Everyone sees the success, but almost no one understands what it took to get there. In this interview with the Harmon Brothers I go deep into my story.


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Interview with the Harmon Brothers – My Poop to Gold Story


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Hi, podcast. I hope that you guys had a fantastic week. It is Friday, April 3rd, heading into another social distancing weekend.

Wow. That’s becoming a very common thing these days. Not a lot of activity outside of your own home. Not a lot of places that you can visit. You can’t go to the movies. You can’t go to restaurants. You can’t go displays. You can’t go to a park, a party. none of that stuff. That’s intense.


It seems like it’s all over the United States now. Florida just got the “Stay at Home” enforcement beginning today. Actually, last night at midnight.


The Show Must Go On!

We have to continue. We’ve got to keep the show on the road. And I hope that you guys have been doing great, been training yourselves, been focusing on the battle plan that I covered the other day.

On one of my last podcasts, I talked about my 7-step formula. If you haven’t seen it, you should go back and listen to it because I talk about what to do to survive this era and how to get through it.


How to use Social Media to Survive In These Challenging Times


There’s a lot of things that you can do right now. We are seeing some incredible results on some campaigns that I’ve put together particularly all revolving around these two things. Are you ready? Building audiences and generating leads. Again, building audiences and generating leads.



Notice that I did not say profiting from audiences, right?

Well, we are selling. NaturalSlim, we didn’t have great numbers in the month of March. We are set up to survive. We have great e-commerce, we have a great social media strategy, so we will be okay.


We are not focusing on sales right now



That’s basically what we’re doing because we want to get ready for a comeback. All right?

So make sure that you’re following along. You check out my Facebook lives that I’ve been doing recently. I did have another great one yesterday actually in which I talked about some government assistance.

It’s not my area of expertise. I’m not trying to give financial advice, but I talked about the Paycheck Protection Program the government is rolling out, which is going to help us stay breathing.


Paycheck Protection Program Q&A with JJ the CPA

Paycheck Protection Program Q & A with JJ the CPA

Paycheck Protection Program Q & A with JJ the CPALast week, I delivered a webinar where I shared with you what I had learned in regards to the government relief program called Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).As I expected, you showed enormous interest in the information so I decided to reach out to the one and only JJ the CPA and invite him over for a Q & A and a discussion in regards to this program that is so badly needed by most businesses out there today.This program is as real as it gets! Either YOU get the money being handed out by the government or someone else will. Come bring your questions and let us help you navigate these muddy waters we are all going through.

Posted by Manuel Suarez on Monday, April 6, 2020


Because that’s what it’s all about right now – it’s who can stay alive the longest, who can breathe the longest underwater.

And the ones that do breathe the longest, we’re going to be actually skyrocketing once the comeback begins because it will begin. We don’t know when, we don’t know if it’s going to be in a month, two months, six months or a year, but it will occur. That is inevitable, it has happened for hundreds of years and that’s not about to change.

So we will have a comeback no matter how difficult this has been for the entire world.


Get ready for it!


  • Keep on getting trained!
  • Keep on getting educated!
  • Keep on becoming a good marketer!

You will put yourself in a great position to be able to succeed and expand and make this a great opportunity. Right now we’re doing some incredible things with my dad’s content. MetabolismoTV, man, we’re blowing up to a whole new level.

We used to average 1500 to 2000 people on a YouTube live. On a Facebook live we are averaging 10, 11, 12, 14,000 on Saturday.

This past Saturday we had 14,578 human beings live at the same time, which is pretty incredible. When you look at all the celebrities out there, some of these guys dream about having audiences that size live with you.

So we are doing some great things! Again, all focused on audience building and lead generation. And I did cover my battle plan on a Facebook live step by step.

Again, you take advantage of the opportunity, you get content from people like me that generally would not be out there, you’re getting it and you can take advantage of it and leverage it and overall maximize the opportunity for yourself. That’s what it’s all about right now. So opportunity left and right. You either see it or you don’t.



Okay. So today I actually had an interview that I wanted to share with you guys. This interview is not public yet, but I was super excited about it because these people that interviewed me are some of my favorite people in the world, some of the brightest minds in the subject of marketing that I know of.

Wow. I have admired them since I realized that I had any marketing skills. These are some of the first people that I looked up to and I said, wow, one day I’ll get to meet these guys. So that was quite special.

