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In this podcast, I’ll be providing you with a behind-the-scenes look at my marketing agency’s strategy for OMNIPRESENCE.

I’ll be covering how to build audiences, how to provide value to them (a vital part of successful marketing), and how to reverse engineer your competition!

Follow along for great tips to help you win the social media game! 

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Business Survival Series – Reverse Engineering Competitors

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Ollie: Hey, podcast listeners, Ollie here. I’m Manuel’s Chief Operations Officer here at his digital agency.

Hey, Manuel recently did a training for digital marketers and we covered some great topics like how to provide value and educate your audiences, how to build audiences and what you can do with those audiences.

Manuel, of course, goes into a little bit about his journey and what he has done to reverse engineer his success. He talks about competition, how you shouldn’t be threatened by competitors but be inspired by them.

He talks about what he learned from great marketers like Mary Smith. I think you’re going to find a lot of value in this training, in this podcast. So, hey, here you go.


Let’s Start!

Manuel: Okay. I’ll give you guys a minute to come in. I want to thank you for being here. I want to thank you for being a part of the Business Survival Series.

We’re going to be talking today about… 

A Great Lesson for Practitioners!

This is going to be a lesson for people that are practical. If you are a practitioner, if you enjoy doing things and trying to control your own destiny, well, this is going to be for you.

If you’re a dreamer, if you’re into wasting your time and binge-watching shows and just being all doom and gloom and Debbie Downer, then, this might not be a lesson for you. It’s going to be a great one.

There’s a lot of opportunities for people that know how to utilize them.

And today, I felt like talking about a very, very practical subject. So, let’s see. I want to make sure that I can tune in, that you guys can see me.

Yup. Okay, great. I have people coming in here so that’s very, very good. Fantastic. So, let’s get to it. I’ll give you guys a chance to start coming in.

Any of you guys that are watching the replay, thank you for watching this. Stay tuned. This is going to be a great, great episode on the Business Survival Series.


Taking Advantage of Available Help 

A couple of things that are happening that I want to just get into a little bit of housekeeping before we move on into the subject for today.

  1. Did you already take advantage of the opportunities that the government is giving to you in the United States?

I don’t know where you are at, I don’t know what country you are a part of, but did you already take advantage of these opportunities? Like the Paycheck Protection Program, the Emergency Disaster Loan, or Emergency Disaster… I think that’s what it’s called, EIDL.

There are many, many programs that you can take advantage of as an entrepreneur, as a solopreneur, as a sole proprietor. Whatever it is, there is something that you can qualify for. So, I recommend that you look into that and get your research.

We, my businesses have already taken advantage of them and we have gotten the help that we’re not going to deny because in this era, any help is going to be quite important for any of us to continue surviving.

I’m going to try to give you guys in today’s episode, on today’s session, I’m going to try to show you inside some of the AGM numbers, what we’re doing here inside the agency, what results we’re accomplishing.


Let me tell you something!


We are rolling full steam ahead and we’re accomplishing some very, very great things – sales numbers, audiences, attention all over the place. We’re doing more than we’ve ever done before right now!

So, the strategy that I’ve been talking about over the last month and a half or so, if you implemented that strategy into your strategies for your business, you will inevitably see results because IT DOES WORK and we have implemented it across many, many different accounts already.

Okay. So I see some more people joining. Thank you for being here. Just so you guys know, we are live right now simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube. We’re live in both places. And let me just go ahead and confirm that right now. Yes, we are alive and that’s great. So you guys can watch me on either of the platforms and it depends on what your favorite platform is. So you’re going to be able to watch the replay and watch it at your convenience.

But Hey, it’s Friday afternoon. It’s Friday, five o’clock over here in the Eastern time zone. And what a great thing to learn about going into the weekend so you can sit down and implement some of these strategies into your business.


I heard somebody the other day talk about…

what’s going on today worldwide?


We don’t have any more weeks. We have yesterday, today, and tomorrow and that’s just the way it is. So I don’t know how your days are going by.

I would love to see your comments. I have my phone in here. I’m seeing your comments. So on Facebook, those of you guys that are here comment below. Let me know if you can hear me well, if you can see me well, how’s it coming across to you? If you can see this screen well, if you can read it, let me know. Give me your feedback. I will love to hear from you guys in regards to that.


Kathy says, “Hi, Manuel. Thank you.” “Back for more learning”, says Adam. Shahrukh says, “You are great.” Thank you, Shahrukh. I appreciate it very much.


Help me spread the word

If you appreciate my content, if you appreciate my energy and helping you guys survive this difficult era, go and hit that button that says share. It’s a very, very clear button at the bottom left of your phone or on your desktop that says share. So, help me reach more people that I can help with my mission.

As you guys know, I’m not here to sell them anything.


I’m here to provide value

and to help them survive.


That is my number one goal and my number one obsession.


Today’s episode, what is it about?

I want to help you guys get ideas rolling and get out of analysis paralysis.

I want to help you guys learn how to understand what you should be doing and get it done. Stop being paralyzed in regards to what should I talk about? What should I do? How much should I do? What type of things should I do or talk about? Should I do a podcast? Should I do videos? Should I do articles? What the heck should I do in order for me to get the attention?

Not to be redundant but I do want to repeat over here the things that we’ve been talking about recently. If I go over here to my recent files, I’m going to just take one minute to go over the battle plan for COVID-19. Here it is. Just a quick recap. In order to get this done, you’ve got to have an idea of what type of content you’re going to put out. What is your message? What is your superpower?


This is a strategy

So if you guys haven’t been here around for a while, if you haven’t been on my content, you might have not seen me talking about this seven-step formula.

  1. Omnipresence, you want to be everywhere.
  2. You want to talk with reality. Tell them about what is going on. Give them the reality of the world and how you can help them with your information.
  3. Be a stabilizing influence. Don’t be a Debbie Downer. Be a positive individual, a positive influence over them. That’s going to be the best way to go about it.
  4. Provide value.
  5. Build audiences, build a list, build audiences of people that you can continue helping and providing value with.

You do that by doing a lot of Facebook lives, YouTube lives, Instagram content, Instagram, TV, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, LinkedIn, email, email broadcast communication. A lot of communication – omnipresent. And that’s exactly how you want to go about these first five steps.


A lot of communication!


