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All right. So, we’re here together again for another Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast!

I have a guest today. You guys know that’s not something very usual with me. I usually run the one-man show on a podcast. I do have the ability to sit down and talk endlessly. I’ve always had this ability.

Luckily, I got lucky in the subject of marketing and I got good at it. I don’t have to talk about pointless things. I talk about survival, expansion, doing better in life, flourishing, prospering, and getting good in those business of business.

There’s nothing that’s better than that for all of us entrepreneurs because we get to enjoy the opportunities that our ancestors never had access to. We’re going to have one of those ones today. 


I have a guest today!

This guest is one of the most important people in my agency, in my life.  A really good friend of mine and almost like a family member now – already a family member.


Image of european businessman 30s in black jacket looking at camera isolated over gray background


I stole him away from his girlfriend. We have a battle because he’s on the other side of the world, in the Philippines. But, he’s here with me in Clearwater, in my office. I’m going to introduce you to him. His name is Jonald Jamora.

Jonald, why don’t you go ahead and tell the guys. They cannot watch you, they cannot see you on the video. They’re going to be listening to you.

Tell them who you are. Tell them a little bit about you. Actually, if people on the podcast have been following along on every single podcast, just two days ago we launched the interview that you and I did a couple of weeks ago in which I asked you about you story and your background.

But, for those of you that have not listened to that story which is an absolute insane story, you definitely need to go back and listen to it or watch the actual video. But, listen to the last podcast at least so you can listen to that story.




From 100 dollars a month to thousands – A miracle of the online world

manuel suarez podcast interview with jonald jamora


But, those of you that don’t know, Jonald, tell us a little bit of who you are, what you do, where do you come from, where do you live, what are you doing here in Clearwater, Florida today still? 




Sesame seeds on delicious sushi made by a chef


Jonald: All right, guys. I am from the Philippines. Before I started with AGM, I was a Japanese chef, and then a call center agent.

Manuel: You were doing sushi? Were you cooking sushi?

Jonald: YES! I was doing sushi, California Maki, tempura. You name it, I know how to cook it.

Manuel: Tempura. He’s going to probably do some of that stuff in my house on Sunday because we have a party to say goodbye because he’s leaving on Monday. So, he’s going to cook for us on Sunday. What are you going to cook for us on Sunday, man?

Jonald: We’re going to do pork sisig and chicken adobo.


spicy pork sisig and chicken adobo


Manuel: I don’t even know what sisig is. I know that you can get sea sick if you spend too much time on a boat but that’s nothing to do with that, right?

Jonald: Yes.

Manuel: It has nothing to do with that.

Jonald: It’s a great Filipino meal that we’re going to prepare on Sunday.

Manuel: That’s exciting. I can’t wait. I’m sure it’s going to be delicious and incredible. Okay, so you were a Japanese chef. And then, what happened?

Jonald: I moved to a different job because the pay in the Philippines is not that great. So I moved to being a call center agent for an insurance company here in the US. I’ve spent 3 years in the company.


customer service representative assisting over the phone


Manuel: You know what he was saying, “The pay in the Philippines is not that great”?

All right. So, how much were you making, Jonald?

Jonald: In my first job, it’s $100 a month.

Manuel: How many hours a week were you working?

Jonald: A day, I usually count it per day. It’s a maximum of 16 hours or 15 hours per day.

Manuel: Four days a week? Or, how many?

Jonald: When I was working on a restaurant, it was seven days a week.

Manuel: WOW! NO WAY!  I mean, in the United States, you will be sent to JAIL for paying people that amount of money.


man in orange shirt in prison


You would be a criminal, like a really bad person. This is the reality of the world that we live in that we take for granted in the United States.

Obviously, the cost of living here is much more and that’s the reality of it. But, in the United States, that’s quite different, right?

So, you worked as a chef. And then, you made a little bit more money, maybe $200 a month instead of $100 at a call center selling insurance.