They invited me to be a guest on their podcast. Their podcast is probably going to be out in a month or two. These guys are called the Harmon Brothers.



If you don’t know who they are, they are responsible for some of the most incredible campaigns that I’ve ever seen in my life in the world of social media.

For example, Purple. If you haven’t seen that brand, that was the first brand that made me realize the power of social media. Purple mattresses. It’s called Purple. Look them up.

Clickfunnels. You guys know Clickfunnels, right? Well, if you don’t, CEO Russell Brunson, one of the best people out there in the world of business, an incredible guy. The campaigns that they create that are spectacular campaigns and advertising videos that they do, these guys are the ones behind it, the Harmon Brothers, and the list goes on and on.

So again, very special people. I was incredibly humbled by it. They have a podcast in which they talk about the Poop to Gold story of these entrepreneurs that are out there changing the world and they’re creating big effects.

I myself, I told them in the interview, I consider myself to be a work in progress Like I’m just getting started. So it’s such a humbling experience to have people like these guys reach out to me, interested in interviewing me. So that was, that was an exciting interview that we got recorded. I’m going to give you guys my recordings so you guys can get actually first tips on this interview.

It was a very special interview because I went deep into my poop to gold story, right? How did it all start for me?

I don’t think I have actually gotten this deep ever in my life and I think you might get some value, especially in this time of need.

No matter how down you go, no matter how deep you go, there’s always an opportunity for you to get back up on your feet and keep on going and expand.

Always, always, always. It’s never, ever, ever… the sun never ever sets. That’s the way it is for every single one of us.

So keep on:

FOCUSING on TRAINING yourself and EDUCATING yourself and getting yourself PREPARED.

And you will see yourself in no time expand. It is inevitable!

The only thing that you can actually do to die and to not survive and to start going down and not get yourself out of it eventually is GIVE UP.

That’s the only difference. Whether you’re a beginner or you’re an advanced professional on something, the only difference between these two is that one of them gave up and didn’t keep pushing. And the other one never gave up. That’s just as simple as it is, and that’s a fact.

So check out this interview. Hopefully, it provides a lot of value.

Just a quick reminder for you guys that are here listening to this podcast, I still have a scholarship for my program, which is the humongous program that I sold to a lot of people for thousands of dollars. I’m giving it away for free all the way to the 30th of April because I want to help you make sure that your business survives through these very difficult times.


People ask me, why do I do that.

Well, because I feel I have a responsibility, number one. And number two, if businesses don’t make it, I personally don’t have a business because I service businesses.

So if I have an opportunity to help somebody else survive in these very difficult times, I absolutely will take it.

So if you guys have not taken advantage of that opportunity, which we have already, I think about 6,500 people at this point take advantage of the actual scholarship, you guys should go to manuelsuarez.com/expansion.

Okay, so without further ado, I’m going to play this interview. I hope that you guys enjoy it.

I apologize for the sound not being as crisp. Once the interview goes live, you guys will have the full blast quality sound that we recorded his interview with, but I couldn’t wait to share this with you guys. Here you go.




Benton: In my Gringo Portuguese accent, did I get it close to right?

Manuel: That works. That absolutely works.

Benton: Okay. All right. Okay. Are we ready Keith? Everything’s good to go?

Keith: Everything’s great.

Benton: Okay. Welcome back to From Poop to Gold. I’m Benton Crane, your cohost and the CEO of Harmon Brothers. Today I’m joined by a very special guest. I have Manuel Suarez, the Marketing Ninja on the line with me today. Welcome to the show, Manuel.

Manuel: Oh, it’s an absolute pleasure to be here guys. Thank you for inviting me.

Benton: Okay. Manuel, tell our listeners who you are. Who is the marketing ninja and what do you do?

Manuel: Well, I think that I can call myself a working progress, man. I have been pushing throughout the last several years getting good in this subject. I don’t have a marketing degree. I became a marketing expert myself with a lot of studies.

I think it started with me just because I wanted to find an opportunity for me to get good at something, not knowing where the future was going to take me. And I became a marketing expert. I talked to the world and on the subject of marketing right now, social media platforms.

I have a marketing agency called AGM, which stands for Attention Grabbing Media.