You want to provide a ton of value because when you have a lot of people that listen to you, in my case, for example, I have right now 40 people on my Facebook live and some more people are going to keep on joining, right?

So this video gets seen thousands of times by the time that we’re done all organically without me investing a single penny on advertising.




Because I’m providing value. I’m giving them something that is going to help them with their business. I’m giving you something that is going to help you improve your marketing. And right now, guess what? Marketing has become more important than ever.


If you don’t know how to market, you don’t know how to sell on a bad economy.

When the economy is booming it’s so much easier to be able to get a business up and running.

It’s always a challenge no matter what.


Being an entrepreneur is never an easy thing!

But when the economy has gone through a meltdown, it makes it that much more challenging. I can tell you one thing that I’m excited about. I have been an entrepreneur only during a booming economy. So I always wonder what was going to happen when the economy started collapsing because I knew it was going to happen at some point. I didn’t know exactly when it was going to happen, but I knew it would happen at some point.

We’ve been on a growing economy since 2008 and 2009 since the economy collapsed back in the real estate boom, real estate explosion that we went through – the subprime mortgage market that we went through in the United States. This caused a recession in the United States and we’d started recovering shortly after.

So we’ve been expanding for the last 12 years in this particular economy. I built my business starting in 2012. NaturalSlim was created in the United States in 2010 but we didn’t do much until 2012 with our YouTube channel and our content strategy and everything. So we started doing NaturalSlim going heavy at that.

I started doing my brand, which is the bed sheets brand if you guys don’t know that story. And I started doing all those things in the middle of an economic expansion. The agency, AGM Marketing, my agency, which has 60 staff now, we do a lot of great marketing for a lot of great people, we started five years ago and it was in the middle of an economic expansion. And because of that, I always wondered what was going to happen once the economical collapse.


Am I a fake entrepreneur or a real one?

What’s the difference?

  • The fake entrepreneur cannot make it on difficult economies.
  • The real entrepreneur thrives no matter what the economic landscape looks like.

And that’s a reality. And I have been seeing it. For example, here in NaturalSlim, we’re breaking records. We’re breaking records week after week and we are getting more attention than ever.

If you look at my dad, if you look at his YouTube channel, his Facebook page, and our content, we’re getting more attention than we’ve ever gotten ever before in history.

Some of our accounts are booming. I am doing some great things with some of the people that I work with every single day.

Our actual clients are full of incredible results across the board, especially people that were set up with the online world. They were set up with pages and YouTube channels and online shops and they knew how to sell online and they have memberships and products they can sell, and Amazon brands.

These guys are doing okay. We are ourselves in NaturalSlim, we’re breaking records. So because of that, I’m here today to talk to you guys about, Hey, guess what? I WAS RIGHT. I always had this feeling and this idea that if you become a master marketer, no economy could hit you.


There’s no financial condition that can affect you in the world.

You control your own destiny.


That is the beauty of marketing. In our case, we have a government shutdown, a country-wide shutdown, places are shut down. Hey, today I had my kids with me because these days as you guys can probably understand, we are spending more time with our kids than usual or with our family than usual. It’s great. We are getting closer up with our families. That’s one of the silver linings that we all have in front of us.

So what I can tell you is that a month ago I used to go to Starbucks, 6:00 PM closed, 4:00 PM closed. I went there today and they closed at 2:00 PM. What the heck? They close at 2:00 PM now? So what I will tell you is that we’re going through a government shutdown. We’re going through all these things right now.

And still, despite that, I got people buying my stuff. I got people purchasing products, purchasing services, buying digital memberships and all that stuff is happening. So we’re not about to be done in this e-commerce online world. We’re just getting started. So again, my job is to tell you guys that the opportunity is large for those that obsess over becoming good at marketing.


How do you become a good marketer?

I wasn’t a good marketer. I was no one. A few years ago, I didn’t even know what the heck I was going to do with my life having gone bankrupt and having to restart and rebuild myself from no idea what even from.

I was a good tennis player growing up. I messed around in life a lot. I got into a lot of trouble. I wasn’t a good student. What the heck do I have? I just dedicated a lot of time to become a good marketer by STUDYING.


At first, I wanted to be able to make some money.

Now, I want to be able to help a lot of people because I have made a lot of money.


So, my obsession has become helping you guys along the way. If you become a good marketer, meaning you know how to capture attention.


MARKETER = capturing attention

BAD MARKETER = no attention capturing


It’s as simple as that. If you’re a good marketer, you know how to capture attention. There’s another element to it, but we’re not going to get too much into it. It’s over here.


Step 6 of the COVID-10 Battle Plan:

Become a Marketing Expert

You see that I’m putting on step number six of the formula becoming an expert marketer. Why? Because I do see marketers that “know how to capture attention” but they don’t know how to sell their products and services. And that’s also a problem. And you’ve got to know how to sell.

Also, you’ve got to know how to get people interested in your offers because if you have a billion followers, but your offers are terrible, then that’s also going to present a problem. Now, if you have a lot of followers, you might have at least enough to be able to pay your rent, food, or things like that because you have a lot of it.

So attention is senior, but if you don’t know how to sell to people, that’s also going to present the problem. So this is your formula.

I’ve been getting questions from people. I got more people here on Facebook. If you guys can help me, comment below, let me know where you’re tuning in from. Let me know. If you want to call me and give me some data, what is your business, give me some feedback. I want to make sure that I see a lot of you guys engaging with me and commenting here. I am simultaneously live on Facebook and YouTube. I’m not looking at any engagement and comments on YouTube. I’m looking at my Facebook page right now.

So let me know guys. I see some of the comments coming in, but I don’t see enough based on the number of people that I have here. So keep me posted on how it’s going over there on your end and anything that you would like to communicate to me, I would love to hear it right here.

So this is your battle plan for this particular era and moving forward for the next couple of years. This is how you want to win the business game in today’s environment.

  • Omnipresence, you want to be everywhere.
  • You want to talk with reality.
  • You want to be a stabilizing influence.
  • You want to provide value.
  • You want to build audiences.


Building Digital Audiences

Why do you want to build audiences? Because if you build audiences, you’ll become a marketing expert. And you know what I’m going to do today? I’m going to show you something practical about the process of building audiences because people ask me,

“What are you talking about building audiences? Manuel, when you say building digital audiences, what the heck are you talking about?”

