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This is the entire audio for a seminar I did in November 2018 directed to a crowd of old-school marketers with agencies primarily focused on media mail.

It was a very interesting seminar and I believe you will find some great value in it that you’ll be able to implement for your business in this 2019 year.


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Hey, podcast listeners. It’s January 7th as I am recording this intro to the podcast today. I’m excited about 2019. Let me give you a breakdown of what I’m going to be working on this year so you can know what’s coming. I’m going to continue doing my weekly podcast. I’m going to be trying to show you what’s working today and what’s not working in this world of social media marketing and this is all based on the data that I am myself observing from my agency, my clients and my own accounts that I am running myself with my own brands and businesses. So, I have a lot of data and I’m going to keep on giving you that. So, stay tuned. I want to tell you something about the podcast.

The podcast is obviously my favorite platform to communicate through because it’s taking off way more than I expected. I think that I started doing podcast back in October of 2017 or so and nobody was listening at that point. That’s just the way it is. You sometimes expect the things to explode overnight and it’s never like that. But, right now, today, it gets a lot of attention. When you look for Facebook marketing on iTunes, I’m on the top 5 results. I mean it’s quite exciting to see that it’s gotten the attention of so many people. I actually have now thousands of people that listen to my podcast every single month and that’s exciting. Every single time that I put a podcast out, it gets thousands of listens. So, just like the opportunity that I’ve been telling you guys to also be a part of this audio revolution is a great one and we’re still very early on this podcasting game. But, I want to tell you that I’m going to keep on communicating to you guys a lot through this platform. I’m going to be also mixing here like I’ve said before some other great things, pieces of content that I think you will get value from. I’m going to stay as practical as possible. Like today, for example, I’m going to be playing a presentation that I delivered in November of last year. So, about 2 months ago. It’s a company called  Direct Mail 2.0 that they held this conference called Market Edge and they invited me to go and talk to these people, these old school entrepreneurs, that are marketers that have agencies, that they do media mail and they are still a little behind on the social media world which most of the world is actually. So, it’s not something too uncommon to see right now – people that are behind in the social media game. Sorry about that loud noise that came in suddenly on my computer.


So, I came into this presentation. I delivered this seminar which the idea is to wake them up and give them something practical to do and how to go about using the direct mail world in combination with the social media world which if you have a brick and mortar store, if you have a lead generation business, if you have a service business, you absolutely must be doing a combination of both whenever possible because it  increases dramatically the possibilities of converting people and also the branding effect.

So, I definitely recommend that you go in that direction and test that out. But, if you do direct mail by itself, it’s not going to provide you the number you’re looking for. So, you got to know what you’re doing. So, in this whole presentation, I basically just took them through a path of being able to jump into the world of social media. I think that you might like it. If you haven’t seen one of my full presentations, you might enjoy listening to it and how I delivered this content on stage. So, I hope that you like it. Other than that, again as I am recording this, it’s Monday, January 7th. I’m publishing this today so some of you guys will be listening to this today.


I’m going to do a weekly podcast on very specific things that I am seeing, half an hour podcast or so in which I am going to give you some strategy, some practical thing for you to implement and we’ll go weekly in that particular method. But overall, whenever I see some great content that has something practical, I’m also going to put it out for you. If you guys are not following me on social media, add mrmanuelsuarez on Instagram, add theninjamarketer on Facebook. If you’re not following me on LinkedIn, add me, mrmanuelsuarez, on YouTube, it’s also theninjamarketer. So, check it out. I have some great content being put out. These are all from my seminars, from my podcasts, from my videos, from my daily rants, or whatever it is that I do every single day which I have somebody recording me when I’m having important meetings or when I’m going over a strategy or things like that. If you have time to watch some of that content, that will be something that I believe will be helpful to you in what you’re trying to accomplish.

2019 is going to be a great marketing year. Platforms are evolving. It’s not getting late in the game, it’s early because these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are basically starting to understand themselves and understand their true powers and what they can do with the attention that they have. They’re basically just getting started. So, it’s a good, great time to really become a master in social media art and being able to capture attention through this platform. So, I recommend that you keep on paying attention, that you keep on learning, and that you go as heavy as possible to becoming a ninja yourself, because this opportunity, not because I’m an optimist only even though I’m an optimist. But, this opportunity right now is at the highest peak that has ever been for any of our businesses. If you have a good business that provides a good value no matter what it is, whether it’s an e-commerce, brick and mortar, Amazon account, no matter what you do, there’s an opportunity to capture abundant attention. So, you can actually convert that into income and go and accomplish all your dreams and goals. So, from my end in 2019, one of my resolutions is to help thousands of people become successful with this era of opportunity and get them all the data that they need for them to be able to grow their businesses and take their dreams one step closer towards them.

So, again, I’m going to be pushing on that really heavy. Obviously, I’m the CEO of my agency. I’m going to keep on running it. It pulls a lot of attention and I have to keep on doing that but I’m going to be paying a lot of attention to my students, to you guys that are my podcast listeners, to the people that follow me on social media, and the ones that are on my Messenger channel and all over the place, practical data that you can take and implement into your business and see some results. I am all about results. So, whatever I tell you, whatever I show you is not coming from a whim, is not coming from a dream. It’s coming from practical observation of data that you can actually implement yourself and give it your own taste, your own twist, and see results with it. So, I’m going to keep on being very, very practical along the way and giving you what you need in order for you to expand your business in this incredible marketing 2019 era, all right? So now we’re going to jump into today’s podcast. It’s going to be about an hour long and it’s going to be a seminar that you need to pay attention especially if you’re in brick and mortar, if you’re service agency, if you’re a service business, whatever it is, learn from this seminar and see what golden nuggets you can pick out of it so you can start implementing into your business. All right, talk to you soon.