I work with a lot of great businesses and a lot of great people. I built this organization from just me about four years ago to now 60 of us.

And we have a great group of people. We’ve got a lot of great clients, a lot of great accounts. I work with some major influencers. One of those people I’m lucky enough to call dad in this life. So it’s part of my story that I made him a superpower.

And I work with people like Dr. Eric Berg who is another major influencer, musicians like Chick Corea, incredible celebrities like Nancy Cartwright who’s the voice of Bart Simpson, and the list goes on and on.

So today still, I kind of have to pinch myself to know that people that want to have me sitting around them on their tables. So it’s what I do. I got obsessed over the subject of marketing and sending your message out there far and wide. I got obsessed with the opportunities and the platforms that we are given access to that our ancestors never had.

And just because of that a few years ago it feels like a long time ago already, I had decided to not take them for granted and do something about it. And I discovered accidentally… I call myself an accidental marketer because I first had to figure out how to make some money so I can put some bread on the table.

But I became good in a subject of marketing and I haven’t stopped and I get obsessed over spreading good messages which is absolutely similar to what you guys have done over the last many, many years.

I absolutely have followed what you guys, your career and Harmon brothers and everything that you guys put together. I’m a big, big fan of that. So you guys have been a good role model for people like me and I just spread the message, man.

I just find somebody that wants to get their message seen by the world. And that’s what led me to, as I had success building my own agency and helping other people along the way do the same thing.

Benton: That’s awesome. As you kind of described what you do, I love the tone of humility that kind of pervades it all. I feel like you’re my people.

Manuel: I appreciate that.

Benton: Now let’s go back in time though. I want to dive into your Poop to Gold journey a little bit and I want to uncover the path that has led you here. Or what are some of the obstacles that you had to overcome along the way?

Manuel: I think for me it all started, I’m 39 years old right now as the time of this interview here and I think most of my life I’ve heard a lot of entrepreneurs. I know you probably have to because it’s out there that you are either born a businessman, entrepreneur or you are not, right? Either you are meant to be one or you’re meant to be an employee. That’s kind of the way it’s actually supposed to be.

I have a very different story to that. I’m 39 years old. For the first 30 years of my life, I couldn’t care less about business. I had no desire, no interest. I had no particular passion. I could say that I was pretty much asleep and very, very asleep and dormant in this world, just doing my nine to five.

Benton: Going through the motions.

Manuel: Well, yeah, going through the motions, I had my nine to five. I just kept ongoing. I had my family, I got married when I was 25. By the time that I was 30, I already had my third kid. So, you know, I was going through the motions and I was unlucky enough, or let’s say lucky enough that I bought a property.

This is my poop moment, all right? In which I had a paycheck, steady paycheck. It was about $550 a week working full time. My wife had her own paycheck, 500 bucks a week. She was an employee too. Right? Amazing. We were making $4000 a month. Everything has been fantastic, right? The world is beautiful.

End of 2007, I think it was. You guys all know what was happening around that time zone, but around that era in which again, I just had this employee motion consistent rat race like they like to say, I said to my wife, why don’t we buy a house? What a great idea. Let’s buy a property. And I said, I found one, let’s go and check it out.

So I applied and I had about $200 in my savings account which I was very proud of at that moment. And my wife said, let’s do it. So we got into a loan, $250,000, all right? It was a $250,000 property.



Now that you think about it, it’s like hindsight, right? What kind of a bank, what kind of criminal bank is going to lend an individual a quarter-million dollars when they have not even $1,000 in savings. It’s insanity. 0% down, 0% down. Right? And then what the heck? Right? I don’t even understand it. It’s no wonder the economy collapsed at that point.

So I think that I officially like, no kidding. Honestly, believe what I’m about to tell you. I think I was the last person that bought a property in the real estate boom of that era. I was the last person. I signed the agreement, I got into the debt, and then the real estate exploded. Right?

Benton:  So are we talking like the next day?

Manuel: That’s what it feels like. I’m probably making this up. All right? That’s what it feels like to me. It felt like there’s a peak. And you know, like I was just talking to you before we started recording that I just went to Park City, Utah and got in the mountains, right? I was at the top peak, the most dangerous mountain in what they call the Black Mountains.

