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In this podcast I’ll talk about social media security.

What people don’t fully realize is that these social media platforms become ones business and if someone were to mess with them ones business would be in serious trouble.

You must ensure your business’s future.

Here’s an article directly from Facebook on the types of roles available: https://m.facebook.com/help/289207354498410


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The Importance of Security Across Social Media Accounts


Podcast Transcription

All right, we’re here for another session of the Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast.


I’m excited to be here with you guys one more time.


Again, thank you for taking the time out of the day to be here on this podcast and listen to what I have to say. I have a lot of data, a lot of activity. I’m  investing a lot of energy in this social media world and things are changing so fast. Just when you think you understand everything on the Facebook platform, they just roll out new things.


Just when you think you have a full control of the Facebook Business Manager, it gets rebent. Just when you think you understand all the different objectives, they change them all new, right? That’s the way it is. It’s a continuous training that’s the reason why I just went through my Facebook certifications again which are the Facebook Certified Buying Professional and Certified Planning Professional because Facebook doesn’t want you to get a certificate and then forget about training and then get completely out of date because it’s just changing so fast. That’s why for me, in my programs, in my training, it’s a challenge but I’m committed to my audience and my students and I’m going to keep them up to date with everything. 


Today, I know that I haven’t been here for a couple of weeks. I was promoting heavily my webinars and the things that I did recently because I did open up the course for a little while, no longer the case. But, for a little while, we were open and you didn’t have me in the podcast.


But, I want to talk about something that is important today and most people don’t pay attention to that. Then, they end up paying the price and I have been seeing a lot of people paying the price for this.



I want you guys to handle this because it’s a new world but that doesn’t mean that security has changed – security of your assets and platforms doesn’t require you to pay attention to them anymore because they’re all digital. More than ever right now, you’ve got to understand that anybody that you have given power on your platforms can go in there and manipulate your pages, profiles, accounts, Messenger, emails, and all of it. 


Let me explain.


I’m going to give you a story before I give you the details on what to do in today’s podcast.



A couple of years ago, to be exact, 2 years ago, a very good friend of mine, she’s a Latin American celebrity, her name is Rudy Rodriguez, she’s quite a famous superstar actress in the Latin America world particularly in Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, et cetera. She’s been doing shows, those TV novels. I think is not called soap opera, right? Or maybe it’s a soap opera. Anyways, in Spanish, we call them novellas.


So, she’s been doing this for many years. She has quite a big following. In Instagram right now, she has half a million people. In Facebook, she almost has 600,000 people. But, let me tell you what happened. 


About 2 years ago, I was helping her out with some of her social media accounts and I was trying to put some control and some order. Before I was able to take control of the whole thing to help her out get some stability and some structure across her social media platforms, she didn’t know exactly how to use these platforms herself. She is an actress.

She has been doing that her whole life. She is a model. She is a beautiful lady that knows how to model and knows how to capture attention and she’s great at what she does.



But, technology is not her greatest asset. So, what she did is she allowed other people to administer her page for her which is fine. But, if you don’t analyze in the future what happens if an employee quits on you, or if you don’t analyze in the future what happens if you get divorced and it’s one of those nasty divorces.


Guys, I’m sorry it happens to the best of us. Some of the best couples you’ll ever meet are going to end up divorced. The numbers don’t lie.



I mean 50% of all marriages end up in divorces. It’s quite an intense number. So, if you had your husband or your wife create your social profiles for you, you’ve got to understand that they control your platforms. Also, if you leave them on that platform with that control, you can get wiped out of all the things that you have on social media. 


Today, social media is your business.

My dad, his YouTube channel, his Facebook page, accounts for about 99.9% of all the sales that we get across the countries. So, imagine that somebody gets upset and they go and delete his YouTube channel or they go and get upset and they delete the Facebook page.


Do you know how big of a deal that is?

Facebook is not going to return it for us. They’re not going to press a reverse button. It’s over! Gone! That’s it. Customer service is not their greatest asset.

Going back to that story with Rudy, her, her being this incredible celebrity, she had this massive amount of people that follow her on her Facebook page. What happened was when something went wrong, something happened with her particular employee and without getting into the horrible gory details of the whole incident, this employee became a disgruntled employee.

