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From 100 dollars a month to thousands – A miracle of the online world 🌎 To find valuable staff yourself you can start here: freeeup.com/manuelsuarez

To apply for work at AGM you can submit your info here: agmagency.com/careers This is just one of the millions of stories the online world 🌎 has presented to us. Most of these stories never get seen.

Here’s a powerful one from a person very near and dear to my heart, Jonald Jamora. We take this for granted, but stories like these were not possible 20 years ago.


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From $100 a Month to Thousands – A Miracle of the Online World


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busy entrepreneur packing baggage for airplane and doing seminar

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in for another podcast session. It’s been an intense last few weeks from being at the conversations conference all about Messenger marketing to traveling to different places, doing seminars to all kinds of things that the busy entrepreneur life can present to you along the way.


I’m here. I recently did a video. It was an interview that I did while I was at the Conversations with one of my staff. You guys may or may not know, I now have an organization of over 50 staff, some incredible stories.


manuel suarez interviewing jonald jamora

Watch video here.


Sometimes, when we’re so busy with our daily activities we forget about how special it is the stories that people have themselves as to how they got to where they’re at.


my life story


You know that I came from having pretty much nothing – bankruptcy, reconstruction time and time again and trying to find myself along the way. That’s my story. But, as I got closer to some of my staff they have some very, very powerful stories.


Businessman with empty pockets on white


I can tell you that out of all the incredible things that I have accomplished in life, I’ve done a lot of bad things, too. But, I have done a lot of great things.

You don’t get to produce incredible expansion and results without accomplishing greatness along the way, right? 


Business man standing on a huge tower stack of papers and handing red flag. Job is finished successful

Out of all the incredible things that I’ve done throughout the last 5 or 6 years, the thing that I’m most proud of is not a dollar amount, it’s not about how much money I’ve made in my e-commerce brands, my dad’s business, helped Dr. Berg, or helped my church or whatever. It doesn’t matter. 


None of that

is the thing

that I’m most proud of. 

The thing I can tell you that I’m most proud of is

building a team of powerful people

that I’ve helped them thrive, grow, and improve their quality of life dramatically in some cases. 


a team celebrating and clapping their hands


One of my most valuable staff members, his name is JONALD, you might have heard about him because I do talk about him quite a bit. Maybe you haven’t.


He’s somebody that’s very close to me, he’s been working with AGM Marketing for the last couple of years and I have seen him thrive probably more or as much as anybody else in this company.


I don’t want to downplay anybody else as an expansion. But this guy has become quite an incredible individual.


His story is quite special because HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY BACKGROUND in marketing or in social media, nothing.


let’s take a look back 


This guy was a Japanese chef making $100 a month working 240 hours a month, working 160 hours a week and making $100, not a week, $100 a month. You got it, $25 a week for a 60-hour workweek.  

japanese chef serving sushi

It’s quite incredible especially when you compare it to what he’s making right now after 2 years of working with AGM.


Now it’s in the thousands of dollars without getting into too many details of it because I have an obsession of making my staff and the people around me grow along the way. 


I want to put it in here because it was a powerful interview and I decided to play it as a podcast because I believe that one of the most important things that you as an

  • entrepreneur,
  • social media marketer
  • business owner
  • brand

… one of the most important and valuable thing that you are going to have to do in order to expand, in order to scale, in order to accomplish targets and goals is to build a team.


That’s something that I’m really good at. I’ve been building a team throughout the last couple of years. 


The other day I looked at it and said, “Wow, I don’t even know how this has happened.” It was one step at a time. 


I want you to get the right mindset of starting to bring people in and training them.


Jonald, which you’re going to hear him in this interview, I am the one doing the interview with him, he had no background!


confused young man looking innocent


He didn’t know anything about advertising, nothing. Not a single thing similar to me 6 years ago. 


Now, he is one of my top marketers. He’s somebody that really moves the wheel in AGM. He’s one of my top Facebook Messenger experts.