And I purchased a house and then we went straight down. And I think in a matter of two or three weeks, I lost my job. My wife, her salary got cut in half. What the heck am I going to do with this loan now in a $2,000 mortgage? And the whole thing started unraveling very, very fast. And that was my big time poop. At that point, I can tell you one specific moment, one exact moment.

It’s like, you know how there are these moments in the mind that just stand out? You forget about a lot of things, but these ones, some of these stands out. My wife said, “I need you to go buy diapers.” And I said, “Oh my God, I don’t have money for diapers. What am I going to do? My credit cards are maxed out. I don’t know what to do.”

And I had to go to my mom’s house and it’d be like, “Mom, can you lend me 20 bucks? I need to go buy diapers.” That’s the moment that I said, Holy cow, what the heck am I going to do with my life? And that was just I think about 11 years ago or something like that, around that time.

My time frame is a little bit lost. So it might’ve been somewhere in 2009 in which after months of having paid the mortgage that I was able to manage, then I wasn’t able to, I said I’m not going to do this anymore. So that was somewhere in 2009 in which my big poop moment occurred at that point.

Benton: Did you lose the house?

Manuel: I lost the house. I went bankrupt in 2010. My bankruptcy was final. My final degree came out. I went back to zero. I restarted everything. At this point, I got three kids. I have a lot more responsibility for a whole family and I don’t have a career. I did not go through the educational system. I barely graduated high school.

I was invited to go to university only because I had special skills. My college invited me because I knew how to play tennis.



I went in there and I utterly failed for a year and I quit. So what the heck am I going to do with my life? And that was like me wondering what the future has for me. I had no idea at this point.

Benton: Okay. So let’s, let’s hang out here for just a moment. You’re a husband, you’re a father and you go through this experience, you lose it all. What does that feel like? What’s going through your head? What’s going through your heart at that point?

Manuel: You know what the interesting thing is that as you go back, I have looked at this moment cause I tell that in my story sometimes on my seminars or webinars or whatever. I said to look back. It didn’t feel surprising that I had gone through that particular horrible situation or that I was going through it.

And the main reason why is because I didn’t understand at this point that I had any power whatsoever. I felt incapable. I felt overall I was supposed to be a failure. My mom felt that I was supposed to be a failure.

Why am I supposed to be successful? I didn’t go through this system. I didn’t graduate from college. I didn’t want to study. I didn’t want to learn any of those things that we’re supposed to be learning. So it didn’t feel absolutely shocking.

I felt disappointed that I couldn’t provide for my family. I felt disappointed that I was creating that effect that my family was not able to survive as well as they should. And I’m the one responsible over that.

But at the end of it, my feeling, this is before I had an awakening because I had a moment, I’m like, Whoa, wait a second. I learned something and I implemented it and I saw results. That’s later on in my story. But I started having an awakening as to my own true potential, my value.

At that moment it was very sad. I guess it was difficult. My wife and I were not having a good time. You know, like the times that we have been going through. I don’t know when this podcast is going to be live, but 2020 to say the least, it has been a very, very intense year for the world.

Benton: COVID-19, right?

Manuel: It’s going to go in the record books as one of the most significant eras that made the world go in a certain direction. It’s like, it’s incredible, like unprecedented what’s happening.

I was going through a time at that point, which in our world it was like that. It goes unprecedented. There was a lot of threat to survival. Am I not going to make it? What’s going to happen? Am I going to be homeless? What the heck am I going to do with my life? I don’t have the backup of my family.

Financially the family has nothing. Her family had nothing. My family had nothing. So we were like, Oh my God, what the heck is going to happen here?

So when you talk about From Poop to Gold, man, do I have a story because there’s a lot of people out there that somehow they got a silver platter, right? There are things that somehow they got lucky along the way and things were presented to them. I did, I have a lot of things that I guess that I got a little bit lucky along the way. I got presented with a lot of opportunities.

There’s one of my favorite philosopher’s name is Seneca. He talks about how you get lucky when you are prepared, right? So what does it mean to get lucky? Preparation meeting opportunity.



So I’ve got a lot of luck along the way that I was prepared for. But at that moment the world felt very, very dark.

And there’s a lot of moments in those two or three years in which I know that I was okay, so what’s going to happen here? Either I succumb to the world and I just quit. Generally, as humans, we don’t do that. It’s a very small percentage of people out there that quit and they just become homeless and they just stop trying to thrive and survive.

