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From Bankruptcy to 20 million a year in under 9 years




It’s been a while since I’ve been here with you. I’ve been extremely busy. I understand that some of you guys might not have heard from me in a very long time because the last time that I put a podcast out was actually on February 7th. So, it’s going to be a month almost now. A lot going on. Some of you guys, I understand that you may not follow me on social media because you’re too busy. I understand how that is. I used to do that myself, listening to podcast all day long on the car while I’m driving, while I’m exercising, training, or whatever it is that I am doing, podcast is for me such an important part to receive information, communication, data that I can implement in my immediate life. I have a lot of great training lined up for you guys right now. There has been a lot of traveling recently for me. As you guys may or may not know, I have a marketing agency. This marketing agency has very high demands from me because I have to travel, I have to be with clients, and I have some very special people that need a lot of attention and that’s part of the game of having an agency. 

That’s what has kept me on the road quite a bit. Also, I’m doing a lot of seminars. So, that has even delayed more. And then when I’m here, in the last couple of weeks which I live in Clearwater, Florida, it’s been fires after fires after fires are being put out and that’s all part of it. You don’t usually hear about the downs. You hear more often about the ups that entrepreneurs have. But, there’s a lot of ups and downs and that’s all part of it. I actually want to talk to you guys about that in the future because I have some great things that I want to cover with you in regards to different subjects. For example, one of them is expectations. The biggest problem that I have encountered with the clients that I have serviced is expectation. They have the wrong expectations even though I was very clear with them and I made them sign on those expectations before they get on board. I still have a lot of difficulties making sure that they are clear on the expectations when it comes to what is going to happen in this social media world. 

I’ll do a whole episode on that because when you have the right expectations, it’s way easier to operate and to function and to just roll and be systematic and not be dreaming about things that are not going to happen. Delusions of grandeur, there’s no such thing, right? I mean if you look at a successful entrepreneur every single time, you’re going to be able to find a long history of ups and downs, failures, recoveries, and all the way up the hill. It’s a battle and that’s just the way it is. You’ve got to understand how that works. You wouldn’t expect to build a brick and mortar offline business into a profitable business in 6 months. Why would you expect that in the social media game? It doesn’t make any sense. It is faster because communication is on steroids now so you can get there faster. But, it still requires work, energy, dedication, testing, money – all those things are part of it. If you don’t put them into play, into action, you are going to probably have a tough time jumping ahead and getting everything in motion so you can be successful. 

We’ll talk about that some other day. I have some great training lined up this next week. As I am recording this right now, in my phone right now, I am talking to my app so I can record a little message to you guys. I’ll tell you in a second why. It’s not a special message today, it’s not an official podcast. This week, I’m going to be doing a podcast on something that I have been diving into a lot recently and that’s in regards to audiences on Facebook. As you may or may not know, there are different types of audiences. There is an interest-based audience which Facebook calls it core audiences, lookalike audiences, custom audiences. I want to explain them all. But particularly on this next podcast that I’m going to be talking about, I’m going to focus on the powerful audience that Facebook calls the core audience. Meaning that’s the audience based on Facebook’s data, Facebook’s information that they have accumulated about the user throughout the years. There have been changes in them. Sure, the scandal from 2018 made some changes on that but there have been some positive changes also that I want to talk to you guys about and explain all the different incredible array of opportunities when it comes to Facebook data. It’s all very accessible to us – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp advertising, this family of apps, they’re all interconnected and it’s becoming easier and easier to advertise. And, watch out because Instagram TV is going to be open for advertising at some point and that’s the channel that right now I can tell you without a doubt is blowing up. 

If you want to see some of my best content, go to Instagram and search for @mrmanuelsuarez and check out my Instagram TV and you will see. I have some great content there that is getting a lot of attention which I am excited about. So, you can check some of that out yourself and maybe take advantage of the education that I am providing in that channel. Anyway, let me tell you why I am here. I want to give you today a message from my phone directly. If you are an Amazon seller or if you want to be an Amazon seller, let’s say that you have an e-commerce channel and you haven’t been able to penetrate the Amazon world, you want to build a new business that you can run from home, you want to be able to scale your income, you’re an entrepreneur because you’re already here, listening to this podcast. We know that. But, if you want to take your business game and build an Amazon brand, let me tell you a quick story. 



