In this podcast I will talk some more about the Facebook Messenger Opportunity and a Few Other Things. 


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More on the Facebook Messenger Opportunity and Strategy Execution


Podcast Transcription


Hey guys! I hope that you are having a fantastic week so far. It’s Tuesday as I’m recording this and getting things going.


Conversations Conference

There’s a lot of excitement that’s going on. If you didn’t hear the last little podcast that I did from London, one thing that I want to mention again is the fact that I’m going to be talking on the Conversations Conference coming up on September 2019, coming up on the next couple of months. It’s going to be super awesome.

I believe it’s September 13, 14, 15. On that particular conference, I’m going to be talking about the opportunity on Messenger and how to grow and nurture a list. 


If you want to check that out, you should check it out. On the last podcast I gave you a coupon code for you to be able to get a 15% off. I don’t know if you got that but you can go back to that podcast and listen to it again. You’ll be able to get your tickets to come there. Anyway, I’m going to be coming up with a mini-course.

Again, this is one of the big opportunities. In the next couple of days, we will have ready a free training on the subject of Messenger marketing. I’m building that up right here so you can get ready for it, so you can start building a Messenger list yourself for your brand. I get people to ask me all the time, “Hey, Manuel. Messenger marketing is good for some companies? Or for who?



Messenger marketing is pretty much good for everybody that wants to create an audience of people that are interested in hearing their message. Since we are now talking about this, I can give you a little message on this.

I talked about this with one of the ManyChat… I guess that he’s one of the analysts looking for information and doing surveys about what is needed and wanted from people in regards to the ManyChat platform. Some changes are happening on the platform.



For example, Facebook doesn’t want you to send messages to people aka broadcast information unless they have been engaged with you in the last 24 hours.

Otherwise, they consider that SPAM or they don’t want to allow you to do those messages.



The question on Messenger is: How do you build communities?

If you’re listening to this podcast and you don’t know, have you have no clue on what I am talking about, Messenger marketing, yes! Messenger marketing is a thing.

It is a term now that came into the equation a couple of years ago with the coming of people being able to have brands having an API with Messenger and being able to send out communications and broadcasts to their audiences on Messenger. 

If you invite people to Messenger channel, you bring them in. It’s no different inviting people to your email list and bringing them in.



The thing is email open rates have been steadily declining over the years and Messenger messages is so new that they are in the opposite spectrum, everybody is opening them.

So, for example, if you send out a message to a friend of yours, there’s a probability of 90% and above that he’s going to open up that message.

The same thing for businesses. As you develop an audience of people on your Messenger list, when you send out a message to them in a bulk manner, meaning that you can write a message just like you do in email and it goes a little bit deeper into it because you can embed videos, articles, texts, and a lot of more things. There’s a lot more plain room on a Messenger marketing platform than on email.

But you can grab a single message, send it to the entire world just by publishing one message and you promote it to everybody, you send out a broadcast to all of them. If you have a thousand subscribers on your Messenger channel, then, you can bring them in, have them in there, send a broadcast and have them open up those messages at 90% open rates. 

It’s a very big deal because now, you have a channel that if you have a good job of bringing people in, you can now send them into your sales channels because they are engaging with you at 90% open rates or above.



This person from ManyChat, he was asking me, “What is your plan of attack when Messenger and Facebook change their rules and they don’t allow you to send out broadcast unless you have been approved to send what they call subscription messaging?”

What does that mean? It means that Facebook needs to approve the type of content that you are going to send to people because they don’t want to become the next email, they don’t want to become the next spam channel.



Here’s a fun fact. I don’t know if you know this but the word spam comes from a TV commercial back in the day, I’m talking about decades ago, that people were being served something unwanted which is spam. Imagine the destruction of the spam brand or how much it affected them because they became like this trash meal only the poor people would have.

This is the one thing that you are going to find in the supermarkets. And not only supermarkets but gas stations that you still see today. But, it’s equivalent to trash. There was a show on TV where there were on the table, banging the table, “Spam! Spam! Spam!” Something like that.

There’s a story about that which is quite fascinating and that got turned into unwanted communications and that got turned into what we have in an email today which is called spam emails – spam marketing, spam filters, et cetera. It talks about the destruction of overall branding.



What they do to avoid it is they’re taking measures which I believe they’re smart that they’re requiring you submit information about what you are going to provide as value to an audience so you can send out communications which are not promotional.

They call it subscription messaging.


For example, the weather channel sends you information about the weather. The news channel sends you the news. Travel channel sends you information about travel locations.

They don’t promote links, websites, and offers – none of that stuff. 


They are trying to do the same thing. They want brands to promote value on Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is a channel for you to educate, educate, educate, educate some more, provide some more value and then, you can sell.

You earn the right to sell to them only when you have provided enough value that people have engaged with you and now you can promote to them.