After a little while, this employee took away Rudy as admin of the page, because there were two admins on the page – Rudy and this person. She took away Rudy as an admin of the page and she changed the name of the page and made it her business name.


Now, it’s very important to note that this today cannot happen that dramatically. Facebook has built systems that don’t allow you to do dramatic page name changes. So, it has to be a very similar name. For example, we had a tough time changing our RelaxSlim page to NaturalSlim page because they thought it was too different of a name.

Now, that was about a year ago when we updated our brand to become NaturalSlim in the United States. It’s more structured now, it’s a lot more strict right now. But, when she was going through this, this was not that strict. Now, there’s a lot of things that could go right now and it’s happening to another friend of mine right now also. 



What happened to her was very horrible and I had to get lawyers involved on the whole thing and people to help me and we had to do letters and threats to this individual with evidence because I found evidence of this person changing the name of the celebrity to the name of her own Business Page.


Going back in the history to show how that page belongs to that celebrity. I was able to gather enough data that this person that actually did the whole crime turned over the page back to us and we were able to remove her.


But, it was a process of about 2 months that cost a lot of money, and effort. And, she couldn’t provide content and education to her audience for a long time. 


I want you guys to keep that in mind. It’s important that you start building a structure in your business just like when you have a saved deposit in your company and you have a lock, a password that only you have.

The same thing has to be applied across your social media accounts.


You need to have the top of the line role meaning the chief, the hierarchy. I don’t know if I’m saying that correctly. But, the boss, the general, cannot be changed. Like for example my dad’s YouTube channel, since I am the one that built it from scratch, I’m the owner of the YouTube channel myself. Nobody else can edit, delete, or do anything with that account. They can moderate, engage…

I’ll tell you a little bit more stories about this. But, they can post videos, they can edit videos, but they can’t change the name of the business on YouTube and they cannot eliminate me as the owner and they cannot eliminate the actual account overall – the YouTube channel.

As long as I’m the only one protecting that password, it’s safe. 



Now, I can have a system in which when something happens to me one day I have a system like LastPass which is software that you can use for free – LastPass.com, in which you can give them access to a couple of people like your wife, somebody close by that you can give access in case something happens to you one day.


But overall, your employees, the people that are close to you but maybe not hardcore relationships because even husbands and wives can go wrong.


Just keep that in mind, on Facebook, Facebook rolled out something called roles. You have to know which roles you need to assign to who.



For example, there are admins, moderators, editors, analysts. Those people are going to be handling those particular things.

Only the admin has the power to delete the Facebook page and you need to keep it that way overall. 


What I want you guys to do is to keep in mind that an admin has full control that you as the business owner has. It doesn’t make any difference. If you make someone an admin of a Facebook page, they can do the same things that you can do on that page. That’s the reality of it. If you make somebody an editor, then, they can edit posts, they can publish things, they can do this.

If you make somebody an advertiser, well, that goes without saying – they can do advertising on the Facebook Business Manager, they can promote things, they can boost posts, et cetera. If you make somebody an analyst, then, all that they can do is go in there and look at the numbers, the conversions, the financials, et cetera – all that stuff.

So, there are different roles and you have to assign individuals to whatever the proper role is for that particular individual.


I want you guys to take a look at your Facebook page. There are several ways that you can do this and there are two particular ways that you can do them both.


Number 1, you should go to facebook.com and you should go to your Facebook page which you can easily access by going to the top right corner drop-down menu and finding your page, and selecting manage page. Then, go to Roles. There’s a section called Roles. If you go on the desktop, there’s going to be on the left-hand corner. When you select roles, you can see who’s there – which are the admins, editors, analysts, et cetera – all these people.

Make sure that anybody that’s not working in your company anymore gets deleted from there. If you’re an admin, you can delete people and you can add people. So, the first thing that you’ve got to do to protect your accounts is to make sure that you delete people that do not belong there anymore because they quit, because they’re disgruntled, because you don’t get along with them anymore, and because they’re not working with you anymore or whatever. Go ahead and delete them and get them out of there.  