In 2010, I myself, Manuel Suarez, the Facebook Ninja, I declared bankruptcy. I think it was around August of 2010 and I had to start over. It was very embarrassing for me. I am telling you 100% from the bottom of my heart. This is the truth, this is what we’ve got. At that point I have 2 kids, my wife was pregnant, was about to have a third baby. I didn’t have a lot of money. I was struggling, I had to let go of my house that I have purchased in 2007. The economy collapsed shortly after and life became really, really difficult overall. In 2010, I had to start over. It was one of those things that was I guess you can say very humbling because I have realized that I have nothing and I had to for a second look around and see how I can get some help, some assistance, or any work. It was one of those moments which $20 was a big deal for me. 

When I tell you that I’ve built myself from nothing, I am being pretty literal. I always had enough luck to have a roof over my head. We ended up moving to a rental. I was able to make enough money, $500 a week to pay for that rental which cost me about $1000 a month to maintain and to be able to provide for my family overall. We survived along the way. I don’t have a story of living in a car or being homeless and sleeping in a box, not like that, I never went through that. But, I was definitely in a very bad spot not that many years ago. I was talking about just 9 years ago, or less than 9 years. 

For me, I kept on looking for opportunities, I kept on looking for a way out. I invested in the stock market. I made a little money and I grabbed $2000. I did a program which was a Robert Kiyosaki stock market program. I remember I did that training and I was so excited. That was a failure. It was great training. I had a good teacher. I didn’t do good with the stock market. My personality is not a good fit for something that I don’t control because the stock market is something that you don’t literally control. It’s controlled by other forces that are beyond us and that’s just the way it is. Real estate, I invested in some training. I paid $250 in some training. I did all kinds of free courses that I could do, free conventions. All of it for flipping properties back then which was a big deal and that was also a failure. 



So, I kept on trying things over and over for many years. For me, the turning point… like right now, I’ve done some crazy things. If you’ve been following me for a while this year, I’m going to break $20 million across the brands that I manage in Amazon. I’m going to break $60 million in total. Some very crazy, crazy numbers are happening that right now, I can tell you that before, I wouldn’t have even dreamed about, not this close to bankruptcy just a few years ago. My turning point was in 2014 when I got introduced to the Amazon world. For me, that was the starting point. The reason why Amazon is so important and so powerful is that Amazon is not your brand, is not your business, but it is a cash flow monster. Amazon has 100 million monthly unique users in the United States. Other places like Europe is blowing up. They have tens of millions of people active buying stuff on Amazon every single month, active users across different countries. So, they have a lot of activity. The Amazon platform is growing by leaps and bounds. I don’t have to convince you on that, you can see it yourself. It’s happening. 

For me, I was presented with the opportunity in 2014 and my way into this opportunity. Even though at that point, that was quite skeptical over the things that were happening but I decided to jump all over it and I did. My entry was with an individual who I respect as one of the biggest mentors in my life because he really created a big impact. His training dramatically altered my faith. Obviously, if I had made the implementation myself, nothing would have happened but his training, his education, I implemented it and I saw incredible results. I built a multi-million dollar business within a year and a half. By the beginning of 2016, I had already grabbed a business from non-existence, a brand that I made myself with two partners from nothing, and I built it into a multi-million dollar business selling $600,000 a month just exclusively in the Amazon world through his training. So, when I tell you that he changed my life, he changed my life. 

This person’s name is Jason Fladlien. Some of you guys might know who he is. Some of you guys have seen him around. Some of you guys might know him, might not know who he is. He has been over the last couple of years a little bit “off the map” as compared to how he was before. He is a specialist on Amazon and he is also an incredible salesman, and he’s a great speaker. So, over the last 2 years, I know that he’s been off the map writing education and books on the subject of webinars, how to deliver webinars, and training people on this subject. But, he is an Amazon expert. That is his thing. That is what made him what he is. He has the best training out there on the subject of Amazon and the most brilliant mind I have personally ever seen in the world of Amazon. 