Jonald: Processing authorizations for health insurance.

Manuel: Customer service. For some reason, the world connected us both. You can call it destiny, you can call it luck, whatever you want to call it. We found them. He came in applying as a customer service rep, right?

Jonald: Yes.

Manuel: And then, he became a ninja, he became an expert and we turned him into a really, really solid professional and a marketer now. Now, he makes a lot more money. 


ninja holding a sword in the waist


Jonald: Oh, yeah.

Manuel: We’re not going to get into detail, right Jonald?

Jonald: We’re not going to mention the numbers.

Manuel: Yes, because then, people are going to start reaching out to you and asking for money and, right? But you know, let’s say that he’s a big baller in the Philippines now, definitely a big baller – able to do a lot more.

He became a marketer and that’s the opportunity of the world we live in today. He’s very close with me. We’re working a lot of things together. We work on some of the biggest clients together, some of the biggest projects. He’s the only one that I trust with some of these ones. And, we’re very active.

I can tell you the thing that Jonald and I have been deeper into than anything else for all business whether it’s on Amazon, e-commerce, lead generation, no matter what. What is it Jonald? What is the thing that we’ve done the most?


Messenger Marketing


Chatbot concept in flat style. Hand holding smartphone with chatting bot application on the screen. Man's hand holding a phone concept. Dialogue on the smartphone screen. Phone vector illustration.


Jonald: Messenger Marketing.

Manuel: Messenger Marketing. Why do you think

Messenger is a big opportunity

for people and for businesses?

Jonald: Messenger Marketing 

  • Like a bridge to COMMUNICATE
  • PROVIDES VALUE to customers
  • The OPEN and CLICK-THROUGH RATES in Messenger are way higher compared to any other platforms.

So, Messenger Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business moving forward.

Manuel: Messenger Marketing has to be an essential component of it but the title of this podcast today is actually not only Messenger Marketing if you look at the title. I decided to name it Chat Marketing. Now, I’m putting Messenger Marketing because that’s a term that we have gotten familiar with over the last 2 years especially us in the business world.

But, we are switching over that term and it’s no longer Messenger Marketing. It’s becoming Chat Marketing, all right? So, it’s not only the present of marketing. It’s also the future of marketing. 




Top Secret Privacy Confidential Classified Stamp Concept


I can tell you one thing. One big reason for that is all these big boys in the social media world from the founder, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg to the Messenger developing team to the account executives, they all talk about how the marketing world is going in the direction of private conversations.

Private, meaning that:

  • You’re not selling to people in the social media world
  • You’re not putting content in the social media world
  • You are generating subscribers
  • You’re selling to them privately
That’s what Messenger and chat present as an opportunity.

Sometimes, what you don’t realize is that CHAT is pretty much in so different places. You got:

  • Text messages
  • Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram Direct Messaging
  • Inboxes on Twitter
  • Inboxes on LinkedIn
  • Emails

social media platform twitter facebook instagram snapchat

All these places are for chatting so why not build a powerful system of chat in which we can engage and communicate with people and actively build relationships with them while they develop trust.

This eventually will lead into them buying from us and recommending stuff to their client, to their friends, to their family, to the people around them.

That’s the power of the Chat Marketing that we have in front of us today.

Jonald is my top Messenger expert. He’s going to be here only for the next couple of days. And then on Monday, he’s going to head back to the Philippines and we are going to keep working on a distance which that’s what we’ve been doing all throughout the years. 


World map on a technological background, glowing lines symbols of the Internet, radio, television, mobile and satellite communications. Internet Concept of global business. Elements of this image furnished by NASA


I have an agency of over 50 staff. I’ve got about 20 or 25 people from the Philippines, I don’t know.

Jonald: About 25, yeah.

Manuel: About 25 from the Philippines right now that work for us over there from video editors to Messenger experts to Facebook experts, etc. Some of the best people that we have in our organization are there.