Number 2, you can go to Facebook Business Manager and see now if you already have that setup. If not, you’re going to create from scratch and I have talked about that on an earlier podcast, on my course, on mini-courses – all over the place. If you go to business.facebook.com, there’s a section when you go to Business Settings on the left-hand corner that is called People.


When you go to People, you can see all the people that are on your Business Manager and you can see what are their roles and what assets have they been assigned to. For example, if you have five pages on your actual Business Manager, if they are admins of the Business Manager, then, they’re admins of the entire five pages, that’s the way it is. 


When you create a role in the Business Manager, when you invite somebody into your Business Manager as an employee, you have two things that you can do, two ways:

You can make them an employee and give them access to individual ad accounts, individual pages, individual assets, audiences, et cetera. 


Or, you can make them a business manager admin.


If they are an admin of the Business Manager, remember, they can destroy the whole thing. I know that I’m sounding a little catastrophic here but just keep that in mind that nobody except the partners of the organization, except the people that care about more of that business, the ones that you know are in it with you in good times and in bad times, nobody else needs to be an admin of your Facebook Business Manager. Everybody else becomes an employee. If you do not set up that way, you are setting yourself up for disaster in the future. 


A couple of things here about this:

Always make people employee on your Business Manager and assign the assets.

You can even make them an admin of individual pages inside your Business Manager but there’s no need to do that if you can give them editor rights, advertiser rights, moderator rights, analyst rights. There is no reason to do anything else and put yourself in a condition of danger on your business and that’s the important thing.

I have done this already a few times on many of the accounts that I manage. 


A couple of years ago, Dr. Eric Berg who has 3 million people on YouTube channel did not have something that YouTube calls a Brand Channel.


They call it a Brand Channel because it allows people to add moderators – communication managers, and managers.

Those are the two roles that YouTube allows. They’re called managers and communication managers.

In YouTube, you have order – manager, communication manager. If you don’t have a Brand Channel, then, there’s only one login for the entire YouTube channel. So, if you want to have people moderate, then, you are a liability. This person that is moderating is going to have your same username, password, and guess what, they can press about four buttons and delete the entire YouTube channel, gone forever, finito, it’s done.



Somebody like Dr. Berg, imagine that, 3 million YouTube subscribers, 2000 videos. Business is done, you’re going to have to close the business and that’s just the way that it is. It’s just so many years of building and building and building, right?  Dr. Berg is so positioned on Facebook and other places that he’s going to get a massive hit. But, he might be able to continue afterward. 



The other point, for example, cause I’m working on some projects now, helping Grant Cardone with his YouTube channel and his Messenger channel and things like that. When I started working on the project, he also only had one login information, that’s a truth. I was helping him create a YouTube brand channel and we made the change. Now, it’s a big deal because now, this YouTube brand channel, he doesn’t have to have the channel that has a million subscribers be shared the main login information to anybody else, an employee no matter how close.


Guys, recently, I had my most important employee, my highest-paid employee, access to all my bank accounts, access to all the finances, access to all my pages, admin on all of it – he turned on me, he attacked me, he even went ahead and he quit my company and then he tried to steal some of my clients.


That’s the reality.


This is the world where we’re living.


So, there’s nothing right now that you can do to protect yourselves more than doing this. This is what you have to do – you have to protect your account because you never know.

Sometimes, people are going to your business and they help you and they help you so much that you want to give them the world, you want to help them, you want to continue helping them, you want to bring them closer, you want to give them access to all of it. That happened to me. I gave this individual all these powers and he turned around and back-stabbed me.

I have given him so much power that he had done a lot of damage to some of my clients, to some of my accounts that I was not able to reverse. 


You have to watch out and you have to protect your lines because otherwise, as you grow your business, as you get better, these guys that want to come in and affect you… I have seen some people call that vampire personality, people that squeeze out of you, they squeeze, they suck the blood out of you and that happens.

My philosopher calls it a vampire personality.

So, as you get better, as you expand, these people are going to get closer to you and they don’t want to get things out of you.


So, make sure that you protect your account. If they take it personally, hey, too bad. But, on Facebook, give them the right roles.

On your Business Manager, give them the right roles. Go through the account right now and clean it up. Facebook has made it better.