You talk about things like digital footprints. What does that even mean? Well, I’m going to give you guys just a very basic overview of what that means in the digital world and how simple it is to get that done. So I’ll show you, I’ll share with you my screen. And then you’re going to be able to sell to your best audiences.

So you’ve got to have that plan in place. And let me go back over here, reversing your competitors. I have a formula for you guys today that I want you to implement because if you don’t have a clue on how to market your products, how to be omnipresent, what to talk about, you don’t even know where to start and you are going through analysis paralysis. This particular episode will take you out of that condition.

Little side note over here, I got one of my guys, his name is Ollie. He’s one of my executives here. He’s my Chief Operations Officer. He is putting forward a challenge and I thought it was a great idea and I absolutely loved it. He’s talking about doing 15 consecutive days of Facebook lives or live content anywhere you’d like.

Ollie Rodriguez, Chief Operations Officer, AGM Agency


Live content, just talking and just being yourself and getting used to hearing your voice and talking to the world no matter what anybody says, just putting yourself out there every day. It is a 15-day challenge. I think it’s a great idea and I support that.

So if you guys want to get going, I did an episode two days ago on Facebook live also and YouTube live in which I talk about specifically the subject of utilizing the platforms that we’ve given access  to do Facebook and YouTube live very, very specifically. So that’s very important.

There’s an actual city, Nathaniel, called Panama City in Florida, which has a beach next to it, which is one of my favorite beaches in the world. It’s an incredible beach. Clearwater, where I live supposedly is the number one beach in the United States. I disagree even though I live here.

There’s a beach called Destin, D-E-S-T-I-N next to Panama City. Incredible, very beautiful, specifically, if you go in the summer, June, July, August, those waters are crystal clear, beautiful like pools. Very good. So let’s get to it guys.

Here’s the formula. This is important because again, this is going to take you away from the analysis paralysis. And I’m calling this also a battle plan – my battle plan for reverse engineering and getting you out of analysis paralysis.

So here’s a question. Comment below if you are feeling paralysis in regards to:

  • How do I start?
  • What do I talk about?
  • What should I even say?
  • People don’t care about me.
  • They don’t like me.
  • I’m not pretty enough.

No matter what it is, comment below and tell me if you’re one of those people that are maybe just completely stuck in regards to what you should do. I’m curious about if this is even valuable for a lot of you guys.

Kath says, “Eeven if we don’t know what to talk about or think we don’t know enough?

Okay. I get it. That’s a good point. This is going to help you.

Mike says, “Hey, Manuel. I enjoyed your content in the Masters Course.” Great. Darren says, “Yes, I’m one of them.” Okay, good. I appreciate the honesty. Absolutely. Very, very important to be honest. So check this out.



When it comes to how you get started, what do you do, the number one thing that you’ve got to do is research. And what I mean by research is specifically making a list of competitors and that’s why I have it here.


2. Make a list of competitors

Make a list of what? Competitors. I know one of you guys is going to be telling me, “Manuel, my business is very unique and I don’t have competitors.” Listen, if you don’t have competitors, you don’t have a business unless your name is Elon Musk or unless your name is Steve Jobs.

These guys were out there in front of the world and creating technology that didn’t even exist yet, and yes, they didn’t have any competitors.

In your case, generally, 99.9999999% of you guys are going to have competitors, so you’ve got to figure out who they are. They do exist. You are not that special. I’m not that special.


You’ve got to figure out

who out there has a product, a service, a business that is somehow similar to what your business is, and what you do.


Their products and their offerings are similar to what you offer and what your products are. Whether you have an Amazon brand, whether you’re a realtor, whether you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur, whether you have a software, you have a service, no matter what you are, you have somebody out there in the world, in your country that is probably doing something very similar to what you’re doing. And a lot of them are not doing it correctly, but a lot of them are having success. So you want to do research.

At this point, at this stage, step one and two is that you want to figure out what is your list of competitors. What I say to people is “Look, I want you to make a pretty big list. And when I say a pretty big list, I’m talking about making a list of 50 competitors, 50 of them. Make a list of 50 people, businesses that now are going to help you with the rest of the steps. So you want to make that list.


This is your process of becoming creative


You want to get your creativity started. You want to make sure that you get things going and start getting some ideas rolling. It’s like, you know how the book offers, the writers, they have been talking about this thing called writer’s block for ages, right?

It gets to a point that they don’t even know what to write about even them being super creative. It happens to me because I happen to be a copywriter myself. I know how to write messages, something that I developed throughout the years.

Sometimes I sit down and I don’t know what to write about. If you guys have access to my course, the Facebook Masters, which you can still access for the next 13 days. What is it today, John, the 17th? 13 more days you can access the course. In it, every single lesson has an article of sorts. That was me writing it. So, sometimes I had to write a lot of descriptions and information so people can understand what it is that I’m covering on that video.


So, sometimes you will wonder,

“What the heck do I rant about? How do you even know?”


I mean, what are people…? And then you just want to go away and drop everything and drop the pen and go and leave. That is very, very common for people that are creative. How do you get your creativity going? How do you get your creative juices flowing?

You research

You understand what other people are doing, you make a list of your competitors, and you look at them for inspiration ideas. I’m going to give you guys tools to get that done exactly today. And then I’ll see if you guys have any questions for it and then we’ll try to get them answered.

Kathy says, “How do I access that course?” Kathy, manuelsuarez.com/expansion. I haven’t done a good enough job of letting everybody know about my humanitarian campaign. So I am putting it here in the comments and the comment is pinned.

If you guys want to get access to that, the course is available for free for the next 13 days. It’s $2000-course. No upsells, no credit cards, no nothing.

So you’re going to make that list of competitors. Once you have that list, you’re going to move on to…


3. Studying Social Channels

What do I mean by that? Well, you look at their Facebook page, you go back and you see throughout their history what they have done, what content they put out there organically. I’m not talking about paid advertising.

There are two things that you can do on social media:

  • You can do organic content, which just gets posted there naturally for free without investing advertising on it.
  • Or you can create content and advertise it to reach more people.

A simple example over here, just to be very practical with you guys. I am inside my Facebook page right here. I’m going to look for a sponsored ad.