That is what I’ve done with all the channels that I’ve built throughout the last couple of years – Dr. Eric Berg, 700,000 subscribers on the Messenger channel;


Frank Suarez on a channel called MetabolismoTV, it’s a Latin American channel for Latin America, 800,000 Messenger subscribers.


My own Messenger channel, If you go to that particular link, you’re going to see that in it, I educate, I don’t promote, promote, promote. I educate, educate, educate and then once in a while I promote. 


The last time that I have promoted something was weeks ago when I launched a particular training and a service. Other than that, I am mainly providing value and education. In that way, I am building a real community. Now, some people ask me, “But Manuel, I need to make money. What is my ROI?”

Listen. I’m a marketer so I am very interested, also, in ROI. But, you have to understand how these platforms work. These platforms are not meant for thinking ROI. You have to think about value, what can you do to provide value, to educate, to nurture, to build a community that is now engaged with your content and now you earn the right to sell them things.

That’s the way it works. The way it works is that, on Messenger marketing, you want to provide value. When you provide value, you can just go ahead and along the way to sell them products and services, invite them to your website.



Going back to the conversation that I had with this person from ManyChat, he said, “Now that the policies are changing on subscription messaging, now you have to get approved to be able to send non-promotional material. If you don’t get approved, you cannot send any promotional material at all and no non-promotional materials. So, you’re pretty much screwed, right? Now that these rules changed, how do you plan to go about it?”

I’m like, “Look, listen. I have a large group of students. Six hundred students coming from my program, the Facebook Masters. I have an active internship training in which I train people every single week on my programs, on my strategies, I have a ton of clients, hundreds of clients that we service on AGM everyday.

I tell them, “Look, if you don’t have education, if you don’t have value, if you don’t have something to provide to the world, if you don’t have something that is going to make the world better, if you don’t have information that somebody else can grab it, implement into their lives, and get an improvement, you really do not deserve to be in business.”

What I do in my clients and my students is I teach them how to create content.

If you learn how to create content, then, now, you can play the game.

But, if you don’t know how to create content that is educating people, providing value and building a community, then, you don’t deserve to play in the game.

If you’re going to be old-school and all you want to do is, “Hey, my products are great! People are going to be lucky to get a chance to purchase them from me.” And then, you just sell, sell, sell. That’s not the way the 2019 world works.


2019 world and beyond is going to be based on how much value can you provide to an audience.

You should use that value to bring people into your worlds – into Messenger, email, and any of your channels. Social media is all about what is your strategy. 

Guys, you need to first and foremost figure this out before you do anything else, before you invest any money in everything. Do not think about what and how much you can sell and what is your ROI.


If your first line of thought is that, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble, your first line of thought is

“How is my knowledge going to be used to make the world a better place?”.


If you think like that, then, you can win!

But, only then, you will be able to grow your business. That’s the way it is in today’s world. Dr. Berg is an example, my dad is an example, I that have sold millions of dollars in my programs and training over the last 13 or 14 months is I launched a program for the first time. I’m an example of that.

I have provided value first, I have done free seminars, I have delivered mini-courses, resources, and training. Only then I have people’s attention enough that I can sell them things. 

How are they going to trust me if I haven’t done a good enough job of educating them from my podcast, articles, blogs, websites, emails, sequences, Messenger, mini-courses, and training all over the place? How am I going to be able to tell them, “Look, you need to trust me and you need to buy a $2000 program from me because I know that I can help you.” 

That doesn’t make sense. I am not entitled to anything. I’m not entitled to their business. 


On the contrary, I feel like I owe them and I have to provide value. Otherwise, they’re not going to believe in me and they’re not going to give me their money. 

That’s the way that I want you guys to think with. There are tools today that you can utilize to be able to make sure that you come out with ideas for content creation.

Soon, we will be launching a content service. But, in the meantime, no matter what, you need to THINK ABOUT YOURSELF AS YOUR BRAND what knowledge you have, number one. And, how you can structure that into content that you can use to make people better. 

For example, if you look at my Messenger channel, if you go to you will be able to see that I have mini-courses in it. For example, if you go to, it’s going to take you directly to a mini-course that I deliver from Messenger and use it to drive people into my mad channels. So then, I can continue providing value and eventually sell them things. 

If you go to Dr. Berg’s channel,, you will be able to see how much value we provide for that channel. Because of that, he sells hundreds of thousands of dollars a week just because he educates and it allows us to be able to provide value and educate in that channel. So now, we can sell them stuff.

That’s how the social media marketing world works today not only on Messenger. Who’s providing the most value?

That person that’s providing the most value wins the game.

Now, what I do recommend for you to figure out what to talk about? Well, some quick tip that I can give you is, for example, if you go to, it’s a website that I have used for a long time.