But Jonald and I are going to talk about the Messenger updates right now over the next few minutes. There’s been a lot of them.




MANYchat conversations conference 2019


Two weeks ago we had an event called Conversations. In this event, it was an event of top marketers. I had the opportunity to speak in it.

Other people like Neil Patel, Marie Smith, Ezra Firestone, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister Randy Zuckerberg, and the list goes on and on – top experts that went there to talk about the opportunities with Messenger, with chat, and the opportunities in marketing today.

Mikael Yan was the CEO of ManyChat which is the platform that we use and recommend for anybody to do Messenger Marketing with. If you go to manuelsuarez.com/manychat, you’re going to be able to set up your own account for free on ManyChat. 

mikael yan smiling ceo of manychat

Mikael Yan


But that particular platform is the one that has been riding the entire Messenger wave stronger than any other company out there. They’re becoming like the Kleenex of tissues.

When you think about Messenger Marketing, you only really generally think about ManyChat, most of us do. That’s the reality. They’ve done it better than anybody else.

Because of that, what you have is this company who’s revolutionizing everything, they’re riding the wave, and they’re doing it better than anybody else. Michael Yang stood up on stage and gave us a 2-hour presentation which is the keynote of the weekend. He talked about all the Facebook Messenger updates and all the ManyChat updates that really blew us off. 




human cartoon with screw driver inside a clock


Let’s go over them Jonald and let’s tell them what is so exciting about it. There’s about three or four of them that are bigger and they really trump all the other ones. But, there’s a few of them that are really important and some of them that are great but not mind-blowing like the rest. So, why don’t you go ahead and read out. How many do we have in total? How many updates are done?

Jonald: We have 19 updates in total and they’re all live, you can use them.

Manuel: So, the platform has 19 updates? Okay. So, Jonald, tell me what you think is the most powerful. I know which one is the most powerful. Out of all those ones, which one do you think is going to revolutionize this entire industry?


I. SMS and Email Channels


Closeup of using modern mobile phone with email icons around it.


Jonald: The one that is going to revolutionize Messenger marketing, believe me it’s going to be the big game changer for everyone. It’s the SMS and email channels inside ManyChat.

You can now send and create SMS and email messages right inside your flow builder. 

That’s going to be a game changer. You can easily communicate and get in touch with any of your subscribers by three-touch basis.


Manuel: Wow. So, ManyChat, throughout the last couple of years has existed now for two and a half years or so. You have only been able to create Messenger communications with people, right?


Just like you have let’s say an email provider which is Infusionsoft, or you have active campaign, or Mailchimp, or Constant Contact, or whatever it is that you like to use, you have the ability to create a broadcast to your Messenger subscribers. Just like you have email subscribers, you’ve had Messenger subscribers.


send messenger broadcast through manychat


What Mikael Yan announced on Saturday, 2 weekends ago, was that we now inside ManyChat, we have the ability to inside the same conversation, the same exact flow, send them a Messenger broadcast and then connect that with a text message, and then connect that back to Messenger, and then connect that back to email, and then another text, and then another broadcast to Messenger. You can do all of that within one single platform. 


Do you understand the power of that?


Messenger by itself was already powerful.
It was already very, very capable in the world of capturing attention.


Because of that, we have had the ability to create massive Messenger channels now throughout the last two and a half years and we’ve been very successful at it.

But now, what we do have is the ability to create Messenger subscribers, text Messenger subscribers, and email subscribers all within one single conversation and also build a multi-channel conversation just like that. That’s possible right now, right?

Jonald: Yes, that is possible.

Manuel: Is it complicated or super technical and difficult?

Jonald: No! Everyone that is a marketer or even though you don’t have a marketing experience, you can easily create a flow that can connect broadcast to Messenger, SMS, and email easily anytime.

Manuel: Right. So, for example, you will do something very simple as let’s say that you’re running a promotion and you have subscribers that you can promote to because they’ve been engaged with your Messenger channel.