Especially when you have this whole family unit that it’s really depending on you to be able to pull it together and give them something. So for me at that moment, it was that.

It’s a very different story in 2020. I have different intentions. My family has everything they could dream of. We don’t have anything that we need. So I’m playing a different game right now like an influencing game at a bigger scale, helping a lot more businesses, especially for this COVID-19 world and all that stuff.

But at that moment it was about how do we get through it? How do we survive? What’s going to happen for us, this family, right?

Benton: So what was the strategy? What did you do?

Manuel: It was a decision. At that point, I made a decision and I said, I got to figure something else out. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I lost my job, this particular job that I was doing. It doesn’t have an opportunity for me anymore. I’ve got to figure something else out. So let me look into it.

I started learning about the stock market and that was an absolute failure. I figured out how to get $500 and started doing option trading on the stock market. I started making money, but then I didn’t know if you are familiar with that particular world, but it could be a very insane world. Very crazy.

Benton: A quick way to lose money, too.

Manuel: A quick way to lose money and make a lot of money. And then it’s very, very similar to the effects that you create in yourself when you play on a casino. It’s the gambling effect because you don’t control it. The crazy ups, the crazy downs, and wild swings. So I live for that.

There was one point that I managed to get like $1,000 and then it was exciting and I was like, okay, good, I can have a career here. And then I made $2,000 and then I made $25,000 and then I brought it all down to $1,000 again. And I said that’s not for me. So I moved on from that at some point. I tried and I studied that.

We already have the information age, right? We can already YouTube things and find out and discover technologies and things that we didn’t know about before. I started also learning about real estate and flipping houses.

And then I got a partner who, funny story, still my partner today, we epically failed on that particular venture. I don’t know If you’ve heard the term hard money lending. Have you read about that?

Benton: I’ve heard of it.

Manuel: It’s a criminal loan. Actually, you get a loan so you can invest in a property and you end up paying 25% interest or something like off the charts but you get the money and you can buy. So we got hard money lending even if you have bad credit. And we bought a house and we flipped it. And then long story short, it was a total epic fail.

We discovered shortly after we flipped it and we put it up for sale that it was actually in a neighborhood, which was one of the hottest, most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the city. And also they had a drug point in the corner so nobody bought it, all right? Nobody was interested in the house.

So we actually had to get rid of it. And that led us to 2010. At that point, this is 2010 still, bankruptcy goes final. And at that point man, after several failures, I kept on trying. I started showing up at seminars. I remember I was in Tampa and I went to a seminar. It wasn’t even Robert Kiyosaki. It was Robert Kiyosaki’s team and it was like a free seminar on real estate and doing this.

I just kept on trying things until eventually at some point, after many, many failures, after not surviving well, after not being able to provide for the family and everything. At some point in 2012, that’s where my gold path, like that’s it. That was the end of my decline in 2012.

Yeah, 2012. And I can tell you what happened at that moment. I discovered something accidentally.

And what happened was that I had my brother-in-law. He showed up at my house and he started ranting and bragging about this thing called Amazon Prime and selling your own stuff on Amazon.


Manuel Suarez, Ernesto Barrientos, Jorge Rodriguez


And at that moment I was an Amazon user and I would buy my things on Amazon and then he would say things like did you know that about 40% of the things that you buy on Amazon are being sold by people like you and me in their kitchens. And I said, what? No way.

I thought these boxes were coming in from Amazon and yeah, they’re coming in from Amazon, but they have something called fulfilled by Amazon. And, and that was like a big, like, wait a second. Okay. So this could happen.

And that triggered an idea. And my original idea which I guess was one of the major crucial points in my development over the last eight years now, that idea was, okay. So I got an idea. I went to one of the people that I was working for at that point, he was a fellow staff member on an organization that I was working for at that point, making peanuts. His name is Ernesto.

And I said, Ernesto, he still works with me today. Do you know those bed sheets that you sell on the weekend on the road? Can I see one of those? He’s been doing this on the weekend because he doesn’t make enough money.

He grabs a tent. I don’t know if you guys have seen that in your city, but he grabs a tent and he puts a table and he puts a big banner and it says, 100% microfiber bed sheets. Brand – Clara Clark or whatever. Right?