You can go and check out questions that people are asking about your brand, your subject, your areas of expertise. And then, you can structure content around that. It could be writing articles, images, infographics, audio podcasts, videos, or any of those combinations or all of them together. The more you do, the better.

The more you do, the greater the chances are of you being able to penetrate and capture an audience that’s big enough that is interested in what you have to offer and is willing to give you and open up their bank accounts for you. That’s the way it works. 


Check out my new mini course!

Now, in the Messenger world, stay tuned. In the next couple of days, I’m going to be launching a mini-course training on the basics of Messenger. If you guys want to set it up, you can go to That is my affiliate link for the ManyChat account so you can set it up through my link. There’s going to be some basic training on it. But, I’m going to do a mini-course training so you can understand the basics of it – how to get it set up, how to start using social media traffic, Facebook, and Instagram to get into your Messenger channel.

And now, how you educate them and nurture them, that is going to open up the door for you to send them promotional messages about your product. 

Right now, whenever I need more sales, all I’ve got to do is press a couple of buttons and send out a Messenger broadcast. Whenever I need more sales for more people to call my dad’s NaturalSlim weight loss clinics which I’m an owner of in the United States also and some other places, you can just send out a Messenger broadcast and we get the phone lines to explode. 

That’s the power of what we have right now. Why? Because we built an engaged community on these worlds. How do you go about it? Go ahead and set up your account for free. 

You go to Set up your account, it’s free. You can connect them with your Facebook page. It’s going to be an easy setup process. And then, maybe in the next two weeks or so, I’m going out of the town this Friday, but, in the next two weeks, you’ll have a mini-course training in which I am going to teach you the basics of it. 

I do cover this in detail in my Facebook Masters Program but that is a paid program. But, I will be launching in the next couple of weeks a free training program on how to get your Messenger channel set up for success in a social media environment so you can start kicking it into high gear. 

Check that out! I think that’s going to be very helpful for you so you can just get started right away and start generating some attention. If you’ve been here and if you’ve been listening to this podcast in the last 18 minutes now, that we’re into this podcast. Today’s Tuesday and it’s the 11th, June 11th. If you’re listening to this after June 13th, I apologize, you might be able to watch the replay. But, on June 13th, at noon, Eastern Time, I believe it’s the exact time, I’m going to try to put a link on the podcast description below right now. Yes, I will put it right here.

I’m going to be interviewed by the ManyChat team because I’m a speaker at their convention. So, if you guys want to register in this Facebook live, all you’ve got to do is click on that link and make sure that you select “Remind Me”. And then, Facebook is going to send you a reminder. Now, you’re going to be able to not miss it and show up in the live interview with me so you can engage, ask questions, and we can get you started on this particular world of this Messenger marketing opportunity. 

Go ahead and register for the Facebook live. It’s going to be a free interview. It’s a Facebook live. If you’re watching this after, if you’re listening to this after the 13th, the interview has already passed up to the 13th of June. But, you will still be able to watch the replay because the replay stays there forever.

At any time, you will be able to watch that. I’m going to have the link down below also on the podcast. If you guys just go to the podcast description, you’ll find the link there. You can copy and paste it or click on it. It should take you straight into the Facebook live where I was interviewed or where I will be interviewed this coming Thursday at noon Eastern Time.

We’ve just got to get going. Guys, you’ve got to start. You’ve got to go. If you’re just going to keep things up for later, nothing ever happens. In reality, it’s all about targets and accomplishment of these targets. You put a target out there, you go for it and accomplish it. 

If you say, “Hey, I like this idea that Manuel has about Messenger marketing. I think that is going to help me with my e-commerce, Amazon brand!” Why by the way, it’s a killer strategy for Amazon brands right now and I’m pushing it heavily on my Amazon accounts and Amazon clients.

Or, “Hey, I’m looking for more leads. Can Messenger help me with that?” Yes! You just have to get going. You’ve got to start. Do a little bit of it every single day, learn something new, watch some videos, get some more training done, and move in the right direction. 


If you move one step every single day, you will get closer to your goals

It’s quite logical. One thing that I did in my seminar the other day, I was in London delivering some seminars in the Amazon headquarters of the UK. Also, I did a few seminars throughout a few days and a mastermind, etc. Sometimes I realize things myself. I’m just delivering and talking to people. We have this incredible ability to keep on learning things.

Can you believe that our bin of knowledge, our bucket of knowledge doesn’t have any limit to what fits in it?

It’s not like a trashcan. If you keep on putting toilet paper on it, eventually, you’re going to have to take it out and put a new bag, right? Because otherwise, it’s going to overflow with toilet paper. That’s pretty disgusting. 

The human mind is quite strange. It doesn’t ever get full. The more that you put on it, the more that you can grow. It’s very simple logic.