Organic Post


So for example, here, this guy right here, that’s Ollie Rodriguez. He’s from my group right here. He’s one of my top guys, Chief Operations Officer of AGM, and he’s even saying, “Manuel is going live soon. Stay tuned.” He’s the one that’s promoting the 15-day challenge. That’s an example of content and that’s organic. He’s not paying for that.


Paid Advertising


What’s a paid one? Well, this one right here. Look at this one. This is on my Facebook newsfeed. That is a sponsored ad. Shopify plus is paying for that particular spot right there. Learn how Jungalow increased returning customers by 26% and increased sales 61%. Read their story. That is an actual paid advertising. So you see how there are two worlds?


Nancy Cartwright

Let’s keep going over here. Nancy Cartwright, a good friend of mine, an actual client from AGM. She is, if you don’t know who she is, that’s the voice of Bart Simpson. Any of you guys don’t know who Bart Simpson is, you might not live in the United States because this guy is huge across the world. But Bart Simpson is an absolute legend. This is the voice. She’s doing content. That’s organic content. Who’s that in my driveway. Oh, just the gardener. Nevermind.


Traffic and Conversion Summit


Okay. So this one, Traffic and Conversion Summit, even though they do a lot of promotion, you can see here that this is not sponsored because under where it says yesterday, it will say if it’s a sponsored ad or not. So that one is not sponsored. That is organic.




This right here, this is my dad’s post from our brand MetabolismoTV, which you guys might’ve heard about. I’ve talked about it quite a bit.


Jon Loomer Digital


Jon Loomer Digital, that’s a competitor. I’m talking about actual competitors for myself. I don’t care about it because I appreciate people that are in my industry and that I’ve learned things from him throughout the years. So I don’t, I don’t consider him a competitor. I consider him somebody that is actually on my same market and I’m not trying to take his business and he’s not trying to take my business.


Dr. Eric Berg


Dr. Eric Berg, look at that. This one, notice something different on this one. It says sponsored right there. That right there, it means that we are paying for that spot. AGM is paying to find a spot inside this particular feed for Manuel Suarez. This is my personal feed on my personal profile. And you can see here we have an actual carousel ad. We’re promoting the Keto Challenge. You have a carousel ad and we are paying for that spot and that’s just basically the simplicity of paid versus sponsored.


I just wanted to give you guys that basic information on how social media advertising works. The same thing happens on Instagram. The same thing happens on Facebook and very shortly the same thing is going to happen on Instagram TV at some point.

So we got Facebook, Instagram, we got Messenger, Instagram TV. All these platforms are opportunities for you to get your message as an advertiser in front of them.

But there are two things that you’ve got to do:

  1. You’ve got to do organic, which is your content strategy.
  2. And then you’ve got to do paid, which is your content strategy distributed via advertising so you can reach more people than if you only did organic, you will never reach.

We do both. At AGM, we do both of them. You’re going to see me omnipresent. You’re going to see Manuel Suarez everywhere in as many places as possible. You see me on Facebook, on Instagram, on Instagram TV. You’ll see me on stories on Instagram, on Facebook stories. You see me on LinkedIn, you see me on TikTok. You see me everywhere, right?

I can tell you there are two places that I don’t do anything in, which is Snapchat and Twitter. I think we were doing something on Twitter. I don’t think we’re ever been doing something there. It was never one of my favorite platforms.

But any opportunity that you have to get your message out there, that’s an opportunity to spread your message and your word and get people’s attention so you can eventually sell them something.


Remember that following route, right?

Omnipresence, you’ve got to do omnipresence and provide value. You’ve got to build audiences and then you can sell them things. That’s the sequence that most people have upside down and that’s why they fail. The secret to social media is just that.


The reason why people Fail on Social Media

On social media, people that fail are generally failing because they’re not providing value first. They’re not on first contact building a relationship. They’re simply just trying to sell them something.

Kath says, “Dr. Berg is a phenomenal marketer.” You’ve got it, Kath. Well, let me just clarify this. Dr. Berg is a phenomenal content creator. We, AGM Marketing, are phenomenal marketers. Our job has been to get Dr. Berg in front of millions of people. That’s what we do.

Dr. Berg has trusted us for years for us to be able to run his marketing. He’s an incredible marketer and businessman and content creator, but he’s more than anything an incredible humanitarian guy providing value and we are the ones doing the marketing to sell his products.

The products that are being sold by Dr. Berg around the world and the United States particularly are being sold by AGM, my organization.

I got Mike saying, My content…” I’ll get to more questions guys along the way. If you guys want to put them in, we’ll be here for a while, probably another 20 minutes. “My content assignment is a time-sensitive idea for your campaign. Should I just upload it through the portal in the course or is there a better place to send it?” Mike, send an email to [email protected]manuelsuareztraining.com.


The Facebook Ad Placement


John says, “Do you choose where to advertise? Can you select where your ads go?” Absolutely, John. You got that and I can show you that very simple. Let me just go ahead and answer that question right now.

I’m going to be sharing my screen here and you can see it here. I’m going to open up the ads manager here. Let’s open up one of these ads on an account here, just a random account. I’ll try to show you guys just that particular question that John just asked right now. I’m going to open up any of these things here. This first one. This is a national campaign to sell a particular product. I’m going to go ahead and open this one right here.

This is the ad set. This is the Facebook business manager. In this business manager, I’m selecting what objective. Do I want to generate sales? Do I want to generate video watchers? Do I want to generate messages? What do I want to accomplish? And then I select an audience and I also select a placement.

So for example, here you will see that I’m selecting a lookalike audience, people that are similar to people that have purchased a particular product. I wanted the United States. And also, at the bottom, there’s a section that says placements. So I can do automatic placements or I can edit and select my placements and look at all the placements options.

You have Facebook Audience Network, Instagram. You’ve got Messenger, you’ve got Facebook news feed, you’ve got Instagram feed, you’ve got Facebook video feeds, Facebook right column, Messenger inbox and the list goes on and on, guys.

Instagram, you want to do in-stream. These in-stream ads are the ones that play in between videos and they’re usually about 15 seconds long and you have to watch the whole thing. So if you don’t want one of these placements, you check it off as simple as that.


If you want to have them automatic…


Then Facebook is just going to place them based on what they believe is going to help you get the most results. Look at these. Even apps and sites – they have expanded their reach to applications and sites off of Facebook. So this is all possible on the Facebook platform, on the Facebook world.