WAKE UP CALL with Direct Mail 2.0

All right. So, it’s an honor to be here. I really, really feel humbled to be a part of this convention. When Brad and Ian invited me over I felt like I have an obligation to give you guys a tour into the future now. So, for the next hour, we’re going to be talking about how to get you into what’s going on today and how do you become a part of that tsunami. So, there’s a lot going on that and I’m going to tell you first a little bit about myself.

In reality, for the last 5 years, I have been diving into this social media world. I’m going to ask a quick question here. Most of you, I know are not going to raise your hand, but who here has seen any of my content before – videos or anything? Raise your hand. Okay, that’s really painful. That means that I’ve got to keep on working hard but I understand, okay? We’re going to change that today. For the last 5 years, I have been working on building businesses in the online world. I was not born an entrepreneur, I did not graduate from college as an entrepreneur. I am a high school graduate that dropped out of college and I barely made it to graduation on my senior year in high school. That was not my thing. Around the age of 32, I decided to do something about my life. The economy had collapsed a few years before. We have lost everything on my family and I had to find a way to get myself back on my feet. I did not have any survival. I’ve never considered myself as an entrepreneur. I like watching television. I like playing tennis. I like having fun with my kids and just work in a 9 to 5 job. And then suddenly something happened to me back in 2013 in which I started looking on what’s going on today and I decided to just observe. It became like a drill of observation of the obvious. I just wanted to look at what was going on instead of just listening to people. And, I started seeing people using devices. I started seeing them using the internet. I started seeing people using Amazon to buy everything and anything regards to their lives and their businesses. When I started observing that, I realized that the world had shifted and it was going to continue to shift and it was just on this particular new evolution.

For the next hour, I’m going to take you guys on a ride. If you guys have not seen a lot of that which makes sense, right? If you were on social media already learning about how to advertise on it, learning about how to ride the tsunami, you probably would have heard about me already because I’m all over the place showing the world about what we do and the opportunities in it. I am a teacher, I am an entrepreneur. I educate people on it. I run my business. I walk and then I talk. I don’t sit here or stand here and talk to you guys about these opportunities that I haven’t done myself. Throughout the last 5 years, I built several multi-million dollar businesses. I now run a marketing agency that has dozens of customers in it and I run their marketing, I make social media superstars along the way. I have people that are social media kings like Dr. Eric Berg, somebody that has over 2,000,000 YouTube subscribers. My own dad, his name is Frank Suarez, a metabolism expert on the Latin community with a million YouTube subscribers and almost a million people on Facebook that follow him around. I decided to use these platforms to capture attention and grow business because that’s what’s going on today.

Let’s do a quick drill right here with you guys that are here, you are all entrepreneurs and for me is very exciting because when I talk to entrepreneurs, you guys learn faster. So, let me do a quick drill here. Who here has a Facebook account? Don’t be shy. Raise your hand. Okay, keep it up, please. Look around the room and I want you to observe that. You guys that are on advertising, you guys that sell print advertising, postcards, media mail and all those things to these people, have you ever experienced in your business life an organization that is being used by 80% of the population or more? Ever, a media company, MBC, CBS, 98.7, The Daily News, the Sempi Times, whatever it is. Have you ever seen some organization that 8 out of 10 people you can pretty much guarantee is actively using the platform? It’s simply an observation of the obvious. So, when a business tells me they’re not using Facebook to get more business, I know as a fact that they’re leaving an incredible amount of money on the table. And, it’s all quite common because what’s happening today is that you, all of you are using the platform but you are not using it for business, or at least, you are not using it correctly. We’re not going to talk about that in detail because, in reality, it is the greatest. Like Brad said talking about Facebook as the greatest advertising product ever invented in history. Now, when we talk about Facebook, I call myself the Facebook Marketing Ninja. I have a podcast, I educate on that subject, I have a blog, I have videos, I have courses, I have training. The reason that I am into Facebook right now is not that I love Facebook. It’s because we can make money on Facebook. If Facebook tomorrow shuts down, I’m not a part of that business. I’m not a partner. I’m not making money for being here talking to you guys about the Facebook opportunity. I am riding the wave of advertising in these social media platforms. It’s all about how can we produce more income so we can accomplish all our dreams and goals.

Taking Advantage on the Opportunities

If we have an opportunity to put our message out there in front of people consistently over and over again at a very affordable rate, why are we not taking advantage of it? Why are we not learning about it? Our ancestors didn’t have that choice. My dad had to build his business working Monday through Sunday hardcore, sweating 12 hours a day without the opportunity of a social media platform to spread his message across the world. My great grandparents didn’t have this opportunity. My granddad, he used to have a toy store in Puerto Rico and it was the most famous toy store before Toys R Us. Toys R Us got us out of business. It’s funny how that works, right? Because they have been put out of business by this Amazon world. But, Toys R Us back in the year, I was 9 years old, 1990, started going into the picture of Puerto Rico, that’s where it came from and it brought down our empire that we had over there, because we had an empire all over Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. We used to distribute toys to all the supermarkets and everywhere. My dad and my grandfather used to work in this business. And my dad in the retail stores that we had, he used to come home and celebrate with my grandfather that they had 40 people walking to the stores and had 25 of them purchase something. Imagine that. You’ve got to celebrate 40 people walking into your store. Today, in my e-commerce platforms or in my lead generation channels in which I generate leads for our business which a lot of you guys are trying to do that for these customers, we get thousands of people. I celebrate 17,000 visitors every single day to my e-commerce shops. Try to get 17,000 people into a building, it’s actually quite a challenge. So, the fact that we got so many people that we have access to right now exclusively because of this online world tells you how powerful this era is. It’s a unique era. And the way that I want you guys to start thinking about it is the way that we had maybe decades ago, a hundred years ago, we had the wild, wild west battles going on in here for territory and people were planting flax and capturing land and trying to dominate certain areas and a lot of the wealthy family that we have today came from the era of capturing land. A lot of the old money came from that era. We’re going through the same phenomenon right now in this digital world in which there is land that needs to be captured and you can go in there and dominate your market and reach people and plant your flax no matter what your business is.