And I said, let me see those bed sheets. And I looked at it and I opened it and I noticed that those bed sheets were not branded, that the only brand that you could see on that entire packaging was the top little label that was on it that all I had to do was remove it, all right?

So what did I do? I got on my computer and I found somebody on fiber. And then we worked together and we created an initial design for a label with the same dimensions. Horrible. It worked.

We grabbed our printer. We printed a thousand of these labels and then manually removed a thousand labels off of the bed sheets and we plugged in our own bed sheets and we called that brand Cosy House Collection, C-O-S-Y.

This brand, I want it to call that C-O-Z-Y but that wasn’t available. It was taken. And I did some research and I said COSY has to be used somewhere. And then I found out that the word cosy is used in the United Kingdom. Perfect. Good. We can use that. Let’s go, let’s brand it. We bought the website, we bought the brand and we got it up on Amazon and it started selling.

And then I just became good in the subject of Amazon and I dove into it very deeply and I became a marketer just by doing that. And for a whole year and a half all the way to 2014 I just put my head down and worked on it because we had Ernesto, who was the one that was selling on the road, he was getting consignment, which makes it so much easier because we didn’t have to do any investment.

So again, you see opportunities, right? Like I got prepared and then I’d say, how much money do we need to get a thousand bed sheets? Oh, don’t worry about it. We can get consignment. Oh my God, that’s like a dream come true. Let’s go. Right?

So we started selling and we would just list them for $30 and Amazon will just pay us for every single one of these sold and a year and a half later…

Benton: Hold on, Manuel. I’ve got to ask. So you’re getting these sheets from some sort of supplier, right? Is the supplier cool with you pulling off their label and putting on your own?

Manuel: Let, let me be honest. I never asked the question. All right. I sold a lot of the bed sheets. I helped him sell a lot in a matter of 18 months and I can tell you like, I don’t own the brand anymore. I sold it two years ago. It’s still alive and well and he’s doing a lot of money, right?

I set it up and it’s a powerful brand and I never asked permission to put my own label on it. All right. So whether that was me being a rookie, I mean I already told you my story. I had no business background, no education, nothing.

I have built myself up from literally zero without a mentor cause I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t have my dad tell me, Son, you can not do that. These are the rules and these are, I didn’t know, Hey man, I had to feed my family. That was my own. It was a motivation to survive.

In a matter of 18 months at some point, I looked at that account and I saw, Oh my God, December 2013. I saw that and I said, wow, we’re doing $450,000 a month in sales. How the heck does this happen? Right?

We kept on going around January 2014, we went up to 480. March, April, June, $600,000 in sales. What? So it was a big awakening for me.

Money can be made and then it’s like one of those… there’s a fire, right? And until you don’t get that fire going it’s just going to be concentrated. Right? But once you get that thing to become wild, it doesn’t stop and you can’t stop it.

Fast forward to 2020, no matter how much money I’ve made over the last seven years, which I made quite a bit, I still feel that I’m just getting started and I don’t have a button. I don’t have a shut-off valve as much as I try. It is what it is. I’m into the game now and I love the game and I’m passionate about it, but it all started because I needed to survive.

And I think that people don’t generally tell this, right? And a lot of people have the cliche of like, oh, I’m not in it for money. Well, let me tell you something. We all started for money.

Benton: That’s right.

Manuel: Whether we are in it now for money or not, that’s a different story. But we all started because we needed to survive. Now once we start surviving and we’re doing great and our systems and philosophies and strategies are working, now we look at it.

You know what? I have a Tesla. I have a million-dollar home. I have this. I don’t need more money. Right? Can I use more money? Sure, I can help my church more. Maybe you can do all these things. But right now it becomes more like a game because you have so much fun doing it. But it doesn’t start like that.

And for me, it didn’t start like that. I just needed to feed my family. It’s a different story right now. So for me, that was the big gold moment that I started doing that and I have rinsed and repeated the process many times.

And at the same time part of the same story, it happened around the same time, like the bed sheets story. I actually got my father 2014, we got him on YouTube. And it actually was 2013 at some point. And that piece on a small Island in Puerto Rico. And his business is not doing well. Before the Puerto Rico hurricane, everybody has heard about the natural disaster that the Island went through.