To answer that question, very simply, that’s all something that you can learn, John, inside the Facebook Masters Program and it’s taught in detail.

So again, this particular Facebook live is meant for practitioners. If you’re not a practitioner, you shouldn’t even be here. I want to talk to people that are doers. I want to talk to people that can watch this particular video and get to work and get excited.


That’s how I became successful,

I listened to other people.


I had a series of people that I paid attention to. I got into practice and I got stuff done.

I’m going to do a little drill in a second with you guys when it comes to competitors and I’ll tell you the people that I have followed the most over the years and I have learned the most from just off the top of my head.

Because I can make a list of competitors and then I can go into detail understanding what they’re doing for them to be able to get their message even in a COVID-19 environment.

Study social channels – you want to understand how they’re doing on Facebook, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, what they are doing in as many places as possible. So again, just to go back, if you’re joining us late, you might want to just go and watch this replay or if you’re watching the replay, get to the beginning of it.

So, research, make a list of your competitors, study social channels…


4. Favorites

Create a document with your favorite. What do I mean by favorites? I mean your favorite post, your favorite organic things that you’ve seen. You like that article very much. You like that video, you liked that promotion, that recipe. You like that podcast that they promoted.

Whatever it is that you like, create a document with all these things, with the name of the competitor and the other things that you saw that you can save a link from that post and post it on that document. You can just use a Google doc, you can use a Google sheet, whatever it is that you like for documentation. Go ahead and create that list.


5. Research The Facebook Ad Library

And then we want to talk about this today. Research the Ad Library, research the Ad Library.

If you guys don’t know what this is, comment below. Let me know. I’m super curious about it. If you guys do not know what the Facebook Ad Library is. Tell me “I don’t know”, “no idea”. Whatever it is that you want to say. I’m super curious about this.

If you do know, tell me, “Yes, I know. I’ve used it.” Or whatever it is that you want to tell me. Tell me. Do you know what the Facebook Ad Library is? I’ll wait for some comments over here. I’ve got a bunch of you guys here.

Surendharan says, “I don’t know.” Okay, let’s see what else. By the way, guys, help me spread the word. Click that button that says, share. Help me reach more people. Hannah says, “I don’t know.” Amauri says, “No clue, boss.” Okay. Shubham says, “I don’t know.” Jojo says, “I don’t know what it is.” “I don’t know what that is”, Kathy says. Wendy says, “I don’t know.”

Okay, good. A lot of you guys don’t know so get ready to get blown away because again, I’m going to handle your analysis paralysis. This is going to go away.

First, you’ve got to make a decision that you want to handle that. If you want to binge-watch during this weekend, Narcos, Mexico Season 2, that’s a different story.

But if you want to take the bull by its horns, if you want to get the Coronavirus and be in control over your destiny instead of letting the Coronavirus be in control over your destiny, your own business, then you want to go ahead and get all this done. Again, this is your battle plan to be able to make all this happen.

We’re gonna talk about the Ad Library and I’m going to show you how to access that data from your competitors. You’re going to say your favorite ads and then you’re going to use those ads to get ideas. And then you’re going to get in motion. You’re going to get in motion, you’re going to act, you’re going to start getting those things done and just get started.

Just like I showed you guys, Ollie, who’s one of my guys right now is pushing himself to produce a lot of content. That’s what I want to do with you guys. You’ve got to push yourself and just make it happen.

I did that myself for years. I had to push myself and convince myself to make things happen and to move things forward.

Okay, awesome. Let’s talk about the Ad Library. What is that? What the heck are you talking about, Manuel? Is this something illegal? Black hat? Is it something that I’m not supposed to be paying attention to?


The Facebook Ninja Competitors

Well, before we get into that, let me go back to the whiteboard for a second and let me make a list of my “competitors”. Who are my competitors? Who are the Facebook Ninja competitors?

If you guys want to comment below and let me know what your thoughts are, or who are my competitors, I will welcome those.


My competitors

If I were to do a list, trust me, I have done it myself. If you guys know me, you know that I walk the talk. I don’t generally talk about things unless I first walk it myself. So let me know. I’ll tell you, this is what I believe. People that I have followed from the beginning of my entrepreneur era, at the beginning of my evolution.


Jason Fladlein

There’s this person that you might have heard about or not. His name is Jason Fladlein. I’ve never talked about my learning path. Fladlein right here.


Jason Fladlien


This individual right here taught me all the basic things that I have learned about Amazon that helped me take my business on Amazon to the next level. He hasn’t been doing a lot of content recently or pretty much none at all. One of the best webinar delivers that I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t even know if that’s a word delivers, but if not, you know what I’m talking about. Jason Fladlein. he’s a competitor.


Ben Cummings

Another person that I followed shortly after that, this individual is a very good friend of mine now. But before he was a very good friend of mine, he was my mentor and he was my teacher. And for a few years, I learned from him every single day about Amazon brands, about e-commerce, about marketing, about copywriting so much.



I learned so much from this individual. I owe him a lot and he knows that. And that’s why I’m one of his number one teachers for his audience right now because of that, because he has a big audience when it comes to Amazon eCommerce entrepreneurs. Ben Cummings, absolutely a rock star, a competitor.


Let’s see who else.


Gary Vaynerchuk


The great Gary Vaynerchuk. Again, just to clarify, I am not talking about people that are actual competitors of mine because I don’t compete with them. I look up to them. But if I were to do my research of the people that have similar products and services and offers, these ones are it.

For example, Jason Fladlien, he teaches people how to deliver webinars. I do a lot of that myself, too. I do a lot of webinars and I teach people a lot. Ben Cummings teaches people about Amazon and teaches people about e-commerce. I do a lot of that myself. He has a monthly program. I have a monthly program. Gary Vaynerchuk, he has an agency. It’s called VaynerMedia. It’s a big agency. He has like a thousand employees. I’m a baby. I have 60 employees. This guy, he’s built an agency from scratch, same place, the same way that I did. So he will be a competitor.


Russell Brunson

Another individual that I’ve followed for many, many, many years which I love. Some of you guys might know who this guy is, Russell Brunson, one of my favorite, favorite guys out there, business owners. It doesn’t get much more real than that. He’s a founder of ClickFunnels. That’s another competitor. He’s a great, great guy.