If your business provides value, if you use your information to make somebody else better, if your customers have good products and services that help people, it is the responsibility of them to put themselves in front of as many people as possible. So, here’s another drill for you guys. You guys have been around in business probably for a long time. Raise your hand if when you’re watching television today, you fast forward all commercials or when you are watching television, you’re watching under your own terms, Netflix, Amazon Prime, et cetera. Raise your hand. Just a quick look around. That’s about 70% of the audience right there and still, there’s a lot of money being invested on these platforms.

It’s an opportunity. It’s not something that I’m pointing out as something negative. You that are here in this room, I want you to understand how big the opportunity is because a lot of these companies that are not in this room, that are not waking up are still investing money in traditional advertising without complementing in the online world. Whatever you guys are doing in the traditional world if you don’t complement it with the online world, it’s going to keep on declining non-stop. But, if you actually start including into your campaigns, into your strategies, into your customer’s clients, a way to connect them with the online world, you’re going to see a reverse thing happening, you’re going to start getting more results because whatever media mail that you do, whatever efforts that you do in the traditional way are going to be 8x more effective, 15x more effective because these people are seeing you over and over again.

So, we have about 112 slides today to go through. Do you know how many we’ve gone through so far? All right. That tells you a little bit about how this is going to go. We’re going to go fast because I’ve got some great things to show you, guys. My purpose on this particular hour that I have with you is to wake you up to the opportunity. It’s not to make you expert marketers. That takes time. You have to go little by little and learn something new every single day. But, the first thing that you got to do is understand how big the opportunity is and stop taking it for granted. Stop using those cell phone devices every single day without realizing that these are communication platforms to get your message out there to people that you never even before dreamed about being able to reach, no limits to being able to grow. So a little bit of a fact about myself, I’m a Facebook certified professional. I have the only valid certifications on the Facebook advertising world what they call a planning professional and a buying professional. Meaning that I went through some intensive training on their end to pass their certifications to be certified as a professional on their platform. I am overall like I was explaining to you guys, a marketer. That’s what I do. My obsession is not Facebook. My obsession is attention. What I want to do is learn how to capture attention. If tomorrow that is somewhere else, I am going somewhere else but I’m telling you where the attention is at today.

Now, when I say Facebook I want you guys to also keep in mind that it’s not just that cute little blue icon on it. Facebook is today the fifth largest market cap in the US stock market. In a matter of 15 years, this company has gone from complete non-existence in a college door room to now being one of the top corporations on this planet. Fifteen years ago I was only 22 years old already. So, this company that is so much a powerful company is basically just beginning. They’re starting to understand themselves and they’re in evolution. Do you know who Facebook’s customers really are? It’s not you, the users. It’s us, the advertisers. They are there to protect us. They are there to help us make more money. If we don’t make more money, they don’t get any money. So whatever changes they do along the way, they do it because they want us to get more results. And if you understand that, you have a partner. You don’t have somebody that is taking your money. You have somebody that is helping you capture more attention and get more money for your business and grow your business. No matter what it is because you’re going to use technology to help your individual clients but you also have to use it for yourself. You have to understand that if owe one more business… A quick survey here. Who wants to have more business? Okay, good. So, if you want more business, it would be logical that you use the greatest communication platform on the planet. Wouldn’t that make sense? So, we have to learn how to use it and what works on it because, in reality, most things that one does on Facebook are not the right thing to do.

We’re going to talk about that today because I have a lot of data. Right now in my agency, we get to spend a lot of money on Facebook advertising. I am doing currently, to give you examples, I’m currently doing $300,000 in one account a month, $10,000 on another one, $23,000 on another one, $91,000 on another one. We spend a lot of money on Facebook advertising, a lot of money, and it goes on and on and on. Now, you will think like, “Wait for a second Manuel, are you crazy? Why are you spending all this money? Are you trying to go broke?” Obviously, I’m producing ROI with this, return on investment. I don’t have to clarify those terms here with you guys, right? In reality, since we do that, basically the comments that I get from my clients is like, “How do open up the floodgates? How can you spend more? Manuel, how can you spend more of my money?” Because they’re getting more business. So, currently, I’m spending over $500,000 in Facebook ads every single month. And, in the last several years, I’ve spent over $12,000,000 in Facebook ads. So, I have a lot of data about what works and what doesn’t work. Now, again, what is Facebook? Facebook is Messenger, Facebook is Instagram, Facebook is Facebook, Facebook is WhatsApp, it’s a combination of all those platforms that they have been able to along the way unite in what Facebook calls the family of apps. It’s not just one single blue icon, they have a lot of platforms right now that they can use to help you get more business and they’re growing better every single day, bigger and stronger, okay?

So, okay. We talked about that enough. We have exploding e-commerce channels. My main focus right now is Facebook advertising, Messenger marketing. I have accounts with over $2 million in sales. I have accounts with over $10 million in sales. We are generating currently over $40 million in revenue internationally every single year. So, a lot of money is being spent on advertising and it is coming back to us. So, again the point about this is not to brag. It’s basically to convince you guys and let you open your eyes about the opportunity that we have in front of us and how powerful that is. You might be wondering, “Wait for a second, I don’t have e-commerce. I have brick and mortar. I have a small business.” Well, my international business that we run with my father is a company which is a lead generation business. We have to generate leads to survive. We have a weight loss clinic that is now in nine countries and it was all built through social media advertising. I wouldn’t even say about 95% of them has been Facebook ads. We have some very big YouTube channels close to a million YouTube subscribers. We generate over 25 million views every single month on our channels. But, when it comes to generating leads for our clinics, we use Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. And today, that is no less true than it was two years ago, okay? So, the opportunity is just beginning.