You say something like, “Hey! I’m running this special. It’s only going to be running for 24 hours. I got a special coupon code that I want to give only to you. Are you interested in this special coupon? It’s going to expire in 12 hours. It’s disappearing very fast.

If they say yes, okay, good! “Is this your phone number below?


A white hand holding a tablet smartphone with digital numbers and information escaping the device illustration concept


Facebook, they have that data. So, they’re going to pop-out the actual phone number because they have that data. If the user clicks on it, that data is going to be stored inside ManyChat, correct?

Jonald: Yes.

Manuel: Now, instantly, you can program another text message.

Jonald: Yes, instantly you can do it and set up another text message with a discount code.

Manuel: Right. So, for example, if you’re subscribed to Dr. Berg’s Messenger Channel at m.me/drericberg, you’re going to get one of these messages at some point.

Last week, we did a broadcast in which we invited people to join Dr. Berg’s insider list in which we’re going to be promoting special announcements, special promotion before anybody else finds out – hot videos, hot content. We’re going to be letting them know what’s happening before anybody else knows. We didn’t even script this. How many phone numbers did we get in our first 24 hours? 


business man figure on stock prices, symbol photo for finance, speculation, investment


Jonald: We got 9000 phone numbers in less than 24 hours.

Manuel: In less than 24 hours, we sent out 1 broadcast and we got 9000 phone numbers that we can promote as much as we want. Are there any rules on text messages?

Jonald: No. Text messages aren’t covered by the Facebook policies and Messenger rules since you are communicating outside Messenger and Facebook.

Manuel: Right. Now, there are legal rules:

  • You cannot sell pornography
  • You cannot talk about weapons

Other than that, you are good to go. Once you get an email and a phone number, you can do whatever you want with these guys and promote to them as much as you want.

You guys have heard me talk many times about this thing that I talk about which is called “The Money is in the List”. So, the more people that you have in the list, and that includes any list – Messenger, email, text message –

the bigger the list, the more you can sell to.

That’s the power of building a multi-channel network and that’s possible right now.

Jonald: Yes, that’s very possible right now with ManyChat. 



Manuel: Right. If you guys want to find out a little bit of a training that Jonald did put together the other day, you would have to join the ManyChat community with just a  Facebook group for that. It’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything to be a part of that. You can request an invite, you can request to be accepted. And then, look for a post that he did.

A few days ago, I’m recording this on September 27th, I think it was posted on the 25th, just a few days ago. You can go back and just search for Jonald and you will find his videos and see how you set up the multi-channel flow inside ManyChat in just a few minutes.

Jonald: Yes. It’s going to be very easy for you guys.

Manuel: Okay, good. Jonald, that basically is the biggest announcement. That’s the most exciting one and that’s possible now. Just quickly go over all the other things that are… Let’s not get into the technical ones because most of the listeners here don’t even understand all these technical words. Just tell me the ones that you think are very easy to communicate. What’s possible now inside ManyChat that was just announced?


II. All Comments Growth Tool

Jonald: So, the next big thing that I really like is the “All Comments Growth Tool”.

Manuel: Tell me why.

Jonald: Before, the Comments Growth Tool can only be connected to one Facebook post. Now, you can connect ManyChat Comments Growth Tool to all your Facebook posts and trigger to all the comments and ManyChat then will be able to send out specific messages to each of those comments.


Growth Hacking on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.


Manuel: So, listen to this for a second. This is so powerful. We already have tested it and we are actually growth hacking in a big way. If you have an actual organic content strategy and you’re posting content everyday, this is even more valuable for you.

For example, if you go to Dr. Berg’s Facebook Page and you comment anything, we’re going to get you invited – on any post – we’re going to get you invited to do one of the courses that we have actually been promoting – the Free Keto Course, the Free Rapid Fat Burning Mini-Course.

