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After delivering seminars all over the world, I realized how unique the knowledge I have really is. So I decided to share my ability, to help people become successful in what I view to be the greatest marketing era in humanity’s history.

I’ve built several million-dollar businesses. It can be done. Now I want to show you how. Stay tuned for tools and strategies you can use right now to build your brands and increase revenue!


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Getting Help in an INTERCONNECTED World


Podcast Transcription

Hey, guys! So this particular message that’s coming up now is on the subject of being able to get yourself some help. This is one of the most important areas that I can tell you if I wouldn’t have gone heavy on, I wouldn’t have been able to expand in the last few years like I have. So, I don’t take it lightly. I don’t want you to take it lightly yourself either. This is an area that is going to release you to such a degree to be able to create so much and be able to expand your business because there is so much knowledge out there that it’s literally impossible for us to get all of it implemented. But on the other hand, the more of it you implement, the more that you grow. So, what is the answer? The short answer is to get help. Okay, so I’m going to give you guys this message right here which is extracted from different episodes, podcasts, et cetera that I have throughout the last couple of years given out to you. But here is a little more concentrated. I think you’re going to like it. Let me give you something practical about this. This is all about getting help, right? Getting people to start implementing some of these strategies that you’re learning and getting some action done. So, here’s some practicality on it.

“The place that I started to get help on is a website called…”

20four7va and Freeup

The place that I started to get help on is a website called 20four7va.com. I’m not affiliated with them. I don’t make any money for recommending this to you guys. But, I do want you to start getting something done. So, I’m going to give you three places, okay? One of them is 20four7va. You can type it into your address bar the website which is 20four7va.com. I found a few people there. I found some incredible rock stars. Also, there’s freeeup and I am affiliated with that one.

But again, it’s not something that I’m too interested in making money with. But, if you want to go and check that one, there’s a coupon that you can use to get somebody and you get $25 credit into your account to start getting somebody hired to help you. I mean, if you want to get a designer, if you want to get a video editor, if you want to get some kind of Facebook ads expert, Amazon optimization expert, brander, or whatever it is that you need, you can find them there. If you go to freeeup.com/manuelsuarez, that’s going to take you to a landing page in which you can basically just create an account and get $25 credit and hire somebody – a freelancer, an expert, somebody that you can eventually bring into your team and be a part of your organization.


And then there’s Fiverr. We have been using Fiverr for a long time, right? If you don’t know what Fiverr is, Fiver has been around for years. It’s a place in which you can find talent. If you go to fiverr.com, I mean, I have been using Fiverr for years to create different projects, tasks, activities. I mean, we’re living in a connected world, guys. Of course, there’s UpWork and a bunch of other places, right? But, those are the three places that I have been using throughout the last few years and I definitely recommend that you get something done. Just take one, hire somebody and give them a task to do and start expanding your areas of implementation because that’s the way you grow. If you don’t do this, guys, then, you simply don’t grow.

If you stay stuck in the “We’ll, nobody can do it better than me” phase, then, you’re going to stay at that particular point right there and it’s going to be a slow, heavy, strenuous, tiring grind that you don’t want to go through, not in this era in which things can move so fast. What I’ve done in the last few years is something that would have taken 50 years to accomplish and I’m telling you from data because my great grandparents, my dad, I mean, they took ages to create a multi-million dollar business, right?

So, it’s not something that I’m just making up. When you get helped, when you take advantage of this connected world in which you can hire people in different parts of the planet, in different areas of opportunity like the Philippines. These guys, they make $2, $3, $4, $5 an hour and they’re making a lot of money. I mean, the average household income in the Philippines is $5,000 versus the U. S. which is $40,000. And that’s like basically, you’re on the poverty line. Like in the United States, $5,000 a year makes a household stable and surviving in the Philippines. So, it tells you how much opportunity there is because these guys are talented.