I don’t particularly promote anybody, ever. Here’s a question. When have you heard me hear in this podcast promote other products, other services, other webinars? The answer is never. You would not see that because I don’t believe in promoting something that I am not passionate about. But, this is something quite special because this guy is somebody that I really trust in and I know that he always, always brings it. So, if you’re one of those people that are looking to create an Amazon game for yourself, or take your Amazon brand to the next level, or just somehow figure out if Amazon is an opportunity for you, you should come to this webinar. It’s something that I’m going to be hosting. It’s going to be hosted by the Facebook Ninja, it’s going to be next Thursday, this next upcoming Thursday. If you’re listening to this after March 7, this webinar has already passed and it might have already expired. But, if you’re listening in the next… Today’s Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, make sure you register because next Thursday, March 7, 2019, this webinar is going to be live at 3 pm Eastern Standard Time. If you want to register for this webinar, I’m going to be hosting this webinar and I’m going to be introducing Jason, and then Jason is going to be the presenter and take over. He’s going to cover a 4 step formula towards building a profitable Amazon brand in 2019. This is something that you don’t want to miss. 

If you have a brick and mortar business, if you have a lead generation service, whatever it is that you’re looking for that is not in the e-commerce world, then, of course, don’t show up. But, if there’s an interest on being a part of this webinar, make sure that you come because it could be that turning point when I went for myself in 2014 where everything started to change. Today, when I look back, I know that was the exact moment when I did my first webinar by Jason Fladlein when I connected to his world. That for me was when everything started changing and I can promise you that. If you want to sign up, you can go to manuelsuarez.com/amazonwebinar. You can go on your iPhone, Android device. You can go to your computer, laptop, et cetera. Just type that in and you’ll be able to register for the webinar and I’ll see you there. 



I definitely want to see a lot of you guys be more successful. Let me tell you what I use Amazon for. Amazon is a launching pad. For me, that’s all it is. I don’t trust it to build a business for me. What I do is I use its incredible traffic and all the power in it and the number of people and attention that he has and also the trust factor to get income, to get cash and money, and use that money towards my social media brands and expansion, and planting roots across the internet world. For me, it’s something that I simply utilize to take advantage of it while I buy myself some time to build those brands around me that even if Amazon wakes up tomorrow and shuts me down, I was able to build a powerful brand with or without it, but, I leverage the incredible power of the platform because nobody can ignore that Amazon is the single and greatest e-commerce evolution in the history of humanity and it’s going to continue in doing so and is going to continue on being so for a very long time. 

Go and register. I’m also going to put the link down below on the description of this podcast. Please also, if you get a chance to subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t done so. Write a review if you like it. I’m going to work on providing more content. I’m going to work on a schedule right now more consistently to make sure that I deliver here to guys and I don’t fall off the map either because I know it’s important that you guys want to continue getting educated and that’s my number one passion, educating. My number one source of income is my agency, that’s the reality. But, my number one passion is talking, educating, helping people become successful, and presenting opportunities. That’s what I enjoy doing the most. So, I’m going to keep on working on that particular area. In the meantime, make sure that you show up this week. I’m going to have in a couple of days another podcast on the subject of core audiences on Facebook. That’s going to be a valuable one so we’ll get to that. 

Make sure that you make it to this webinar because again, it’s going to be a game changer. It’s going to be something that I can definitely tell you for sure, you’re going to learn some very practical data that you can implement towards your business today, towards your Amazon brand today. Even if you haven’t created a new brand, even if you are starting from scratch, or even if you are in a certain level right now, you need to be there and listen to one of the top mines in the e-commerce world not only in the country, in the planet. That’s just a plain fact. So, I’ll see you there, manuelsuarez.com/amazonwebinar and I hope that you can make it. Make it live because it’s probably going to be full especially because this guy is such a legend and I will see you there. manuelsuarez.com/amazonwebinar