Before that, the Island was a bankrupt island, in a lot of trouble. So he wasn’t having a business. So as I was discovering all these opportunities here, and I started doing Facebook marketing when he was just getting started before anybody even knew that Facebook marketing was a word and I was doing Facebook marketing, I started talking to my dad, “Dad, we’ve got to get you on a camera and we got to do that.” And my dad became a superstar.

He has over 2000 videos. And we have right now, we’re going on 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. We have over a million followers on Facebook and he’s an international powerhouse in nine countries, 70 years old. His name is Frank Suarez and he has a YouTube channel called MetabolismoTV and we service the Latin community.



Just this last Saturday as we’re recording this, we broke records, which is, it was so unreal, especially because everybody’s at home right now.

This is March 2020. So everybody’s at home and stay at home orders. And we had a Facebook and YouTube live and we had a record-breaking 15,000 people live. I told my dad, “Dad, you know that stadium that you have in Puerto Rico where the baseball team plays? You just filled it up and you had them with you live, 15,000 people live. How incredible is that?” Right?

So it is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity that we have today about these platforms. And I do that every day. I work with one of the greatest musicians in the world. His name is Chick Corea. He’s a 23 Grammy award winner. This guy is a legend that I get to work with every day.

He’s doing Facebook lives, he’s doing videos every day. He’s reaching millions of people and just revolutionizing with the use of these platforms.

So this is my hunger. This is my drive, this is what pushes me now every single day. I think that summarizes that a little bit.

Benton: Well, thank you. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is so fun to get to know you and to hear that path that you went on and to go from losing everything to that instinct to survive to having your breakthroughs, your gold moments and then creating with what you’ve created today. It’s spectacular.

Now. I want to be super respectful of your time, Manuel. Talk to us about where our listeners can keep in touch with you and where our listeners can learn more about you.

Manuel: Okay, well, I’m all over social media. I try to walk the talk myself. Just search for Manuel Suarez on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or whatever your favorite platform is. If you check out my blog, manuelsuarez.com, my personal obsession is now along the way, I’ve always been a big talker. Before I was a marketer, before I was a business owner, I used to take control of conversations and that’s what I would love to do the most.

So Instead of just me focusing on being behind the screen and making money, I just talk to the world. A lot of the things that I do because I have this marketing agency now and we help a lot of businesses, is that I show people what we’re doing and I teach people about the results and different practical things that could be implemented.

As you know, I like to call myself the marketing Ninja. My initial attack as a personal brand was Facebook and social media. I realized along the way that I just have a marketing mind. That’s my thing, that’s my skill, my superpower that I bring to the world. And because of that, I teach people about these platforms, whatever they are and practical things that they could be doing on them.

I also have a podcast called the Facebook Marketing Ninja podcast in which I teach people about how to use these platforms and things that I’m observing with the data that I’m actually acquiring every single day.

Benton: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show and for our listeners, make sure to like, share and subscribe. We’ll see you on the next one. Fantastic.

Manuel: All right.

Benton: Thank you.

Manuel: I don’t think I let you talk much, man, so I apologize for that.

Benton: No, I’m the interviewer. I’m not supposed to talk too much. We’re here to get to know you. So thank you. I really appreciate it. So Keith will stay in touch, Keith or Emily will stay in touch with you and make sure that they coordinate with you to get you the links when it goes live. Any other materials or anything for social media. We’ll work together with you on that.

Manuel: I just had my creative director I think about three months ago. We purchased your digital program. I didn’t do it myself. I just had her do it and she has been raving about the program for a long time already.

Benton: Good.

Manuel: So we’ve incorporated some of the things that we learned from you guys. Yeah.

Benton: Awesome. Yeah, we’re happy to help. Okay. Well, I look forward to getting to know you better in December, so stay safe and we’ll see you at Traffic and Conversion.

Manuel: Awesome. Thanks for having me guys. A pleasure to meet you guys in person here.

Benton: Take care.

Manuel: Okay. Bye. Bye. All right, these guys are great. For sure.

Camera man: It went pretty good.

Manuel: Yeah, it went pretty good. I mean, as you guys saw, I did a lot of the talking. They just asked a couple of questions and then I got going. I don’t need a lot of motivation. I just go.



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