Riding the Facebook ads wave, that’s what I’m saying. I’m not trying to create ways, I’m not trying to get people into a trend. I’m trying to get on that trend and jump all over it so I can ride it because I want you guys to look at what has happened here historically. Historically on the advertising world, opportunities have come and have gone every single time throughout decades, throughout the centuries. 1900, radio became a big deal. 1899, people started advertising on it, they started making a lot of money. It was cheap, it was affordable – supply and demand. 1940’s, television comes into the scene and radio advertising suffers. Companies don’t make as much money on the radio because now people’s attention is no longer there. So now we have them on television, people make a lot of money. Brands and businesses, jump all over that wave and make a lot of money. Fast forward, several decades, we got the internet world in the ’90s affecting the television world. Now, we got google.com. In 2002, Adword became a huge phenomenon and people are buying words for ¢5 on every single click. Google.com became the next big thing. 2006, YouTube became the next big thing. If you try to do those platforms today – radio, television, Google, YouTube, even them that have happened only a few years ago, that opportunity is gone. It’s not there anymore. If you try to grow your business using only Google Adwords, you’re going to close that business because it’s too expensive. A word that we used to buy for ¢5 a click I have to buy it for $10 per click now. $10 a single click, not a conversion. I have to send 100 people to my website to get two people to purchase from me. It doesn’t make any sense anymore. So it’s not that, “Hey, guys. I need you to wake up and go to the online world.” The online world is composed of different things and not everything works on it. You have to understand what works and what doesn’t work. You have to understand where the attention is at. And, you have to understand where is the lowest cost of getting that attention. That is the key to running a successful business and scaling it in this modern world. That applies to your business and that applies to the business of all the people that you help along the way. Where can I get the most at the lowest cost?

Okay, so you guys all know Facebook right? I don’t need to teach you about what the platform is. It’s a monster platform that we all use today to communicate. It is a communication channel for us to get along and find out what our friends and family are up to, right? So, don’t take my word for it. What do we get? We got 2.2 billion monthly active users. They just reported their numbers last week for the last trimester and they’re up to 2.3 billion monthly active users, okay? They’re increasing by leaps and bounds. More people and more demographics from all ages and from all demographics, socio-economic levels are joining the platform every single day. We have a particular customer who their business is generating Medicare, the GAP Insurance. Does anybody know what that is? The GAP Insurances? Their job is to generate leads for the 65 and over Medicare gap. What does that mean? That their only potential customer is 65 and over, that’s it. You will think like, “Wait for a second, are the grandma’s, are the 65 and over people, are they using the platform?” You bet they are. They are actively using the platform to find out what’s going on with their friends, with their families, with their kids, with their grandkids, all that stuff actively. Actually, there’s a large percentage of the community, of the senior community using the platform actively. Just to give you a scope of the number of demographics in the platform, this company which is a Medicare GAP company, all they do is sell the 20% insurance that Medicare does not cover. They are fully invested in Facebook ads. They invest over $100,000 on ads every single month and are growing by leaps and bounds just by doing that.

Again, opportunity. Worldwide, there are 1.4, almost 1.5 billion daily active users. Imagine that, right? You would probably see these companies that are big media corporations dreaming about someday being able to have so much attention. Today, there are roughly 2 billion smartphones in use in the world and out of that number, a staggering 85% of smartphone owners use the Facebook app. Among all Facebook users, 47% only access it via mobile devices. That is a dramatic change. Five years ago, it was about 20%, less than that. Now, more and more, this number is an explosion. So, not only you have to understand what’s going on in the online world, but you have to also understand what’s going on with the individual basis how companies, individuals, are not even using their computers anymore and they are doing everything in here every single day. Even myself as a business owner am using this more and more to be able to communicate and run my business. It might be something that’s real to you. We use our computers less and less and less. It’s going to that direction. So, not only that you have to figure out how to be a part of the online world, but you also have to figure out how to be a part of the mobile tsunami that’s going on right now and how to get your message in it because the world is going in that direction.

Okay, so most popular social networks in the world. It just happens to be that 4 out of the top 6 are owned by the same company. How crazy is that? Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram. Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, 4 of the six platforms with that much attention are owned by the same incredibly powerful corporation. So, how do we jump all over that? As of October 2008, let’s look at audiences. We’re talking about the United States. Who here has most of their customers are in the United States? Raise your hand. Okay, good. So, most of you guys. All right. So, 200 to 250 monthly active people, okay? Million. What that means is that it’s a big number, variation from 200 to 250   because every single month it variates a lot. These are numbers that are coming directly from Facebook data analytics. Meaning that every single month, there are 200 to 250 million people in the United States logging in to Facebook and using the platform. Now, what are these people? Well, we got all the demographics. We know that 50% of them are women. We know that 46% are men. We know that 24% of women are 25-34. And while the 28% of the men are 25-34. The example of the 65 and over, look at that. Women 65 and over are already 12%. That is a lot of senior citizens on the platform, a lot of them. And kids which are ages 8 and 24, the teenagers and past the teenagers, those guys are the smaller crowd. But, even any of those demographics, any of those areas, we’re talking about heavy millions of people, okay? So, there’s a lot of people using the platform actively every day. India, United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico – those are the dominating platforms right now of countries in regards to how many countries are using the platform. If you haven’t seen what’s going on in India, India is an exploding economical country with a big massive explosion across our economy.