Then, you have other people along the way. There’s a lot of other people that I’ve gathered information from here and there. For example, Jon Loomer, he’s a Facebook ads expert. He’s a great, great guy. Very humble, very hardworking, great, great teacher.


Jon Loomer, Marie Smith, Amy Porterfield


There’s another great teacher on the subject of Facebook. Her name is Marie Smith. I absolutely love Marie, a beautiful lady. One of my favorite people in the world, but she also has a lot of Facebook training. There are people that I’ve learned things from, Amy Porterfield. Do you see? I’m just thinking this off the top of my head, guys. Amy Porterfield, she teaches people about online programs and online courses.

These people, all of them, I highly recommend all of them. If you guys are looking for more people to consume content that is going to help you thrive and expand, I highly recommend any of these guys here. I’m not going to put anybody on that list that I don’t think is going to help you a lot.

These guys right here are powerhouses, they are competitors. So I want to show you guys how am I going to find data about what they are doing on social media. Because if I do that, I can follow this route right here. These are my competitors. Agree? You’ve got to make your competitors.

Let me see if somebody else commented my competitors. John Phoenix commented. Is that you John? Yeah, he said Grant Cardone. Absolutely. He’s a big, big dude. Awesome guy. Very dedicated to his passion, to his work, and everything. Let’s see what else. Nobody has commented. Oh, well yeah. Well, yeah. Agul says, “Russell”. Absolutely. I agree. Okay, good.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you now. So I did my research, I made a list, obviously, the research is not going to be like that. You guys have to be more on the computers, on the Facebook pages, on the social channels, on YouTube, on Instagram. You’ve got to be everywhere and you’ve got to do that real research. You’ve got to do it online. Search for your KEYWORDS and find out what shows up.

Go to google.com and if you have, for example, I don’t know, a health brand that you sell weight loss supplements, search for weight loss on Google and find out what are the top results that come up so you can get a list of actual people and brands that are your competitors.

If you are an accountant, search for accounting in your city or whatever it is. Search for tax accountants. Unlimited. The ability that you have to be able to find this data is pretty much unlimited. So you’ve got to get to work and research – Google, Facebook. This is very simple, guys. If you go over here, I’m going to go back to my computer for a second.

If you go over here and you search on Facebook and you do a search like for example, let’s do a random search. Let me just refresh this page. Let’s see. What do we search for? Somebody give me an idea. Let’s see. Real estate. Okay. There’s a lot of realtors out there. I can search for real estate right here and let’s see what shows up on the search bar.

I can start seeing pages. First of all, the ones that are close by. Tampa Bay Real Estate. Tampa Real Estate. That’s a good one over here. I’m in the Tampa Bay area. You can see here, right here, Real Estate. That’s an actual page. You can see people that talk about real estate. There are different people, there are brands that I’m connected with. For example, OriginClear, people posting things about real estate.


You’ve got to get some research done


If you get the research done on these platforms,

you will find a lot of data.


Sometimes, platforms like Facebook are underrated as search engines but they’re not. YouTube is a search engine. Google is a search engine. Amazon is a search engine. But Facebook has a really, really powerful search engine that can help you find a lot of data in regards to what your business is that you can utilize to get yourself out of the analysis paralysis as to what to do.

Research, make a list, study social channels, create a document with your favorite posts on these social channels from these competitors. Research the ad library. Save your favorite ads, get ideas, get emotion.

The Ad Library, let’s talk about this for a few minutes. How do you find this Ad Library? Well, it’s very, very simple. This Ad Library, if you go to Google, I’ll show you over here. If you go to Google and you search for… It might be a little bit better if I do it over here. So let’s check this out. Facebook Ad Library. Any of you guys that are watching this, you have the absolute capability of being able to do this exact search.

So the first result says Ad Library Facebook, I’m going to go ahead and open this one up. Let me go ahead and put myself here for a second and I’ll show you guys what I usually do in this particular place. Okay, so now you guys can probably see me in a little corner. There we go. Okay. So yeah, if I’m here on the Ad Library, I’m going to go ahead and search for any of these competitors.

Let’s look at Russell Brunson and immediately I get a couple of things shown up. I got Russell Brunson, 629,000 likes. And then I got another one called Russell Brunson fanatics. And then I got Russell Brunson Free Book. There’s even a page for that. That’s intense. And then Russell Brunson Fan. The one that I’m interested in is the first one, Russell Brunson, 629,000 likes. So I am inside the Ad Library on Facebook.


What is this library about?


This library, I want you to pay attention to what I’m about to say. I don’t know if you guys remember in 2019, Facebook was harshly criticized by the entire Senate Congress leaders, businesses. And they were massively attacked outside, in the public world. In the public eye, no other company has been more attacked than Facebook because of fake news.

We’re not going to talk about that right now, but the whole thing begun because they were involved in a big scandal with a company called I forgot about that right now because it’s been a while. Cambridge Analytica, I got it. Cambridge Analytica. This company was out there buying leads incorrectly and selling them to other people and manipulating the system. That got Facebook in a lot of problems.

Because of that, Facebook has been rolling out the ability to give users and everybody and the world data about what happens on the platform.

Nothing is confidential anymore.

Nothing. Not what Trump does, not what the government does, not what I do, no what you do. You can find out exactly to the exact minute detail what any competitor is doing out there on social media, on Facebook, and Instagram. No matter what that is, it’s all public information. Active ads and inactive ads – it’s all available in the Facebook Ad Library. Facebook has a word for that and they like to call that word, they call it…


Facebook’s Transparency

They are trying to accomplish transparency on their platform. Meaning that “Hey, just so you guys know, we’ve got nothing to hide. If you are wanting to advertise on Facebook, then you’re going to have that information available to the world out there and everybody’s going to be able to know exactly what you’re doing no matter what that is.” In some cases you can even find out the advertising budget they’re putting into it. It’s that detailed. Okay. So that’s the Ad Library.


So let me go back here to my little window on my computer. You see me here again and let’s see. Yeah, somebody says Tai Lopez. Yeah, Tai. Okay. I never really got into Tai, that’s for sure. I’ve never gotten really into him, but I know he’s a big player himself and I saw him speak live one time.

We’re here on Russell Brunson’s page. You can see here, look at this. I told you guys. This is newer data. You can see here exactly in detail what I’m showing you. Let me just zoom in on this.