By doing so, you comment anything on it, you go to facebook.com/drericberg. Find the post, comment on it and say something like, “Hey, Doc. Thanks for the video Doc.” And you’re going to get an invitation on Messenger.

That invitation goes like this, “Hey, I want to thank you for commenting on my post. Did you know that I have a course that’s going to teach you the basics on the Ketogenic Diet? If you’re interested, just click below and I’m going to get you started with that for free, at no cost.” 



So, you’re going to have a message that goes like that. You’re going to get started with the course. Now, you’re my subscriber and I can keep on communicating to you.

So, it’s like growth hacking to the next level. You have an all-post-comment ability now to connect all your posts in social media that you’re doing everyday from now on and the ones in the past.

Now, whenever somebody comments on it,

you’re going to be able to engage with them on Messenger directly

Think about all the case uses of this. For example, you have an e-commerce brand and somebody’s complaining about their orders and they say, “Hey, I have a problem with my order”, right?

At that moment, when they say that on any post, you can get them a message on Messenger that says something like this, “Hey, I noticed that you said something on my post about the orders. Did you have difficulty with that? Here’s our free contact forms. Send an email, call support, or chat with an agent right now.”

We can have somebody go in there and handle the problem before it becomes a big fire and we get people upset about it. Now, we can show that we have a real brand that is ready to be of service to people.

If you use the order one, even on the old comment post group that you did on the other one, you can even exclude the word ‘order’ from the other ones.

In that way, when somebody is asking about an order/orders, shipping difficulties or whatever, they don’t get the invitation to the keto course basics but they only get the invitation to get engaged with the customer service support individual. This is really powerful, right?

Jonald: Yes, that is really powerful.

Manuel: All right. What do you think? What else do we got? 


III. Send Message to ‘Abandoned Cart’ Customers


shopping cart with two boxes above a cellphone


Jonald: The third thing that I really like is great for e-commerce sellers especially Shopify owners. ManyChat now has the ability to send a message to the ‘Abandoned Cart’ customers.

Manuel: Wow! You’ve just tested this out, right?

Jonald: Yes, we’ve just tested this out.

Manuel: And, did it work?

Jonald: It did work really great!

Manuel: But, what happened? Explain the process of what you did.

Jonald: ManyChat just connects an app into your Shopify store – it’s a free app.

ManyChat will be able to check if the customer did pay or not on the order

Manuel: So, is this an app inside Shopify?

Jonald: Yes.

Manuel: You go to the Shopify store, look for the ManyChat app…

Jonald: You go to ManyChat, add your Shopify domain, and then it will automatically open your Shopify store.

Manuel: Hmmm. At the settings?

Jonald: At the settings.

Manuel: Ahhh. You go to settings on ManyChat. You go to the Integrations on ManyChat. And then, you’re going to see the Shopify section. If you put the actual address, it’s going to open up your shop. And now, you’re going to connect the app. 

Growth Hacking on the Mechanism of Metal Cogwheels.

Jonald: Yup. It will automatically pull up the app.

Manuel: That is super cool. I haven’t done that myself. He’s the one that did it. I knew about the update but Jonald is the one that set this up.

Jonald: And, the great thing about it is if they’ve already paid for the order, you can do upsells right inside ManyChat after they’ve paid for the order.

Manuel: Wow. Okay, so after they have paid for the order, you can do an upsell like offer them a 2 package or offer them a different product or whatever it is.

Jonald: Yes.

Manuel: Wow. That’s cool.

Jonald: And then, you can set reminders all crazy ideas that you can do for marketing. It will increase your conversion way higher. 




man working on laptop sitting on chair inside carton box


Manuel: That’s a big deal for Shopify sellers. Is there a limitation? I think I heard you, Jorge and somebody talking about something that cannot be done at this point.

Jonald: The one that cannot be done is to upload a customer data for the SMS and email. That’s the limitation for now.