The more knowledge that you have, the more that you can succeed in life. Knowledge determines your success. 

Now, sure. If you are a scholar, and you’re a genius that you know so much, you’ve memorized all these things and you’ve figured out you have a lot of knowledge but then you lack execution, implementation, dedication, hard work, then, you’re also going to fail. But, in the end, what starts anybody on the path towards success is knowledge.

If you already have the drive, the impulse, the dedication, hard work, hustle, if you have already all those things, you might just be needing knowledge

What things are working very good, what things are not as good as they used to. Let me go ahead and focus on those things because I need to make sure that I’m implementing the actions that are going to help me expand my business and get me one step closer towards my massive goal. 

Learning every single day, things that are going to be important towards your business goals should be your priority. So, if you have an opportunity to learn, go ahead and learn it! Guys, if you reverse engineer every successful entrepreneur that has done incredible things in the last centuries, you’re going to find one common denominator on all of them. THEY ALL LEARNED. 


Some people have different methods of learning

For example, some people read books, other ones observe and look at the way people are behaving. Some other ones go to training classes and master classes. Some people talk to other human beings and doing interviews, engage and ask questions. Some people have mentors.


No matter what, knowledge is knowledge

And it is gained through a certain set of actions that are going to take you towards higher ability. All you’ve got to do is work on that.

If you work on that, you win the game. If you don’t work on that, you fail.


I need you to focus on learning something new every single day.

I am doing so. I am not preaching to the choir, right? You understand that knowledge, that’s why you’re here, is going to take you one step closer. 

I want you to go and execute on this, execute on learning about this. The first thing to do is create your ManyChat account, The second thing to do, make sure that you go to the interview that we have coming up on Thursday at noon or watch the replay if you’re listening to this after this interview. Number three, keep an eye out. I don’t know if you’re on my email list but if you’re not, you should get in my email list.

If you go to, you’ll see my website, you have an opportunity to subscribe there. As soon as I have this mini-course ready, this Messenger marketing training, free training ready, I’m going to get it out to everybody so you can get it done. Trust me, it is going to be super epic, there’s going to be a super value and it is something that people pay thousands of dollars for. So, if you go to, you can subscribe to my newsletter there and I will just notify you once this becomes available for you to be able to be a part of this Messenger thing.

I’m going to teach you how to get your business more attention, more traffic and more business with the world of Messenger. Sure, I’ve been teaching you a lot of different things, right?

But, Messenger is one of those opportunities that I’m obsessed about and I happen to be good at it. 

It’s not the only thing that I’m going to teach you. You’ll be learning Facebook advertising, Instagram ads, you’ll be learning strategies. You’ll be learning a lot of different important things but Messenger is one of those things that if you’re not using right now, you’re missing out on a wave that is going on.

That wave is going to disappear at some point, it’s going to die down just like every other wave down there. The wave start, they get stronger, they grow, they start going down and then they vanish. It’s the way marketing is built on society, it’s going to continue being so forever and ever. Make sure you go ahead and get signed up.

One thing that I would like to just mention here as a final thing is AGM Agency which is the agency that I built a few years ago, I started with myself and then I brought in two partners that are still my partners today obviously, Jorge and Ernesto.

Now, we have over 50 staff worldwide. We handle some incredible people around the world from Dr. Eric Berg to Grant Cardone’s Messenger channel to YouTube for Grant Cardone, my dad’s YouTube channel, a million subscriber, a million follower, and a lot of things that we’re doing which are incredible. We have over a hundred accounts that we manage in our agency. 

We recently launched a small business program. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you, go and check it out.

Also, if you are the ones looking for marketing help and you want to get a marketing expert team and agency to help you so you can focus on product development, strategies, structures, and other things, and you want to have us help you, we have a small business program now that is not going to cost too much money, it’s going to help you get going so you can focus on other areas that are important for your business. 

That is ready for you to go and submit information, find out and talk to one of my guys so you can find out if you qualify for our agency and if we qualify for you.

You can get help from my team so we can help you with the marketing strategies whether on Facebook, Amazon, e-commerce, lead generation for your business, your local brick and mortar, or whatever it is, we have a different list of services that we can help you with for us to become your marketing team and help you take your business to the next level. 


If you guys want to find out if we can help you, go to, submit your information, and I will have one of my guys contact you very soon and find out if we are going to be a great fit for you. That’s all I got for you today.

Keep an eye out. Subscribe to my newsletter, Make sure that you stay connected and let’s keep on improving that ability. The more information that we put into that powerful mind of yours, the more that we can grow our businesses and take advantage of the opportunities presented to us by this modern incredible information age. 

I will see you on the next podcast. Thank you for listening. Thank you for spending a little bit of time of your day with me today. I’ll talk to you soon. 

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