Leading countries ranked according to the number of Facebook users as of October 2018. So, the United States is second place right there, okay? So, the number of monthly active users worldwide, it keeps on exploding. Look at that beautiful trend. I wish that we all had statistics across our business like that, right? Every single month, higher and higher and higher. So, again, it is a wave that we want to learn how to jump all over it. Okay, so how does it work? I’m going to introduce you to this video. I am going to play this. This is a 2-minute short video from the creator of the one that is in charge of the algorithm of Facebook. He’s the one that’s going to explain to you in 2 minutes how does the algorithm works. Anybody that doesn’t know what an algorithm is? An algorithm is basically a system that is all a robot, it’s an equation that is into google.com, amazon.com, and is part of the search engines that helps this particular engine provide a result based on what the person is actually searching for. For example, somebody’s searching for deodorant on Amazon. Then, the algorithm is going to say what are the most relevant results for that search. On Google, the same thing. If you’re searching for a dentist, it’s going to give you the most relevant results. On Facebook, there’s a unique algorithm that nobody else has copied before. There is an analysis that was created to find out what you like and what you don’t like and to give you more of that. That’s what made Facebook what it is, that’s why all these other platforms are not being able to approach. What they do if you look at platforms like LinkedIn, if you look at platforms like Spapchat, they try to approximate that and they never could because Facebook figured out a particular algorithm that provides the individual user more of what they want. So, as an advertiser, it’s quite powerful. Because as an advertiser, you don’t have to spam people or bother them or put something under news feed that they don’t want to hear. Usually, the things that you see are things that somehow you are interested in and that’s why Facebook algorithm presents a good opportunity for us to be able to get our message out there and be able to grow their businesses.

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If you start looking at what’s going on your Facebook news feed, every single sponsored message that you see… Who here has noticed those ads that say “Sponsored” under it? Those of you guys that have noticed it, I want you to start paying attention to that because the cool thing about the Facebook platform also is you see what happens, it’s integrated into the platform. You don’t feel like you’re being sold something. It’s just in your news feed. You don’t even know how they got there. So, when you do Facebook advertising, you basically find a way to put yourself into that newspaper. A news feed is the same as a newspaper. It is where you get your information. Every single morning, today, more and more females instead of waking up in the morning with a coffee and grabbing their newspaper, they wake up in the morning, they get their coffee and then they grab their Facebook. That’s where they go to find out what’s going on in the world – news, information, family, friends, et cetera. So, what you want to do is you want to invade that and put yourself there, find yourself a particular area, interest, et cetera that you are going to put your message in there so you can sell them something and that’s the idea behind Facebook advertising. This is how it is going to look. When you look at on your news, when you open it up as marketers that you guys all are, as business owners that you are, you need to start paying attention to this. These are some examples of ads that we run, just like that. We have dental offices that we help, we have e-commerce companies that we help. We have content creators, teachers, educators that we help. And, when you see ads, it looks like this. You see the name of the page and right under it you see something that says “Sponsored”. That’s how you’re trying to get into their newsfeed and I know that the guys here at Market Edge, the Direct Mail 2.0 guys, they have a very simple, powerful system to help you integrate social media into your campaigns. What’s going to happen with those efforts is that as you do more of that, whatever you send out in Media Mail is going to increase your return on investment because when somebody looks at that postcard, they’re going to know, “Oh, this is the person that I just saw on Facebook”, or the other way around. So you’re trying to basically compliment where the people’s attention is at. Because today, what’s happening is you might be feeling it, there’s more attention on these platforms than on anything else, there’s more attention on that than going over a media mail, than reading a newspaper, than buying a magazine, than watching a TV commercial. So, what you’re going to do is compliment what you’re doing because again, it’s going to dramatically improve your results of every single thing that you do. It’s something that shouldn’t even be optional. You should definitely somehow figure out how to put yourself in front of these people in this social world because otherwise, you are hurting your own business. Why? Again, we did the drill, right? Everybody’s using it. Let me tell you what they’re not using anymore. Traditional is not being used as much. And in reality, what we want to do is we actually want to change that. And there’s a lot of opportunity with that because most companies that are traditional advertisers are not learning about this yet. You are in the minority, that’s the reality. Like the more that I look at the world, the more that I realize this is just getting started. This whole evolution is at the beginning, diaper stages. I do seminars and sometimes I have to bring it a lot back because I understand that people don’t know anything about it, and if they have a Facebook page, all they do is press that boost button which I want to talk about later on. And that’s not the way you do Facebook ads. If you have been pressing that button and you think you’re running Facebook ads, let me guarantee you something. You are not. That’s not the strategy, that’s not how it works.

Facebook has made it easy for you to do that but that’s not what you should be doing. If you really have a long term goal of being able to grow your business in this social media tsunami, we should definitely should. Because again, if you didn’t have goals, dreams, and ambitions, you wouldn’t be sitting here. We’re are all here investing our days of the week which are so valuable because we understand that we can accomplish more which is very valuable. If you guys don’t do this, if you don’t look to obsessively keeping on learning, then you stay behind. So, I’m going to give you guys a big validation for that because just showing up in here, puts you ahead of the pack and we’re going to keep on going with that.

All right. So, Instagram explosion, I’m going to talk about this briefly. Who here has an Instagram account? Raise your hand, keep it up. Okay, that’s more accurate. We’re about 30-40% right now of the country overall. Not anywhere close to 70-80% that we have on Facebook but it’s growing faster than any other platform out there. Not even Facebook has been able to accomplish as much as they have as fast. They already crossed 1 billion users actively on the platform every single month. Now, you might be wondering how did that happen. Instagram? Well, because they were taken over by a company called Facebook and Facebook knew exactly what to do with it and they knew the algorithm that worked and they knew how to actually do it better than their competitors. So, when they did that, they actually started capturing a lot of attention. So it’s a platform to pay attention to. This is the Instagram channel, right? Instagram profiles. If you as a business don’t have an Instagram account, I’m telling you, it’s one of those things that you need to work on creating. And I’m going to give you some more ideas on that along the way. But you have an Instagram account in which you post content. Instagram is a platform that is more visual. Let me give you guys some comparison. Facebook is like a talk show. Facebook is like a place to communicate your message, spread the word, talk about what you’re doing in your business, tell testimonials, success stories, information, valuable, talk about your products, do Facebook lives, long video, short video, images, et cetera. Instagram is a visual platform. It’s a lot of behind the scenes. Instagram is like a reality TV show of sorts in which you do Instagram stories. Instagram stories are those things that are at the top over here. When you press those buttons over there, that circle button that says Dr. Berg, when you press that one you can do 15-second stories and talk about what’s going on. Again, what are we talking about here? ATTENTION. We’re trying to capture attention where people’s eyeballs are at. Instagram today has a lot to that. So I’m putting it in there because it’s a platform to pay attention to right now.