Some of them are very, very talented and they’re willing to put on the work and they’re very loyal. They want to help you also get there and accomplish your dreams and goals. So make sure that you get something done. So now, without further ado, here’s today’s podcast. This is a message on my own experience about being able to scale my team and getting into where I got to today with the help of people around me. I am into building an organization of people that help me accomplish my dreams and goals. That is the quickest path for you to be able to accomplish all of it, okay? All right, I hope you like it.

Back in 2014, I created a business. I was already learning about advertising. I developed a passion and a dream of being able to capture attention. I became interested in the subject of using the internet and the social media world to capture attention. I thought it was fascinating that I looked around everywhere and I saw people using Facebook, Instagram – all these platforms actively – buying on Amazon. It was such an incredible phenomenon to observe. So, I got obsessed with it. So, what did I do? I got together with a partner of mine. His name is Ernesto. He’s a really good friend of mine. He’s like my brother also and he still works with me today in the agency. We got together and I said, “Look, that business that you’re doing, you’re selling bed sheets on the road (They call them road siders). That business that you are doing, I want to take it online because I think there’s an opportunity with it.”

He was doing bedsheets at that point, we got together, come with another guy who’s another friend of mine. We built this multi-million dollar empire that was doing about $600,000 in sales within the first year and a half. Within the first 18 months, we were doing $600,000 in sales already, monthly. Six million dollars in sales in the second year. So, I was doing that by myself without any help. It got to a point that I became so overwhelmed that I knew I am not going to be able to grow anymore.

That was the end of the road for me. I hit a point in which even though I was growing very fast and have some good systems in place and have some great knowledge and I was implementing social media advertising into the brands, I was actually accomplishing a lot of good stuff along the way. I had just taken on my dad as a customer who right now is a major social media superstar with my help. I was doing other smaller things.

But, I remember that I was outside my office back in 2015 towards the end of it, just a short two and a half years ago, I looked at my partner and I said, “Ernesto”, well he can attest to this. “It’s time for us to get more help. We somehow need to figure out how to scale and get help. I know all throughout this time, I’ve been thinking that nobody can do my job as good as I do it so it’s impossible for me to get somebody to run my Facebook ads, my advertising, my campaigns, my Amazon optimization, my graphics, my listings, my copywriting, my websites. I cannot get somebody to do that. I’ve got to do it all myself because I’m just really good at it and nobody is going to be really good at it.”

The moment that you get outside of that thinking, the moment that you step outside the box and you think for a second, “Wait for a second, there’s only a certain amount of things that I can do within my time, within my body, within my activities and my life. I’m not going to be able to grow unless I get myself out of this condition.”

So, I actually started looking for companies to help me find people. I was lucky enough that the first person that I found is still with me today which is incredible. His name is Jay and he is an incredible human being, an individual that has grown with me by leaps and bounds every year. When he started with me, he wasn’t 10% of what he is today. I just saw a potential just like I had potential when I started learning about Facebook ads.

I remember going to a convention not knowing anything about Facebook. I had this guy who’s a mentor of mine. His name is Ben Cummings, a good friend of mine, too. He was showing us some stuff about running Facebook advertising and I was blown away and I didn’t know anything about that so at some point I learn from people. All I had was, I don’t have to find like that whole thing about “Tell me your experience. I want to see your resume.”

Guys, that’s bias because in reality you’ve got to look at what the person is and you got to sense them, you got to feel them. Is their intention good? Do they know how to communicate with you? Do they know how to talk and get their message out there to you? Do they know how to spread their emotions? Do they show you a passion? Do they want to accomplish greatness? Do they want to do special things in life? What are their goals, ambitions, and aspirations? What are they doing right now? Understand more about that. How lazy are they? Look at their phone, main screen. Do they have only YouTube, Facebook, and no productivity?

Look at what they’re doing in their lives and judge them by what they are right now, not where they’ve been, not what they’ve studied, trust them by their intention to help you right now. If you have that, there are so many things that you can get them along the way, so much education, so many courses, so many training that you have access, so many podcasts, so many books that you can build these human being into a monster, monster help for you.