He is one of my most brilliant minds. Some of the greatest ideas for my seminars and my training come from him. Some of the most advanced techniques, this guy figures out. 


car wheels running on the street


I guess the biggest moral of the story right here is the fact that…

you never really understand what your true potential is


You don’t get what your power is until you go out there and start implementing, practicing, learning and figuring out how much you can learn and basically pushing the envelope like they say,

pushing yourself to the boundaries and limits

and see if it cracks or if it allows you to keep on expanding that rubber band.


How much can you stretch yourself? That’s what it’s all about. 


As an entrepreneur, as a business owner, as a staff member that’s what you want to do.

you want to continue to stretch yourself so you can discover abilities, talents, and powers that you didn’t know existed yet


business, people, teamwork and planning concept - smiling business team drawing chart on notice board in office

That’s what I want you to do because it’s not all about you building yourself as a leader, but also, building the people under you so they themselves grow and they end up being better than you in some areas.


You help them and you flow power and energy towards them.

That’s what it is about. 


Now, you end up looking at a team that you built that they have your back, they’re your warriors.


They go out and battle for you every single day and you have the ability to focus on those things that allow you to “keep the bird’s eye view of the business” and allows you to keep on growing while these guys execute on your vision.


white head eagle facing front


I’m going to go ahead and play Jonald’s story right now and I’m going to let you listen to the interview. I think you’re going to like it.


If you’re ready after this interview to hire some people and get started, it’s not always pretty.


You’ve got to know that some people are not going to be a good fit for your company.

Some people are not going to deliver, some people are not going to be hard working and dedicated. 


But if you keep on working and keep on finding those diamonds in the rough, trust me, you’re going to end with a powerful team that’s going to help you get your business to higher and higher levels like I have done over the last few years, all right? 


If you are ready, at the end of this interview you can go to freeeup.com/manuelsuarez.

freeeup.com website


You can sign up and you’re going to get a $50 credit, 5% which is something that you have to email them and they’re going to give you that extra credit because there’s a promotion that they’re running for the rest of this month I believe. 


You can get started hiring a virtual assistant that you can hire, bring them in, have them do some projects for you, help you out.

And then you can start building a team along the way which is going to be the way that you grow a real business.


Along the way, you can start getting those people and turn them from freelancers into employees. That’s what I like to do. 


“Bring them into your world.”

“Help them grow.”

“Make them part of your team.”

“Make them better.”

“Give them the tools.”

“Give them the training.”

“Make it possible for them to expand…

… for them to realize their full potential.”


That’s the mark of a true leader


businessman checklist


A true leader can have some people working under him, under her, and help them thrive, help them realize that they are more capable than they thought they were.

Help them become better every step of the way.


You need to get to that role of being a leader and help your team to go and thrive. Here’s the podcast. I’m going to play it for you right now.


I hope that you like it!


businessman thumbs up


It’s an emotional story. I got goosebumps myself as I was interviewing Jonald because his story is incredible. 


I’ve been able to revolutionize and totally transform the condition of his family – not only him, his family…

he’s able to provide for his entire family.


But at the same time, I have been able to get so much help from him…

that he’s helped my business grow and scale the same or more than any other staff member in my company over the last few years.


two men sitting on a chair and looking on a laptop

Here you go. I hope that you enjoy it.  




manuel suarez gif


Manuel: Hi! My name is Manuel Suarez and I am the founder of AGM Marketing. We are a marketing agency and I’m going to tell you a little bit about our business. I’m going to tell you why YOU’RE WATCHING THIS VIDEO. This fellow right here is the great Jonald Jamora.


jonald jamora smiling on manychat convention conference


He works for AGM and he’s one of the top marketers. We found him in the Philippines which you might be watching this video over there. AGM is a full-service agency. We help businesses all over the world to CAPTURE ATTENTION. That’s what we do.

We have big clients. We have some middle small-sized business clients. We also train marketers and train other businesses on how to run their marketing themselves. 


Why are you seeing this video?


three people on the table using notebook, iPad and laptop with coffee


Well, it’s because I have a story to tell. 

This story is about this young man right here who’s one of the people that I care about the most right now through the few years of working closely with me. 


I was talking to him. I’m on a convention right now in which we got some training on a marketing technology called ManyChat which doesn’t have anything to do with this video but it’s all about Facebook Messenger marketing.