The good news is whatever you do with Direct Mail 2.0 also will include Instagram because the Facebook platform compliments, includes all of it; the Facebook advertising platform is one single platform that you can use to market on all the channels – Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, all in one single ad product. So, that’s something important for you to keep in mind. 120 million users in the US, that is maybe like more than half of the Facebook users. Again, we’re looking at 40% of the users that are actively using Facebook online community. 80% of users outside of the US, so there’s a billion people already actively using the platform. 25 million businesses, 2.2% interaction rate per follower. This is just like a statistic that might be boring to you guys. I’m just showing you how much attention they have. 200 million people check out at least 1 business profile a day. Again, on Instagram you can have two things, you can have a personal account or you can have a business profile. The business profile is growing by leaps and bounds right now and people are checking out those business profiles more and more every single day. In reality, it’s a platform right now that is going to the direction of becoming a monster advertising product. When Facebook right now is reporting their revenue every single trimester, people are paying attention to what’s going on on Instagram. So, it’s a monster in evolution. 4.9x per week, it gives you an idea should you post on that especially because, guys, good news, we are at slide 37 out of 124. We’re getting there. We’re going to have to move faster. How much do I get until the end? What’s that? How much do I get? We’re giving you 20. Okay, 20. Are you guys ready? All right, good. If you guys already thought that I was a little bit too fast, I’m sorry, I apologize, okay? Anyways, the slides, I’m going to give you guys access to all of them, okay? So you can review them. In the end, we’re going to have a slide where you can download them. Okay? So don’t worry about that. I tried to give you a lot of value in 1 hour but I see that I have to get hold of my message so a lot of the things we’re going to have to just go through it much faster, okay? All right, so here we go.

I think we got enough with that. You guys got the idea. It’s a growing platform. We’ve got to jump all over it. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. It’s my favorite quote from Seneca, okay? In reality, this is something that people, they keep calling themselves lucky. When you see an entrepreneur build a successful business like right now I have this monster agency, 47 staff generating millions of dollars in revenue a year, something that happened so fast. Did I get lucky or did I prepare myself to be a part of an opportunity? I think my area of skill right now is as valuable as most of them out there. That’s what we get paid a lot of money, because I just got really good at something that had so much attention. That is what you need to be paying attention to. You guys, if you are already struggling a little bit in generating sales… Let’s say that you have customers that were paying you $100,000 10 years ago to do media mail, and now you try to convince them that they give you $10,000 because right now they don’t have the money. Well, you need to understand where the opportunity is at. Instead of trying to sell them on something that is not going to help to produce the same results, why not just compliment the package and actively get these guys in this tsunami? So, instead of having them… Okay, fine, I get it. You don’t want to invest the other $90,000 because you probably invested it in YouTube, Google, Facebook. Let me take that over for you. Let us be the one in this. So, that’s what I want you guys to do like figure out how to somehow now incorporate this opportunity into your business and you are going to see whatever trend that you’re feeling downward go up right away. It’s very valuable. If you can tell to a client, “Look, guess what. We are now becoming social media advertisers and we’re getting really good at it and we know what we’re doing now and we can get you more results and your efforts in media mail are going to dramatically improve because of what we’re learning right now.” So again, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. You meet that opportunity, you learn it, then you start rocking it, okay?

Advertising Cost

So, the cost of advertising, let’s talk about that for a second quickly. Just a little bit more data on that. If you want to do newspapers, radio, television, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, nothing approximates the cost of advertising on Facebook right now, nothing. If you want to advertise to people that are very highly targeted people on the subject of CEO’s of corporations, then it’s going to be more expensive and you’ve got to reach them on LinkedIn. But, if you want to reach millions of people for peanuts, nothing gets close to it, nothing. The Facebook advertising platform has been able to create this system that for advertisers, we can reach a thousand people for $4 if you know what you’re doing. Now, this is important to understand. Facebook is a user experience platform. It’s important for them to protect the user’s experience. It’s very logical why they need to protect it. Because if we start blasting people with ads that they don’t like, with content that they don’t like, with things that ruin their experience, Facebook is going to spend your money but it’s going to charge you a lot more to reach those people because they want you to plead dry as soon as possible because you are ruining the experience. So, for example, if you do a video that people are hating and they don’t like and it’s not a good quality video or if you do an image that doesn’t really communicate a message, instead of paying $4 for every 1000 people, you get to pay $50 and you could get broke and then you’re going to come back and be like, “Manuel, I tried it. It didn’t work. Facebook ads don’t work.” It’s because you didn’t know what you were doing. You have to find the right people, the right audience, and you’ve got to communicate the right message to them because if you don’t, Facebook will penalize you. If you talk to the right people, let’s say somebody that wants to lose weight and you tell them, “I’ve got a product that is going to help your energy, it’s going to handle you so your metabolism is fixed.” They’re going to accept that better. But, if you’re going to talk to somebody like super skinny and you say, “Hey, are you feeling like you want to give up, like you want to lose some weight?” It’s going to ruin that skinny person’s experience. So, you have to know how to talk to the right person. If you do that, the cost of advertising goes down. If you talk to the wrong people, then, it goes up.