You can’t upload current customer list of emails or phone numbers to ManyChat.

They have to manually enter or select the phone number via user input.

Manuel: Also, if they are in Shopify and they are entering their phone number, they go send to Messenger. Is there an option like that? How does is it work on Shopify?

Jonald: On Shopify, once they are on the Product Page, as soon as they click ‘Add to Cart’, the ManyChat Growth Tool will be a pop up.


add to cart green button

It’s like a slide in but it will pop up in the middle that will ask,

Hey, would you like to keep updates or check records of your order? Click this button below.”

Manuel: Oh, okay. So, it’s not ideal yet. It’s not the best but it tells you where the world is going, in what direction.

Jonald: Yes. You can edit the copy on it. You can offer lead magnets. You can offer them discounts to opt in. But, the only limitation is that they have to click ‘Agree’ on it, or they have to click ‘Opt In’ to Messenger. 





ON AIR warning board message is lit on.


Manuel: That’s great! Okay, fantastic. What else do you got? That’s a good update. You guys can keep that in mind. Ewan Branford here is saying that this is pre-recorded. Come on, dude.

Anyways, guys on podcast, I’m also on Facebook live. You go ahead and check that out.

I just had to say that because sometimes the haters are haters and they’re there. They think you’re pre-recording stuff and they don’t believe in people anymore. That’s just the world we live in.

Jeremy Corvin, what? Yeah. Okay, good. So, go ahead. Keep going.

Jonald: I’m just going to name a few ones but these are the technical ones. If you want to learn about them, keep on following us on any of the channels. We’re going to make tutorials about it. 


III. Active Campaign Integration

Next in the list is ‘Active Campaign Integration’. It’s a CRM that you can now connect directly into ManyChat.

Manuel: I’m not into Active Campaign. I use Infusionsoft. If you use Active Campaign, congratulations you can now integrate that with ManyChat.


active campaign logo animation gif


Jonald: Yup. You no longer have to use Zapier.

Manuel: You don’t have to use a middleman to send a data from Active Campaign to ManyChat. You can now just directly integrate Active Campaign and get the email Messenger to be more connected.

For those of you guys that are a little bit geeky, there are some very cool things when you connect email and Messenger together, very cool things. Let me give you one quick example.

For example, if you go to the payload of a Reference URL inside ManyChat and you connect that payload with your email service, when you send out an email broadcast to invite people to Messenger, the email gets pulled into Messenger. Now, that data is also there.

So, for example, to register people on a webinar, you will not need to say, “Hey, what’s your email?” You simply just say, “Hey, do you want to get registered on the webinar?” And if they say, “Yes”, “Okay, great! I got you registered already.” Now, you have their email and you can send them an email directly.

So, there’s a certain value and power towards connecting the world of email and Messenger, right?

Jonald: Yes, that is correct.

Manuel: That’s a subject for another day. Payloads, that word by itself, when you think about payload, you think about a huge garbage truck and you’re getting a payload out of the truck.


Two refuse collection workers loading garbage into waste truck emptying containers


I don’t know, whatever it is. But, that’s the word that they use. It’s a technical word that they use for being able to connect those two things. It’s a little code on the payload, right?

Jonald: It’s a little code that you add along with the Ref URL inside your CRM.

Manuel: What if they find that code if they want to set it up?

Jonald: You create first a Ref URL. Then, under the set up, you”ll have two options – payload and custom field. Just add your custom field. The payload will be the email.

For every CRM account the email code is a little bit different. For example, in Infusionsoft, it’s going to be **email**. That’s the code that you have to connect with your Ref URL.

It’s a little bit technical but as soon as you create the Ref URL and the user clicks on it, it’s going to grab the email and the name of the customer, transfer it to ManyChat, save into Custom Field and you can use it anytime you want to.

Manuel: If your mind right now is exploding and you don’t know when you want to set up, the best recommendation that I have for you is you can SEND US A MESSAGE and we might be able to help you.