I brought him over here from the PHILIPPINES because he’s my top Messenger guy. He’s not only a Messenger guy and a Messenger marketer. He’s my top Messenger marketing guy.


But, not only that. He’s very close to me because we built presentations and we do very cool things together. Without him, let’s say that my life would be a lot harder. I didn’t know that I would need him as much as I do right now. I want to find more people like him. I want to be able to get somebody like you and help you get you closer towards your dreams and goals. 


Office worker. Cheerful delighted nice man looking at the laptop screen and smiling while working in the office


As I was talking with Jonald a couple of days ago and I asked him questions about his past, I was so blown away about how his life has dramatically changed – not changed, dramatically changed by being an AGM Marketing staff member.


I want to start off by asking Jonald. Jonald, can you tell us a little bit about your background before the AGM Marketing life. Are you a marketer? Did you graduate from university? Did you have a degree in a very expensive university about marketing or what? Can you tell us about it?


Jonald: I graduated as an HRM student. It focuses more on culinary skills. I don’t have any idea on what to do in marketing. I don’t know what social media marketing is before I started with AGM. 


jonald jamora on a server suit


I was a bartender, a Japanese chef, a call center agent. You name it, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. 


Manuel: You knew how to use Facebook as a user but you didn’t have a clue how to become a marketer.


Jonald: Yup. I saw some sponsored ads before but I have no idea how they’re making it and what platforms are they using. I just saw them as an advertisement at that time. 


Manuel: Hmmm. All right. How old are you first of all?


Jonald: I’m 27 years old.


Manuel: Let’s say three years ago, what were you doing in the Philippines? What city in the Philippines?


View on the skyline of Makati as sun painted clouds move slowly across the sky during sunset in Manila, Philippines.


Jonald: In Manila, three years ago I was a Japanese chef.


Manuel: A Japanese chef. So, you were cooking at restaurants? 


Jonald: Yes. You probably know the place. It’s a well-known Japanese Place in Manila. I was earning around $100 a month or P10,000 a month, the normal minimum wage we have in the Philippines. 


Manuel: Okay. So, let me repeat that. He was earning $100 a month three years ago, correct?


Jonald: Yep. 


Manuel: All right. Three years ago and you were using that money to survive. You had enough to pay your immediate bills and survive.


Jonald: Yes, you can survive but you don’t have enough for any other things. 


Concept of young couple with relationship problems


Manuel: And it’s even difficult if you want to go to the movies or something, right? 


Jonald: Yup, especially in Manila. 


Manuel: So, $100 a month. Listen to this. This is where the story gets very intense because $100 a month, that’s what he makes right now in less than a day working with AGM. We’re not going into the details about how much he makes because obviously, he makes that much money because he has helped AGM which is our organization which now has over 50 staff grown quite a bit with his talent. 


He got into AGM, he had a system in which he got educated. Then, he discovered a talent that he didn’t know he had.


He realized he had this skill that up to that point he probably said, “Okay, I’m going to work in that company. Who knows if I could even…”. What were you thinking when you were told, “Okay, there’s an opportunity. We’re going to hire you.” We never talked about that, Jonald. You and I have been working together very closely for a few years now. What were you thinking when you were told, “Yes, we’re going to give you a chance on a Facebook marketing and social media agency”? Tell us about that.


Jonald: Let me go ahead and back check the story a little bit. I applied for AGM as a customer service agent.


Manuel: Why? Because you thought that was the only thing you knew how to do?  


Jonald: Yup. That’s the only skill that I have at that time – it’s to handle customer service. 


Manuel: Because you did the Japanese, you were a cook and then …


Jonald: I was a call center agent as well. So, I transitioned to a home-based job and applied with AGM as a customer service agent.


Attractive young man working in a call center with his colleagues


Manuel: … which a lot of you guys are probably call center agents. It’s a big deal in the Philippines, right? For AT&T, for Humana or insurance companies. It’s a lot. A lot of you guys, this is a reality, you don’t even understand right now that you have a hidden ability to do something greater than what you’re doing. That’s what you don’t understand. That’s where the power of this story comes into play. I myself don’t have a marketing degree and I am one of the biggest social media marketers right now in many different areas.