I find it fascinating sometimes, because I’m a marketer, when I look at Facebook the things that I am being targeted for. And if you guys want to go through your own experience, I’m going to give you a hot tip. As you start glancing through Facebook, if you start being a part of the news feed and looking at all of it, every time that I see a sponsored ad… In case you haven’t noticed, every five to eight posts from your friends and family, you see a sponsored message. You can do that right now if you want to while we’re talking, okay? When you see a sponsored message, I want you to go and press… Stop right there. Stop it and go and press the top right corner that has three dots. Press on it and select “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” from the drop-down menu. And, you’ve got to understand what I’m talking about. Facebook is going to tell you what the advertiser is using to put their message in front of you. And, when you do that, you start understanding the importance of talking to the right audience because 220 million people are not going to be interested in your products or services. Actually, a very small percentage of them are going to be. Most of them are not your customers and you have to understand how to find them. The good news is, the Facebook platform teaches you all about it, shows you information, gives you access to that information. For example, if you want to target people that high-income levels, you can do that. Facebook uses IRS data to target zip codes with a certain household income. So, if you want to find people that are making $200,000 or more you can based on actual IRS data. If you want to find people that are low-income housing, you can based on IRS data. If you want to find people that are interested in animals, you can based on the IRS data, just kidding. Not that part. You guys didn’t get the joke. But, if you want to target people that are interested in animals, Facebook has a lot of information about you. They know what you like, what you don’t like. They know if you have kids, if you have children, if you’re married, if you’re divorced, if you own a house, if you rent it, they know if you like to travel, they know if you are actually traveling, they know if you recently got back – all that data is in the system and that’s the beauty of the platform, that it has a lot of information that we never dreamt about before.

So, we can use that. These guys at Direct Mail 2.0 can help you target these people correctly in combination with their social matching campaigns that help you find these people on social media and now you can communicate better with them every single step of the way, okay? So, again, what do we’ve got? In the United States, sometimes you can get 2 CPMs meaning cost per thousands. If you compare that with what you’re paying every other channel, it’s pretty outrageous. So again, opportunities, right? Like if you want to talk about right now what it cost you to reach 1000 people on Google, on YouTube, in other places, the difference is quite dramatic. So, it’s one thing for you to just keep in mind. Okay, good. So, 8% of businesses in the world are advertising on Facebook. Think about that for a second. The greatest advertising product in humanity ever invented, not even a second place, the biggest one being used by 80% of the population. How is it possible that only 8% of people in businesses have invested in it? It’s not logical. Again, it’s exciting because you see how it is all getting started. If you look at it, if I come back here on Direct Mail 2.0, on Market Edge in 2023, I guarantee you that we’re going to be talking about something else guys. I’m going to stand here in the stage and I’m going to say one phrase, “I told you so”, that’s all because that’s going to happen. In 2023, this opportunity is not going to be what it is today. As a marketer, as a business, if you are not grabbing your cash flow as much as possible and investing it in the social media world, you’re leaving a lot on the table, you’re being irresponsible for your company because this is where the attention is at.

Opportunity, this tells you why the particular platform is so affordable right now because it’s all based on supply and demand meaning the more companies that come in, the higher the cost. That’s just the reality. Right now we’ve got almost nothing, right? Facebook’s 5 million advertisers, that’s it. At just 8% of the 65 million businesses that are active on the network, 8% actual numbers. So again, opportunity, okay? So, what is that about? That’s it, one single word. And what we’re going to do is figure out how to capture it and how to capture more and more of it actively. Creatives, different videos that you can create on it, you can do all of it in it, okay? You don’t have to learn it, you can just hand over the power to these guys right here and they’re going to do a good job for you. But, along the way, if you want to start incorporating all the things that we are going to talk about today, you will have to learn more about social media advertising and how to use the platforms to get attention. Because for example, today a Facebook page, if you post content on it every single day, you are not going to be able to get results anymore unless you figure out distribution, okay? One thing is content and the other thing is the distribution of that content. I’m going to give you guys a summary before we end up of what content is and how to go about creating some of that which is really, really important and we will end up with that. But, in reality, if you post things on your Facebook page today, you are not going to get a lot of people to see it because Facebook needs your money. They are a public corporation. It’s not a non-profit business. They are trying to make money. So, the way they make money is that they have all this attention and they tell you, “Look, I’m giving you access to 2.2 billion people. You want to pay me some money so I can actually keep on going?” That’s where they charge you. So organic reach on Facebook is not what it used to be five years ago, it’s not what it used to be a year ago. That’s not the strategy. But, what you do overall in the Facebook marketing philosophy is somehow figure out how to value, value, value, value, value, value, sell. Value, value, value, sell. Value, value, value, sell.

Okay. So, what is VALUE?

Based on the rule of seven, it says right here. This is a rule that has been around in advertising for a very long time. It says “The marketing rule of seven states that a prospect needs to hear the advertisers message at least seven times before they take action to buy that product or service.” Do you guys think that just doing a media mail campaign is going to resolve your income problems? It’s not. You have to continuously communicate with these people. One media mail campaign, another one, a social media strategy, content, all of it requires that effort in order for you to make it go right. What we do in social media is that we accumulate identities in a digital way. As people see your videos, read your articles, you put them on a bucket like this as you see in this image. And then you can start building relationships along the way. Again, if you guys are a little bit mind-blown with this, we don’t have enough time to cover this whole thing. I’m going to give you guys access to a series of free mini-courses. Who would like to get some more training on this? Okay, good. So, the guys at Market Edge have a present for you guys because we’re going to give you access to a series of mini-courses that are my basics on being able to penetrate the social media world, how to use it, the basics of targeting, et cetera. So, don’t be all stressed about “We didn’t get enough time, we didn’t do this correctly.”

