makes it survive or succumb. That’s it, nothing else.


Imagine fighting the battle of life try every single month to get more new customers to try to keep the trend going up. You can’t do that. You have to bring customers and make it bigger. It’s very simple.




So, if I were here, I have a bucket with fish and this what I have over here, I want to work on making that bucket bigger. I want to have more fish in it to sell stuff. It’s quite logical. If I have more fish, then, I know that I can sell them more stuff. 


There’s an adage in the marketing world that goes like this,

The money is in the list.


That is so true. Many things in the marketing world are false, many things. This one could not be truer – the bigger your list, the more that you can sell. That’s a reality. What do you do as a business? You work on making your list bigger. But, if you make your list bigger and you don’t do anything to that list – you don’t hit that list, you don’t communicate to it, you don’t send text messages, email broadcasts, Messenger broadcasts, Facebook Messenger. If you don’t do voice messages to these people, send them communications, massive communication, a lot of communication. 



I was talking to one of my executives over here and I said, “Look, I need you to create a position in this company. It’s a new position that has never existed before. It’s called a compulsive communicator. That’s what the position is – somebody that is in-charged of overwhelming communication lines to costumers or potential customers.”


If you don’t have this inside your organization, your business will not make it. That is plain and simple a truth. Before you get any marketing strategy going, before you invest your hard-earned dollars, before you go into Facebook advertising, Instagram marketing, YouTube ads, before you go into Messenger and try to blow up your Messenger channels and do all of that stuff,


don’t do anything unless you know how you’re going to communicate to these people once they are inside your world.


That is the reason for failure because otherwise, you are going to keep on trying to invest your money, you’re not going to be able to scale, you’re going to struggle to get the positive ROI, Return on the Ad Spend (ROAS) and it’s going to be a tough ordeal overall. 


A couple of things to keep in mind. How do we go ahead and do this? How do we build this flow?


One thing that I can tell you is I’m not even bringing in clients today unless they do option A or option B. Let me tell you what option A and option B are.


Option A, build your nurture sequences yourself or hire us to build them for you, one or the other. If you don’t have this in place, you do not qualify to be an AGM Marketing client because we know you’re going to fail and guess what, we’re going to get blamed for that. Why? Because you didn’t do a good job yourself of communicating with these people that were coming into your world. We are experts at sending you traffic, people that are interested in what you offer, your brand, and your message. If you do not become an expert at communicating with these people, it’s going to make us look like we are sending you unqualified traffic and we are the ones to blame. That’s not the way it works. We are sending you real human beings, real people from the social media world interested in the things that you are going to solve for them, in the problems that you are going to resolve. But, you need to be able to provide this information to them on the back-end. 



So, what do we have here? Nurture, emails, Messenger. If you don’t know what Messenger is, Messenger broadcasting, Messenger marketing, it’s Facebook Messenger. It’s like an email marketing on steroids, just a short note on that. This is the new world of marketing today. Text messages, it’s another channel guys. You can abandon it. People like to get communication about businesses that they like. Sometimes, when it gets uncomfortable, they have an option to unsubscribe at any point, and we do that a lot. If they don’t want to get messages from you anymore, we get them off the list and that’s fine. But you want to get a compulsive out flower, a compulsive communicator to be the person there, sending out massive communications every day about your business overall. 


We got emails, Messenger, texts, voice messages. Jorge, what else am I missing here? 


Jorge: Voicemails.


Manuel: So emails, Messenger, texts, voice messages. Right? So, what are we talking about our emails? How many a day should we send? I’m going to say one a day. One email a day, all right? Messenger, I’m going to say one every other day. Jorge, do you agree?


Jorge: Yup. 


Manuel: Every other day. 


Jorge: There should be value, value, value. 





Manuel: Value, value, value, education, and information, right? Let me just adjust this a little bit. Text messages, this is like heavy promotional, guys, over here. A webinar that you have, some activity that you have going on, a seminar, a special offer, a flash sale deal, some kind of special of some sort, you can use text messages for that a lot. Even Google map directions where people are coming in, like if you want to have the phone numbers to your office, all that stuff can be in there on a text message that can be automatically programmed. Because on Facebook, you can generate leads, right? And one thing to keep in mind about this is that when a lead comes into your world, every single minute that passes, they are harder and harder to convert. So you want to be fast, you want to send them an instant text message, an instant email, a Messenger broadcast a day or two from that day, and then just make sure that you are always top of mind in these people’s world because if not, you’re going to miss out on an opportunity to get them interested in converting and being now a part of your overall world. 