Total spent by page on apps related to social issues, elections, or politics, May 28, 2019, all the way to 2020, 4239. Now, the truth of the matter is that Russell doesn’t invest advertising dollars on political or elections or social issues. But sometimes Facebook tags it as such depending on what was said.

So Facebook is saying on the Ad Library, “Hey, this person advertised so much”. So you want to find out how much the Trump campaign is advertising, you can find out right there.

I know you’re probably curious and you’re trying to say like right now, like Manuel, can you go ahead and do it right now? No, we’re not here to talk about Trump. But you can see here that all the ads that Russell is running are all here and you can even see when they started.

So if I need to get some creative ideas on what I need to do myself to be able to actually get social media influence and reach more people and eventually be able to sell more of my agency services or my products, then I can just go and look at Russell just like that.

It says it started running. Look at this example over here. It started running on 17 April 2020. After analyzing a hundred thousand views, I asked myself:


“What are the top 1% doing differently that the other 99% are not?


Want to know what I discovered? I put together my research into a new master class to reveal everything. So you can even see over what they call the call to action, which is a learn more and the headline, and I can click on it and I can even see the exact funnel guys.

Do you know how Russell Brunson talks about funnel hacking? This is funnel hacking next level because you’re going through the entire journey. You’re looking at the Facebook ad, you’re looking at the actual funnel, you’re looking at the exact offer step-by-step so you can get ideas on how to do copy, how to adjust your message, how to do your thing so you can be able to get your brand going.


So I’m going to go back here to the Ad Library and let’s look at another example. That’s Russell right there. So you can see all of them and you can go back here in time, guys. Look, that’s Grant Cardone right there being used by Russell. So you can see here that he leveraged Grant Cardone and he’s showing a video in which Grant is building a funnel on his plate. So this is an ad that they are running.


These guys are running some heavy ads!


You can see it all here like they’re going crazy trying to build the Russell Brunson brand. Interesting, right? Why isn’t he going crazy building the ClickFunnels brand? I know they are still doing that, but Russell Brunson is a driving engine just like myself.

I have clients in AGM marketing because of me because I’m out there doing content and they come in because I captured the attention. And because of that, people know that I’m for real. And others say, “I wonder if AGM can do a better job than me on marketing. Let me go ahead and reach out to them and find out if he can help me too.”

And that’s the way it is. So I am a personal brand and I’m the one that is bringing the energy into our company in this case called AGM.

So let’s look at another one of our competitors. Let’s see. Let’s look at one of my favorite guys in the world. Somebody that I’ve followed for a long time. I read his book. One of the books that changed my life the most in my entire history as an entrepreneur. It’s Gary Vaynerchuk’s book.



When I read his book called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook was one of them. The first one was called Crush It. It changed everything for me. I started understanding how does roadmap work at providing value first. So I got a lot from him in regards to this particular strategy many, many years ago.

So let’s see. I’m going to go ahead and look at it again because I’ve got another page there. Gary Vaynerchuk. Okay. So over here. Three and a half million likes and you can see there are 7.9 million followers. So pay attention to this for a second. Check this out. Do you notice that the Instagram content is also added here in the ads? Look at Gary. He has how many likes on Facebook and how many followers on Instagram?



So I’m going to be able to see the ads in both places. Who’s already going crazy with ideas here? I know a lot of you guys are probably getting ideas as to how to go about researching your competitors, but you’ve got to go through that particular flow over there.

So check this out. So we got Gary over here. You can see his page. It was created in 2009. That’s an interesting piece of information, right? Because now you can see what it takes. This guy has been putting in the hard work for 11 years, guys for 11 years, right?

So you can see that and let’s check it out. You can see some ads over here. For example, I’ve accepted the all-in challenge. He was talking about this the other day. He’s been talking about this. It’s a challenge that they’re putting together for all these great people and they’re putting the audiences to donate $10 and maybe doing raffles.

So he’s promoting this, he’s promoting content, he’s promoting value. There are two things that he’s promoting. He’s not promoting anything else. He’s promoting two things right now. Interesting.


So that tells me something.

He is following the formula.


He’s not promoting services right now. He’s building audiences. He’s not selling anything. Now, Gary on his Facebook page, he doesn’t sell anything. He does sell wine libraries and he does sell other things. But generally, it’s all about providing value and that’s how he goes about it. But he’s been promoting a lot more content. And right now he’s only doing two of them being advertised. Pretty cool.

Okay, let’s look at another guy. Let’s see what this guy is all about. Manuel Suarez. So that guy right there, that’s not him. This guy right here. Okay. So 5000 likes on Facebook and 11,000 Instagram followers. Let’s look at that right there. Okay. And let’s see.

So this guy created his page, oh man, just four years ago. He just got started and he had people. His people working in the United States, he has 11. He has 30 people working in the Philippines. He has people working from Costa Rica, from Greece, from Mexico. Guys, did you see that? You’ve got all that data in there?

I got 24, 25, 27 people that are on my page managing something there. Whoa. I didn’t start there, that’s for sure. I can promise you that. It was just me just a few years ago. So you can see here.


What am I running as an ad?

I’m promoting my humanitarian mission. I don’t even know. I’m discovering this with you. I don’t even know what the guys are promoting themselves in their end because they do a lot of things without coordination.

Okay. So they’re promoting this. Are there any videos being promoted here? Let’s see. Oh yeah. Instagram videos. Why does content matter? Instagram, should you boost posts? Three types of audiences. And then we’re providing value with the campaigns for COVID-19 and how to go about winning on these campaigns.

So do you guys get the idea? You can see the videos. For example, let’s go ahead and click on one of these things. I can click on it and I can see the video there on the platform in detail and see exactly what this individual is doing.

So you guys get the idea? Comment below and tell me if you’re blown away with this and if you’re ready to get into action with it. Because on the Facebook Ad Library, you’re going to find all that data and just going back over here over the sequence of steps, okay?

So you’ve got your battle plan: how are you going to win in the world of social media today? You got that battle plan, right?

  • Omnipresence
  • You’re going to provide value, you’re going to educate
  • You’re going to be a stabilizing influence
  • You’re going to talk with reality
  • You’re going to build audiences
  • You’re going to be able to sell to your best audiences.