Seven years ago, I wouldn’t even have dreamed about that. So, you discover abilities along the way. Jonald was a Japanese chef making $100 a month. And then, you became a call center agent. How much are you making on that? 


Jonald: $200 a month or around P20,000. 


Manuel: How many hours were you working for a week? 


Jonald: That’s 8-15 hours a day.


Manuel: How many hours did it end up being a week?


Jonald: 60 hours more or less. 


Manuel: He works the same amount of time right now and how many more times that you make? Let’s not give some specifics as they’re going to come to AGM and be like, “I heard Jonald has… Jonald talks like this and talks like that. Jonald said he’s making that much money.”


Jonald: It’s a lot more multiplied by many times. It’s a lot more. 


Manuel: Tell us a little bit about how your life has changed ever since you joined AGM and how fast was your process to grow in AGM.


Jonald: They trained me from zero to the top level. That’s how I became one of the Messenger experts. Before I started with AGM, I was only dreaming of buying a car and a house. But, right now, I already own a house which is in the millions and a car which is also worth a million.


Light blue two story house with column entrance porch, garage and driveway view


The life that AGM has provided has drastically made my life way way way better compared to what I imagine before.


Manuel: It’s amazing, drastically better. He used to dream just three years ago about owning a house. I don’t know. He wasn’t even thinking about a house worth millions of pesos. He used to dream about buying himself a car. 


Young man planning his future and dreaming mortgage credit house car recreation vacation and travel.


And now, in only two and a half years, do you know how fast two and a half years go by? Or three years? It goes fast. It disappears. It’s like, Oh my! It has been years already. And now, he owns a house, he owns a car. How were you able to provide for your family now because of AGM? 


Jonald: I can provide them anything that they want. They just ask for it and I give it to them without any problem or worry at all. That’s how AGM has helped me a lot. 


Manuel: This is a true story, guys. This is 100% true. We didn’t script this. This wasn’t prepared and planned to be put in front of you. I’m telling you that a lot of you people that are watching this, you don’t realize your potential yet just like Jonald and myself, we didn’t realize it for a few years. You keep on discovering that talent as you push yourself towards the next level.


So, if you’re interested and you think you have what it takes, all you have to do is provide your information, go through the process and we’re going to find out if you qualify or not. We need help.


Woman filling in resume form at table. Job interview concept


AGM Marketing Agency is growing very fast and I’m looking for talent like this incredible guy right here.


He’s in Austin right now with me recording this, in Austin, Texas, United States. I was able to bring him from the Philippines. He’s that good that I paid for his plane ticket and I had him over here. We’re at a big conference right here and I’m giving him the world. Why do I give him the world? Because he gives me his whole world.


austin texas building view


And, he always goes another step more than anybody else to provide valuable information, to provide valuable education, to provide services to this company that makes them special in this organization. I’m trying to get more people like him. If you think for one second that your dreams are real and you can get one step closer towards them, then, you’ve got to make the jump and you’ve got to do what Jonald did a few years ago only. 


Two and a half years ago, three years ago, he used to dream about this. And, all of it today is a reality because he made a decision to learn about Facebook advertising, about social media, and about this new world. We made him good, we gave him the tools, we trained them and then in return, he became one of the top marketers in our company.


master chess player


I’m saying that not lightly. He’s one of the top marketers and we help them become that. So, anything else that you want to say to these people from your country that are watching this Jonald? 


Jonald: Just trust in yourself. Go for it. We’ll take you by the hand and train you as well. 


Manuel: He might end up being your boss. You never know. We need some help.


Jonald: I’ll be a nice one to you. 


Manuel: He’s a nice guy, that’s right. All right. Anyways, thank you for watching this video and I hope that it motivates you, I hope that it inspires you. You know that you don’t get anything unless you think about getting things. If you want to get big dreams, you’ve got to act. If you have goals, purposes, and things that you want to get to, the only way you get there is by pushing yourself towards a new level, all right?


So, I’ll see you there. Go ahead and opt-in. There’s going to be a link on this video either above or below. Opt-in and go through the process and then we’re going to find out if you qualify or not for AGM. Then, we’re going to turn you into a ninja. Who knows, maybe you can be here doing an interview with us talking about your story a few years down the line. All right, thanks for watching. 


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