Voice messages, this is also promotional. And, aside from being promotional, it’s just plain cool, all right? For example, the other day we set up a webinar promotion for the one and only great Grant Cardone. We used a tool called Slybroadcast. If you don’t know what that is, you can look it up. I’m not affiliated with it. S-L-Y-BROADCAST.com. And, on this tool, you can set up a voice message that gets silently delivered to the user. So, now they open up their cell phone, they know they got a voicemail, they listen to it. “Hey, it’s Grant. Just want to make sure you don’t miss on the webinar that we have coming up tomorrow. Get ready to 10x your life and we’re going to go in this together”, something like that. So, that is a voice message that is sent directly to these people, right? So yeah, what is it? Jorge’s drawing me over here the plan. So, 100 deliveries for $10, 500 deliveries for $40, 1000 deliveries for $60. You can do if you have 10,000 contacts that you want to send voice messages to, $400 a month, something like that, right?     





On the Messenger broadcast, you’re going to set up a tool that we use a lot which is called ManyChat which I’m a big, big advocate of. If you want to set up your account which is a free account for a Messenger broadcasting, you can actually go to manuelsuarez.com/manychat, then you can set up a free account in ManyChat which is basically constant contact, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp, any of those platforms but for Facebook Messenger and on steroids, click and drag, very simple and easy way to set up communication channels overall. So for voice messages, you guys got live broadcast. For text messages, we use TextNow. Correct Jorge? 



Jorge: TextNow or we can also use Zapier and program them automatically. 



Manuel: Okay, so there are two options. You can do TextNow, all right? Which also has its programs. Ernesto, how much is it being charged? TextNow?


Ernesto: TextNow is about in the USA, ¢1 per text. Internationally, ¢5.


Manuel: ¢1 per text. Internationally, ¢5 per text, all right? ¢1 per text, TextNow. Not affiliated with it. So those are the options and there’s another option of a tool called Zapier. Zapier, is that one P or two Ps?


Jorge: One.


Manuel: Is that one P? Sorry about that, guys, all right? Zapier is a tool that allows you to integrate all of the stuff. It’s a little bit technical but if you set it up, you’re going to be able to send out when a lead comes in from Facebook with Zapier, Zapier can send them an instant text message, Google map directions, phone numbers, and then now you can start doing communications to them consistently and then you can integrate not with Zapier, you can integrate something like TextNow, connect to a Zapier because now what happens is Zapier can send the phone number to TextNow, am I correct?


Jorge: Uh-huh.


Manuel: And then, on TextNow, you can set up phone number broadcast to these people so you can send them more information, PDFs, instructions, videos, et cetera, all that super cool stuff. Oh, you can do that. 


Jorge: You can also just send yourself a notification so you know right away to follow up right now. 


Manuel: Notification to yourself so you know that you need to follow up right away with that person. For example, Jorge is saying that if a lead comes in, you can have it programmed so your sales department or yourself, you get an instant email that is being received in your inbox instantly, “Hey, you got this hot lead. Come on, it’s time for you to jump all over it and get it closed.” Because again, every single minute that passes is going to be more and more difficult to close these people. If you call them tomorrow, if you call them the next day, if you call them the next day every day, the probabilities of closing them just are disappearing. 


So, that is like actions that you have to get done. All of this world which is an ecosystem which is a universe of nurturing people needs to be integrated. For emails, there are so many different platforms – Infusionsoft, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Mail Chimp, Aweber, et cetera.



Whatever platform that you use, you got to make sure that you have email marketing in place and you have sequences in place that every single day a person gets a new communication about your business, something that provides value and then that opens up the door to make sure that you have an engaged email list that you can sell things to. And that’s the idea behind it. You create an engaged list then now you can promote products, flash sales deals, promotions, et cetera. 


If you don’t have this in place, I can tell you something, you’re not going to make it in the social media world, all right? You’re going to come and you’re going to blame whatever agency, whatever strategy, whatever study, or technology that you applied, whatever education that you got in the subject of social media. You’re going to blame them for not having results instead of you having to build a back-end marketing world, ecosystem, so you can get people converted. And, that’s what we’ve got. I’m going to do a mic drop right here. We’re going to call that a marker drop. Jorge, do you have any particular notes? Anything you want to add? This is Jorge by the way.


Jorge: The only thing that I would add is, just add on to what you’re saying, repetition of message that the gold is in the follow-up. I think there are statistics about 80% of the sales happen until after the fifth follow up has happened. So you know, you just have to keep going, keep on texting them, emailing them and pretty much everything you just said. 


Manuel: There you go. That opens up another point, an observation that I had the other day. On the Messenger platform, for example, there are people that are part of my agency, one of my biggest clients, his name is Dr. Eric Berg, he has a big following in the social media, millions of people, on the Messenger world which is one of his biggest platforms out there, we are noticing a pattern, a behavior of pattern. What we’re looking at over here is that people take about 14 to 17 days before they purchase something from him. They come into his world, they spend 14 days consuming content and information doing mini-courses, downloading the resources, and then they trust him enough for them to go and buy something. What happened? Repetition of message over and over again and then they believe that what you have to say is true. And, what you have to offer is valuable. All right? There you go. Talk to you soon.