Hey, Guys —

It’s Manuel here again, with something VERY SPECIAL that I want to share with you all…

There is SO MUCH that you can do to scale your business. But the reality is that as an entrepreneur, YOU WON’T GROW FAST ENOUGH IF YOU DON’T GET THE HELP that you need. I know this to be a fact, because I experienced this myself. And when I realized how true it was that I NEEDED HELP, I eventually (FINALLY) DID something about it. (Those of you who have been following me and reading my previous blog articles will remember that I talked about this in the article titled “Building A Team”, some months ago. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can access it here.)

Here’s what I’ve been doing to scale my organization from 3 to over 50 staff in a short time:

For the last 4 years, I’ve been OBSESSIVELY getting help from Freelancers, and people out there who are ALREADY trained, qualified and educated to be able to help people like US — entrepreneurs who are ready to expand and take their businesses to the next level.

When it comes to actually MAKING that growth happen, THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO: From Facebook ads to email marketing, to building our Messenger chat bots, to building our custom audiences, to retargeting  funnels, to creating your Amazon and Shopify accounts if e-commerce is your type of business, and so on and so on — the truth is that REGARDLESS of the type of business that you have, THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO, and no matter HOW good you may get at running your business, even if you become skilled in all of the above things that I just mentioned, YOU ARE STILL LIMITED IF YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING BY YOURSELF. That’s the cold, harsh, factual reality.

There is a lot of good quality help available to you out there today. And my good friend Nathan Hirsch has created and established an INCREDIBLE company that is designed to do exactly THAT — to help you connect with the help available for you to utilize to grow, scale and explode your brand with talented and skilled Freelancers! The company is called FreeeUp (with 3 E’s). The Freelancers who are active with FreeeUp are already Pre-Qualified and Pre-Vetted as a good fit for your team, BEFORE they are even actually put onto your communication lines.

Now, those of you who know me (or have been following me for a while) already KNOW how passionate and obsessed I am about getting HELP and building a team. I’m going to tell you something:  Since I’ve built my team of ROCKSTAR Freelancers, it has tremendously helped to “FREE UP” my time, which goes to SHOW you just how incredible this company, FreeeUp really is, and how appropriate their name is, because they REALLY DO help to Free you Up. Let me explain what I mean that:

There is a BIG difference between you, yourself, being an Executive Director of your company, and you actually being the CREATIVE MIND behind it, and being the engine that actually keeps it going. If you are stuck being the one who has to execute those activities such as building your custom Facebook audiences and Facebook ads, building your retargeting funnel, etc., and having to do that ALL yourself, you’ll never be able to successfully scale your business. That’s the reality. You won’t be able to because your focus is so fixated on directing and performing those daily operating tasks, that there will not EVER be time or room for you to concentrate on the creative side of things — meaning creating the actual expansion of the brand.

The solution is simple and I’m sharing it with you right now — The way to Free Yourself Up is with FreeeUp. I am the PROOF of this. Right now in my agency I have over 40 Freelancers who are all great at what they do,  and I would never be able to accomplish the incredible feats of growth that my agency has accomplished without my team. We are living in a unique era where YOU, too, can have a team of highly qualified Freelancers helping you to scale your business to exponential proportions.

Manuel Suarez & FreeeUp | Hire Freelancers for Amazon, Marketing, and eCommerce

Ok. So enough from me — I’m now going to share the following with you, which are the words from my friend, the Genius💡Creator of FreeeUp, Mr. Nathan Hirsch, about the 4 most common fears of hiring and how to overcome them:

“It has been said that delegation is an art that leaders and entrepreneurs ought to master because it contributes to both business and personal growth. As easy as that may sound, the reality is, delegating tasks is one of the most difficult things many leaders are faced with.

While it’s true that two hands are better than one (and the more COMPETENT hands on deck, the better), entrusting tasks to a complete stranger is a valid reason to be highly concerned.  If you’re looking to grow your business and take it to the next level, however, this is a risk you WILL need to take.

The benefits simply outweigh the disadvantages if you think 🤔about it, and though it’s natural to feel fear in such circumstances, overcoming them should be your priority.

What are the most common fears of hiring and how do you overcome them? Well, HERE YOU GO: The Fears AND their proposed SOLUTIONS!


Fear 1:  I can’t trust them with my business.

Building a business from the ground up is never easy.  You’ll literally be putting a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it just to keep it afloat.  It’s your pet project, your “baby”, as others would like to call it. As much as you appreciate other people’s help, more often than not, you’d rather go solo, BECAUSE it is so precious to you.