But, always use Google, google.com. You can search for things like ManyChat, email payload and that’s going to drive you to an article that explains a little bit about it and you can just get it set up. All right? So, knowledge.

Okay, great! So, what are the ones that we have that are like, “Oh my, this is awesome!”?


IV. ManyChat Mobile App

manychat mobile app

Jonald: We have the ManyChat Mobile App.

Manuel: The mobile app is great. It still has a long way to go. But now, you can download it. You guys can now all access it.

If you go to the app store on Androids or iPhone devices and you search for ManyChat, you will see an app that is public there and it’s free. It’s called ManyChat.

You’re going to be able to manage customer service on your pages and get notifications. But, there are limitations like I still like to use the Facebook Page app because I like to engage with people on video and voice and ManyChat does not allow me to do that. I can only respond to people by text.


Smartphone text messaging against person using smart next to coffee mug at desk


I had this guy comment right here, Ewan Branford, that he’s not buying any of it, that I’m not really live. So, I like to comment back and ensure that I’m a real person. It makes me feel good making somebody feel bad. Just kidding. It doesn’t sound good at all, right? It doesn’t. Only the haters.

I like to fight back to the haters and the trollers, that’s the reality. That’s just me.

On the Facebook Page app, you can go and you can do videos and respond to people on video. Or, also on the Facebook Page app, you can do voice messages. And on the ManyChat app, you cannot do that still but there are cool things that you can do on it.

For example, there’s one new update which is really cool that you can actually connect a flow. Let’s say for example that you have flows of mini-courses, resources, customer service, or anything you’ve created, you can now connect the flow directly to a user from within a conversation.

You don’t have to go to the flow and send it to them. You don’t have to do any weird thing like, “Hey, I need you to type in this word.” If you want to send a flow, you can just send the flow directly to the person that wants a new update that we can utilize immediately on ManyChat.

What else do we got? 


V. Date and Number Formatting


monthly calendar flipping pages


Jonald: The next one is ‘Date and Number Formatting’. This is very ideal for local businesses or offices. The best case scenario is if you have a working hours of 9-5, you may want to send a different message from 9-5 and outside working hours. You can use the ‘Date and Time for those scenarios.

Manuel: Right. So, if you’re still in business hours, you get a certain message. If it’s after business hours, you get a different message. “Hey, we’re coming back tomorrow. We got your message. We’ll respond to you early in the morning.” Something like that.

Jonald: Yes, something like that.

Manuel: You can get that set up very easily, just like that. That’s a good update because a lot of people have difficulties with the whole time zone and number formatting because some people say, “Today is the 9-27-19”. Some people say, “Jonald, it’s 27-9-19”.

The US is kind of like one of the few people in the world that have the 9-27-19.

So, if there’s a problem with the formatting and now, that has been fixed in ManyChat so you can communicate to people based on their location and not have formatting errors like we’ve had for a long time.

There’s a lot of different things. For example, we have other technical things that we don’t need to get into but Paypal integration right now, that’s great! We have Stripe Integration also. That’s from a few months ago. We can now accept payments directly on Messenger.

So, if you have a service that you want to sell to people, you can literally say, “Hey, send me $100 right now and I’m going to get you booked”, and it’s going to give him a chance to be able to pay right there. You’re going to have Paypal and Stripe as an option. That’s a great update for those of you guys that also use Paypal. That’s available right now.

You also have other things that are available now.


Easy sponsored messages

That’s actually coming. It’s not there yet – it’s about to be launched any day now. But, the ability to send sponsored messages to your base, if you didn’t know this on Facebook, you’re not allowed to promote to people that have not been engaged with you in the last 24 hours. That’s why content is king on Messenger.


You have to keep people engaged through your content

And by doing so, you’re going to be able to actually sell them stuff and promote things to them.

If you do SMS, then, SMS is a very powerful tool to always bring them back to Messenger and reset to a 24-hour window. 