There’s a section on the Business Manager on Facebook if you go to the Business Manager on the settings, there’s a section now that you can do a very easy cleanup of your people that have not been active on the account. For example, I think that if you go to People… It’s not there. I believe it’s in the Set-Up Guide. If you go to the Business Manager and you go to Settings, you can go and look at what people have been there that are not active on the account. Maybe you don’t even have to go to that route, maybe you don’t have a hundred people on your account. But, if you do have a lot of people, you can get that done very easily by just going over your Business Manager and deleting those people that don’t need to be there anymore.


That’s important. Go to your Business Manager and get rid of those people that are not part of your business anymore. Also, along the way, what you need to do is make sure that you give them the right roles. Now, go ahead and put the right roles on people that need to have the correct roles and not just admin all across the place.


Like for example, there are even things that you can do like finance roles. You can have a finance editor and a finance analyst. They are working actively.


For example, finance editor can view and edit financial details about your business. A finance analyst can view financial details about your business but can’t make any changes.

An editor can go in there and change the business credit card on file and analyst can only look at the data and download the reports and stuff like that.

Those are things that you need to set up inside your Business Manager. But, on the Facebook page, make sure you do a cleanup. Do that cleanup and get rid of those people that don’t belong and make sure that you put the right roles across the Facebook page and the Facebook Business Manager. 


Now, once you’ve done that, I want you to keep that in mind, on Instagram still, that’s still not well setup. If you want to have somebody work on your Instagram account, directly on Instagram, you still have to share the main login with them.


Now, if you want to avoid doing that, there is a way to do it but it requires that you go through the Facebook Business Manager because, on the Facebook Business Manager, you have to connect the Instagram account, there’s an option on the left-hand column that says Instagram in which you can connect your Instagram account and now you can invite this person that wants access to Instagram account and give them permission to be an admin, an editor, or whatever it is on that particular Instagram account.


Now, they’re going to be able to add that in so they can do work on the particular Instagram account. That way, you protect your brand overall.


If you want to do work directly on Instagram without the Facebook Business Manager, there is no other option right now than to go in there and select the Instagram account manually and enter the login information, the user and password. Or, go through the Business Manager so you can get that setup. 


So, guys, go ahead and set that up correctly. I recommend that as soon as this particular podcast, listening to this video. Do that: 1. Facebook Page – Make sure that you delete everybody that doesn’t belong anymore there. 2. Change all the roles with the correct roles – editor, analyst, moderator, et cetera. Go to the Facebook Business Manager next, business.facebook.com. Go to People, delete everybody that doesn’t belong in your Business Manager anymore. Then, go ahead and grab those people that are still in there and give them the right roles. So, they are not necessarily the admins of the entire accounts, all of it, they can control all of it. If you do that, you’re going to protect your account, you’re going to protect your business overall. 


This is a real problem that is happening today. Why is it happening today?


Recently, I had this person, a friend of mine. Her name is Merid. She’s a really good friend. She has a problem with some people that are disgruntled. She and her boyfriend have a problem in which they’re taking over their Facebook pages and their groups. And now, they cannot do anything about it and Facebook is not helping them. So, because of that, she even asked me herself if I could a video about this and that’s why I’m making this podcast and this video because it’s a real problem that people are going through and you need to know how to handle it. In some cases, you could even probably include lawyers and cases and still are going to have a tough time addressing the problem and getting control back of your pages.  



This is your business.

You have to control it.

If you don’t control them, if you don’t put an order in them and make sure that they’re secure, you are going to have a tough time making sure that your accounts and business are safe throughout your business in this new social media era.

It’s all-new that’s why none of us are used to it. But, as we get used to it, we’ve got to understand that we have to adjust and we have to know how to put in these things so we can make sure that we can continue growing our business in the social media tsunami. 



I hope that you guys like this podcast. Make sure that you go and you get this done. I want to make sure that you guys in the podcast subscribe to my podcast. There’s an option right there that says subscribe to apple podcast and also, on the Google podcast or wherever you might be listening to and write a review. I’m getting towards 100 reviews right now and I’m excited about that. Maybe you could be number 100. That will be awesome.


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All right? So, go ahead and write a review, subscribe to the podcast, and I will see you on the next one. Talk to you soon.