It’s only natural for business owners to feel this way.  If something should go wrong, you’d rather it be through your own doing instead of others because the only person you can trust is yourself, right?

The problem with this line of thinking is that as the business grows, the tasks that need to be completed to keep it running also grow.   If you can’t find it in your heart to trust others with these tasks, you’ll end up either overwhelmed, unproductive or both.

The worst part is that all of this can lead to your business not meeting its goals.

If you’re having difficulty trusting someone to take over, the best course of action is to hire someone who’s better than you.  Look for an expert who has years of experience and a proven track record.

Another option would be for you to identify which of your current tasks you don’t feel confident doing, like graphic design or blogging, for example. It would be easier to trust others to do things you don’t believe you’re good at than to let them handle those that you feel you are a master of.

Solution💡:  Realize the larger talent pool available online

It’s natural to want to get the best of the best. With today’s freelance marketplace, getting the right fit is not just possible, but is ACTUALLY highly likely.  

From the most talented graphic designers and software developers to the most prolific writers and bloggers, the amount of talent to choose from is almost limitless.

If you think no one else can take care of your business the way you do, think again. You just have to filter the candidates well enough to find that person(s) that you can trust.


Fear 2:  They can’t do it as well as I can.

Speaking of tasks you are a master of, this is probably one of the biggest fears business owners have trouble overcoming.  What if the person you hire is not as good as you?

Of course, part of it is your EGO talking 🗣 , but it’s completely understandable to feel this way. You wouldn’t want to mess things up by outsourcing a task you’re a pro at to the wrong person who doesn’t know the head from the tail end.

Solution:  Avoid overwhelm

Even if you really feel that you’re irreplaceable when it comes to certain tasks, you don’t really have a choice, do you?  🤷‍♂️

As the CEO, you have other high-value tasks that need to be prioritized.  If you can’t trust others to do your non-CEO tasks for you, you won’t EVER be able to help your business grow.

Freelancers you hire may not be as good as you in some aspects, but there’s always room for improvement. They’ve got the best coach — YOU,  to guide them and help them keep up.


Fear 3: It’s going to cost too much money.

Money will always be a big issue when it comes to running a business.  You want to get the best results for as little as possible. If we’re being realistic, however, we all know that quality will cost us more.

Hiring people and getting additional help is definitely going to cost you money.  The question is, will every cent be worth the person you hire?  Will you be getting a good return on your investment through this person’s services?

The truth is, it’s hard to tell.  Hiring will always pose risks, but you can minimize these risks by improving your hiring process.  

Solution:  Don’t focus on the price tag

Try not to focus on the price tag as much as possible so you won’t feel discouraged.  Focus on the skills you need instead, as well as the candidate’s qualifications.

Do they have an excellent track record of clients they helped in the past? Are they seasoned enough to steer your business in the right direction through the tasks you’ll entrust them with?

If you find that person who perfectly “fits the bill” but at a higher price, try to think things over first instead of immediately shutting down the idea of hiring them.

Solution:  Take calculated risks

Experts will always cost you more, but if they can get things done and exceed expectations, paying for their services is well worth the risk.

Higher rates shouldn’t be a problem as long as they bring in more sales and revenue, don’t you agree?  


Fear 4:  How do I even find the right person?  

One of the fears that grip business owners is that of finding the right person.  Most people would think that finding the person is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but that’s not true at all, especially today.

Solution:  Improve your hiring process

The key is finding the right person based upon your requirements. You do this through a diligent and well-planned hiring process. 

Start by identifying the tasks you need help with and the person that’s right for it.  Which tasks do you need help with? What is your idea of the right person for the task?

Try to create an avatar of your perfect freelancer to help you narrow down the candidates and when you do, subject them to a rigorous interview process.  While this may take some time, it will increase your chances of landing the talent you are really aiming for.


Final Thoughts

Fear will always be part of running a business.  As a CEO, you only want the best for your brand. With the difficulties and obstacles you have to face every day, it’s natural to get worried and feel anxious from time to time.

Hiring is one of the aspects of your business where fear will always be present.  After all, putting the fate of your business in other people’s hands is never comfortable.  

Overcoming these fears is easy when you have a solid hiring system in place. It becomes easier to trust someone in whom you have confidence, even if it means shelling out more money.

If you are at the crossroads of hiring someone and the above 4 fears are keeping you from taking the next step, the tips we provided above should help you overcome them — because sometimes, our biggest enemy is ourselves.”

Well, there you have it. Great advice from the man Himself. I’m glad that I followed it. But don’t take my word for it — Free Yourself Up with FreeeUp and create your OWN amazing EMPIRES and results.