Okay, good! Now:

  • How do you go about talking to them?
  • What do you do to sell to people?
  • How do you go about marketing to them?
  • Where do you invest your advertising dollars?
  • What do you get the content going?
  • How do you move your content forward?


Here’s what you should do
  • Research
  • Make a list of competitors
  • Study your social channels and what they do
  • Create a document with your favorite posts and your favorite overall engagement

What they’re doing that you like. What you don’t like you don’t need to put on that document because if you liked it, it can help you with your creative ideas.

  • Research the Ad Library

We just went over that right now. The simple examples on how to use the ad library to find what your competitors are doing so you can now get creative on it. You don’t need to copy and paste. You don’t need to just download their script and repeat that. You need to just use it as an idea because now you’re going to save your favorite ads from the ad library.

Look at the videos, look at the copy, save the copy, look at the call to actions, look at the structure of the actual ad from top to bottom.

Some of these guys, just so you guys know, let me give you a warning. You’re not going to see these guys running ads because many brands are not running ads. So don’t be surprised if one of your competitors is not running ads. It’s normal.

You’ve got to look at the ones that are running ads that are walking the talk, investing advertising dollars because they want to continue expanding no matter what the economy says, no matter what the government says.

No matter what the World Health Organization is saying, you want to continue expanding because hey, you either grab the bull by its horns and expand or you sit back and you see the world succumb. And I’m not on that side. You’re either a Debbie Downer or you’re positive. I am an optimistic individual. So because of that, I want to continue taking control of my destiny.

So once you get your favorite ads, now you’re going to go into create mode, you’re going to go into your workshop, you’re going to go into your studio. You’re going to start creating, get your ideas. What articles are you going to write? What is your superpower?

Again, mention that particular word right there, superpower. I’m not trying to be cliche, guys. I’m telling you, you’ve got to figure this out.


What is your ability?

What are you passionate about?


What are you as an individual excited about talking to your husband, to your wife, to your friends, to your family, to your neighbors in dinner tables, in parties, everywhere?

What is the ability that you have to influence somebody else? Use that to get ideas on all this research on how to structure your content, how to write the copy, what separation between the lines, how to get that call to action, what videos should you promote, what graphics you use, the simplicity of the advertising, the simplicity of the content itself.


I’m changing colors for dramatic purposes only. You want to get into motion. Again, I said it at the beginning of the webinar, at the beginning of this Facebook live, I said it. If you’re not a practitioner, you shouldn’t have been here for the last hour. This is only for practitioners. This is not for dreamers only. This is for dreamers that are practitioners that are willing to put in the work.

If you put in the energy in place, you will eventually see yourself thrive. If you don’t, you’re going to keep on wasting your energy and see people pass you by and your dreams disappear right in front of you.

There you have it. There is the formula.

Okay, I have a lot of people here. Thank you guys for being here. Shabani says, “I learned new things about the Ad Library. Thanks.” Exodus says, “Oh man, definitely blown away.” “Great. This is awesome”, says Kathy. “Yes. Blown away”, says Hannah. “Love it.” Ray says, “Hi.” Okay. Jojo says, “LOL.” I’m sure I said something funny along the way, Jojo.

For Amy, that’s an interesting name. I love Amy. Yeah, I love Amy too. Brad says, “You’re a superhero, Manuel.” I have a lot of muscle. I’ve got to work on that. I have to work on that. I don’t do enough exercise. Mike says, “My goal is to build a business.” That’s a good goal, but that’s not THE GOAL. You can have the goal of building a business.


The goal has to be:

You have to change the world.


Your goal is to influence the world with your knowledge. When you have that goal in mind correctly in place, you can build a business. You have it upside down. All right?

First, what effect do you want to create in life, in people? And then what business are you going to create to monetize the effect that you’re creating. You are upside down, my friend, especially when you put that in place.


My goal is not to build a business. My goal is to:

  • Help as many business owners as I can to leverage the power of these platforms
  • Help as many people get trained so they can also take advantage of the social media ads wave and the social media wave of communication that we have in place.

I know that by doing so, this is inevitable. I don’t think about it but I know it’s inevitable.

I’m going to have a line of people wanting to sign up for my services.

Why? It is the …

laws of money in this universe


If you get attention, you get money. If you don’t have any attention, you don’t have money. It’s as simple as that. So I know that if I work and I put my passion, my heart, and soul into grabbing attention, I am never going to struggle from a lack of money. I’m just not going to.

Guys, it’s not even the people in this world that are completely dedicated to the purpose. The Pope’s, the Mother Teresa’s, these people, they don’t struggle from a lack of money. They have more money than they could need.

Now, they keep on using the world getting all that money so they can feed their purpose. But these people, they don’t think about money, but trust me, they have so much support from the world. They have so many people that are willing to help them, so many of them. They personally never have a lack of food in front of them.




Because they are changing the world

and they have the mindset.


So look at that example, that extreme example. You as an individual are going to grow in direct proportion to the effects that you create out there in the world. If you create big effects, you can scale and you can grow. If you don’t, nobody pays attention and you don’t have anybody to sell your products and services to.

Very good. Mike, if you are already changing people’s lives around, then that’s great. I want you to put that purpose above and then building a business is going to be below it because it is something that’s going to happen. It’s inevitable.


Dr. Berg, he wants to influence a lot of people with his content and help people lose a lot of weight. He has a big business, but his purpose was there.

My dad, same thing.

Chick Corea a musician, one of the top jazz players in the world. If not the top jazz player in the world. He has a business. Why? Because he wants to influence people with his music. And the list goes on and on and on. That’s just the way it is.


Very good. Okay, guys. So thank you so much for being here. It’s been an hour now. Help me spread the word. Help me share this Facebook live. Hit that button right now before you get out. I know, I have a lot of you guys here. If you guys are on YouTube, thank you for joining. Thank you for watching the replay.

It’s right now the 17th of April. On the 30th of April, I’ll close down my humanitarian campaign to get a lot of people into my paid advertising program for free. So, manuelsuarez.com/expansion.

The link is in the comments. You can go and check it out right now and see the details of the particular offer which doesn’t require you to invest a single penny in it. And hopefully, you take me up on it and I will see you inside the program and let me help you make you an expert marketer.

Let’s conquer the world together. I’ll see you in the next one.






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