Just to summarize, if you guys give me five minutes I’ll just wrap up this section, okay? And we’re good. I’m under pressure guys. What is content and how to make it? This is very crucial and this is one of the things the guys here wanted me to talk to you guys about because this is what you need to focus on and what your clients need to focus on. What is content for the social media world? It’s no longer the 30-second video cookie cutter ad. It’s no longer the one quarter newspaper page that you are trying to create. It’s no longer a flyer only. There are no cookie cutters anymore. On social media, the field is wide open for you to create. And, creativity is unlimited. And, when it comes to content, you can do videos, you can do images, you can do written word and you can do audio. Somebody like me, I’m a little crazy. I work a lot. I’m obsessed. That should be a good thing depending on the viewpoint. I do all four of them. A lot of people concentrate on one of them. They just write, write, write, write, write. They do big blogs. Some people just do video. Some people just do something called podcast. The podcast is a huge strength right now that you can actually use social media channels to explode your podcast and capture attention towards your business. Radio content, that’s internet radio of sorts, okay? Some examples, videos that you put out there. This is some of my clients, you can have videos like that with text at the top. This is the way social media looks. No cookie cutters. This is like another brand that we work with. Text on the top, videos. Dr. Berg right there talking about different things that are dangerous, providing value, educating. More, this is a dental office that we handle from San Luis just providing lead generation. If you talk to this person, the lady that hired us a couple of years ago, she would tell you that I am the best thing that happened to their lives. And I was like, “What about your husband?” “No, no, no, no. You, right?” So, it is not because I am good because of again guys, in order to bring in an agency like us, we are now a monster. So, it cost a lot of money, we’re not cheap anymore. So, it’s not the recommended starting step for you guys. The recommended is for you guys to get some training on this and get started. Maybe one day you actually get so big that you can afford somebody to pay them $15,000 to $20,000 a month to run it all for you and then you let go of it and you focus on your things. But, in the meantime, you have to work on this yourself and teach your customers how to be a part of this and produce content, more video content. You can do free mini-courses, training, education on different subjects, images, graphic images, information, promotional products like this. Again, you’re going to get access to these slides. Again, all these stuff today is so easy to create. There are no excuses for creating content. There are tools like Fiverr.com that you can hire graphic designers, video creators, video editors, you can hire copywriters – you can hire anything that you want. It’s all accessible. You can create all kinds of content actively and there’s a lot of things that you need to learn along the way. But, in reality, it’s content. It’s the quantity of the content that you have to work on producing, putting your brands out there in social media actively, consistently.

How much content should I create?

Now, the question I might get asked is, “How much content should I create? How much should I put out there?” The answer to that question is how bad do you want it? How bad do you want to get there? How fast do you want to get there? How big are your dreams? If your dream is to become a billionaire, then you’ve got to make sure that your actions match those dreams. If you tell me that you are going to become rich and you do one post a day, then I’m going to tell you that’s not going to happen. Its quantity has to be over quality obsessively. A lot of it – Facebook videos, Facebook lives, pictures, carousel ads, testimonials, success stories, activity, life, consistency, questions that you’re asking to the public, interviews, product development news, information about what’s going on, new lines that are happening, actively, obsessively. And the more you do this, and you figure out distribution… Again, what do we talk about? Content and distribution, the more that you figure out the distribution of that content, the more that you can grow your business because when you grab a piece of content that is beautiful and you’re like, “Wow, I’m so proud of that video. It looks so awesome. We worked so hard on it. Congratulations team. Bravo!” Right? But then, nobody sees it. It’s because you didn’t figure out the distribution. You guys know about the geniuses that we discovered in this world. Do you guys know how many more geniuses we never found? We know the Da Vinci, actors, celebrities. But, how about the other ones that never figured out distribution and we never found them? It’s because they have to understand how to get their message out there, how to get people to see it, how to run paid advertising, how to give the greatest media platform in the planet money so that they can grow their businesses. That’s what you need to figure out. Trust me, you have a really good friend and this friend is quite powerful. It’s actually the second biggest corporation on the planet. It’s called Google. When you don’t understand something because I don’t have enough time to give you guys all of it, you Google things and you will be shocked that every single thing that you want to ask has been answered.

How do I set up a Business Manager on Facebook, how do I run Facebook ads, how do I create an Instagram profile, how do I run ads on LinkedIn, how do I target on Facebook, how do I create a video, how do I add music to my video, how do I write a blog post? Guys, excuses had been fully wiped out because of technology. It depends on how bad do you want to get there. If you really want it, if you want to accomplish dreams and goals then you have to work and put the energy behind it so you can get there, okay? So, that’s all for now. I’m going to give you access to these slides because we have a little bit more to cover but I usually get excited and I want to talk too much instead of showing these. So, whenever you have time when you go back home you can download the slides, you can get started with the mini-courses, learn some more. And again, we are living in a great era. It’s a matter of you jumping on that train and figuring out how to be a part of it. One of the two things is going to happen. Either you’re going to ride that wave, celebrate and grow or you’re going to wave people goodbye as they pass you by and grow rich on this incredible era. One thing that is happening right now, trust me, the idea that there’s no more money to make is false. I went to Beverly Hills the other day to do a concert with my wife. Took her to see Luis Miguel who’s like Sinatra, the personality of the Latin American world. We went to Beverly Hills, we looked around and we saw the amount of money out there, so much to capture. It doesn’t make any sense that we don’t apply the right technology, we can not get a part of it. So, there’s a lot for it. There’s a lot of it for us to capture and there’s a lot of purpose of us to actually get into. Your products and services are important. It’s a responsibility to put it in the hands of people in front of them and have them give you an opportunity for you to service them and the social media world is the way to go about it, okay? Thank you for listening guys.