Email is also a powerful tool to come back to Messenger and reset it to a 24 hour window.

You’re building this ecosystem which is going to make all much better in the long run. But, what you want to do right now is you can generate subscribers. Since it has 80-90% open rates, you can do sponsored messages and pay a few dollars and get your messages seen by thousands of people and go direct for the jugglar, go for the promotion.

Just hit them hard with whatever your offer is and you’re going to be just fine because you’re actually paying to play which is what Facebook wants. They need to make money with this because they’re a public corporation and if they don’t make money, they cannot grow. It’s as simple as that.


Don’t complain

An angry mob of people swears bad words in speech clouds or bubbles to voice their anger, frustrations and complaints using cussing, swearing and vulgarity

Realize that our ancestors didn’t have these platforms and use them. 


You have the ability to reach billions of people. Don’t complain about it. Nobody ever had this ability before.

Just use it and take advantage of the opportunity that people never ever had access to before.

We talked about the main ones. The one thing that I want you also pay attention to is the new design to the dashboard. If you go to manychat.com, you’re going to see a big improvement when it comes to the ManyChat dashboard.

You can now see what your channel is built, what are the main things on it, the audience demographics.

Jonald: You can see the language.

Manuel: You can see the gender, you can see them most recent changes.

Jonald: Urgent post that you changed, recent subscribers that you have…

Manuel: Yup, some great updates that the platform looks better now. It’s more user friendly, it’s evolving. Like I say to people sometimes, “This is a new baby.”

I can tell you that the CEO, he’s very impressive, very smart guy.


Profile side view portrait of nice handsome stylish guy eyeglasses eyewear shark specialist leader consultant attorney lawyer realtor looking at window at industrial loft interior workplace workspace.


The ManyChat people, about 80% of the staff are from Russia. They have some people in the US but all the technical guys are from Russia. These guys are really smart and high-energy and they’re going to continue evolving making this platform better.

So, if you haven’t started with Messenger, if you haven’t started with Chat Marketing, you need to start.

I don’t know how long you’ve been listening to my podcast but I have been talking about Messenger for a couple of years now. That’s a reality. You can go back to a year and a half ago on my podcast from before people felt that Messenger was actually a marketing channel, I was already talking about it.

But trust me, the opportunity is still there. I have given you tools.

For example, if you go to manuelsuarez.com/messenger, you’ll get access to a mini-course training on Messenger Marketing using ManyChat.

If you go to manuelsuarez.com/manychat, you’ll have access to the ManyChat platform so you can start getting the account set up and start getting familiar with it. Even ManyChat has some great training and they have some great people talking about how to use the platform and how to get the most out of it and a great community of ManyChat experts.

I don’t think you should be waiting around for this. I don’t think you should be waiting for the opportunity to pass you by.

Jonald: You should jump on it right now. 


Rear view of a businessman in a dark suit holding a giant key standing near a black wall with three doors drawn with chalk. Concept of an opportunity. Toned image


Manuel: Right. Any final thoughts you have for these guys, Jonald?

Jonald: Just keep on learning. ManyChat will and always be the top Chat Marketing platform. We will continue to ride the waves with them.

Manuel: All right. There you have it guys. If you haven’t followed my social media, here’s one final plug – make sure that you follow me on Instagram @mrmanuelsuarez. I’m doing a lot of content there. I’m going really heavy and I want to keep on providing value there. Let me know if there’s any area that you want to keep on talking about.

Instagram DM is a great place for me to go and read messages. I’m actually super into getting messages from the audience there. All right?

I will see you there. Thanks for tuning in and I will see you guys on the next podcast. Jump all over it. Start on ManyChat and don’t wait. The opportunity is getting bigger for any business and you want to take advantage of it because the ones that take advantage of the opportunities are the ones that can actually dominate any market. That’s just how it is. All right? Talk to you soon. Thanks for tuning in. 



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